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The MAC Colour Rocker Collection Swatches and Tempered Two-Toned Lips

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mac colour rocker carmine rouge breathing fire

Toned-down/tempered lips with the MAC Colour Rocker Collection Lipsticks in Carmine Rouge (my upper lip) and Breathing Fire (bottom lip)

So I was flipping through a magazine last weekend (I think it might’ve been Allure…) and saw a picture of two models wearing two-toned lips.


What are two-toned lips?

It’s where you wear different colors on your top and bottom lip, and if you pick colors that are closely related, it’s an easy way to do subdued, toned-down, but still edgy look.

Here are some examples with shades from the new MAC Colour Rocker Collection of limited edition MAC matte lipsticks that launched last week ($17 each), and there are also some swatches down below.

Two-Toned Lip Tip #1: Choose two shades that are slightly different in intensity and/or color

Here’s the thing: If you want easy, it helps to use two shades that are similar but aren’t exactly the same. If they’re too dissimilar, they go from low-key and edgy to full-on edgy, and then you have to work that into your entire look.

In the pic above I’m wearing MAC Colour Rocker Carmine Rouge (the red shade) with Breathing Fire (the pink), and I think they’re both similarly intense. I mean, if you saw me from across a room, you might not even be able to tell I was wearing two different colors on my lips, but bam! — up close? Whoomp, there it is.

mac colour rocker darling clementine forbidden sunrise

MAC Colour Rocker Lipstick in Darling Clementine (upper lip) and Forbidden Sunrise (bottom lip)

Same thing with Darling Clementine (the darker orange on my top lip) and Forbidden Sunrise (the slightly lighter orange on the bottom). The colors are similar enough to make the whole effect subtle.

Two-Toned Lip Tip #2: Wear the lighter color on the bottom for a plump-looking pout

If you wear the lighter color on the bottom, I think it makes your lips look slightly fuller (don’t ask me why though).

mac colour evening buzz flatter me fierce

MAC Colour Rocker Lipsticks in Evening Buzz (upper lip) and Flatter Me Fierce (bottom lip)

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MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics Collection James Kaliardos Spring/Summer 2017: Easy, Edgy, Low-Key Eye Tutorial With Strategic Shimmer and Shine

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mac make up art cosmetics james kaliardos k top

Decked out in makeup from the MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics collection James Kaliardos Spring/Summer 2017 (one of three sub-collections in a 50-piece launch)

Ever since I started doing different makeup looks for the #MBBInstachallenge, I dunno… Something cool happened. My mind has been opened to different ways to wear makeup, and not just in the traditional sense — like whether I’m going to wear a smoky eye or light color on the lid/darker color in the crease. I feel like I’m thinking outside the box a little more than I used to.

I love looks that are “traditionally pretty” (air quotes), and I have for years, but I feel like I’m more open to trying edgier looks now and wearing them in, like, everyday life.

I did a look today using products from the new MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics Collection: James Kaliardos Spring/Summer 2017 (there’s some info about the launch, swatches and pics of some of the products down below if you’re interested), and, basically, this look is very much my current style. There are classical elements to it, but it also has an edgy twist.

I feel like I’m entering a new phase in my makeup life where I still like classic makeup or “traditionally pretty” (there are those air quotes again) makeup, but there’s also something unexpected or surprising about it.

Let me walk you through how I did the eyes because, really, that’s what this look is all about.

Start with your basic winged liner

I didn’t do anything fancy with the liner. It’s just a thin line along the top of my lashes with a flick at the end.

My lids, I kept simple and clean, but you could skip eyeshadow altogether. I used MAC Soba Eye Shadow (a MUST HAVE from the permanent line), my favorite satiny golden brown in the whole wide world, and applied that as a wash all over my entire lid, concentrating the color near the lash line.

mac make up art cosmetics james kaliardos k1

It starts with a kitten flick and nude lips

Then, I took the Jumbo Rapidblack Penultimate Liner from MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics James Kaliardos and dotted it between my lashes to create an illusion of a thicker lash line before drawing my wing using MAC Into the Well Eye Shadow in Midnight Tryst (a dark matte burgundy brown). It’s a powder eyeliner that you apply with a wet brush, and it’s really good when you want liner with a soft, diffused edge.

