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The Orange Beauty Edit

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Orange Beauty Products

A few of my favorite orange beauty products

I LUUURVE orange.

To me it is such a mood- and energy-boosting color… It makes me think of a summer sunset on the beach, when the sun is an orange ball of fire and everything looks magically better in its warm light.

Since orange-toned makeup is my favorite to wear at this time of the year, today I thought I’d tell you about some of my favorite products in this fun, energetic hue, including a couple of non-makeup extras.

Let’s dive right in!

Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Flame ($52)

Tom Ford Lip Color Matte Flame

Tom Ford Lip Color Matte Flame Swatch

Wearing the Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Flame on my lips, the MADINA Prisma Blush in 03 on my cheeks, and the Essie Nail Polish in Fifth Avenue on my nails

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this lipstick. I don’t know if it’s because it’s called ‘Flame’ (apparently, I have a thing for makeup products whose names evoke fire or places in North Africa… – don’t ask), or because I got it last time I visited my favorite city in the world (AKA the City by the Bay), or because of its perfect point of red-orange that I like to wear no matter the season or time of the day… All I know is that I love it with my heart and soul, and if I had to keep only one lipstick out of my entire collection (oh gawd, the thought of giving up all my lipsticks but one is beyond horrifying… Why did I even go there?!), it would most likely be this one.

The Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Flame is the lipstick I chose to ring in my third decade on this planet, and it remained pretty much intact through an Italian-style BBQ, two desserts and numerous toasts.

Despite having a bomb staying power, it’s very comfortable on the lips and doesn’t dry them out…

Did I mention that I LOVE it?

Maybelline Color Sensational The Creamy Mattes in Craving Coral ($7.99)

Maybelline Color Sensational The Creamy Mattes Craving Coral

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For Long, Lush, Lifted Lashes, Try the Funky Brush: New Lancome Grandiose Mascara

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Lancome Grandiose MascaraYo, is Cyberdyne Systems engineering mascaras now? Because everything about Lancome’s new Grandiose Mascara ($32, available in one shade, Noir) says, “BEHOLD! I am from the future, primitive bipedal creature, and I am here to rewrite mascara history as we know it! I mean…as you know it, because I already know it, of course, so I’m referring to you. As YOU know it… That’s what I meant to say. Oh, never mind!”

The wonderfully weird curved neck and tapered tube, the black rose silhouetted on the side — it’s as if an advanced artificial intelligence developed what we humans were too daft to figure out.

It’s all very sci-fi, if you ask me. 🙂

Lancome Grandiose Mascara

Lancome Grandiose Mascara, $32

The purpose of this mascara’s programming is pretty obvs. The funky brush. Lancome says they spent three years developing a brush that could grab every last lash — even the hard-to-reach buggers that hide in the inner and outer corners — and coupling it with a formula for a dramatic, fanned lash look with lots of length, volume and curl.

Inside the box, there’s even a fairly detailed schematic demonstrating wand positions and brush flips, which may or may not leave you feeling as though you’re about to attempt brain surgery (or build a cabinet from Ikea).

Lancome Grandiose Mascara instructions


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With Lancome’s Azur Chic Color Design Eyeshadow Palette, Summer Is Time To Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

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Lancome Azur Chic Color Design Palette

Wearing the new Lancome Azur Chic Color Design Palette ($51)

El Hub asked me if I wanted to go get a slice of pizza with him for lunch today, and I said…


LOL! Sometimes you just really need a slice of pizza.

On the way to the pizza joint he noticed some glitter on my cheeks.

“It’s like Miley Cyrus,” I said, referring to the glitter. “Can’t stop, won’t stop.” 🙂

Between the MAC 3D Glitters I was wearing earlier and the Lancome eyeshadow I’m wearing now, the theme for today is definitely looking like glitter.

Lancome Azur Chic

Lancome Azur Chic

Which is all up in the mix, by the way, in Lancome’s new $51 six-pan Azur Chic Color Design eyeshadow palette.

But it’s cool. As long as I don’t forget to tap my brush to unload some of it before applying, very little of it ends up on my cheeks.

Lancome Azur Chic swatches

A few flecks do make their way down there, though, especially with one or two of the shades, particularly the deep bronze I’m wearing here on my lash lines and in the crease.

Its teensy, tiny flecks of gold glitter don’t really show up in swatches, but they do show up on my lids when I buff things out.

Lancome Azur Chic swatches

And, uh, because of the amount of sparkle we’re talking about here, you might want to throw one of the matte shades from your collection into the mix for contrast. For the bronzy gold look I’m wearing here, I used warm reddish brown MAC Texture in the crease to balance out the shimmer.

