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An Urban Decay Dangerous Palette Makeup Tutorial: Spies, and Bronze and Gray Smokey Eyes

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urban decay dangerous palette makeup tutorial final k eye final

Agent K-dawg, this is Urban Decay Base Camp. Over.

UD Base Camp, this is K-dawg, go ahead. Over.

K-dawg, UD Base Camp. Requesting mission status. How’s the testing of the Holiday 2012 Dangerous Palette ($36) going? Over.

urban decay dangerous palette makeup tutorial final k with palette

Roger that, UD Base Camp. The mission to complete a bronze and gray smokey eye with Deeper, Mushroom and Ace is almost complete, although these eyeshadow pigments are reaching dangerous levels. Over.

Urban Decay Dangerous Palette

The eye palette pops out of the zippered case, so you can reuse it to hold makeup/cat treats/secret spy gear/whatevs!

K-dawg, UD Base Camp. Tech support is wondering what that tap-tap-tapping sound is on your end. Is it static, or is Jeremy Renner trying to send you love letters via Morse code again? Over.

Base Camp, this is K-dawg. Nah, that’s just me tapping my brushes against the edge of the sink to remove some excess eyeshadow before applying. Can’t have fallout beneath my eyes while I’m in the field. Over.

Copy that, K-dawg. Special Agent T-money requests a tutorial for the look. Can you oblige? Over.

UD Base Camp, K-dawg. Can do. Over.

A Bronze and Gray Smokey Eye with the Urban Decay Dangerous Palette

STEP 1: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil in Sin applied as a base over the entire eyelid

urban decay dangerous palette makeup tutorial step 1
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Easy on the Eyes: An Everyday Eye Look With Neutrals

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polished neutrals makeup tutorial

I don’t know… Today I feel very indifferent about my makeup, very noncommittal, like I don’t really have a strong opinion one way or another.

There’s a word for it, the way I’m feeling, but dang if I can’t recall what it is.

Neuter? No — that’s not it.

(Whoops, sorry Tabs! It had to be done.)

I think it has something to do with Switzerland in World War II?

Oh, shoot. It’s on the tip of my tongue…


Neutral! The word is neutral. :)

Today I thought I’d share one of my favorite everyday eye looks, a brown, bronze and black neutral eye that I wear sometimes when I want to look polished and put-together.

Like many of my favorite looks, it’s an easy one that doesn’t require a lot of blending, and we should be able to knock it out in less than 15 minutes.

I’ll be using a mix products from MAC and L’Oréal, but you know how we roll here — feel free to use any other brands and similar colors you happen to have around.

polished neutrals eye makeup tutorial products
From the left: MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood, MAC Eyeshadow in Saddle, MAC Eyeshadow in Mulch, MAC Eyeshadow in Woodwinked, MAC Eyeshadow in Print and L’Oreal Lacquer Liner in Blackest Black

What’s that you say? You noticed my watch, and now you’d like to ask me what time it is? Well…

It’s prime time!

polished neutrals makeup tutorial 1

Let’s start by applying a base for our powder eyeshadows. How about creamy bronze MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood? We’ll apply that all over our lids with a finger and buff it out with a fluffy domed brush like the MAC 217.

That should really intensify the colors of the powder eyeshadows we’re about to layer on top.

The shape of things to come

polished neutrals makeup tutorial 2
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Share a Tip Tuesdays: Brace Yourself for an Easy Eyeliner Tip

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an easy eyeliner makeup tip

Silly eighth-grade me, thinking I knew everything. I was so sure that eyeliner application would be one of those easy beauty skills to master. After all, I was a fairly artistic teen. I got Bs in both Calligraphy and Intro to Art. I mean really, how hard could it be?


Apparently, harder than I thought. To my surprise, the doodling I did all over my Pee-Chee folders did not adequately prepare me for proper eyeliner application, and my calligraphy class did not help me achieve flawlessly lined Elizabeth Taylor eyes.

Thank goodness this was before camera phones; otherwise, I’d probably have a folder filled with pictures of me looking like a hot mess in the forbidden purple Lancôme liner I covertly applied every day after I left the house.

The lines, so shaky… So uneven…

I wish I could go back and give 13-year-old Karen a few words of advice. If I could, I would tell her 1) to convince Mom to stop taking me to the $6 haircut place around the corner, because they could not cut wavy hair for sh*t; 2) I would also submit that triangle hair is completely unacceptable; and 3) I would end my future transmission with the following phrase: brace yo’self — not just for the onslaught of awkwardness that teenager-hood and puberty would bring, but also when you apply your eyeliner.

eyeliner makeup tip

This might sound a little wackadoo, but hear me out. If you have trouble with shaky lines when you apply eyeliner, try bracing your body against something solid, like a table or wall.

