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MAC Lip Scrubtious Sugar-Based Exfoliator

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mac lip scrubtious top

The new MAC Lip Scrubtious lip exfoliators, which are $16 each and available meow in five flavors

I’ve eaten — yes, eaten — way too much of these bad-@ss buffing sugar-based MAC Lip Scrubtious lip exfoliators over the past few days because…dang, they taste so good!

The first one I tasted/used was Fruits of Passion (great name, yah?). I rubbed it against my lips and thought, “Great, my flakes are being de-flaked.” Then, I got a good taste of it and completely forgot that my lips felt super soft and moisturized. I end up eating most of what I put on my lips. Luckily, I think that’s OK for them and by design.

Hint of tint

Because these are sugar-based, you do end up eating some of the sugar (in my case, most of the sugar), but some of it does dissolve. Or, you can rinse it off with water or remove it with a tissue.

Personally, I suggest using a tissue if you want to see a hint of a tint with the brighter ones.

mac lip scrubtious

Clockwise from the lower left, that’s MAC Sweet Vanilla, Candied Nectar, Summer Berry, Fruit of Passion and Sweet Brown Sugar

After you scrub and exfoliate with them, they leave behind an essence of oil for moisture and the faintest hint of a tint that looks like you’re wearing a bit of lip balm, and they feel nice and comfy. They aren’t sticky, and they’re just about as thick as a MAC Cremesheen.


Sucrose, petrolatum, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, butrospermum parkii (shea) butter, water/aqua/eau, vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil, adansonia digitata (baobab) seed oil, oryza stava (rice) bran extract, romarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, healanthus annuus (sunflower) extract, tocopherol, tocopheryl acetate, ethylene/propylene/styrene copolymer, butylene/ethylene/styrene copolymer, flavor (aroma), phenoxyethanol, caramel, red 33 (CI 17200), yellow 6 (CI 15985)

Five flavors

These are in the MAC permanent line now for $16, and they come in five different scents and flavors.

One of the things for me with lip products, and especially lip scrubs, is that I have to like the way they taste and smell; otherwise, it doesn’t matter how good they look. I’m not even going to bother. These have a very light scent that won’t assault you from a mile away, and I think they taste great. They get the sweet balance just right, so none of that artificially nasty-sweet nonsense.

mac lip scrubtious summer berry

Yum, yum! MAC Lip Scrubtious in Summer Berry

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Tuesday Temptations: Trying to Track Down the Republic Nail Frida Kahlo Collection

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republic nail frida kahlo polishes

Need these in my life ASAP

This is how badly I need — yes, needthese Republic Nail Frida Kahlo products in my life.

I’ve currently embarked upon a systematic search of every CVS store in the Marin County area to find these products!

My online sleuthing seems to indicate that they’re only available at actual physical CVS stores.

WHY?! Why aren’t they also available online??

I found out about this collection from my friend Lily on Instagram (hey, girl!). She posted a pic she found of some of the items, and the moment I saw it I was like, OK, yeah, I can’t live without them.

Well, I mean…I could live without them, but it would be really, REALLY nice if I could try that mint green nail polish on my nails. 🙂

republic nail frida kahlo lipsticks


The polishes are $7.99, as are the lipsticks.

Oh, and apparently there are also sets out there, somewhere, that have both the nail polishes and lipsticks in them. I saw them on the Republic Nail website (not for sale, though — just the info), but I haven’t spotted them for sale anywhere at CVS.

I think they may have been available on the CVS website at some point in time because they have the reviews, which are really good, but now the website just says that they’re available in stores only.

If you happen to see these in a store anywhere around here in the Bay Area, please let me know. I’d hop in my Mazda and get there SO FAST.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Mad About Metallics and Tom Ford’s Winter Soleil Lip Foils

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tom ford winter soeil lipsticks

A few of Tom Ford’s new Winter Soleil Lip Foils from the left: Venus Rising, Spanish Flame, Private Life and Creme Conque, $53 each

I’m not usually a sexy robot lips/metallic lipstick kinda gal, but Tom Ford’s Winter Soleil Lip Foils are making me love the look. The pearl particles are super fine, so my lips look like they’re glowing. It’s more of a glowing effect than a frost.

