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Kitty Kisses From Paul & Joe: The Paul & Joe Fall 2015 Lipstick CS in Cafe Parisien, Coffee Cherry and Cafe Espresso

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paul joe fall 2015 lipstick cs

Paul & Joe Fall 2015 Lipstick CS (three new limited edition shades, $20 each)

To say that I’m sweet on these three new limited edition fall lipsticks and refillable lipstick cases from Paul & Joe would be both a grievous understatement of ridiculous proportions, and incredibly apt, because, hello! — TEH KITTEHS.

But also because the lipsticks are magically made/manufactured using an old Japanese candy-making technique called Kintarō-ame, which involves layers of candy (or makeup) rolled together. In this case, the innermost cylinder is shaped like a feline’s face.

Which is wondrous, delightful and incredibly amazing. :)

The candy-making process also means that the interior kitty tubes are still visible all the way down to the bottom of the bullets — a fact that greatly pleases my makeup-obsessed, cat-loving heart.

paul joe fall 2015 lipstick

paul joe fall 2015 lipsticks

The three new $20 Paul & Joe Fall 2015 Lipsticks CS from the left in Cafe Parisien 093, Coffee Cherry 094, Cafe Espresso 095; and the $7 Lipstick Cases CS from the left in 030, 020 and 028

Lipstick CS ingredients and benefits

  • Cocoa Seed Butter — Emollient
  • Jojoba Seed Oil — Emollient
  • Lavender Oil — Emollient
  • Orange Flower Water — Moisturizer
  • White Lily Extract — Moisturizer and prevents irritation
  • paul joe fall 2015 lipstick
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    The “Ultimate NARS” Lip Pencil Set Shifts Lips Into Neutral

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    nars ultimate nars

    The $49 “Ultimate NARS” lip pencil set

    Yo, whose hoopty is this? Yes, the red ’95 Civic in the driveway. Will somebody please get this thing out of neutral and drive us to the Nordstrom NARS counter so we can play with the new “Ultimate NARS” lip pencil set ($49)?

    Wait — what? What do you mean there’s nobody here who can drive a stick? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? NOT ONE PERSON HERE CAN DRIVE A STICK!?

    OK…well, I can’t drive one either. :) So I guess we’ll all just have to sit here and admire it on the interwebz.

    nars ultimate nars

    nars ultimate nars

    From the left: Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine, Satin Lip Pencil in Biscayne Park and Satin Lip Pencil in Stourhead

    LOL! You don’t actually have to know how to shift a hoopty out of neutral to roll with the three full-size pencils in the Ultimate NARS lip pencil set, but a healthy appreciation for neutral lips colors would probably help. This trio of pale, pink lip pencils is all about ze neutrals.
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    Peek-a-Boo! I See Yu Wearing the New NARS True NARS Lip Pencil Set This Summer

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    nars true nars

    Wearing the NARS True NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Yu

    Oh, Yu!

    Yu! You know I’ve got nothing but mad love for Yu. I’m so happy to see Yu again! :)

    Yaaaas, queen, Yu is one of my favorite NARS Satin Lip Pencils of all freakin’ time, and it just so happens to be one of the three full-size pencils in the new $49 NARS True NARS summer gift set.


    This year there are three limited edition NARS summer gift sets — two lip sets and one blush palette — and True NARS is the boldest of the two summer lip sets.


    Do you feel like the world is a kinder, gentler place when you’re wearing bronzer? Or is the pursuit of toasty, tanned skin one of your ongoing life goals? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then True NARS is the lip set for you, because its vivid pink Satin Lip Pencil in Yu, vivid watermelon Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg and matte berry red Velvet Matte Li pencil in Provocative Red were picked and put together for the way they pop when worn with bronzed skin. Wear any of them separately like I’m doing in the swatches here, or combine them to create your own custom splash of spectacular sorry-not-sorry color.

    nars true nars

    From the left: Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Provocative Red, Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg and Satin Lip Pencil in Yu

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    Just Like a Single Strand of Pearls, the New MAC Cremesheen Pearl Lipsticks and Cremesheen Glasses Should Stand the Test of Time

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    mac cremesheen pearl lipsticks

    MAC Cremesheen Pearl Lipstick in Pickled Plum, part of the new Cremesheen Pearl collection available now online and coming July 23 to MAC counters and stores

    Why is it that I know I’d be utterly destroyed — as in completely heartbroken and shattered into a zillion tiny pieces — if my favorite strand of pearls were ever to be crushed, but I’m thrilled by the idea of there being actual crushed pearls in my MAC Cremesheen Lipsticks and Cremesheen Glasses?

    I guess it’s just one of life’s many mysteries. I guess.

    Of course, there aren’t actual crushed pearls in the MAC Cremesheen Lipsticks and Cremesheen Glasses that launched online today with the MAC Cremesheen Pearl collection (also coming to MAC stores and counters July 23).

    I just like to pretend. :)

    Naaaw, girl! The new collection of 10 lipsticks and five glosses, all in shades of pink, coral and red with Asian-inspired names, only appears to have been sprinkled with tiny bits o’ pearl so that your lips look lusciously lacquered and luminous like a strand of pearls, and the effect is — ooh-la-la! — so classy.

    mac cremesheen pearl lipstick

    MAC Cremesheen Pearl Lipstick in Pickled Plum

    For the collection, MAC put a pearlescent twist on their familiar Cremesheen Lipstick and Cremesheen Glass formulas. With these shades, “pearlized pigments” give the classically creamy, luscious Cremesheen finish a subtle, shimmery glow.

    Subtle is the key word, too. This ain’t no drag queen disco diva glitter (although that definitely has its time and place). These Cremesheens have more of an effervescent glow.

    mac cremesheen pearl lipstick

    MAC Cremesheen Pearl Lipstick in Dozen Carnations

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    Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick by theBalm

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    thebalm meet matte hughes 1

    The new Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks by theBalm ($17 each)

    “Ladies and lipstick-loving gentlemen, allow me to introduce my friend here. He’s from theBalm, he costs $17, and his name is Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick. Go on, Matt(e)! Say hi to everyone.”


    “Oops, I’m sorry. You’ll have to excuse Matt(e). He’s not much of a talker on account of him being a liquid lipstick with a matte finish.”

    thebalm devoted

    theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Devoted

    “Matt(e) and I have been ‘friends’ for a few weeks now :) — yes, ever since he showed up in theBalm’s permanent collection — and, well, I thought you might like to meet him because we’re getting pretty serious…”

    thebalm sentimental

    theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Sentimental

    “Yup, he’s everything my lips have ever wanted — Adoring (a merlot), Loyal (a deep red), Devoted (a bright red), Sentimental (a warm magenta), Charming (a rich mauve), Honest (a warm coral), Committed (a pinkish nude) and Chivalrous (a warm magenta).”
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