Crisp, clean eye makeup requires some coordination, and propping my elbows on a table, or leaning against a wall, really helps to steady my hands.

It’s the same with photography.

When taking pics, even the slightest movement when you press the shutter button can introduce camera shake and blur.

eyeliner makeup tip

Blurry pictures with photography, blurry lines with eyeliner.

Stand up for eye makeup!

Here’s another tip to try: if you usually apply your eye makeup while sitting down, give it a try standing up (or sitting down, if you usually stand up).

I’ve noticed that certain things are easier for me to apply, like liquid liner and false lashes, when I’m standing up. Weird, but true. :)

eyeliner makeup tip

Welcome to Share a Tip Tuesdays! What’s a makeup or beauty tip you’d like to share? Eyeliner tips would be great, but if you have other makeup tips, I’d love to hear ‘em, too!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


A MAC Styleseeker Makeup Tutorial: Brown, Gold and Purple Cat Eyes With Red Cheeks and Bronze Lips

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MAC Styleseeker Tutorial

Guess what, fellow style seekers! The MAC Styleseeker collection is now available online (yay!), and I thought it might be fun to do a quick tutorial this afternoon with a few of the pieces (complete with optional Victoria’s Secret wind tunnel effect).

mac styleseeker tutorial side

The 24-piece collection contains a mix of rich, warm bronzes, purples, browns and reds punctuated by a smattering of lighter pinks, corals and beige shades.

Something about it just says, “globe trekker” to me and makes me want to check on airfares to Southeast Asia for fall, LOL!

mac styleseeker tutorial k final 2

But seriously, this look features a matte brown, and a shimmery golden orange eyeshadow, and a dark purple cat eyeliner on the eyes; a surprisingly wearable red blush on the cheeks; and a bronze gloss on my lips.

Here are the Styleseeker pieces I used…

The eyes

mac styleseeker tutorial 2

I started with my eyes, using a finger to spread MAC Paint Pot in Quite Natural, a creamy matte brown eyeshadow, on my eyelids. The cream shadow acts as an intensifying base for the other eyeshadows I’ll apply on top.

Then, I grabbed some of Indie Spirit, the brown shade from the Eyeshadow X 2 Duo in Marche Aux Puces, with a MAC 217 Blending Brush, and applied it on my lids, concentrating most of the color on my lash line, and fading as I moved up.

After that, I took what was left on the brush and ran it along my lower lash line.

mac styleseeker tutorial 3

Next up, shimmer. Using a MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush, I applied Chessa, the shimmery golden orange shade from the same duo, directly on top of the brown shadow on my lids.

mac styleseeker tutorial 4
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A Quick Friday Makeup Tip for Eye-Catching Lips

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makeup tips for lips
Lipstick in this look: Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Muse

I frickin’ love Will Ferrell movies. Really, the dude can just be sitting quietly in a chair, and I start cracking up.

I’ve seen Step Brothers about 20 times. That’s my favorite one, with Night at the Roxbury and Elf tied for second.

I caught Anchorman for the first time a few weeks ago, and even though I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, I loved the makeup…

Yup, the makeup.

The movie’s set in the 1970s. Will Ferrell plays this cheesy news anchorman who pursues a beautiful and ambitious reporter, Veronica Corningstone, played by Christina Applegate.

Through the whole movie, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Christina’s lips. Her character wears bright, eye-catching lip colors, and if you look closely, you can see also see a shimmery highlight on top of her cupid’s bow, at the top center of her upper lip.

It’s a little thing, but it adds a lot to your look, especially when you really want to put the focus on your pout and make your upper lip look a little more lifted.

I do this trick a lot because it only takes a few seconds…

And there’s not much to it. I usually use an eye pencil brush, one with a small brush head like the MAC 219. It has a stiff, dense, pointy end that’s great for little details like this.

I use all kinds of different highlighters for this one, too — creams, liquids, solid sticks, pressed powders, loose powders and pencil highlighters. Give it a try with one of your favorites.

Some ideas for highlighters…

Here I’m using a silvery pinkish beige loose powder, MAC Iridescent/Loose Powder in Silver Dusk.

mac silver dusk
MAC Silver Dusk
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