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With the LORAC Light Source Illuminating Highlighters, the Light Source Will Be Cheekbones

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Wearing a mixture of LORAC Starlight and Twilight

Wearing a mixture of the LORAC Light Source Illuminating Highlighters in Starlight and Twilight ($22 each)

I don’t know about you, but I think that when we look back at the “teens”  (2010-2019), we’re going to remember this era as an era with some very distinct makeup trends, like contouring (duh), strong brows, probably lip plumping and, of course, lots and LOTS of highlighter.

I’m talkin’ more highlighter than J. Lo wore in the early 2000s.

What was once a product that I didn’t think much about has now become one of my favorite products. I have many of them, but I never seem to have enough.

“Why yes, I do need seven champagne-toned highlighters. Thank you for asking.”

Nothing excites me more blingy “in your face” glow products like LORAC’s Summer 2016 Light Source Illuminating Highlighters.

Like the Hourglass Ambient Powders, they’re highly shiny, finely milled powders based around various lighting conditions to give you a gorgeous, radiant glow, and they come in four $22 shades — Starlight, a white opal; Daylight, a soft gold; Twilight, a light bronze; and Moonlight, a pinky pearl.

LORAC also infused the silky powders with anti-aging antioxidants!

LORAC Light Source Illuminating Highlighter

LORAC Light Source Illuminating Highlighters (L-R): Twilight, Starlight

Lorac Light Source Illuminating Highlighter swatches

LORAC Light Source Illuminating Highlighters (L-R): Twilight, Starlight

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A Face of the Day With the New LORAC Spring 2016 Releases

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LORAC Color Source Blush and Alter Ego Lipstick, LORAC Soft to Smokey Eye Collection

LORAC spring 2016

What is it about spring that makes me want to bust out different products and start experimenting?

Could it be that spring cleaning is in full swing; the windows are finally wide open to let in a sweet smelling breeze; it stays light out well into the evening and (at least where I live) after a long white, dull winter, the whole world seems to be colorful again?

It’s finally sunny on a regular basis where I’m from! — a land I will lovingly refer to as “the arctic tundra.” (We’re not that far north. I’m just being dramatic.) Of course, for me, this means that I need to start bringing out my BRIGHTEST clothing, like my yellow cardigan and purple silk blouse. You name it — if it’s bright, I’m gonna wear it to celebrate the season.

For that reason, I like to keep my spring makeup a bit more understated, and LORAC has a wealth of new spring 2016 products to help.

LORAC released some truly fabulous blushes and lipsticks, two of which I’m wearing above. The Color Source Buildable Blushes ($22 each) are pigmented little pops of color in a beautiful array of hues from neutral to electric purple.

They’re 100% matte and smooth as butter, given their lack of shimmer. My worst nightmare in a matte blush is a product that deposits color on the cheeks but then blends poorly due to a stiff texture, and I’m happy to report that LORAC Color Source Buildable Blush blends like a dream! The pigmentation is intense, and these blushes blend incredibly well, allowing for layering to varying degrees of intensity.

I paired the bright pops of color on my cheeks with a nude lip, the new LORAC Alter Ego Lipstick in Exhibitionist ($17, exclusive to Kohl’s). When I think of a classic lipstick formula, these Alter Ego Lipsticks have it. Thick but smooth and easy to apply, they’re highly pigmented and, although not marketed as long-lasting, stick around on my lips for several hours.

LORAC Color Source Blush and Alter Ego Lipstick

LORAC Color Source Blush in Chroma and Technicolor and Alter Ego Lipstick in Exhibitionist (Kohl’s Exclusive)

LORAC Color Source Blush and Alter Ego Lipstick

LORAC Color Source Blush and Alter Ego Lipstick (left to right): Exhibitionist, Technicolor and Chroma

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The 20-Piece $75 LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection Is a Cyber Monday Steal

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There should be a video in this post, but if you can’t see it, you can click here to watch it on YouTube.

lorac 20th anniversary collection

The 20-piece $75 LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection set

It takes a doozy of a bodacious Black Friday deal to lure me away from leftover Thanksgiving pie.

Dude, seriously, nine times out of 10, I’d rather stay home in the comfort of my living room in a pair of flannel jammies than contend with the Black Friday shopping crowds.

You feel me?

Join me, and let’s stand together! — or, rather, lie horizontally — in our pajama-clad solidarity.

That said, if we choose to stay home cocooned on our couches on Black Friday this year, it doesn’t mean we still can’t take advantage of great beauty deals, like this one here. It’s one of the best Black Friday-ish deals I’ve ever seen in my life.

