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A 30-Minute MAC Divine Night Look, and Another Note to My Perpetually Late Self

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MAC Divine Night

Smokey eyes and nude lips in 30 minutes with the new MAC Divine Night collection

Dear Perpetually Late Self (yep, that’s you, Karen),

Duuuuuuude. Sometimes you really surprise me.

I used to think your best idea was dumping that guy you met dancing in that cage at the club, because really now, what kind of future can you have with a cage-dancing, club-hopping, Kangol-hat wearing player?

But this? Using your iPhone’s timer to track how much time you’re spending on your makeup? That’s brilliant. Your best idea yet.

I don’t know how you came up with it (perhaps you got tired of being late for, like, everything?), but in just a couple months it’s already saved you about a zillion hours.

And setting the phone’s Auto-Lock feature to “Never” was a pretty good idea. That way the phone didn’t even go to sleep. All you had to do was set the timer for 30 minutes and click “Start.”

Earlier this week I tried a 15-minute MAC Divine Night look. Today I gave myself a little more time…

Today you gave yourself 30 minutes to get your face on using the new MAC Divine Night collection and — “WOOP! WOOP!” — you actually did it.

Kudos. :)

Minutes 30:00-20:00 — Face

I like that you started with the basics — primer, foundation, concealer, powder and brows. You got your skin finished first, so if something unexpected had come up, at least you were done with that.

20:00-5:00 — Eyes

MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow in Past Midnight

MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow in Past Midnight

For your eyes, you went with a shadow duo — purple and pink Mineralize Eye Shadow in Past Midnight — which seems wise because you were in a hurry. I remember you mentioning the duo before and how it had very little fallout and was easy to blend. Those things always save time. And when I saw that you decided to do a simple smokey eye, I thought, “Good call.”

Using MAC Feline Kohl all over your lids as a base made sense. The super creamy, easy-to-blend formula makes quick work of smokey eyes.

MAC Divine Night

With my trusty MAC 239 brush…

Oh, and patting the purple shade from Past Midnight directly on top? I couldn’t figure out why you did that at first, but then it hit me — the black base intensified the purple, and because Past Midnight’s finely blended powder was so easy to blend, you weren’t spending forever and a day buffing out the edges with your tapered 224.

MAC Divine Night

Patting the lighter pink on top of the purple to add dimension and shimmer

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A 15-Minute MAC Divine Night Look, and a Note to My Perpetually Late Self

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MAC Divine Night

A quick touch-up with Prepare for Pleasure Cremesheen Glass

Dear Perpetually Late Self (yes, I am talking to myself),

What is it with you and clocks!? Why are you always running behind? Seriously, why can’t you ever get from point A to B on time? It’s a mystery that I don’t even know if the universe understands…

(#realtalk: I suspect that it might have something to do with time management, which isn’t exactly your strong suit… But I’m not about to tell you that. Oh, hell no. I value my life and sanity too much, so I’ll continue to pretend it’s due to cosmic forces out of our control.)

But I do appreciate that you’re working on it. Your decision to do a full face in 15 minutes today with the new MAC Divine Night holiday collection was a brilliant idea.

Snaps, man. At least you’re trying. :)

MAC Divine Night

The MAC Divine Night holiday collection

Minutes 14:59-9:00 — Eyes

MAC Divine Night Eyeshadows

The six Divine Night Mineralize Eye Shadows ($23 US, $27.50 CAN each)

OK, I can see why you chose to start with the Mineralize Eye Shadows from this collection. Each one has two shades, so they’re like a ready-to-wear duo in every pan.

MAC Exquisite Ego Mineralize Skinfinish Eye Shadow

Exquisite Ego Mineralize Skinfinish Eye Shadow, a bronze, and a soft white champagne

Good choice going with the bronze and pink Exquisite Ego. Bravo. Because the colors are neutrals, even if you do a slap-dash job applying them, people probably won’t even notice your mistakes. I’d do the same thing.

MAC Divine Night Exquisite Ego

The flat shape of the MAC 239 Brush helps keep fallout to a minimum

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A Tuesday Eye Makeup Tip: How To Get a Precise Outer Cat Eye Edge

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Use tape to create a crisp cat eye edge

Oh, hai!

