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The MAC Proenza Schouler Collection Clothes Lips, Eyes, Nails and Cheeks in Casual Cool Girl Style

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MAC Proenza Schouler Collection

Nine of 15 pieces in the new MAC Proenza Schouler collection

I’m working the catwalk every single day, son. Every. Single. Day!

First, they said I was too short, and I was like, “BAM! Here’s your too short.” I’m 5’1″, and I can stomp-walk and hip-pop with the best of ‘em!

Look out, Tyra, Naomi and Linda.

Why, just this morning I walked the cat for Proenza Schouler…

MAC Proenza Schouler

Mangrove Lipstick on my lips, and Rich Experience and Black Ice Pro Longwear Eyeliners on my eyes, all three from the new MAC Proenza Schouler collection

Wait — you didn’t think I was talking about actual runway modeling, did you??

GURL! :) I was talking about actually walking my cat. He’s leash trained.

Sometimes it’s more like sitting with my cat, because he doesn’t always like to walk, but still — my take on cat walking is far removed from the world of high fashion.

The high stakes world of professional pet assisting…

Today, though, it was a little less far removed from fashion because, get this — I actually wore makeup inspired by the catwalk on my cat walk. :)

Enter MAC Proenza Schouler, the brand’s latest fashion collaboration.

Proenza Schouler, the New York-based women’s wear and accessories line, was founded in 2002 by designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez (interesting factoid: they met while attending Parsons School of Design).

Proenza Schouler


The guys are well known for their refined outlook on casual cool girl style, and the 15-piece limited edition collection by MAC seems very much in line with that to me. I certainly see pieces here that cool girls would wear.

MAC Proenza Schouler

With two ombre blushes, four nail polishes, two lip pencils, two eyeliners, four lipsticks and a face brush, all decked out in limited edition packaging, the collection feels dressed up without trying too hard. It’s makeup for gals who like wearing makeup to accentuate a feature or two, and who may not necessarily reach for three different eyeshadows to wear in the crease on the daily. You know what I’m sayin’?

The MAC Proenza Schouler Collection: Some Thoughts…

Availability: Arriving online April 21; at MAC stores and counters April 24; and at international locales some time in April.

MAC Proenza Schouler

MAC Proenza Schouler

Lustre Lipstick in Woodrose ($22)

MAC Woodrose Lustre Lipstick

Lustre Lipstick in Woodrose ($22)

Lustre Lipstick in Woodrose ($22): LOVE the MAC Lustre formula. My dry lips are like, YES! every time I pull a Lustre lipstick out of my purse. They’re just so blasted hydrating and comfortable.

On me when I wear it by itself, Woodrose, a sheer, silky light beige, can look very cool-toned — almost gray. I have to pair it with either a warmer lip pencil or a gloss to keep from looking like a zombie, but if you crave cool-toned nude beiges, it might suit you well.

Satin Lipstick in Pinkfringe ($22)

MAC Pinkfringe Satin Lipstick

Satin Lipstick in Pinkfringe ($22)

Satin Lipstick in Pinkfringe ($22): Technically a Satin, which usually comes with some shine, this cool-toned flamingo pink almost looks like a matte to me. I think I like it more in the tube (so pretty!) than I do on my lips, as it has a knack for settling into my horizontal lip lines and catching on any flakes.

You may have better luck with it than I do if your lips aren’t as dry as mine, but I find myself having to do a lot of prep work to make this one work for me.

Matte Lipstick in Mangrove ($22)

MAC Mangrove Matte Lipstick

Matte Lipstick in Mangrove ($22)

Matte Lipstick in Mangrove ($22): This orangey matte red is cray-cray smooth and darned near flawless. One pass completely covers my lips without a semblance of patchiness or weirdness. I call it a MAC Lady Danger kissing cousin. They’re both very similar, but I think Mangrove is slightly redder and more orange. But not much.

