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The MAC Nutcracker Sweet Holiday 2016 Collection

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mac saucy little darling

From the MAC Nutcracker Sweet holiday 2016 collection, the Eye Kohls in Powersurge (as a base all over my lids), Feline (upper lash and water lines) and Prunella (lower lash and water lines), Magic Dust Eye Shadows in Dark Lullaby (lids), Mustache (upper lash line), Rabblerouser and Pretty Dainty (crease), Forward March (just underneath my inner brow bones) and Dance Flowers Dance (tear duct)! The lipstick is Saucy Little Darling.

M∙A∙C Nutcracker Sweet
Available online October 20, 2016
Available in stores on October 27, 2016 through December 8, 2016

This is gonna sound pretty band-geeky of me (well, I was a band geek), but some of the best flute parts EVER are in the MAC…

Wait — the MAC?

I almost said “in the MAC Nutcracker Sweet,” what!

I meant to say, “in the [actual] Nutcracker Suite,” as in the piece of music from the ballet, and I know this because I played it in high school.

Nutcracker Sweet! In MAC’s case, it’s spelled S-W-E-E-T, and if that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what planet you’re from. 🙂 Because I love sweet things, and this collection is definitely sweet.

MAC always goes big for the holidays. This post is just about the color collection. There are also a bunch of kits and sets which I’ll be wearing and testing over the next week.

So what do you think of the limited edition packaging?

mac nutcracker sweet

MAC Nutcracker Sweet for Holiday 2016

mac nutcracker sweet

Eye Kohls in Powersurge (as a base all over lids), Feline (upper lash and water lines) and Prunella (lower lash and water lines); Magic Dust Eye Shadows in Dark Lullaby (lids), Mustache (upper lash line), Rabblerouser and Pretty Dainty (crease), Forward March (just underneath inner brow bones) and Dance Flowers Dance (tear duct)

I think it’s SO pretty — the bright pink, plum and those touches of gold. Right away, my eyes went BIG, and not just because I spotted three of my favorite liners of all time — Prunella, Powersurge (don’t even get me started about Powersurge) and Feline. Yes, they’re re-promotes, I know, but there are also some new things in this collection, like the Magic Dust Eye Shadows, which are indeed magically dusty, but not in a bad way. More like magic makeup fairy dust.

Seriously, why aren’t all MAC eyeshadows like these? They’re smooth, sensationally soft, and when I was swatching them, I kid you not, I just kept going ooh, ah, give it to me…

OK, that sounded kind of nasty…

Let’s just start with the lip products, shall we?


Cremesheen Lipstick in Kingdom of Sweet ($18)

mac kingdom of sweets

Cremesheen Lipstick in Kingdom of Sweets

WHAT IS IT? I usually shy away from creamy, pale pastel pinks like Kingdom of Sweets because they’re infinitely difficult to wear, especially if you have dry lips. They settle into my fine lip lines, but Kingdom of Sweets doesn’t.

SHOULD YOU GET IT? Yes. Hell, yes. I hardly ever wear colors like this, but I want to wear this one right now. It’s smooth, comfortable and easy to use, which are all the things I want from a pale pastel pink lipstick.

Matte Lipstick in Flamboyish ($18)

mac flamboyish

Matte Lipstick in Flamboyish

WHAT IS IT? I wanna be Flamboyish! This hot pink is BRIGHT, and it reminds me a lot of Candy Yum Yum, which, I believe, is slightly lighter.

SHOULD YOU GET IT? I’m on the hot pink train, toot-toot! Destination Hot Pink Matte Lipstick-ville. So yes, I would hop on the Flamboyish train. It’s smooth for a matte, which, as you know, can be difficult to wear. It’s also opaque.

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15-Minute Makeup: Feline Meow With L’Oréal Voluminous Liner Noir, MAC Tabby, NARS Bengali, Bite Beauty Multistick in Papaya, Hourglass Vanish and Lilah B.

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loreal voluminous liner noir

Is black liquid winged liner ever a good idea when you’ve only got 15 minutes to put on your makeup?

I think I was going for “crazy cat lady in the suburbs” with this ensemble, which I wore yesterday. You know how I mentioned that I’ve been trying to wear more makeup lately? I just wasn’t really into it after having the baby. Well, I’m still out of practice, but I’m trying to push myself a little by wearing makeup every day, and sometimes it turns OK, but sometimes it looks like this.

There are a few things going on with this look. First, there’s, like, a patch here on my chin where I sort of didn’t blend the foundation, but that’s because I spent most of the 15 minutes I spent on the liner — just drawing it and correcting it, and redrawing it.

I thought that I could just use this liner from L’Oréal and some tape for the wings, and that once I did those things, the look would basically be done, but the takeaway lesson here is that if you’re going to attempt a 15-minute makeup look…don’t do black liquid liner…unless you want to be really stressed out, because I was REALLY stressed out the entire time.

