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With a Bold Performance, the Inglot Pippin Collection Puts on Quite a Show

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Inglot Pippin Collection

Feeling the music! And wearing the new Inglot Pippin Collection on my eyes and lips

A long time ago (the ’90s), in a galaxy far, far away (high school), I proudly wore the badge of “Musical Theater Nerd.”

Still do, actually. It was one of the best times of my life, and I think that when you still know the lines to West Side Story after 20-something years (that’s what a few hundred hours of rehearsals will do to you), they should send you a “Musical Theater Nerd” lifetime membership card…

Memories of old rehearsals came flooding back to me when I’d heard that Inglot was collaborating with the Broadway musical, Pippin.

The brand is currently sponsoring the makeup for the Tony-Award winning production, which is running now in New York (I’ve never seen it but would love to), and the new nine-piece Pippen collection commemorates the show.

If bold blues, reds and golds — and gobs o’ glitter — make you belt show tunes, you can wear these pieces for eyes, cheeks, lips and bods while you perform. 🙂

Inglot Pippin Collection

Inglot AMC Pure Pigments Eyeshadow 19

AMC Pure Pigments Eyeshadow in 19, $14

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows 155 426

Freedom System Eyeshadows 426 Pearl (blue shade) and 155 Shine (gold shade), $6 each

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Unsung Makeup Heroes: Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows

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Monika Wykurz of Rocaille WritesAbout the Author
The following guest post was written by Monika Wykurz of Rocaille Writes. You can also find Monika on Twitter and Instagram.

When Karen asked me to write about one of my holy grail products, I went straight to my Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows ($6 each), not only because they are some of the best powder eyeshadows I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, but also because I have a personal connection to the brand. Being Polish, I’ve known and loved Inglot products since long before they hit the US market. In fact I used their shadows for my high school prom makeup when I still lived in Warsaw.

The Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows are buttery smooth, creamy, pigmented, long-lasting powder eyeshadows that come in a huge variety of shades and finishes, and they retail for $6 each. You can mix and match the shades as you please and have them arranged in a palette (different sizes available), or you can purchase your pans separately and store them however you like. I tend to keep mine in a large Z-Palette.

My Inglot collection has grown over the years. You see, every year when we visit family in Poland for the holidays, I pop into an Inglot store and have never walked away without at least a couple of their square pans. (Before the squares, I used to buy the round pans, which fit perfectly into my MAC palette, but the shades remain the same no matter the shape.)

The long-running Makeup and Beauty Blog Unsung Heroes series features much-loved permanent collection products from a variety of bodacious beauty brands.

Choosing my favorite shades is a bit like choosing a favorite child, but I wanted to give you a couple of suggestions if you’ve never tried these before. I have three favorite finishes I stick to — Matte, Pearl and Shine. The Pearl finishes have a smooth, metallic finish (similar to MAC Veluxe Pearl), while the Shines tend to be more satin with a lot of shimmer.

If you like neutral warm tones, you can’t go wrong with no. 112, 337 and 402.

If you love taupes and purples, my favorites are no. 153, 344 and 420; and for highlighting the inner corners or as an all-over light wash of color, no. 142 and 397 are simply stunning.

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These Inglot O2M Nail Enamels Say to Nails, “Don’t Forget to Breathe”

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Inglot O2M Nail Enamels

The new Inglot O2M Nail Enamels

When you hear the term, “breathable beauty products,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Let me guess — it wasn’t nail polish, right? 🙂

Lacquer isn’t exactly the first thing that pops into my head when I think about “breathable beauty products.”

Breathable foundation? Sure, I can see that. Don’t want mah precious pores gasping for air.

But breathable nail polishes?


Well, with these new Inglot O2M Breathable Nail Enamels, it’s their schtick.

Their designed to allow oxygen and water to pass through the enamel to the surface of the nail.

Kinda cool, although I’ve never actually thought of my nails as suffocating beneath my polish, but ok. Inglot says the formula is supposed to contribute to healthier nails.

I do have to say that when I wore six of the 16 numerically-named (grr) shades a while back, my nails did seem like they were in pretty decent good shape when I removed the polishes.

Inglot 683 Swatch


Inglot 684 Swatch


Inglot 685 Swatch


Inglot 686 Swatch


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