Lustre Lipstick in Primrose ($22)

MAC Primrose Lustre Lipstick

Lustre Lipstick in Primrose ($22)

Lustre Lipstick in Primrose ($22): Like a more pigmented version of Clinique’s classic Black Honey Lipstick, this smooth operator is absolutely beautiful. is absolutely beautiful.

A sheer berry plum Lustre, it’s not exactly the kind of color I’d typically wear in spring/summer, but I’m looking forward to spending quality time with it in fall — early fall, before lips have transitioned to full-on deep and vampy.

I think it would look particularly striking on darker damsels/dudes.

MAC Proenza Schouler Lipsticks

Lipsticks clockwise from the pale beige: Woodrose, Mangrove, Pinkfringe and Primrose ($22 each)

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I Have an Idea! Let’s Brainstorm MAC Playland Lipstick and Lipglass Combos

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MAC Amplified Lipstick in Sweet Experience, a bright pink, and Lipglass in Carousel, a creamy pink

MAC Playland Lipstick+Lipglass combo idea #1: Amplified Creme Lipstick in Happy-Go-Lucky + Lipglass in Pure Silliness

I miss recess…

Remember recess in school, when bell would go off every 45 minutes, and you’d sprint out of the classroom to the playground and basically run around and raise hell for 10 minutes?

Those were good times, yah? Good times…

I have a theory about recess. I think that if adults were mandated or otherwise required to take 10-minute recess breaks every 45 minutes, people would generally be less grumpy.

Picture yourself hanging upside-down next to your coworkers on a jungle gym, or sprinting down the street with everyone to see who makes it to the corner and back first. :)

I’m serious! — adult recess could revolutionize work as we know it, LOL!

But all kidding aside (yeah, right), I am a big fan of breaks, even though I haven’t always been very good about taking them.

I’ve been trying lately, though. Every day for the past few weeks I’ve been taking two 10-15 minute breaks per day, ideally away from the computer. I think it makes a big difference in my mood, too. Sometimes I’ll go for a quick walk; other times I’ll play with makeup, but it only counts if I get away from my computer.

See, the computer is the thing.

Today on my first break this morning I went for a 10-minute walk at the Indian Valley Open Space Nature Preserve, which is a couple blocks away.

That was like a mental health break, because I really needed to get outside.

Then on my second break I played with some of the 11 lip products from the new MAC Playland collection. I wanted to mess around with some bright, glossy lip combos using the Lipsticks and Lipglasses.

Combo Idea #1: Amplified Creme Lipstick in Happy-Go-Lucky + Lipglass in Pure Silliness

MAC Happy-Go-Lucky Lipstick and Pure Silliness Lipglass

Happy-Go-Lucky Lipstick and Pure Silliness Lipglass

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Happy-Go-Lucky, a hot pink and Lipglass in Pure Silliness, a creamy lilac

Amplified Creme Lipstick in Happy-Go-Lucky, a hot pink and Lipglass in Pure Silliness, a creamy lilac

Combo Idea #2: Amplified Lipstick in Toying Around + Lipglass in Live It Up

MAC Toying Around Lipstick and Live It Up Lipglass

Toying Around Lipstick and Live It Up Lipglass

MAC Amplified Lipstick in Toying Around, a hot coral pink, and Lipglass in Live It Up, a creamy orange

Amplified Lipstick in Toying Around, a hot coral pink, and Lipglass in Live It Up, a creamy orange

Combo Idea #3: Frost Lipstick in Head in the Clouds + Lipglass in Bright Side

MAC Head in the Clouds Lipstick and Bright Side Lipglass

Head in the Clouds Lipstick and Bright Side Lipglass

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In the MAC Playland Collection, MAC Toys With Chromatic Candy Colors

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MAC Playland Collection

Welcome to MAC Playland!

OK, you win. We’re playing hooky today, but if we’re gonna do this, let’s do it right.

After all, we’re heading to MAC Playland, for goodness sake! I am not about to get sidelined by sore feet.

No, ma’am!

First, let’s ditch the heels in favor of a good pair of walking shoes. We’re going to be covering A LOT of ground today, so we all need to be comfy.

