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A Pair of Kinky Boots That Should Fit Most Everyone: The MAC Kinky Boots Collection

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MAC Kinky Boots Lipstick and Lipglass

Wearing both the Kinky Boots Lipstick and Lipglass

We interrupt your Thanksgiving food coma to bring you this important shoe-related announcement…

One does not need to own a pair of kinky boots to appreciate the MAC Kinky Boots collection.

But please don’t let that stop you from shoe shopping. :)

Kick up your heels and dance to the tune of this limited edition lipstick and gloss, which were inspired by Kinky Boots, the Broadway musical (fun fact: MAC Viva Glam alumna Cyndi Lauper wrote the music and lyrics for the show!).

MAC Kinky Boots Lipglass and Lipstick

MAC Kinky Boots Lipglass and Lipstick

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Cool-Toned Grays Signal a Smoky Black Friday at MAC: Available for One Day Only, the $25 MAC Smoky Black Friday Veluxe Pearl Fusion Shadow Trio

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MAC Smoky Black Friday

The new $25 MAC Smoky Black Friday Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Trio, available one day only on November 28, 2014, exclusively online at

Ya know…we should really figure out some sort of long-range communication system that doesn’t involve technology, just in case the sh*t ever hits the fan, and the Internet goes dark, and we need a way to ask each other important questions like, “Girl, are you doing any Black Friday shopping?” or, “What do you think of the new MAC Smoky Black Friday Velux Pearlfusion Shadow Trio?”

My first thought was carrier pigeons, but then many of us have cats…

So now I’m thinking smoke signals, but I haven’t figured out the vocabulary yet.

Like, how would you say, “I think the three Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadows in this online exclusive are just OK,” with a small fire and smoke?

I don’t know…

I’d also want to say, “I probably wouldn’t take off my hoop earrings and throw down if there was a shortage of these trios and I was forced to fight for the last one, but I might reach for one on a Friday night if I wanted to do a fast and shimmery smokey eye that didn’t require a ton of work.”

But that seems like a lot to say with puffs of smoke…

MAC Smoky Black Friday swatches

Wearing Smoky Black Friday on my lids and MAC Matte Lipstick in Nouvelle Vogue on my lips

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Tonight, I’m Livin’ in a Fantasy (My Own Little Nasty World), With the New MAC Nasty Gal Collection Lipsticks

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MAC Nasty Gal Matte Lipsticks from the left: Runner, Stunner and Gunner

MAC Nasty Gal Matte Lipsticks from the left: Runner, Stunner and Gunner ($16 US each, $19 CAD)

“Psst! Look at that girl.”

“Which girl…?”

“That one!”

“Which one? That one right there?”

“Yeah, that one you’re rudely pointing at in broad daylight right there, LOL! The one wearing the dark matte lipstick.”

“Yeah, I see her… She’s nasty.”

MAC Nasty Gal Matte Lipsticks from the left: Runner, Stunner and Gunner

From the left: Runner, Stunner and Gunner

“What!? What are you talking about, ‘she’s nasty’? That’s a terrible thing to say!”

“No, doofus. Not like that. I mean she is literally a nasty gal.”

“You lost me…”

“I mean she’s wearing one of the three lipsticks in the new MAC Nasty Gal collection.”

Another fab collab, this one between MAC and Nasty Gal owner/founder Sophia Amoruso, the four-piece MAC Nasty Gal collection is coming to select MAC stores and the MAC website December 4 (through January 1, 2015) with three lipsticks in Stunner (a matte red), Runner (a matte burgundy) and Gunner (a deep matte purple) for $16 US/$19 CAD, as well as a true red Studio Nail Lacquer with a creme finish called Flaming Rose ($12 US/$14 CAD; not shown in this post).

MAC Nasty Gal Swatches from the left: Stunner, Runner and Gunner

Swatches from the left: Stunner, Runner and Gunner

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The Golden Givers of Gorgeousness in the MAC Prabal Gurung Collection Are Priced Like Precious Metals

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MAC Prabal Gurung Collection

The MAC Prabal Gurung collection

The gold that graces each product in MAC’s new 14-piece Prabal Gurung collection doesn’t just make the packaging gorgeous. It fashions a world! It creates an experience! These pieces look so fancy that they could pass for pendants hanging from a famous rapper’s gold chains.

MAC Prabal Gurung Collection limited edition packaging

They could also probably pass for real gold bars.

No, seriously. These little bricks are heavy! — so heavy, in fact, that if I were to drop one on my foot, I’d probably need stitches.

Or, to put it another way, if I were to put all of them in a purse and swing it around, it would make one hell of a fine medieval weapon.

MAC Prabal Gurung Light English Red Lipstick

Wearing Lustre Lipstick in Light English Red on my lips

That the pieces could potentially double as weaponry is just one of many things I like about this new collaboration between MAC and fashion designer Prabal Gurung…who, I should say, was probably aiming more for elegance, sophistication and grace than hip-hop jewelry.

MAC Coral Lumineux Cream Colour Base

Cream Colour Base in Coral Lumineux

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Purr-Fect Cat Eyeliner Flicks Are Easy With This Quick Makeup Tip Using MAC Fast Response Eye Cream and a Q-Tip

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MAC Fast Response Eye Cream

A Q-tip and MAC Fast Response Eye Cream: your two BFFs for purr-fect cat eyeliner

Throughout the long, hallowed (not really) history of Karen’s Cat Eyeliner Life, Volume I, I’ve drawn a lot of cat eyeliner looks on my cat lady lids, and over all those years, I can count on one paw the number of times I’ve drawn two perfectly angled flicks. That’s how rarely it occurs!

Most of the time, it’s my left flick. The right will be OK, but the left will turn out wonky, angled either too low or too high, or too short or too long.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that one or both flicks will need an adjustment.

One quick way to fix your flicks is with an eye cream and a Q-tip. What I’ll do is soak a Q-tip with a little bit of the cream, then run that along the edges of the flick to instantly sharpen them and/or fix any mistakes, all while adding some extra moisture around my eye area (something I need anyway).
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