Lancome Azur Chic Color Design Palette

Cheeks are Urban Decay Flushed Palette in Streak and MAC Delphic Extra Dimension Bronzer, and lips are Hourglass Muse Extreme Sheen Lip Gloss

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A Glammed Up Face of the Day With Lancôme’s Color Design Shadow & Liner Palette in Dancing Rose

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Lancome Dancing Rose Color Design Palette

First thing this morning I told myself, “Karen, take note of the little things today,” and I’ve taken note of some wonderful little tidbits throughout the course of my day (a hot cup tea, seeing a rainbow, catching Tabs looking extra cute), but I have to say…

Even though I didn’t really plan to go anywhere fancy today, I thought it might be fun to glam it up a little — ya know, for Tabs, and because it’s Thursday.

Lancome Dancing Rose Color Design Palette

Lancôme Dancing Rose Color Design Palette

It all started with the Lancôme Color Design Shadow & Liner Palette in Dancing Rose ($50) from the French Ballerine spring collection. One glance at that deep, plummy reddish purple in the middle, and I just had to get it on my lids, ASAP!

Lancome Dancing Rose Color Design Palette

Another shot of Lancôme Dancing Rose Color Design Palette

I used the sparkly light purple as a base all over my eyes, patted the pink shade on my lids, swept the plummy shade in my crease (creases?), and then highlighted underneath my brow bones with the light opalescent pinkish beige.

Lancome Dancing Rose Color Design Palette

Then, I added a fatty-bo-batty wing on my upper lash line with the deep blackish plum, woo hoo!

Katy Perry Eylure Lashes in Banging Beauty

Glam eyeshadow deserves glam lashes, so I brought out the big guns, Katy Perry Lashes in Banging Beauty ($6.99). These falsies are cray, yo! I could barely lift my eyes because they were so big and so over the top. Definitely not for the faint o’ heart.

Lancome Dancing Rose Color Design Palette

Since the eyes were so shimmery, so purple, so BAM! — I tried to keep my cheeks and lips soft to balance things out.

Dolce & Gabbana Apricot Blush

Dolce & Gabbana Apricot Blush

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This Spring, Get the Look of Love at Lancôme With Sheer Shades of Pink and Peach: Lancôme’s New Blush in Love in Pommettes D’Amour and Baume In Love in Urban Ballet

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Lancome Blush in Love in Pommettes D'Amour

Lancome’s $49 Blush in Love in Pommettes D’Amour from the new In Love spring 2013 makeup collection

Remember back when you’d ask your friend if she liked a boy, or if she liked the boy? LOL!

Don’t laugh! There was a big difference. 🙂

I get that same idea from Lancôme’s two new $49 Blush in Love Powders. Why didn’t they call ’em Blush in Lust, or Blush in Like? Would the products have been different?

Semantics aside, with these, I get the feeling Lancôme had hot cheeks in mind — the heat that surges to the surface of your skin when he leans in close, exhaling loudly, and peers into your eyes, flashing that cocky half-smile. Suddenly, you realize that your seemingly innocent drink after work isn’t just brews with a bud.

Lancôme created two versions of Blush in Love, a light coral for paler pretties and a bright rose for darker damsels. A floral design and Blush in Love logo blooms on them both, and each one contains two shades designed to caress cheeks with spring color.

I’ve been wearing the bright rose, which is called 20 Pommettes D’Amour. In it, a sheer hot pink with a matte finish encircles a square of matte peach in the center, and while it radiates like a neon sign in its pan, 20 Pommettes D’Amour applies more like a misty morning drizzle…

Lancome Blush in Love in Reds

For a peachy pink cheek flush like I sprinted to my car through a warm spring rain, I swirl my blush brush in the pan, mixing both colors in the pan, and blend 2-3 layers on my cheeks.

Then, in a step I wish I could skip considering the price (almost $50!), to dispense with the larger grains of powder the product leaves behind, I buff them down with a kabuki brush.

Even with that little annoyance, I have to say — I think this stuff looks pretty phenomenal in pics, all luminous and sunny, like an unexpected warm spell in the middle of winter.

Lancome Baume in Love in Urban Ballet small

Lancôme Baume in Love in Urban Ballet ($26)

If you happened to wonder what I was wearing on my cheeks in this week’s Laura Mercier Creme Liner review, yup, it was Pommette D’Amour. 🙂

I do wish the limited edition packaging felt sturdier… I mean, I dig the design, and I think the paper gives it a certain Paul & Joe-ish charm, but again, for almost $50? I want champagne in a fancy fluted glass, ya know (versus boxed wine in a clear plastic cup)?

Oh, do you remember that sheer neon pink tinted lip balm we looked at, $26 Baume in Love in Urban Ballet? It hails from the very same collection.

Lancome Baume in Love in Urban Ballet and Blush in Love in Pommettes D'Amour

Lancôme’s Baume in Love in Urban Ballet ($26) on the left and Blush in Love in Pommettes D’Amour ($49) on the right

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