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MAC Unsung Heroes: The Studio Chromagraphic Pencils

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MAC Chromagraphic Pencil

The MAC Studio Chromagraphic Pencils ($16 each)

Chances are good that if you’ve rolled up to your favorite MAC counter lately (shout-out to the Corte Madera counter at Nordies, woo-hoo!), you probably passed the Studio Chromagraphic Pencils without bringing one home.

MAC Studio Finish Chromagraphic Pencils from the left: NC15/NW20, NW25/NC30, NC42/NW35

The MAC Studio Finish Chromagraphic Pencils (they aren’t duos) from the left in NC15/NW20, NW25/NC30, NC42/NW35

Honestly, I don’t blame you, because if I didn’t know about them, I’d probably skip ‘em too. On paper, they appear quite boring.

Only they’re not. At all. They’re actually really handy. In a nutshell, they’re creamy, flesh-colored eyeliners…which does sound pretty lame, right?

But I keep one of these $16 wonders in my makeup bag at all times and always bring one with me on trips. I use them all the time, really, in so many different ways.

MAC Studio Finish Chromagraphic Pencils from the left: NC15/NW20, NW25/NC30, NC42/NW35

The MAC Studio Finish Chromagraphic Pencils from the left in NC15/NW20, NW25/NC30, NC42/NW35

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A Look With Vivacious Violet Eyes and Righteous Red, Glossy Lips Using the New MAC Toledo Collection

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Wearing the MAC Toledo Violetwink Palette on my eyes, Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach on my cheeks and the Lipstick and Lipglass in Opera on my lips

Wearing the MAC Toledo collection Violetwink Palette on my eyes, Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach on my cheeks and the Lipstick and Lipglass in Opera on my lips

Vivacious violet eyes and righteous red, glossy lips today because, ya know, it’s Monday. Why not? :)

This is the flashiest look I’ve flaunted in a while! I’ve been kind of stuck in a neutral eye/nude lip rut, so this is my makeup version of Stella getting her groove back, except instead of me working it out on a tropical island with a hot, young thang, I’m working purple eyeshadow, red gloss and red lipstick…

Wearing the MAC Toledo Violetwink Palette on my eyes, Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach on my cheeks and Lipstick and Lipglass in Opera on my Lips

I’m wearing stuff from the new MAC Toledo collection.

Toledo as in the fashion designers, Isabel and Ruben — not “holy Toledo!” or Toledo, Ohio, in case you were wondering.

MAC is so educational!

Honestly, I hadn’t heard of them before…but I’m also not hip at all, so there’s that.

The eye-catching 31-piece collection comes out next month with limited edition white, black and red packaging.

Wearing the MAC Toledo Violetwink Palette on my eyes, Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach on my cheeks and Lipstick and Lipglass in Opera on my Lips

That’s Pearlglide Intense in Designer Purple along my lower lash lines, also from the collection

I’m most interested in the three six-pan palettes, like the purple one I’m wearing here (there’s also one with green and olive shades, complete with baby-poo green eyeshadow, and I’m so not kidding about that; and another palette that’s blue).

Oh! — and there’s also a lot of red for lips. When I was looking at the packaging this morning, I thought, “Yeah, let’s do red. And purple. Why the heck not?”

The thing is, with bold eye and lip looks like these, I’m trying to strike a delicate balance between dramatic and cra-za-zy. To that end, I follow some basic guidelines…

The first is to chillax on the brows, son, because with a bright purple eye and glossy red lips, there’s already a lot going on, and full, bushy or blocky brows would just be one more thing competing for attention.

Wearing the MAC Toledo Violetwink Palette on my eyes, Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach on my cheeks and Lipstick and Lipglass in Opera on my lips
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10 Things I Love About January

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10 Things I Love About January

1. Early springs

On my walk today I saw — get this — early cherry blossom blooms!
We get that out here in Northern California some years, and I guess it’s happening now.

It’s been sunny for a week or so since the heavy rains, and everything is growing like crazy now. This tree here is right down the hill behind my house where Else the Tortie hangs out. I looked for her today, but she was nowhere to be found (sad face).

On the bright side, I did see…

2. This neighborhood kitty

He’s very skittish and never lets me get too close, but he’s just unaware of how this little game of ours is going to play out.

Soon… Soon we will be BFFs.

The Long Haired Tabby Neighbor

What up, playa?!

3. Scarves

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to have Tabs draped across your neck, just wrap yourself up in your coziest scarf. :)

I wear scarves pretty much 24/7 throughout January because dude! — they feel so wonderful. I like it when the back of my neck and the bottoms of my ears are all cozy and warm.

Wearing Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Ether

Scarf action all day, every day!

4. Moisturizing face masks

I’ve been putting one on every night after I wash my face.

So not kidding! My skin gets dreadfully dry this time of year, so I give my favorite moisturizing face masks a mega workout. Current faves in rotation include Glamglow Thirsty Mud, Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask and Fresh Creme Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask.

Side note: I’m looking for a HELLA moisturizing drugstore mask, so if you have any recs, let me know in the comments. :)

5. These Walkers Scottie Dog Shortbread Cookies

Totally a January thing for me because I always seem to get them for Christmas.

I have a very specific method to eating them, too. First, I line all of them up on a plate. Then I bite their heads off.

I let the guilt course through my veins…

And then I wash everything down with a big gulp of tea or coffee.


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10 More Things I Love About MAC

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10 More Things I Love About MAC

Because a single list of 10 items was nowhere near long enough to fully convey my unbridled MAC passion, here are 10 MORE things I love about MAC.