Why, yes, there is a method to my madness. :)

Justina, this one’s for you! I wanted to answer your question in the comments about that look I did using Maybelline’s Eye Studio palette in Desert Fantasy.

You asked…

I couldn’t place what I loved so much about your eye shadow, but I think it’s the precise outer edge. Can you explain to me how you got it to look that way? I love it!


The secret to that crisp, sharp cat eye edge?

One word: tape.

Last week’s look… See the cat eye edge around the outer area of the eye?

Yup, tape. Regular ol’ Scotch Tape works (I’ve done it before), but here I’m using Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape, because I think it’s a little more gentle.

Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape

Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape — your secret weapon for crisp eye makeup edges

You should be able to find it near the pharmacy at your local drugstore, usually beside the bandages. I picked up this roll up at Target for $3, but many regular drugstores carry it, too (and most online).

First, I pulled a 1-2 inch strip of tape from the roll and stuck it on and off my hand a few times to weaken the adhesive. That way, it wouldn’t tug at the sensitive skin around my eyes too much when I removed it.

crisp cat eyeliner edge

Try to line up both pieces at the same angle…

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Ask MBB: Fall Lipsticks for Lighter Lovelies

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Haaay, gurl! HAAAY!

Hi Karen!

I’m a huge fan of your blog, sooo I hoped you could help me out. I’m a pale gal (NC 15) with dark brown hair, and the lipsticks I own are mostly in variations of pale pink.

But I think these aren’t very appropriate for fall, so I hoped you maybe had some recommendations for me? The only good fall colours I own are MAC Red, Viva Glam V and my newest one, MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Lush Life, but a girl needs more than three options, right?

Much love from Germany,


P.S. I LOVE your new hairstyle.

Hi Julia,

Much love right back at ya from Novato, California (about 25 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, to be exact). :)

I’m so glad you asked this question because I’ve been watching this video by Lorde…

…and I just can’t stop thinking about the dark lip look she’s wearing and how striking and lovely it looks against her pale skin.

KILLER! — and so epic for fall.

I’m feelin’ it, but I realize that it might be a little artsy-fartsy for some people…

For something a little more wearable, how about Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Shame? It’s what I’m wearing in that pic at the top.

Smooth with a creamy finish, deep berry Shame looks amaze-balls on light skin.

Scratch that — all skin tones, really. I’ve never seen Shame look anything other than great, and it’s probably my overall favorite fall berry lipstick right now.

But if Shame seems too intense for you, you could opt for a less opaque plum/berry. That way, you still get the same vibe, but in less dramatic fashion.

If that sounds good, MAC released a really beautiful sheer glossy plum lipstick with the Indulge collection called Sweet Succulence ($15).

Might be something to consider if you can track it down… It’s limited edition, and it sold out pretty quickly on the U.S. MAC website. I’m not sure if it’s available out there, but I think it’s worth trying to track down. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

MAC Sweet Succulence on the left and Urban Decay Shame on the right

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Declare Victory Over Weak Water and Lash Line Colors With This Easy Eyeliner Trick

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Victory is ours!

There I was, doop-da-doo, sitting in front of my mirror with a purple eyeliner in my paws…

You know the type — a really fun, cute shade, but one that takes a bit of babying, because you have to apply a few layers to build up the color.

Most of the time, I don’t mind having to put in the extra labor, but you know me — always looking for beauty shortcuts. :)

“Hmm,” I thought. “There’s gotta be a quicker way…”

I quickly rifled through my makeup bag until I found my favorite black liner du jour, Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion.

And just then, I got an idea…

DING-DING-DING-DING-DING! We have a winner. (I’m wearing MAC Fixed on Drama Lipstick from the Retro Matte collection, by the way.)

I peered down at Tabs, who was chillin’ in a sunny spot next to my desk. “Tabs, what if I layer this purple liner [which I held in one hand] on top of UD Perversion [which I held in the other]?”

He shrugged.

“I bet that’ll really make the purple pop. If layering a black base beneath a colorful eyeshadow amplifies that color, it should work the same way for liners, right?”

Lazily, Tabs blinked twice and looked away, which usually means, “If you’re not going to feed me, woman, just leave me to my thoughts.”

“Mmm… Gravy.”

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