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See Jane Line and Shine With Jane’s $8 Water Resistant Liquid Eye Liners

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Jane Water Resistant Eye Liner in Metallic Lilac

Wearing Jane Water Resistant Eye Liner in Metallic Lilac on my lash lines

Cat eyeliner-lovin’ cat ladies cannot line on gels and pencils alone. The cosmetics-loving cat enthusiast community is completely united on this point.

It simply can’t be done. I, for one, have liquid liner coursing through my veins. That’s how much I love the stuff.

The last liquid liner I had a lecherous liaison with with was Tom Ford’s flawless Eye Defining Pen in Deeper, but good grief, Charlie Brown! — that $55 price tag is totally insane.

Since then, I’ve had my sights set on more affordable liquid liners…

Jane Water Resistant Eye Liner in hand

With human paw for scale…

I wondered if Jane’s $8 Water-Resistant Liquid Eye Liners were worth their drugstore price, and well — for $8, it’s pretty hard to go wrong. Perfect, they’re not, but they are available in a wide range of colors (13, to be exact); have a high-gloss, waterproof finish; and you can get a similarly shiny look to MAC’s $19.50 Superslicks Liquid Liners if you don’t mind putting in a little work.

What do I mean?

Two words: the brush.

I don’t know what it is with me and thin, flexible brushes, but we just don’t get along. And these are like Olympic gymnasts (read: very flexible), so drawing really sharp edges, like at the wing, is no easy feat. With these I definitely have to (or at least should) run a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover along the edges to clean up any mistakes.

Jane Water Resistant Eye Liner brush applicator

If you’re an experienced liquid liner wearer, you’ll probably be fine, but beginners might need some time to really get the hang of it.

Even considering the brush, though, I do think these have major potential, and I’d even go so far as to call them respectable dupes for the MAC Superslicks.

Sure, I find myself needing several layers of Jane’s liners (as opposed to just one or two of MAC’s) to achieve that signature Superslick look, so that’s also something to consider. That, and I have to remember to keep my hands off my eyes when I wear them, because any rubbing at all and they flake, flake, flake.

I’ve tried three of the 13 colors so far (a dark metallic navy blue, a metallic purple and a pale pink with silver glitter), and I’m partial to the darker colors. Seems like I don’t have to layer them as much to get a good amount of color.

Jane Water Resistant Eye Liner swatches from the left: Metallic Pink, Metallic Lilac and Bleu Marine

Swatches from the left: Metallic Pink, Metallic Lilac and Bleu Marine

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