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5 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

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How to make your eyes look bigger

#makeupgoals — to make my eyes look SO big that even good-natured, wide-eyed anime characters start talking mad smack…with jealously, of course!

TURBO THE GLITTERY RAINBOW PEGASUS: “Did you see Karen’s eyes today? GURL, I don’t even know. I like big eyes, but hers are HUGE.”

CHICI THE COTTON CANDY KITTY: “I know, right!? I mean, where does she get off making her eyes look bigger than ours? We’re professional anime characters, for crying out loud! We’re supposed to freakin’ dominate that doe-eyed sh*t!”

Haha! Craziness…

It’s true, though.

Making my eyes look as large as possible is one of my top makeup priorities, because I feel like I look spunkier, younger (at least that’s the idea) and generally more alert and awake when my eyes appear bigger.

It’s all an illusion, of course, but illusions can be cool, and this one is easy to create. 🙂

Here are five things you can do on their own (or together) to make your eyes look bigger.

1. “Tightline” your upper water line

how to make your eyes look bigger

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner in 88 Noir Intense

Darkening your upper water line by placing a dark eyeliner along the base of, and between, your lashes, also known as “tightlining,” makes the line look thicker, which appears to lift, brighten and enlarge your eyes.

The key is to really get down there with liner (waterproof works best for me) as close as possible to the base of your lashes. Just run it along your upper water lines, really getting in between the lashes at the roots, and repeat until you’re happy with the line.

2. Curl your lashes

how to make your eyes look bigger

If your lashes naturally stick out straight or point slightly downward, they might cast a slight shadow under your eyes, which can make them look a little smaller (my lashes do this!). If this happens to you, steal your cat’s favorite lash curler. 🙂

But seriously, curled, lifted lashes don’t cast the same annoying shadow under your eyes, and they draw attention up, up and away!

Curled lashes can also appear to sort of fold over on themselves, which can make your lash lines look thicker, which also enhances the whole “tightlining” effect.

3. Apply mascara to your top AND bottom lashes

How to make your eyes look bigger

By darkening, thickening and lengthening lashes, especially curled lashes, mascara can also make your eyes look bigger.

To really maximize the doe-eyed effect, look for a mascara that lengthens AND thickens, especially at the roots, and apply it to both your upper and lower lashes.
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Fri-Yay Makeup Fun: Strobing Made Easy

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If you’ve been wondering about this whole “strobing” trend and whether it involves pulsating lights and high-octane house music, it doesn’t, so feel free to leave your glow sticks at home. 🙂

But what is does involve is highlighting, and LOTS of it. Basically, it’s good old-fashioned highlighting, only more intense and extreme, and it usually involves layering a number of products to accentuate specific areas and/or one or more of your features.

strobing tutorial

In strobing the skin looks dewy and glowing, but not in an icky or sweaty way, and the trick is to highlight specific areas while keeping the rest of your skin relatively matte or semi-matte.

Here’s how I like to do it…

strobing tutorial 5
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Fri-Yay Makeup Fun: Repurpose Your Daytime Makeup With a Quick, Colorful Pop

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Sometimes — OK, all the time — when I’m doing my makeup and getting ready to go out, especially after a long week, I don’t like to start from scratch, so to make it a little easier on myself, I’ll repurpose whatever I’m wearing that day, and just freshen it up and add a slight twist, like this colorful green lower lash line.


It takes two things: 1) a colorful eyeliner and 2) a complementary eyeshadow. For this look here, I chose two shimmery green shades — MAC Eye Shadow in Steamy and MAC Eye Kohl in Minted.

I lined my lower lash line with the liner, then smudged out the edges with a pencil brush. Then, I patted the eyeshadow directly on top of the liner to intensify the color and shimmer.

After an additional coat of mascara and some gloss, it’s done and Fri-yay ready! 🙂

(Note: also approved for evenings at home spent chilling on the couch with Tabs.)

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Intensify Your Highlights With This Super Simple Tip

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Oh, hello glow!

Oh, hello glow!

Glisten up!

OK, are you glistening?

Good. Because if I could, I would open all of the highlighters in the world above my head and just pour ’em all over me, LOL! All I wanna do is glisten, and I wanna do it all day long.

To say that I’m a little highlighter cray-cray at the moment would be a bit of an understatement, and I’ve been playing with some different techniques, like this one that I recently learned from a makeup artist buddy of mine named Candace. (HI, CANDACE! If you have time, check out her YouTube channel.)

This trick is simple but totally intensifies the glistening effect in a way that doesn’t leave my skin looking frosty.
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Uneven Eyeliner? Here’s a Tip That Might Fix Your Woes

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Eyeliner woes, part 3,451

Eyeliner Woes: Vol. #3,451

If it seems like I talk about uneven eyeliner every five seconds, it’s because I do. I talk about uneven eyeliner EVERY FIVE SECONDS.

Hello. 🙂

What I wouldn’t GIVE to be one of those gals who can just paint a perfect line in a single swoosh!

Now, looking at the glass as if it’s half full, I have stumbled on a few tips and workarounds to help me deal with my chronically uneven eyeliner, and one of them is that it helps TREMENDOUSLY to start by lining my upper water lines (also known as “tightlining”), and then drawing my eyeliner on my lash lines after that.

L'Oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner shades from the purple to the silver: Pure Purple, Cobalt Blue, True Teal, Gold and Silver

L’Oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliners from the purple to the silver: Pure Purple, Cobalt Blue, True Teal, Gold and Silver ($8.99 each)

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