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Because Weekends Are for Hot Pink Lips (and Lip Combos), There’s MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Good Taste

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MAC Pro Longwear LIip Pencil in Shock Value, MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Good Taste and Pro Longwear Lipgass in Full Spead Ahead

What’s the quickest way out of a nude lip rut?

The first step to breaking out of a nude lip rut is admitting that you’re in a nude lip rut.

(Note to self: I am in a nude lip rut.)

When all 15 (!) of the lipsticks and glosses in your purse are various shades of nude beige, light peach and pink…you are in a nude lip rut.

I figured the quickest way to break free (“break free, break from the chains!” Shout-out to Wilson Phillips!) was a bright, bold lip — something upbeat. And pink.

Because Fridays were made for pink.

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Shock Value, MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Good Taste and Pro Longwear Lipglass in Full Speed Ahead

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Shock Value, MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Good Taste and Pro Longwear Lipglass in Full Speed Ahead

After rutting around in my makeup stash, I came up with this — a bright, shiny pink lip, and it’s all MAC’d out. The star attraction is the new MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Good Taste.

First, I lined my lips with bright pink MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Shock Value, then used a lip brush to fill them in with Good Taste, before topping it off with a layer of bright magenta MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass in Full Speed Ahead.

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An Easy Way To Take Your Winged Liner Looks From Day to Night

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MAC Pure Show and NARS Black Valley

Wearing MAC Pure Show Superslick Liquid Eye Liner and NARS Black Valley Eye Paint on my upper lash lines (and trying to look “artsy-fartsy”)

I’m all about the winged liner life…

Ya feel me?

Winged liner, also known as cat liner, is one of my favorite makeup looks (especially in a classic black).

You can wear it pretty much anywhere. Pair it with nude lips to proactively synergize your ROI at work (LOL!), or raise the roof with a bright lip and cheek for a night on the town. The possibilities are endless.

I don’t know if I could ever truly get tired of black winged/cat liner, but I don’t always do it the same way. Sometimes I like to try something a little different, like by incorporating a liner in a different color. I’ll run it along my upper lash line parallel to the liner, like I’m doing with the gold in these pics.

MAC Pure Show and NARS Black Valley

I’m also wearing MAC Soba (crease), MAC Ricepaper (lids, brow bone and inner corner) and MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash (lashes) on my eyes in this look…

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Ask MBB: How To Get Bold, Full Brows That Still Look Natural

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In tonight’s very special episode of Ask MBB, the housemates face a crisis of epic proportions…

Wait — wrong intro! Sorry, too much Bravo. :)

In this installment, MAC Senior Artist Victor Cembellin goes buck wild for brows — a subject I could seriously discuss for days.


Productions mentioned…

If you’ve ever wanted bold, lush, full brows that still look natural, press play.

Thank you for watching, my friend. I know I don’t say this enough, but I love you. I love you, and I hope you’re having a good night.

Sorry, feeling a little sappy right now. :)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Got any burning makeup questions for Ask MBB? Leave them for me in a comment down below.

P.P.S. In other news, new cat sighting in my neighborhood. I spotted him on my walk the other day…

Wouldn’t ya know it? The one time I don’t have cat treats in my pocket, a new cat crosses my path. It’s so unfair. #catladyproblems

I’ve named him Lucky, and while he doesn’t know it yet, he is going to be my new kitty BFF. :)

The New MAC Mineralize Glasses: When It Comes to Moisture, These Glasses Are More Than Half Full

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MAC Mineralize Glass in Modern Romance

Wearing MAC’s new Mineralize Glass in Modern Romance ($22), one of 12 shades available now

This one’s totally for the gals on Team Cremesheen (of which I’m one!). The new MAC Mineralize Glass lipglosses are the bombdizzle (did I really just say that?), especially if you appreciate the super smooth texture of the Cremesheens and love hella hydrating glosses.

MAC Mineralize Glass

MAC Mineralize Glasses from the top down in Modern Romance, Cheerful, Got Style and Tender

MBB FUN FACT: I always bring a tube of Deelight Cremesheen Glass with me whenever I travel by plane 1) because I lurve it and 2) because of how dry my lips get, but I may have to cheat on Deelight a little with one of these new Mineralize Glasses… They’re just SO moisturizing — maybe even a little more than the Cremesheens — and have a similarly silky smooth, non-sticky texture.

MAC Mineralize Glass in Cheerful

MAC Mineralize Glass in Cheerful, a mid-toned coral with a creamy finish

Could the secret to their hydrating handiness be hiding among the 77 moisturizing minerals (of which I can’t find a list) packed into each tube? Perhaps! I do have to say that my perpetually parched pout feels smoother, softer and quenched when I wear them.

The texture, while similar to the Cremesheens, feels a touch thicker to me. When I apply a Cremesheen Glass and rub my lips together, the formula feels very thin and almost watery, whereas the feel of these Mineralize Glasses reminds me of a MAC Plushglass…except without the bee sting.

MAC Mineralize Glass in Tender

MAC Mineralize Glass in Tender, a light cool pink with a creamy finish

They come in 12 shades, grouped into Frost and Cream finishes, and I’m kinda hot for the Frosts…

Hot for the Frosts? LOL!

The Frosts! You know how some frosty glosses can settle into lip lines and look funky? These don’t do that. Both the Frosts and the Creams apply smoothly and evenly, and they don’t pool into different areas of my lips or look patchy.

I think MAC did a bang-up job with these finishes.

MAC Mineralize Glass in Got Style

MAC Mineralize Glass in Got Style, a mod-toned cool mauve with a frosty finish

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A Tour and (Reverse Eyeliner) Makeover at the New Flagship MAC Pro Store at 45 Powell Street in San Francisco

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OK, fellow MAC zealots, are you ready for a treat?

In this extended play (read: 33-minute-long!) makeup tutorial, MAC Senior Artist for North America Victor Cembellin works his magic on me with a “reverse” eyeliner look at the new flagship MAC Pro Store at 45 Powell Street in San Francisco (phone: 415-402-0658), which just opened its doors late last week.

The video is much longer than my usual 10-minute vids, but it’s jam-packed with Victor’s insider pro tips. I just can’t get over how much useful information he covers!

Victor working makeup magic.

It’s neat seeing a real makeup master’s technique. Seriously, I could watch this man do circles in the outer corner for days!

The makeover was also a little historic in that it was the first makeover at the new store, and I’m kindasortathrilled to play a tiny part in MAC history. :)

The new flagship store is DOPE! Not only do they have everything in both the MAC and MAC Pro lines, but there’s also 45 of the Bay Area’s best makeup artists on staff.

There are stations in the center of the store for makeovers, and for even more personal attention, there’s a private suite in the back for more in-depth makeup training.

Sh*t is crazy! — but in the best possible way. I actually came this close to driving back into the city the next day to play some more, LOL!

The new store is located at 45 Powell Street in San Francisco’s Union Square right next to the cable car turnaround…

I can’t wait to go back!

Products mentioned in the video…

What you see when you first walk into the store — that middle section is where the artists do makeovers, and there’s also a lash bar, and a private makeup room in the back for personalized lessons.

MAC Pro, baby!

Shoppers…on your mark, get set, GO!

I dream of Pro Palettes…

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