Tom’s Lip Foils are $53 each, which, yeah…is totally bananas. 🍌🍌🍌 But that’s Tom Ford.

tom ford venus rising

Tom Ford Venus Rising

tom ford creme conque

Tom Ford Creme Conque

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The New MAC Shadescents, $57 Each, Coming Soon to MAC Counters

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The new MAC Shadescents

The six MAC Shadescents, $57 each

If I told you that MAC was releasing a collection of fragrances inspired by some of their most iconic lipsticks (they are), and then told you that they were also re-releasing the lipsticks with colorful matching caps, would you almost immediately wonder, “Ooh! Will the lipsticks be scented too?”

Because that’s what I wondered about the lipsticks that accompany the new MAC Shadescents fragrance collection. I was curious, so I checked, and they aren’t (oh, you know, just sitting here smelling a whole bunch of lipsticks!). I mean, they do have that good ol’ MAC vanilla fragrance.

mac shadescents lipsticks

The MAC Shadescent Lipsticks ($17 each) with limited edition packaging

The six-scent Shadescents collection is coming soon to MAC counters with six $57 eau de parfums inspired by some of MAC’s most iconic lipsticks, each of which are also getting special matching packaging.

The same exact lipsticks are also available in the MAC permanent collection now, but these are just extra fancy. The perfumes will be permanent, but the special edition lipsticks are LE.

The MAC Shadescents

(six scents, $57 each, coming to the MAC website and macy’ November 30 and stores December 8)

    Ruby Woo — woody floral
    Candy Yum-Yum — fruity floral gourmand
    Lady Danger — woody floriental
    My Heroine — woody leather
    Creme d’Nude — amber musk
    Velvet Teddy — wild honey

If you’re an old-school MAC-aholic, you might remember that MAC had a line of perfumes way back when, but they discontinued all of them except Turquatic.

Until now. Now they’re back in the perfume game with Shadescents.

The fragrances are all made to have personalities that match their accompanying lipsticks, like bright hot pink Candy Yum Yum.

mac shadescents lipsticks swatches

From the left: My Heroine, Ruby Woo, Lady Danger, Candy Yum-Yum, Velvet Teddy and Creme d’Nude

With sweet notes of cotton candy and pineapple, the Candy Yum-Yum scent (kind of reminds me of Thierry Mugler Angel) is equal parts playful and bubbly. I can see a girl who loves Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick wearing this as I walk by her at the mall.

mac candy yum yum -shadescent

Candy Yum-Yum Shadescent Eau De Parfum and Lipstick

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Tom Ford Lips and Boys, 25 New Fall 2016 Shades: The Creams

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tom ford lips boys 2016 cream

The five new Tom Ford Lips & Boys Fall 2016 Cream finish lipstick shades from the left: Alexander, Bradley, Jack, Ashton and Mitchell

One of these shades is called Bradley, and that makes me think of Bradley Cooper, so now I’m wondering if Bradley Cooper could actually wear this shade…

I don’t know. I think it might wash him out… He might need something warmer. 🙂

On that note, Bradley Cooper should probably wear more lipstick. I mean, I would if I had a lipstick named after me.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys
$36 each, 50 shades, 25 of them new for Fall 2016 (10 matte, 10 metallic, 5 cream)
Coming soon to select Sephora stores and #TFLIPSANDBOYS @SEPHORA

These five little lippies, like the 20 other new lipsticks being added to the Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection, are all named after different dudes that Tom admires. These are the five new creams (and here are the mattes and metallics).

tom ford lips and boys 2016

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 2016

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 50-Piece Set — The complete collection housed in an exclusive black lacquered Tom Ford case: $1,950 (side note: holy sh*t!).

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Three-Piece Container — A custom set of any three clutch-size lipsticks displayed in a luxe carrying case: $108 for your choice of any three shades.

“Tom Ford presents Lips & Boys, the third adaptation of the originative Lip Color collection named for the men he finds admirable and inspiring. The 50-piece lipstick lineup unleashes 25 new boys including 10 modern matte finishes.

“From nuanced nudes like Bradley and Alexander to the unabashed bold reds of Nicholas and Dominic, each transformative shade amplifies a woman’s individuality while inciting an insatiable desire to suit her every mood.

“Showcased in sleek mahogany and gold cases, each tube is compact enough to slip inside the smallest of clutches.

“The clutch-size lipsticks of this decadent wardrobe contain rich, specially-treated pigments blended to deliver pure color payoff in three ultra-kissable finishes: matte, cream, and metallic.”

— Tom Ford PR

The 10 new creams

tom ford alexander

Alexander (Cream)

tom ford bradley

Bradley (Cream)

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