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Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick Eye Colours Have Me Singing Easy Eye Makeup’s Praises

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Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour Sand Glow

Here I’m wearing Laura Mercier’s $24 Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Sand Glow, one of 18 available shades

Cream shadow sticks! Now, if you’re thinkin’, “Been there, done that (*snaps*),” and wondering why you should spend a hot second contemplating another cream shadow stick, well, GURL, when I walked up on Laura Mercier’s new $24 Caviar Stick Eye Colours at Sephora a couple weeks ago, I suddenly heard this Lionel Richie song…

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour seashell swatch

Laura’s Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Seashell

Okay, not really, but I did achieve makeup nirvana…

I love these things so much that I just got a great idea! — you, me, all of us, mojitos (and Shirley Temples) and a HUGE karaoke bar.

And criss-cut fries. :)

We’ll all wear different shades of Laura’s Caviar Sticks on our eyes and take the stage by storm!

For the record, these sticks aren’t new, but Laura’s adding six spring shades to go with the 12 shades currently in her permanent collection (here are swatches).

I wish I knew why it took me so long to notice these, and now I’m kicking myself in the butt for that…

It’s not that we haven’t seen shadow sticks before. At one point in time, MAC had something similar, the Shadesticks, that are now discontinued, and Bobbi Brown recently released something very similar for spring.

So, shadow sticks, what are they, exactly? Generally, they’re cream eyeshadows that come in twist-up packaging.

You take one, draw directly on your skin, blend out the edges, and BAM! — you’re wearing eyeshadow.

Simple, and really, really easy.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour closeup

From the left: Seashell, Grey Pearl and Sand Glow

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour swatches

Swatches from the left: Seashell, Grey Pearl and Sand Glow

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Try Laura Mercier’s New Long-Wearing, Waterproof Creme Eye Liners for Cat Eyes That Last

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The New Laura Mercier Creme Eye Liners

Wearing Laura Mercier’s new $22 Creme Eye Liner in Violet, applied with the new Angled Eye Liner Brush ($20)

Remember when you tossed those jeans with the word, “Poison,” airbrushed on them and shouted, “I wish I had a pair of skinnies that said, ‘I love Laura Mercier Stormy Grey!!’ on the butt”?


Oops! Sorry, my bad. That was me.

If you love Laura’s liners so much that you quote The Notebook whenever you clutch Antique Jade or Black Gold in your hands (“…everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours.”), then 1) no judgment, and 2) you may want to check out Laura’s new $22 Creme Eye Liners.

This spring Laura unveils them in six long-wearing, waterproof cream liner shades designed to accent eyes with smooth, precise color and a semi-matte finish.

They’re designed for quick, easy application, especially when applied with a single swipe from Laura’s new $20 Angled Eye Liner Brush.

Laura Mercier Creme Eye Liner Jars

From the left: Indigo, Violet and Noir ($22 each), three of the six new Creme Liners

Yesterday, while snarfing a post-treadmill workout banana and texting my friend Jen about going out dancing for the first time in years, I swiped Noir along my right lash line and Violet along my left. I used the new brush, too (like a fancy version of Sonia’s Bent Brush; ideal for delivering smooth, crisp edges and flawless flicks).

I was in a frantic rush to get ready and out the door to meet my little brother, who was on his way across the Bay from the city on the Larkspur Ferry, and even though I was rushed and distracted, I still managed a cat eye liner look that Tabs himself could not find fault with. :)

As for how waterproof they are, I’m not sure… I’m waiting for Ryan Gosling to declare his unrequited love for me while standing in the rain (in other words, I’ll let you know).

I can already attest to their durability, though. Both Noir and Violet lasted me through a leisurely lunch Off the Grid with my bro, where we spotted a man I’m 99.9% sure was Sammy Hagar…

…through a long hike in the hills of Novato’s Indian Valley nature preserve…

…through a two-hour movie…

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This Spring Laura Mercier Keeps the Focus on Eyes With New Caviar Sticks, Creme Liners and the New Luxe Colour Portfolio

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Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Portfolio

The new Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Portfolio ($78)

Driving to Sephora this morning — actually, Starbucks. That was the cover story I told El Hub, as he didn’t need to know I intended to look at more makeup. (Him: “Babe, do you REALLY need another lipstick?” Me: “Um, yes.”)

