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What Would You Do if You Had Free Rein and Could Do Whatever You Want in Your Own Dream MAC Collaboration?

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My Dream MAC Collaboration

If I had free rein? — oh, my gosh, I don’t even know where I’d start.

I had a little taste of it once upon a time, a long time ago. I made my own Lipglass called Evolution Revolution, but if I could go back to that lab again, I’d go buck-freakin’-wild.

Oh, my gosh! Yeah, like, first of all, MAC has so many great things already, so I wouldn’t want to reinvent the wheel, but I’d take existing colors that I love and use all the time, and I’d try to utilize them in different ways.

For example, I would turn Soft Brown, Brun, Saddle, Cork and Club Eye Shadow into Paint Pots.

Ah! Cork as a Paint Pot!? Can you imagine!? I would die. Club as a Paint Pot?? I would f*cking die. Soft Brown as a Paint Pot!? OK, calm down, Karen…

OK, so I would do that for sure.

I would also turn Powersurge into a multiuse liquid. Now, I have no idea how MAC would do this, but I would love a liquid version of Powersurge that I could use as a liner or put on my brows or use on my lips.

Powersurge lips? — how cool would that be? I think that would be awesome.

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MAC Mariah Carey Collection! – Holiday 2016 – First Look & Swatches

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I think I may have told you this before, so if I have, please bear with me…but if I haven’t, well, welcome to the crazy! 🙂

I like to change the lyrics to songs and sing them to Tabs, and one of those songs is Mariah Carey’s Touch My Body.

Love me some Mimi!

Anyway, I can’t sing it anymore without picturing Tabs rolling around on his back showing off his tummy in slow-mo (I know you can see it too), because Touch My Body is his theme song. When I sing it to him, it goes, “Touch Tabs’ body, give him some food… Give him food and love!”

Honestly, I don’t even know what the real lyrics are at this point…

These are the things that cray-cray cat ladies do.

It wouldn’t be a Mimi makeup collection without glamour, glitter and sparkle, and there’s plenty of it in the MAC Mariah Carey collection.

This one’s a beauty, babe. Easily one of my holiday faves this year. I guess MAC saved the best for last!

Here’s a first look with thoughts and swatches. I’m wearing the collection on my eyes, cheeks and lips in this video, too (the items I’m wearing are listed below), so if you have any Qs, let me know in the comments.

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The $21 MAC Brow Sculpt Brow Pencil: A Dupe for the Infamous Tom Ford Brow Sculptor?

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mac brun brow sculpt brow pencil brun

Yes, I really do get this excited about filling in my brows…

Yes, I really do, because Raul is hella annoying.

I’ve been filling in my brows lately with this awesome $21 MAC Brow Sculpt Brow Pencil. It’s been out a while, and it comes in shades you might recognize if you’re a MAC fan, like Brun and Cork. MAC took some of their existing eyeshadow colors that are commonly used to fill in brows, and put them in handy-dandy pencils.

The reason I think this one is all sorts of awesome is because it totes reminds me of my favorite-ist brow pencil (yes, I said favorite-ist) — well, my former favorite-ist brow pencil — the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor, which is hella expensive, dude. It’s $45 (used to be $44).

Have I told you about the time I put two of them in my cart and floated out of my body? Like, I literally floated out of my body. I had an out-of-body experience because of how expensive they are, and I’ve been scouring the makeup jungle for years looking for something similar but less pricey like this MAC pencil.

It has a twist-up tip with a skinny triangle shape (like the Tom Ford pencil) that covers a good surface area, so I’m not sitting there drawing in every little hair with a tiny tip for hours… I can finish my brows pretty quickly with this one.

I also love the level of pigment. The colors aren’t as rich or intense as some brow pencils, which I think is a good thing in this case. I don’t much like pencils that are super soft or pigmented because if I forget and keep drawing, and keep drawing, and keep drawing, I end up with Groucho Marx/scary Frankenstein brows, at which point it’s hard to go back.

You know how it is — once you have too much on there, it’s hard to remove pigment and back up. I’ve gotten in that situation many times before, and it isn’t fun.

mac brun brown sculpt

The face you make when your favorite Tom Ford Brow Pencil is $45

MAC Brow Sculpt Brow Pencil ($21)
Permanent, available now at MAC stores and online

Available in Omega (a light ash blonde), Cork (warm blonde), Flight (taupe blonde), Taupe (light taupe), Brun (taupe brown), Lingering (medium brown), Spiked (deep brunette) and Stud (deepest black brunette)

mac brun brow sculpt brow pencil brun

The shade I wear is Brun.

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Smoky, Cool and Shimmery Plum With the Tarte Pretty Paintbox Set, Bite Beauty Cashew and MAC Dancing Flowers

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tarte pretty paintbox fotd

Feeling plummy today with Tarte’s Pretty Paintbox from the holiday 2016 collection

Look. At. This. Makeup.

Where was a going that I needed to put on makeup like this? I don’t know… I don’t think I was going anywhere. I wish I could say that I was going out to dinner or something, but I think the most exciting thing I did while I was wearing this look was take out the trash…

I did run into my neighbor, though, and we talked about her dog a little, so at least somebody got to see the fruit of my labor IRL.