Black Friday-ish because it’s actually a Cyber Monday deal. It’s the 20-piece $75 LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection set, and it’ll only be available online, starting Cyber Monday, November 30, at while supplies last.

lorac 20th anniversary collection

The LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection Lipsticks from the left in Bombshell, Visionary, Secret Agent, Free Spirit, Beauty Guru, Party Girl, Hot Shot, Celebrity, Dominatrix and MUA

This is one of those once-in-a-blue-moon kind of things, and it literally made my jaw drop.

It comes with a staggering 20 full-size LORAC lippies for what works out to $3.75 each (!), which is INCREDIBLE for LORAC. There are 10 Alter Ego Lipsticks (which usually go for $16 each) and 10 Alter Ego Lip Glosses (which sell for $15). Considering the quality you get with LORAC, that’s a steal.

lorac 20th anniversary collection

The LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection Lipglosses from the left in Bombshell, Visionary, Secret Agent, Free Spirit and Beauty Guru

lorac 20th anniversary collection

LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection Lipglosses from the left in Party Girl, Hot Shot, Celebrity, Dominatrix and MUA

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Try the LORAC Mega Pro Palette 2 for Pigmented, Hyper-Blended Eye Looks

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lorac mega pro 2 palette

Wearing the $59 LORAC Mega Pro 2 Palette on my eyes

WARNING: Try not to think too hard about the name of the new LORAC Mega Pro 2 Palette, because it could leave your head spinning, as it has mine.

“Mega” usually means significant or major, so does that mean that you have to be a major pro to use it? And what kind of pro are we talking about? Because I’m a major pro at hoarding eyeshadow palettes. I’m also a mega pro when it comes to obsessing over the neighborhood cats. 🙂 And losing socks. I wonder… Do any of those talents apply to LORAC Mega Pro 2?

Feel free to not consider the above; otherwise, we could be here for days, and mama needs her Starbucks.

lorac mega pro 2 palette

The LORAC Mega Pro 2 Palette ($59)

Basically, the $59 LORAC Mega Pro 2 Palette, which is available now exclusively at Ulta, could very well fool the world into thinking that you’re a world-class, “mega pro” makeup artist, even if your blending skills are mediocre.

If you like pigmented, hyper-blended eye looks, you’ll probably have a great time with it.

But there’s a catch (and it’s a big one). Before we get to it, though, first, some background…

lorac mega pro 2 palette

The LORAC Mega Pro 2 Palette ($59)

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End of Summer Shimmery Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

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1 mermaid tutorial

There is absolutely no freakin’ way that matte-heavy eyeshadow looks are even remotely acceptable among members of the makeup-loving mermaid community, and I know this for a fact.

Actually, I don’t really know that for a fact, since I haven’t kicked it with any of my mermaid friends lately, but if I had, they would DEFINITELY be rollin’ with shimmer.

So…why am I talking about mermaids??

Excellent question.

Well, because it’s late August, and even though I’m excited about fall, I’m still sad to see summer go. *sad tabby face* 🙁

I was thinking about the beach this morning (I haven’t been once this year!), and that led me to think about mermaids, and about mermaid water babies basking on the rocks with their shimmery tails swishing in the crystal clear waters and their subtle blue and green eye makeup sparkling in the sun…

So that’s what I was going for here.

2 mermaid tutorial

For the record, this look is also appropriate for landlubbers, so you don’t need to have a mermaid tail to wear it, although that would be pretty rad.

mermaid tutorial eye closeup

I think this is a good look for late summer parties and barbecues, or maybe a back-to-school party where everyone gets kinda dressed up. Or, if you’re heading someplace fabulous that just so happens to have lively nightlife and be located near a warm body of water. Or, if you just want something shimmery to wear while you walk your cat around your neighborhood.

It’s a good look for multiple occasions. 🙂

mermaid tutorial eye closeup

Now, honey, if you just scrolled down, I know this look might seem impossible based on the number of steps, but you can do it! — even if you’re a straight-up beginner.

If you’ve never attempted anything like this before, though, cut yourself some slack. It’s OK and perfectly normal if it looks like shimmery poo the first few times, and it probably will, unless you’re a makeup wunderkind. But so what? Rome wasn’t built in a day.

OK, enough gabbing… Let’s do this.

1. Apply foundation, concealer and powder

3 mermaid tutorial foundation

Get yo’ base on that face, because we’re not about to leave the house without a little something-something. For this shimmery mermaid look, I like a full-coverage base because I think it balances out the bold eyes and false lashes.

Go with your fullest coverage foundation, concealer and powder, if you need to. Doing a goofy face while you do this is completely optional but highly encouraged. 🙂
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