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Last-Minute Halloween Costume Idea: MEOW! A Simple, Sassy Kitty Costume

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Kitty cat costume

Here, kitty kitty…

Candy, costumes, crazy makeup and cats! As much as I love Halloween, and I do love Halloween, I don’t think I’ve ever planned a Halloween costume more than one week out, which is kind of funny, considering how with certain other aspects of my life, like packing for trips or making playlists, I’m a compulsive over-planner.

I mean, dude! — you should see my running playlist. I have every track planned down to the last minute/mile. I kid you not.

With Halloween, though, I’m all about fast and loose. I think I’m addicted to the last-minute thrill, the pressure of putting something together at the last minute and seeing it all come together. 🙂

I wasn’t even planning on dressing up at all this year, truth be told. I dunno… I just haven’t really been feeling it lately (it happens), but today, as I was squeezing my employer’s front paws into his velvet royal tabby costume, I felt inspired.

So I whipped up this simple, sassy kitty costume using some things I had on hand/paw.

Step 1: Start with smokey eyes

I’d already done these cat-shaped smokey eyes earlier, and I think they exude Halloween drama, so I started with them.

To ramp things up you could add falsies, which would be super cool. I wanted to, but I’d just applied the long claw nails (see step 3) and didn’t want to risk poking my eyes out, LOL!

Kitty cat costume
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Purr-Fect Cat Eyeliner Flicks Are Easy With This Quick Makeup Tip Using MAC Fast Response Eye Cream and a Q-Tip

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MAC Fast Response Eye Cream

A Q-tip and MAC Fast Response Eye Cream: your two BFFs for purr-fect cat eyeliner

Throughout the long, hallowed (not really) history of Karen’s Cat Eyeliner Life, Volume I, I’ve drawn a lot of cat eyeliner looks on my cat lady lids, and over all those years, I can count on one paw the number of times I’ve drawn two perfectly angled flicks. That’s how rarely it occurs!

Most of the time, it’s my left flick. The right will be OK, but the left will turn out wonky, angled either too low or too high, or too short or too long.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that one or both flicks will need an adjustment.

One quick way to fix your flicks is with an eye cream and a Q-tip. What I’ll do is soak a Q-tip with a little bit of the cream, then run that along the edges of the flick to instantly sharpen them and/or fix any mistakes, all while adding some extra moisture around my eye area (something I need anyway).
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A Makeup MacGyver Moment, But Without the Mullet: Make an Improv Beauty Blender Sponge

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Make an Improv Beauty Blender on the fly

Just something I figured out the other day when (surprise, surprise!) I couldn’t find my Beauty Blender. I swear, one of these days I have to finally, FOR GOOD, straighten out my office.


So I’d just finished applying Laura Mercier Flawless Fluide Foundation and needed to blend it out, but no Beauty Blender…so I MacGyver-ed (yes, I just turned that into a verb) an improv Beauty Blender with a kabuki brush and some MAC Fix+.

Please note the Mariah Carey fan action

Here’s what ya do

Take a kabuki brush — and I’m using the Too Faced Retractable Teddy Bear Hair Kabuki Brush here — and spray it three or four times with MAC Fix+.

When I do this, I hold the bottle of Fix+ about eight inches away from the brush so the spray envelops the brush head evenly, and you want to just dampen the bristles, not make them dripping, soaking wet. Next, gently buff and blend your foundation and concealer on the skin using the dampened brush head and a circular motion.
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Here’s a Tip for Working With the New MAC Objects of Affection Pigments and Glitter Sets

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MAC Objects of Affection Pigments and Glitter Set in Gold and Beige

Butterfingers tested and approved!

The mini jars of MAC Pigment and Glitter in the new MAC Objects of Affection holiday sets are so small (0.09 ounces) that I can barely fit a brush into them. They’re tiny! Butterfingers that I am, I feel like the Abominable Snowman trying to hug Bugs Bunny when I hold these jars, so when I use them, to keep accidental drops and messes to a minimum, I have a little workflow I follow…

First, I place a paper towel down on my work surface. Then, I pour a small amount of whichever product I’m using on the towel, and pick up the product directly from there with my brushes.

Much less mess, and it’s easier to load just the right amount of product on the brushes. 🙂

MAC Objects of Affection Pigments and Glitter Set in Gold and Beige

The MAC Objects of Affection Pigments and Glitter Set in Gold and Beige ($35 US, $42 CAD)

MAC Objects of Affection Pigments and Glitter Set in Gold and Beige

Here I’m wearing MAC Pigment in Lithe on my lid, Pigment in Deep Brown in my crease and along my lower lash line, and Pigment in English Gilt in the inner corner

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Lopsided Liner? Wonky Wings? Try These 3 Easy Makeup Tips for More Balanced, Symmetrical Eye Makeup

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After driving into the city last night to pick up my race bib for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (only nine more days!), El Hub and I stopped in Sausalito for dinner on the way back.

We went to this little sushi place on Caledonia Street called Sweet Ginger, and I was munching on my mango, avocado and sweet potato tempura veggie roll and staring at my race bib number: 22822.

I am by no means a hard-core runner, but I’ve run a handful of short races before, and I can’t say that I’ve ever had a memorable bib number.

They’re usually a nondescript string of random numerals, like from a UPC barcode on a bottle of laundry detergent or reduced fat peanut butter, but this one — 22822 — feels like a sign. The only thing better would’ve been a bunch of nines, since nine is my lucky number.

Anyway, I love this number. A lot. 🙂

I love how symmetrical it is and how the eight looks in the middle, and how if you turn the bib sideways, the eight makes an infinity sign (ooh!).

The number is also a palindrome.

Symmetry. Balance. Elusive concepts in makeup and life, but at least my half marathon bib rocks ’em!

Dude, I think you feel my pain. Symmetrical makeup is hard, especially when it comes to thick, bold liner, or darker colors in the crease.

At least it’s hard for me. I really have to work at it, but my eyes are slightly different shapes (it’s true). If you have perfectly symmetrical features, consider yourself #blessed. My eyes aren’t symmetrical at all (my left eye is slightly smaller than the right, and it sits a smidgen lower).

I think about symmetry a lot this time of year, when the fall and holiday colors show up, because I start wearing bolder eye looks on the regular, and as someone whose features aren’t perfectly symmetrical, here are a few tips that help me create more symmetrical eye makeup.

1. Keep both eyes open, head straight, and look directly into the mirror

I see you!

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