You know I love ya, doll, but I don’t want to hear about your bunions en route to the carousel. :)


As for meals, we’ll be feasting upon cotton candy pinks and frozen lemonade yellows, and that’s just to start (you know I’m all about the snacks, yo).

MAC Playland Collection

20 of the 22 pieces in the MAC Playland Collection (not pictured: Casual Color in Young at Heart and Hi Jinks)

In Playland, there are 22 colorful rides, also known as products, so we should really get going.

I have our tickets right here, but before we go, can I just say that I wouldn’t want to ditch work with anyone else? Just you. :) We’re going to have so much fun today! Makeup partners in crime for life!

The MAC Playland collection

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink! — seriously, if you’ve ever wanted to rock a ROYGBIV of MAC products on your face, you could do it here. In North America, the collection arrives at maccosmetics April 15, MAC counters, stores and April 17, while it docks at international piers in May.

It’s a fantastical voyage to a playground of color — a bright break from the naked 9-to-5 beiges and browns we’ve seen so much of lately.

MAC Playland Lipglasses

The MAC Playland collection Lipglasses, $15 each

When a collection features a yellow Lipglass…you pretty much get the feeling right off the bat that the color story isn’t heavily rooted in reality.

Yup, this one’s for the dreamers — the gals and guys who like their makeup with a dose of theatrical whimsy.

Of Playland’s 22 pieces, half of them — 11 — are Lipsticks and Lipglasses. I think of the release as a lip collection, first and foremost, with a handful of multitasking eye and cheek products — three Casual Colors (creams for both cheeks and lips), four Chromagraphic Pencils and four loose Pigments — there to reinforce the idea of makeup playtime.

MAC Playland Lipsticks

The MAC Playland collection Lipsticks, $16 each

Make a mental note to check out the Amplified Lippies in this launch because they’re bangin’. I think Sweet Experience, Happy-Go-Lucky, Toying Around and Red Ballon are right up there with iconic MAC Amplified shades like Girl About Town and Impassioned. You’ll want to get on that ride, ASAP.

MAC Happy-Go-Lucky Lipstick

Amplified Creme Lipstick in Happy-Go-Lucky, a hot pink

MAC Playland Lipstick

Frost Lipstick in Playland, a frosty yellow gold

MAC Head in the Clouds Lipstick

Frost Lipstick in Head in the Clouds, a red with pearl

MAC Red Balloon Lipstick

Amplified Creme Lipstick in Red Balloon, a hot fuchsia

MAC Sweet Experience Lipstick

Amplified Lipstick in Sweet Experience, a bright pink

MAC Toying Around Lipstick

Amplified Lipstick in Toying Around, a hot coral pink

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MAC By Request Is Rocking Retro Makeup Now

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The MAC By Request Collection

The new MAC By Request Collection, available now exclusively at

MAC By RequestGooooooooood evening, makeup fiends and fans!

It’s me, your friendly neighborhood beauty addict DJ K-Dawg, broadcasting live from KMAC radio (a division of Tabs the Cat Industries LLC) in Novato, where we play all the hits from the ’90s, 2000s and today.

Tonight we’re goin’ waaaaaay back and kickin’ it old-school.

That’s right! Tonight it’s all about retro jams. The request lines are open, so call —

Oh! That was quick. We already have our first caller.

DJ K-DAWG: “Hello, you’re live on the air at KMAC with DJ K-Dawg. What’s your name, sweetheart?”

DIESEL: “Diesel. I’m a cool grey frost eyeshadow.”

MAC Diesel Eye Shadow

Diesel Eye Shadow, a cool gray with a frosty finish from the Colour Abstractions/Additions collection (1997)

DJ K-DAWG: “What up, D? What can I do you for? Do you have a request?”

DIESEL: “Well, I’d like to give a shout-out to the alumni from the MAC Class of ’97 — especially my homegirl Fiction. She’s a muted green with shimmer. Hey, Fiction! I’M ON THE RADIO! We made our debut in the Colour Abstraction/Additions collection together.”