Incidentally, I’m wearing the MAC Full Face Kit: Moons of Saturn on my cheeks and MAC Lustre Lipstick in Almondine on my lips, both of which are also from the James Kaliardos sub-collection (there are also two other sub-collections in the MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics collection. Together the three sub-collections comprise the 50-piece release, and each one is a collab with a different MAC makeup artist. In addition to this one by James Kaliardos, there’s one by Diane Kendal and one by Kabuki.

At this step, this is a look you could wear every day, right? It would be fab for running errands, going to school or going to work.

But let’s kick it up a notch! 🙂

Time to strategically place some sparkle and shine

I used two of the Pressed Pigments from the James Kaliardos collection to do this. First, I applied Light Touch, the light pinkish beige, and packed it into the inner corners of my eyes with a wet flat eyeshadow brush.

I wet the brush because I wanted to intensify the shine and make it VERY reflective.

Once that dried, I buffed out the edges with a tapered blending brush so that the pigment looked like it was concentrated in the inner corner. I wanted it to fade out as it moved up toward the inner part of my brow (I did my best to keep it out of the lid area).

Next, I dotted the darker pigment, deep shimmery grayish purple Black Grape, along the center of my lower lashes and purposefully left it messy, because I wanted it to look grungy and imperfect.

mac make up art cosmetics james kaliardos k2

Add sparkle in strategic places

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The MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics Collection: Diane Kendal Spring/Summer 2017

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MAC Diane Kendal

Wearing shades from the MAC Creme Shadow X 6 in Glamorize Me palette, MAC Studio Conceal & Correct X 6: Cover Me, MAC Studio Quiktrick Stick/Diane Kendal in Radiance/Shadow and MAC Causal Colour Lip & Cheek Colour X 6: Enhance Me from the new MAC Make Up Art Cosmetics/Diane Kendal collection

DianeI wonder if Diane Kendal’s extensive backstage makeup experience influenced her part of the new MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics collection, because backstage is HECTIC. It’s crazy, and they always seem to be running behind… So who knows? Maybe she wanted a collection of quick creams to get her models ready and onto the runway.

Well…at least, creams are quick in my experience. They’re faster to work with than powders. You can just dab them on, and use your fingers to blend them out. Even when I was doing this makeup, it went relatively quickly compared to doing an eye look with three or four different powders. I just used the creams from Kendal’s MAC Creme Shadow X 6 in Glamorize Me palette ($40), and it was so much faster to work with and blend than having to sit there and blend a whole bunch of powders.

MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics Collection Diane Kendal

Diane Kendal is one of three makeup artists MAC tapped to do sub-collections for the 50-piece MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics collection, which is available now. (The other two are James Kaliardos and Kabuki.) She’s a bad-@ss British makeup artist based out of New York, and before going to work for MAC, she helped develop products for Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein Cosmetics. She’s been working in the biz since the ’80s. In this post we’ll be looking at Diane’s part in the story, and I’ve worked with eight of her 11 pieces in the launch.

There are A LOT of creams in this launch, which I find…I dunno. As I get older, I just like creams more. They’re easy to blend and don’t look as heavy and obvious and makeup-y as powders do. I’m into ’em. 🙂

Diane Kendal doing her thang

MAC Creme Shadow X 6 in Glamorize Me ($40)

mac glamorize me

MAC Creme Shadow X 6 in Glamorize Me, $40

So blendable! The $40 Glamorize Me Creme Shadow palette is my favorite thing in Diane’s launch. The glossy finish makes me swoon, but these shadows do scoot around quite a bit on my skin after a few hours… Be prepared because they’ll probably want to settle into the crease.

mac glamorize me

Causal Colour Lip & Cheek Colour X 6: Enhance Me ($40)

mac enhance me

MAC Causal Colour Lip & Cheek Colour X 6: Enhance Me, $40

The satiny finish looks incredibly natural, and the creams are easy to blend on my cheeks AND my lips. They have pretty good wear time, too. I’m getting about five hours on my cheeks as a blush and about three hours on my lips. This is my second favorite thing in Diane’s part of the collection.

mac enhance me 2

MAC Causal Colour Lip & Cheek Colour X 6: Enhance Me, $40

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Friday Face of the Day With Warm, Orangey Bronze Eyes and the MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection

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mac caitlyn jenner orange lip k

MAC Understanding Lipstick, MAC Caitlyn Jenner collection

So, I’m writing some lists this week, and one of my lists is titled, “Colors for eye looks” and with the #MBBInstaChallenge, which you guys are kicking so much @ss on, this month is all about busting out of my comfort zone!

