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Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer Demo and Application

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There should be a video right up here in this post, but if it isn’t appearing for any reason, you can click here to watch it on YouTube.

How good is new Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer?

To put it in heavily hyphenated terms, it’s get-out-of-your-pajamas,-put-on-your bra-again-(right-after-you’ve-taken-it-off-for-the-evening),-and-drive-straight-to-Sephora-immediately good.

Yup, that good!

If you haven’t seen the swatches yet or read the review, here you go.

And here it is in all its magical action (in the video), along with a few more observations and a mini-review. 🙂

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer: the basic scoop

  • Available now online and at Make Up For Ever counters, stores and Sephora in 10 shades; $27 for a 0.23-oz. tube.
  • The 10 shades are divided into two complementary groups — the color-correcting shades, which include R20 Porcelain, R22 Pink Beige, R30 Beige, R32 Peach Beige and R40 Apricot Beige; and the concealing shades, which include Y21 Pearl, Y23 Ivory, Y31 Sand, Y33 Vanilla and Y41 Honey.
  • The setting powder I mention in the video is MAC Mineralize Natural in Medium ($32)

As always, thank you for watching!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer

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Let me tell you what happens when you’re addicted to sugar, and all of a sudden you can’t have it in the morning, and you’re hella pregnant.

You get fixated on things, like eating a plate of beignets and drinking a latte, and that becomes all you want in the world, and you can’t stop thinking about it.

Beignets and iced coffee

Beignets and iced coffee

Beignets and iced coffee

And then there are the hallucinations, which are real and legit, I swear! Everywhere I look, I see sugary delights, even in the nifty tip on this new Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer ($27).

make up for ever ultra hd invisible cover concealer

Mmm… Doughnuts…

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Have You Seen the Make Up For Ever Lash Show?

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make up for ever lash show

It’s a Lash Show at Make Up For Ever

Quick! — I need an excuse to wear a pair of these new false lashes by Make Up For Ever…

How about a drag queen-themed baby shower?

Is that even a thing?? If it isn’t, I think we need to make it one, because if I can do drag queen karaoke for my thirtieth birthday party, then a drag queen-themed baby shower is the next logical jump, obviously. 🙂

make up for ever lash show c 802

Make Up For Ever C-802 Lashes ($18)

MUFE just launched these last month in a staggering 50 styles! They’re $18 each, made of synthetic fibers and come with a small bottle of latex-free lash glue.

The styles are divided into four categories — Natural Volume (for everyday enhancement), Dramatic Volume (slightly fuller lash styles for amped up day or night looks), Winged (for cat eye-style meow!) and Artistic (for show-stopping lashes).

make up for ever n 403

Make Up For Ever N 403 Lashes ($18)

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Don’t Be Afraid to Use Multiple Primers to Address Different Issues Around Your Face

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make up for ever primers

Mix and match your primers!

One of the beautiful (but sometimes frustrating when you can’t control yourself) truths about makeup is that you can make it as easy or as complicated as you want.

Case in point: primer. Most of the time, either because I’m inherently lazy or because I’m almost always running behind, I’ll use a single un-tinted pore-minimizing primer all over my face, except for on my lids, where I’ll use a separate eye primer, but sometimes I’ll feel like going the extra mile, so I’ll use a combination of multiple face primers, and sometimes I’ll even incorporate an additional color-correcting primer.

Make Up For Ever’s Step 1 Skin Equalizers are good for things like this.

make up for ever primers

Make Up For Ever Radiant Primer (left) and Smoothing Primer (right)

When I feel like going that extra mile, before applying my main face primer, I’ll use a separate orange-tinted color-correcting primer first, and I like $36 Make Up For Ever Radiant Primer Peach for this, to neutralize any purple, blue and gray tones on my skin, which for me is usually under my eyes, around my mouth and along my jawline.

make up for ever redness correcting primer

Make Up For Ever Redness Correcting Primer ($36)

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Neat and New to Me: Tom Ford Metallic Mink Eye Defining Pencil

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tom ford metallic mink

Tom Ford Eye Defining Pencil in Metallic Mink ($36)

Neat and New to Me

Unlike my Unsung Heroes series, which features permanent collection products I’ve known and loved a long time, the Neat and New to Me series showcases permanent collection products that slipped under my radar for a while, but then I discovered them! — and now I think they’re neat and new to me.

The answer, my friend, would be yes. A thousand times yes!

If a roving band of performance artists stopped me one day on the sidewalk in downtown Novato and asked, “Excuse us, miss [yes, they’d say ‘miss’]? Would you mind if we poured this bucket of melted Tom Ford Metallic Mink eyeliner on you to cover your entire body from head to toe like a fabulous coat of golden purply bronze?” I’d say yes, even though it would be hard to clean up, ’cause it would look fabulous.

tom ford metallic mink swatch

Tom Ford Eye Defining Pencil in Metallic Mink

All I have to say about this eyeliner is “Get outta my dreams; get into my car! — and grab me a backup while you’re at it, yo!” Metallic Mink looks SO lovely smudged along lower lash lines, especially with reddish browns or purply brown eyeshadows on your lids.

It’s a shimmery golden bronzed brown eye pencil with a slight essence of purple that comes through every once in a while, and it’s the closest thing I’ve found to BECCA’s fabled Cabrera liner. Although it’s not an exact dupe, it’s close enough to warrant a ticker-tape parade and a pair of naked baby angels playing harps. 🙂

tom ford metallic mink

Wearing Tom Ford Metallic Mink on my lower lash lines

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