Fifteen minutes just wasn’t enough time to do a great job on this.

One side of the liner looked a little thick, while the other side looked a little wonky, so I had to bust out a Q-tip to try and fix it.

It was a mess.

I’m also wearing Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation, and despite the big glob on the side on my cheek that I didn’t blend, it turned out OK.

That’s Bite Beauty Multistick in Papaya on my cheeks and lips and some eyeshadows from NARS.

Honestly, the eyeshadow here was basically an afterthought. I did the liner first, and then the shadow on my lids afterward (MAC Tabby cream shadow). And just used neutrals for the rest.

loreal voluminous liner noir 2


EYES: MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Stick in Tabby, NARS Bengali and Madrague II eyeshadows, MAC Carbon Eyeshadow, L’Oréal Voluminous Liner Noir Eyeliner, L’Oréal Voluminous Feline Noir Mascara and Chanel Stylo Yeux in Agape

FACE: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealers in R40 and Y33, Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation in Beige, Lilah B. Flawless Finish Foundation in b. classic

LIPS AND CHEEKS: Bite Beauty Multistick in Papaya

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


MAC Unsung Heroes: Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Stick in Lilacked

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What’s an unsung makeup hero? For me, it’s an oftentimes underrated makeup morsel, a permanent collection product that scoots under the radar screen of many makeup lovers but regularly rocks my world. The long-running Unsung Heroes series features some of my favorites.

Honestly, why doesn’t all makeup come in sticks? It would make my life waaaaay easier.

This is my new favorite thing in the whole wide world — even though I’m pretty sure I say that all the time.

Sorry. 🙂

It’s MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Stick in Lilacked, and it’s $22 and part of the permanent line.

The Colour Sticks are stick versions of the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots (ones I love: Constructivist, Soft Ochre and Bare Study).

SO MANY brands make their own cream shadows sticks, but MAC’s are some of my favorites, and I like them for a couple of reasons. First, there’s obviously the colors. There’s a wide range, but I don’t have anything else quite like Lilacked in my collection.

It’s a peachy golden lilac, kind of like if MAC Satin Taupe Eye Shadow had a makeup baby with MAC Woodwinked, and then that baby grew up and got together with NARS Lhasa and popped out another makeup baby…

Granted, that’s a lot of makeup babies.


I like the consistency and the way it feels, too, because most cream shadow sticks are either super thick and hard to push around on my lids, or they’re too thin and slippery and hard to control. They just end up all over the place.

The MAC Pro Longwear Sticks, on the other hand, feel just right, and I can put them exactly where I want, which avoids one of my big struggles with eyeshadow, which is when I put something on my lids and it goes all over the place, and before you know it you’ve got, like, shimmery black eyeshadow from your lash lines up to your eyebrows.

They also last. I can put them on in the morning, and they’re still going strong at night.

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15-Minute Makeup: MAC Lilacked/MAC Woodwinked/MAC Wedge/MAC Post Modern/Hourglass Incandescent Electra

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mac lilacked woodwinked

Honestly, because most days, 15 minutes is about all the time I get to put on makeup.

Oh, and I may or may not be wearing a sports bra as my top in this pic. 🙈

mac lilacked woodwinked

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The MAC Selena Matte Eyeshadows and Lipsticks Take Center Stage

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mac selena collection

The MAC Selena collection (coming October 1 to the MAC website, and to stores October 6 through November 17, 2016)

¡Finalmente! The MAC Selena collection!

Fans of beloved Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez, whose life was tragically cut short in 1995 at 23 years old, made this collection happen, and MAC heeded the call.

While I was testing and reviewing, I learned a lot of things I didn’t know about Selena, like how her favorite colors were purple and black and her favorite flower was a white rose.

I’m sorry to say that I didn’t know much about her before this release, but I did know that she rocked bold red lips and sang a couple of songs that were very popular when I was in college.

Her artistic legacy and spirit inspired the 13-piece MAC Selena collection, which Selena’s sister Suzette helped create. It includes three new shades of lipstick ($18 each), including a dupe for a red taken from the makeup case Selena took with her when she went on the road; five new eyeshadows ($17 each); a new blush duo ($29); a new gloss ($17); and three re-promoted items from the MAC permanent line ($18 Opulash Mascara, $21 Boot Black Liquid Eye Liner and the $35 129SH Powder/Blush Brush).

MAC Select Obsessed & Devoted Members (MAC’s version of Sephora VIB) get early access to the collection in an exclusive pre-sale September 28. For everyone else, it arrives October 1 on the MAC website and in stores October 6 through November 17, 2016.

mac selena eyeshadows

The MAC Selena collection Eye Shadows ($17 each)

mac selena collection techno cumbia

MAC Selena Techno Cumbia ($29)

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