Right at the top of my list of eye colors that, for various reasons, I don’t reach for that often are orange and warm red, which were huge eyeshadow trends last fall.

With that in mind, I decided to do an orange/warm reddish bronze eye look today with Malibu Bronze Eye Shadow from the new MAC Caitlyn Jenner collection, because I think it goes SO well with one of my favorite eyeliners of all time, the otherworldly MAC Teddy, a bewilderingly beautiful shimmery brownish bronze, and if you don’t have Teddy in your life, YOU NEED TO GET IT ASAP.

mac caitlyn jenner eyeshadows k

Malibu Bronze and Worthy Eye Shadows on my eyes with Buddy Mineralize Skinfinish (in the crease) and Teddy Liner; and Buddy MSF and Compassion Blush on my cheeks

Today I’m all about Teddy and Malibu Bronze. I used Malibu Bronze on my lids right up to the crease (it’s very pigmented, and it buffs out easily). Then, to transition the color, I actually used a face powder from the collection called Buddy. It’s a warm brown with lots of intense golden pearl (it reminds me a lot of NARS Laguna, but it’s waaaay warmer). I stuck that in my crease to blend out the edges, and I’m also wearing it on my cheeks and across my nose as a bronzer to tie my cheeks in with my eyes.

I experimented with a few different lip looks for this…first with a warm deep red lipstick called Authentic Red, and then added a little golden gloss on top (Kindness Cremesheen).

I thought that was OK…but it seemed like a little too much for what I’ve got going on today (which is nada). Better for date night.

mac caitlyn jenner red lip k

MAC Authentic Red Lipstick with Kindness Cremesheen on top

Next I tried a nude lip using Whirl Lip Pencil, Rockit Lipstick and Beautifully Bare Cremesheen (which looks like MAC Deelight Cremesheen’s twin sis), but I feel like it looked a little unbalanced…

mac caitlyn jenner nude lip

That’s Whirl Lip Pencil, Rockit Lipstick and Beautifully Bare Cremesheen

Finally, I tried warm, creamy red MAC Understanding Lipstick (it’s an online exclusive), and voila! Balance. That’s what I finally went with.

mac caitlyn jenner understanding

MAC Understanding Lipstick

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Just in Time for the Spring Festival, It’s the MAC Chinese New Year Collection

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MAC Chinese New Year Collection

Happy Spring Festival with the MAC Chinese New Year collection!

Here’s something I learned today: Chinese New Year doesn’t fall on the same date every year. It varies! — because it’s tied to the lunar calendar…but it does always fall between January 21st and February 20th. (I think.)

Interesting, isn’t it? This year’s date is January 28th.

So happy early Gung Hei Fat Choy! 🙂

Here’s something else you may find interesting: the MAC Chinese New Year collection arrives today, and the packaging is gorgeous! (The boxes also feel velvety). Minor quibble, but I wish that MAC had done something with the design on the product themselves.

mac chinese new year collection

Eight of 10 MAC Chinese New Year products

Ooh! It’s the Year of the Rooster. Maybe they could have coupled it with that.

Remember Year of the Snake?? They did those incredible pans with the snake design?

mac chinese new year eye palette

Eye Shadow X 9 / Year of the Rooster swatches from top to bottom: Print, Copperplate, Idol Eyes, Shale, Girlie, Honey Lust, Mulch, Wedge and Sweet Lust

Lots of old faves here

Most of the items in the 10-piece collection are re-promotes, like Russian Red Lipstick ($17, a MAC classic!), Fleur Power Blush ($23 and SO PIGMENTED), Rapidblack Penultimate Eyeliner ($21, and not my fave; the tip feels too stiff).

The Eye Shadow Palette X 9/Year of the Rooster ($32) has some of my all-time favorites, including Wedge, Honey Lust, Shale and Mulch.

It doesn’t take anything away from how good they are, but if you’re a MAC die-hard fan, there’s a good chance you’ve seen these colors before. You may even have them in your collection already.

mac chinese new year blush

MAC Chinese New Year blushes: Fleur Power (top) and Dame (bottom)

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