I’m wearing the Bite Beauty Multistick in Cashew here, and I tell you — it’s the best color! It’s underneath a bunch of things on my lids. I sort of used it as an eyeshadow lid primer.

I think it’s SO beautiful, especially with colors like the ones I’m wearing.

Eyes: Bite Beauty Cashew Multi-Stick, Tarte Pretty Paintbox eyeshadows (Van Gogh With It in the crease, and First Impressionism, Hot MOMA and Get Surreal mixed on the lids), Tarte Tarteist Black Eyeliner (from the Wingworkers holiday set), Tarte Tartiest Mascara (from Pretty Paintbox)

Cheeks: Moment blush, Authentic highlighter and Unique bronzer from Tarte Pretty Paintbox

Lips: Dancing Flowers from the MAC Nutcracker Sweet Retro Matte Plum Kit

I’m wearing kind of a rosy taupe-ish brown in my crease, and there’s some shimmery cool-toned purplish gray action happening on my lids that I made by mixing a bunch of colors in this Tarte palette (I marked them with hearts down below).

I grabbed a bunch of shades with the same brush, buffed them on the back of my hand, and then popped them on my lid.

It’s just a phase I’m going through. I like making my own colors. It makes me feel like I’m a mad scientist in a beauty lab or something…

OK, so, my lid color is very cool toned, but I think it balances with the warmth of the browns in my crease. I like that juxtaposition, but of course you could totally stick to one or the other using just cool-toned shadows or warm-toned shadows, and still do a look like this.

tarte pretty paintbox fotd

MAC Dancing Flowers Lipstick

tarte pretty paintbox fotd

The shades I used from the Pretty Paintbox…

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The MAC Studio QuikTrik Sticks

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mac studio quicktrik stick

There’s a new stick in town…

I’m no She-Ra/She-Hulk, but those push-ups and rows I’ve been doing in my high-intensity interval training classes must be paying off, because I accidentally broke two of these MAC Studio QuikTrik Sticks.

Mostly, it’s because they’re very soft, and in some ways, that’s great, because it makes them so easy to blend. On the other hand, though — broken sticks. Don’t press too hard.

These creamy $32 sticks do a bit of everything. They’re like blushes, contouring products and highlighting sticks in one.

Kinda sorta like MAC’s version of the NARS Multiples (except not explicitly recommended for use on your lips and eyes), they’ve been available for while, and MAC says they’re for use all over your face.

mac studio quicktrik stick

The 6 MAC QuikTrik Sticks

I’ve only used them as blushes and for highlighting so far, so if you’ve used them on your lips and eyes, please let me know how it’s gone for you.

They’re super creamy, super soft, easy to blend, and they look a little dewy on the skin, right? They’ve got that glow happening that I love.

The formula stays a bit — gosh, what’s the right word? — tacky? Wet?

I don’t want to say “wet,” so I’ll just say “creamy” instead. It stays creamy for an hour or so before completely drying down, and that makes them easy to blend. Of course, if they dried down to a powder more quickly, they would probably last longer…

On my combination skin, without anything else on top of them, they last between 4-6 hours, which isn’t bad. You could probably also extend that by layering a powder product on top and, depending on what you used, still keep the shine. For instance, you could add a powder blush with a sheen or a highlighter with a sheen or sparkle. But that’s if you’re hardcore.

MAC Studio QuikTrik Sticks
$32, available in six limited edition shades; available now online and in-stores through December 15, 2016

“Transformation is only a swipe away with M·A·C Studio QuikTrik Stick. Offering endless options for highlighting, contouring, bronzing or just adding the perfect pop of colour, these double-ended, multi-use sticks debut in smart shades to enhance your look anywhere, any way you choose. This multi-tasker’s creamy formula is sheer enough to provide subtle yet buildable colour. Who doesn’t love a little face time?”

BARE END / EARTHNUT – Bare End: Light golden champagne shimmer / Earthnut: Muted medium beige

SOFTLY DOES IT / TIGHT AND TAWNY – Softly Does It: Very light pink shimmer / Tight and Tawny: Light taupe

GINGER SPIKED / COUNTERPOINT – Ginger Spiked: Soft pink with fine spun gold shimmer / Counterpoint: Midtone bluish pink

A LATTE SHEEN / SEMISWEET – A Latte Sheen: Light copper with gold and silver shimmer / SemiSweet: Muted golden bronze

MISS CUPCAKE / TOMATO – Miss Cupcake: soft pinky peach with fine spun golden shimmer / Tomato: Vivid bright coral

ALL AFLUSH / HERE YOU GO – All Aflush: Rose with copper sparkle / Here You Go: Deep reddish burgandy

mac studio quicktrik counterpoint ginger spiked

Wearing Counterpoint and Ginger Spiked

mac studio quicktrik stick swatches

Ginger Spiked/Counterpoint, Miss Cupcake/Tomato, All Aflush/Here You Go

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