1. Brun Eye Shadow

I’ve worn Brun in one form or another virtually every single day for the past 10 years.

A dark, satiny blackish brown may sound kind of boring and lame, but this one’s pure genius because 1) it’s dark, but it doesn’t look harsh or stark on the skin, and 2) it’s so versatile!

MAC Brun Eye Shadow

MAC Brun Eye Shadow

Seriously, I use it for almost errrthing. I use it as a brow filler (it’s a great all-purpose filler for brunettes because it’s neutral and not overly warm or red), as a liner when I’m pressed for time and lack the dexterity to be precise with pencils, gels or liquids; or as a dark brown to deepen the outer corners in neutral looks.

Oh! — and you can do the quickest smokey eye ever by just buffing Brun on top of MAC Smolder.

Brun might look like a basic brown, but it’s millions of miles from boring.

MAC Brun Eye Shadow

Fastest smokey eye ever: Brun buffed on top of MAC Smolder

2. Powersurge, Teddy and Costa Riche

Otherwise known as the ultimate eyeliner trifecta. These are my go-to shades from the MAC Eye Kohl line, and I always have at least one of them with me in my purse, unless I’m on a trip and gotta have all three, or risk having a meltdown, LOL! Sounds silly, but it’s true. :)

MAC has a ton of beautiful eyeliners, but these are the ones I have backups of backups of at all times.

Deep bronzy gold Powersurge looks epic on lower lash lines, where it adds a little something-something without making my eyes look smaller.

Costa Riche and Teddy are two of the most beautiful brown liners on the planet. Costa Riche is a warm matte reddish brown (I wear it smudged along my lower lash lines all the time), and Teddy is a rich, bronzy reddish brown.

Both of them look amaze-balls with brown, hazel, grey, blue or green eyes.

MAC Costa Riche and Teddy swatches

Swatches of Costa Riche and Teddy on my NC42 skin

3. The Archie’s Girls Collection

That one time Tabs and I got cartoonified by Archie cartoonist Dan Parent for the Archie’s Girls collection

MAC Archie's Girls

4. Turquatic

Turquatic is a light, refreshing fragrance that everyone I run into and hug seems to love.

Er…now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually finished a bottle of it because I’m always giving them away!

The last time was with my mom-in-law, when she hugged me and said, “I love that scent you’re wearing!” so I gave it to her right there on the spot.

Official fragrance notes include anemone, lotus, orris and Corsican blue cedar. Unofficial fragrance notes include summer crushes and stolen kisses. :)

5. Wonder Woman

Such a fun collection! Also, I will gladly take any excuse to dress up as a superhero and wander around the neighborhood.

mac wonder woman Lipglasses tubes
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10 Things I Love About MAC

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10 Things I Love About MAC Cosmetics

1. Their classic neutral brown and beige shades

Before the Urban Decay Naked palette took the makeup world by storm, there were old-school MAC brown and beige neutrals like Brule, Mylar, Ricepaper, Shroom, Soba, Samoa Silk, Kid, Bamboo, Omega, Cork, Wedge, Brun, Soft Brown and Saddle, among other shades. I could write sonnets and dissertations on their awesome sauce.

MAC has a well-deserved rep for crazy colorful shades and brights, but that’s just part of what they do. Some of my friends who are less enthusiastic about makeup than I am say things like, “They’re the ones that do the crazy bright green drag show eyeshadow, right?” and I’m like, um…yeah, they do some of that, but there are also so many great neutrals in the line.

Some of their permanent collection neutrals are timeless classics that women (and men) of all ages can wear.

Shoot, I hope I’m still rocking Soba when I’m 80. That’s the plan. :)

Maybelline Blackest Black Lasting Drama Eyestudio

Wearing MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot, Mylar Eye Shadow, Cork Eye Shadow and Brun Eye Shadow on my lids

2. The MAC Rick Baker Monsters Bride Palette

I never expected to like this LE palette as much as I do, but it quickly became one of my most trusted companions this year. It always goes with me on trips, where it gets a coveted spot in my everyday essentials makeup bag.

There is one eyeshadow in it called Bitter, a crazy green, that I never use, but all of the other shades are ones I use and love, like Brun, Mylar, Omega, Club and Carbon.

My default neutral look with this palette is something soft and defined that I do all the time with Mylar all over the lid from lash line to brow bone, Omega in the crease, Brun in the outer corner and Carbon smudged along my upper lash line…

Then, if I’m feeling sassy, I’ll add Club on my lid on top of Mylar.

MAC The Monsters Bride Pro Palette X 6

MAC The Monsters Bride Pro Palette X 6

3. Woodwinked Eye Shadow

Woodwinked is one of all-time greatest two-for-one shadows. Pat it on with a flat 239 Eye Shader Brush for a warm and shimmery golden brown, or buff it out with a 217 for a warm orangey brown with a satin finish. Either way: beautiful!

4. The 217 blending brush

I use the 217 every. Single. Day. It’s not just a brush for me; it’s an investment.

I have multiple 217s. That’s how serious I am about it, and I use them for so many things, like for applying and blending eyeshadow and under-eye concealer, applying highlighter and spot application of face powders. Those are just a few of the things I use the awesome 217 for.

5. Fix+

Another MAC ride-or-die product I never knowingly leave the house without (I always bring a tiny bottle with me when I travel). I use it for many different things, but mostly for blending out full-coverage foundations and under-eye concealers to make them look more natural.
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