So, driving to “Starbucks” this morning, I saw a gal driving a car with a license plate frame that read, “I’m going to Starbucks. Get out of my way!!!”

Haha! That’s how I feel sometimes about Sephora (and Starbucks)… :)

At Sephora I bumped into some new spring products from Laura Mercier, like the Luxe Colour Portfolio.

Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Portfolio Eyeshadows

Laura’s palettes rarely let me down… I love how she puts her colors together, balancing wearable shades with fun twists here and there (like Bobbi Brown meets NARS).

It’s elegant, but not too safe, and that’s one of the things I absolutely adore about her stuff. Especially her palettes.

The $78 Luxe Colour Portfolio comes with six powder eyeshadows and three cake liners in a mix quiet grays and taupes punctuated by rich purples, browns and an indigo blue. It also houses two pink powder blushes — one shimmer and one matte — for naturally flushed cheeks.

Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Portfolio Cake Liners and Blushes

Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Portfolio booklet
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Look Like You Tried Without Looking Overdone by Treating Your Cheeks to Laura Mercier Crème Cheek Colour in Oleander and Praline

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laura mercier arabesque collection creme cheek colour

Wearing Laura Mercier’s new Crème Cheek Colour in Oleander ($24) from the new Arabesque collection for spring 2013

In the comments this week, quite a few folks have asked, “What blush are you wearing?” which I take as a testament to Laura Mercier’s fabulousness.

You know something’s going well when after almost every pic you post of yourself, someone wants to know what you’re wearing on your cheeks. :)

I’ve been wearing the two $24 Crème Cheek Colours, Oleander and Praline, from Laura’s new Arabesque collection for spring, and both of them love mugging for the camera.

They photograph really well and do a bang-up job of brightening, both in front of and behind the camera. Both of them give a nice flush to cheeks without looking overdone, or like you’re wearing too much makeup (perfect for a first date).

The colors aren’t new, but their packaging is, and thank gawd! — because the old packaging used to be a bear to close. Technically, both are re-promotes from the permanent collection.

I’ve actually worn the pink blush from this release, Oleander, off and on since 2007.

laura mercier oleander praline swatches

Swatches of Oleander on the left and Praline on the right

laura mercier oleander


laura mercier arabesque lipstick


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A Makeup Artist’s Secret Squirrel Under-Eye Concealer Trick Using Laura Mercier’s Repair Eye Serum

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Laura Mercier Repair Eye Serum…a secret to crease-free under-eye concealer!

Ooh! I picked up a great makeup trick last week from Courtney, a makeup artist/MBB reader/self-professed crazy cat lady at the Laura Mercier counter inside Saks in San Francisco’s Union Square. :)

Here’s the deal: I asked Court if she could recommend any secret weapons from Laura Mercier’s line — awesome products that maybe a lot of people didn’t know about — and she pulled out Laura’s Flawless Skin Repair Eye Serum.

This stuff is bright and tight. It contains green and white tea, arnica extract, caffeine and geranium to tighten skin and has a brightening pearlescent pink color.

Courtney’s trick? She uses it on herself and her clients as something of a primer for under-eye concealer.

Pat a minuscule amount — just a smidgen — beneath your eyes before concealer, let that sink in for a minute or two, and then apply your regular concealer on top.

BAM! It’s like P90X for concealer. You should see fewer concealer creases, all-day wear time and a lighter look from your concealer overall.

BEAUTY FUN FACT: according to Courtney, Laura Mercier uses Shu Uemura technology in all of their skin care.

Courtney said that a bunch of the makeup artists at Saks use the serum this way as a primer for concealers, and it doesn’t just work with Laura’s line. They also do it with concealers from other brands.
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