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The Make Up For Ever Give In To Me Makeup Kit: Inspired by the Movie, Fifty Shades of Grey

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Make Up For Ever Give In To Me Makeup Kit: Inspired by the Movie Fifty Shades of Grey

Wearing the new $79 Make Up For Ever Give In To Me Makeup Kit: Inspired by the Movie Fifty Shades of Grey

With the new Make Up For Ever 50 Shades of Grey set, one does not need to have read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy to get the gist of the story.

I haven’t read the books, but this set is like the Cliff’s Notes version. There’s a little how-to booklet in it that walks you through a progression of Ana’s looks, starting young and fresh-faced with barely-there makeup, then moving into a sultrier look with black liner and glossy lips, before going full-on fierce with intense smokey eyes.

OK, I think I get it… Homegirl goes into, like, the mansion’s naughty secret room and discovers that she’s totally into it. A good time was had by all. :)

Make Up For Ever Fifty Shades of Grey Give In To Me

I am so far behind on my reading (have you heard that Harper Lee is releasing a SECOND novel?), but I’m tempted to move Fifty Shades up to the front of the line.

My friend Jen read the books, and I asked her what she thought. She said, “I could feel the mind-numbing getting progressively worse…but I couldn’t stop.”

I have to ask, do I really need to read these books?? What say you?

Either way, there’s always the movie, and the makeup in this set, which comes with five pieces for eyes and lips (no cheek love?), all built around three different looks.

Make Up For Ever Fifty Shades of Grey Give In To Me Eye Palette

The eyeshadow quad…

The centerpiece? The eyeshadow quad. It houses a shimmery beige (shade I-514), a warm shimmery copper (ME-612), a cool-toned matte taupe (S-556) and a neutral, shimmery golden brownish taupe (I-628).

The quad is joined by a tube of Smoky Extravagant Mascara in black, a black Graphic Liner liquid pen; pinkish beige Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N4; and warm, shimmering golden pink Lab Shine Gloss in D14.

Make Up For Ever Fifty Shades of Grey Give In To Me Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N4

Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N4

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The Jouer Holiday 2014 Collection: Chic and Polished Makeup Sets On Sale Right Meow!

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Jouer Fete Fabulous

Wearing pieces from the new limited edition Fete Fabulous 5-piece holiday color collection by Jouer

Oh, Jouer, you’re so fun!

Get it…? Jouer? Means “play” in French?


If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, their limited edition holiday sets are a Fete Fabulous way to break the ice.

The 5-piece Fete Fabulous kit for eyes, cheeks and lips (regularly $112, on sale now for $54) comes with a warm honey matte bronzer and a sheer rosy pink cream blush for cheeks, a shimmery gold cream eyeshadow stick and a powder eyeshadow duo containing a matte beige and an espresso brown for eyes, and a sheer berry pink gloss for lips.

I wore the kit a lot last weekend while visiting my in-laws in Redding, and it was juuust enough makeup to satisfy my appetite.

Jouer is an upscale, boutiquey line out of So Cal with a chic, understated, effortless vibe. I love their style and like to wear their stuff on weekends, or whenever I crave easy definition.

Jouer Holiday 2014

Jouer Holiday 2014

The sheer glosses in the Bisou Bisou and French Kiss lipgloss kits are fine, if not fun, especially if you like to layer sheer gloss on top of your lipstick.

If, however, your lips get dry and cracked this time of year, you may want to start with a layer of lip balm, because the glosses aren’t incredibly moisturizing.

As for the Le Petite Brush Set, on sale now for $35 (regularly $70), the bristles feel nice and soft, but brush heads themselves feel a bit stiff. They don’t have as much give as I usually like.

Because of that, these brushes do a decent job controlling cream products, but when it comes to pushing powder products around, I wish the brush heads had more give.

Jouer Fete Fabulous 5-Piece Color Collection

The Jouer Fete Fabulous 5-Piece Color Collection, originally $112, on sale online now for $54

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The $39 Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set Comes With Nine Nubbly Novelties/Diminutive Darlings

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Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set

From the left, the Lilliputian-sized lipsticks in the $39 Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set: Countess, Agatha, Adora, Sexer, Wonderchilde, Bachelorette, Motorhead, Lovecraft and Hexagram

The nine little lipsticks in the $39 Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set make me feel like Shrek, man! They’re just so precious and tiny in my paws.

Suddenly, it’s ogre time, which is like Hammer time, except without the backup dancers and shiny parachute pants.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set

OK, yeah, I’ve got that whole long-fingered E.T. hands thing happening, but really, my hands aren’t that big, and yet they seem like ginormous beast hands when I see myself holding one of these little lipsticks.

I’m starting to develop a complex. :)

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set

The $39 Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set

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Oh, Hello, Cutie! The Hello Kitty “The Red Bow Beauty Diaries” Holiday Set Is a Hello Kitty Fangirl’s Dream

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Hello Kitty The Red Bow Beauty Diaries

Hello Kitty “The Red Bow Beauty Diaries” $25 holiday set

Dear Diary,

I have a confession to make…

I don’t know if the limited edition $25 Hello Kitty “Red Bow Beauty Diaries” holiday kit was made for kids or grownups.

Hello Kitty The Red Bow Beauty Diaries (1)

But, uh, I don’t really care.

Is that wrong…?

I love this damned thing! And I don’t give a crap if I’m wearing the same makeup that little Susie is rocking to Brianna’s ninth birthday sleepover because — and here’s the kicker — there’s a bonafide letter from Hello Kitty inside the set!

Yeah, the actual kitty HERSELF.

For real though, I get the feels every time I read it, and I actually think it was written directly to me — Karen from Union City, California.

Or not.

Hello Kitty The Red Bow Beauty Diaries (2)

Diary, I think this set was made special for people who grew up loving Hello Kitty, because, truth be told, the makeup isn’t great. I’d say it’s just a step up from the pieces in a little girl’s toy makeup set.

While pigmented, the glitter liners rub off easily, and the lipsticks, gloss and cream eyeshadows are woefully sheer.

As for the pink hair mascara, it feels smooth when I put it on but turns crusty when it dries.


Hello Kitty The Red Bow Beauty Diaries (3)
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So Sweet, You’ll Want to Keep These Treats for Yourself: The Fresh Sugar Holiday Sets

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Fresh Holiday 2014

Fresh holiday 2014

“Sugar, above all else!”

If I were to leave my mark and carve my mantra above a doorway with a blunt object and my bare hands, that would be it, because as far as I’m concerned, sugar dominates — sugar kills it, bro! — over the salty, the sour and everything else.

Since I’m a girl who can devour a pecan pie all by herself in less that 48 hours (hey, at least when I ate those two slices for breakfast, I had the “restraint” to skip the whipped cream), I’m all about the sweet stuff, and that includes these sugar-themed holiday sets by Fresh, a brand I’ve been kind of obsessed with lately (I totally blame it all on their Black Tea Toner and Fresh Life fragrance, which will forever be my Fresh gateway items).

This year the brand has several sugar-themed holiday sets for the pecan pie-eating, doughnut-print-loving sweet tooth in yo’ life.

Fresh Sugar Legends set ($55, a $79 value)

Fresh Sugar Legends

The Fresh Sugar Legends set

The tints in this seven-piece set are sheer enough to quality as “easy to wear” but colorful enough to stand on their own, which should make them a good gift option for just about anyone with a pronounced sweet tooth…because they’re also sugary scented and flavored. One taste and you’ll be smackin’ your lips for more…MORE!

Fresh Sugar Legends Set

One for every day of the week

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