The beat goes BOOM!

DJ K-DAWG: “Aww. That’s sweet. What song would you like to dedicate, Diesel?”

DIESEL: “Can I dedicate Say You’ll Be There by the Spice Girls?”

DJ K-DAWG: “OOH! You sure can. That’s one of my favorites. Thanks for callin’, D!”

MAC Fiction Eye Shadow

MAC Fiction Eye Shadow, a shimmery muted green with a frost finish from the Colour Abstractions/Additions collection (1997)

DJ K-DAWG: “OK, let’s take another caller… Caller, you’re live on the air with DJ K-Dawg and KMAC! What’s your name?”

BUTTERSCOTCH: “Hey, K-Dawg?! This is Butterscotch Eye Shadow. Remember me?!”

MAC Butterscotch

Butterscotch, a matte warm beige from the Circa Pre collection (1990)

DJ K-DAWG:GURL, my brow bones never forget an awesome matte warm beige. Circa Pre collection back in 1990, right? Dayum, it’s been a minute! How are you?”

BUTTERSCOTCH: “Excellent! Can I give a shout-out to all my MAC fiends and plug a new collection I’m in called MAC By Request?”

MAC By RequestDJ K-DAWG: “Oh, that’s right! You’re one of the six retro MAC shades that were voted on by MAC fans to come out of retirement.”

BUTTERSCOTCH: “Yup, we’re back, b*tches, and we’re better than ever!”

DJ K-DAWG: “So cheeky, Butterscotch! I always loved that about you. MAC fans, Butterscotch is referring to MAC By Request, the new limited edition collection of three powder Eye Shadows, three Lipsticks and three (new) Lipglasses are available exclusively at

The Lipsticks and Lipglasses are available now, and the Eye Shadows arrive April 3.
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MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil Swatches and a Break in the Storm

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MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencils

All 12 of the new MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencils, $20 each

It has been gloomy, wet and gray here all day today, both outside my house and inside my head.

CRANKY! — with a capital B for BRAT. That’s what I’ve been today.

Not even swatching all 12 of the new MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencils could cheer me up, which is like…unfathomable.

I mean, hello! — they have names like “Pleasant,” “Fearless” and “Revved Up,” and just look at how bright and shiny they are. Oh, yeah, and supremely moisturizing.

I just felt cooped up, tense and scatterbrained this afternoon. At one point I turned on Milli Vanilli’s Blame It on the Rain and listened to that for a while…

Didn’t help, so I just sat in my chair and pouted. :(

And then, finally, there was a break in the storm we’re having (which, incidentally, laid waste to my deck garden), and I saw sunshine outside. Sweet blue skies and sunshine, rejoice!

I pulled on my Zella hoodie, a pair of tennies and told Tabs, “BRB.” Then I went for a walk.

Just walked around my circle, down the big hill, then up the street and back. I looked for cats but didn’t see any. I also made myself look at random things — everything — really closely, like at the glistening wet asphalt and the rain drops hanging from the pine needles overhead and the lavender bushes along the side of the road and how they all lean the same direction together like choreographed dancers.

And then I felt better.

Better about everything.

Isn’t that weird? I spent hours today unsuccessfully trying to will myself to feel better (it’s nothing, really, just one of those days), and Mother Nature did it in 10 minutes.

That’s some powerful stuff right there. :)

In other news…here are swatches of the 12 new MAC Patentpolishes on my NC42 kisser (they’re $20 each US, $24 CDN).

I reviewed them last week but didn’t swatch all of the colors, so here goes. Maybe if you’re trying to decide among them, the swatches will help.

The MAC Patentpolishes are available online now at and coming April 3 to North American MAC counters (internationally this May).

MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Sultana, a dark grape

Sultana, a dark grape

MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Berry Bold, an orangey red

Berry Bold, an orangey red

MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Teen Dream, a bright coral-orange

Teen Dream, a bright coral-orange

MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Pleasant, a rosy pink

Pleasant, a rosy pink

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