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Go Big With Kerastase Mousse Bouffante

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Kerastase Mousse Bouffante

Kerastase Mousse Bouffante

First question I have: what’s a bouffante?

I looked it up. :)

According to wikipedia, it’s from the present participle of bouffer: “to puff, puff out.”

It’s where we also get the word, “bouffant.”

Second question I have: why bother with a hairdryer when Mother Nature’s hairdryer, also known as the heatwave we’re having pretty much throughout California right now, works perfectly fine, and also happens to be completely free?

After showering this morning I worked Kerastase Mousse Bouffante into my damp, wavy hair, starting at the ends and making my way down to the roots.

Compared to other Kerastase hair styling products I’ve tried, this one smells pretty tame, which I like. There’s just a faint jasmine scent.

Kerastase Mousse Bouffante

Kerastase Mousse Bouffante

Designed to embiggen hair (I know that’s not a real word… I just really wanted to use it. :) ) and provide structure without weight, so it gives me the volume I crave. I’m using it buy myself time before my next haircut in about three weeks (my mop has been pretty heavy and kind of flat).

Kerastase Mousse Bouffante

I apply it to my hair when it’s damp, and you can either blow dry or air dry. Since it’s been — to quote Nelly — hot in hurr, I’ve been air drying lately. I usually sit in my oven… I meant “office” upstairs, and wait.

Kerastase Mousse Bouffante

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Kerastase Lift Vertige Root-Uplifting Gel Inspires Roots to Greater Heights

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Kerastase Lift Vertige Root Uplifting Gel

**WARNING** Bathroom Alert! **WARNING**

You may find yourself so moved by the lovely lift in yo’ hair after using Kerastase’s Lift Vertige Root-Uplifting Gel that you suddenly break into dance in the middle of your bathroom while singing “La cucaracha! La cucaracha!” and shaking the bottle and your round brush like a pair of maracas.

Kerastase Lift Vertige

It happens.

Seriously, Kerastase, you’re doing it right. My hair is overdue for a trim (and, thus, really heavy), but somehow, some way, your Lift Vertige still manages to pump up the volume at the roots.

Kerastase Lift Vertige

The gel formula elevates roots without a “cardboard” feel for volume right at the crown.

  • Provides volume and lift at the roots
  • Long-lasting root support
  • Enhances shine
  • Provides UV and heat protection

After shampooing and conditioning, I work a few pumps of Lift Vertige, which smells faintly of jasmine, into my hair while it’s wet from the roots to the mid-shaft.

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A Tiny Bottle of Kerastase Spray A Porter, and a Mini Meow Day

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Kerastase Spray a Porter Travel Size

Cutest mini ever! — the Kerastase Spray a Porter Travel Size ($18 for a 1.7-ounce bottle)

How’s it going, babe? How is your afternoon coming along? I just got back from the salon (got my roots touched up).

Today I took sort of a mini “meow time” half-day, and I really needed it. I’ve been feeling a little run down lately because I’m just not sleeping well, and my allergies are in full effect.

And then after the salon, I swung by Blue Barn, my favorite salad place in Corte Madera.

Nom! Tell me that this doesn’t look like one of the greatest salads ever.

It was a relaxing few hours… I almost feel like a normal girl again.

Almost. :)

While I was at the salon, I picked up the cute little travel-sized bottle of Kerastase Spray a Porter up there at the top.

Cute, yah?

I saw it sitting on a shelf next to the full-sized Spray a Porter, and I couldn’t resist.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned/gushed about this stuff before, but basically it’s a potion of glittering unicorn tears, powdered rainbows and fluffy blue-eyed kittens that comes in a spray bottle.

I’m sure those are the ingredients. :)

It’s kind of magical. I use it almost daily for beachy waves — think messy, but not too messy. Like Victoria’s Secret runway model hair with lots of volume.

So, so good.

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The Hello Kitty Cosmetic Headband by Earth Therapeutics Cutely Keeps Your Fur Out of Your Face

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Hello Kitty Cosmetic Headband by Earth Therapeutics

I’m fairly sure this headband is for adults…

Not 100% sure, mind you, but maybe 75%.

LOL! It was like when I saw those Hello Kitty gardening gloves at Target last week. It was only when I looked closely that I realized, “Oh! These are for kids. Crap.” :)

So, yeah, it is distinctly possible that this terry cloth Hello Kitty Cosmetic Headband by Earth Therapeutics ($7) was made for kids, but you know what?

I don’t care…’CAUSE IT’S DOPE.

Hello Kitty Cosmetic Headband by Earth Therapeutics

First, it’s only $7, which, hello! — isn’t bad at all for something this practical (I could easily use it every day).

It’s basically just a headband to keep your hair off your face while you’re removing your makeup, applying your makeup, giving yourself a facial or doing anything else where you want to keep your hair out of your face.

But it’s, like, the cutest headband ever. That red Hello Kitty bow is adorable! And there’s an embroidered Hello Kitty patch next to the Earth Therapeutics logo on the back — perfect for when someone is standing behind you wondering why you’re wearing an oversized headband with a red bow… You could just point to the patch and be like, “It’s Hello Kitty, b*tch.” :)

Hello Kitty Cosmetic Headband by Earth Therapeutics

Besides the high cuteness factor, it’s also technically a very effective headband. I could spend hours rubbing the terry cloth against my face, ahh…

It’s incredibly soft and plush — like how I imagine the real Hello Kitty’s fur feels in real life.

Uh…not that I’m in my 30s or anything.

Hello Kitty Cosmetic Headband by Earth Therapeutics

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Wavy Hair Don’t Care! Say Hi to the Bed Head Making Waves S Waver

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Bed Head Making Waves S Waver

Wavy hair, courtesy of the Bed Head Making Waves S Waver

Yo, VIP…let’s kick it!

Last time I used a hair crimper — and that’s pretty much what the $34.99 Bed Head Making Waves S Waver is, albeit updated and newfangled — Ice Ice Baby was playing (nonstop) on the radio, and the 90210 Dylan-Kelly-Brenda love triangle was sending shockwaves through my high school. Snickers Bars were a bonafide food group, and I harbored dreams of Keanu Reeves asking me to the prom.

Oh, yeah. And wavy hair ruled the land.

Bed Head Making Waves S Waver

The Bed Head Making Waves S Waver ($34.99), available now at Ulta stores and

So, this doohickey is much cooler than the crimping irons I used back in the day. The surface area is markedly wider, so it doesn’t take anywhere near as long to get lots of great texture in your hair as you move down the shaft. Plus, I think the bigger waves look more modern.

The marketing mumbo-jumbo: the S-shaped waver barrel uses tourmaline ceramic technology!

In non-beauty jargon, that just means that it’s coated with crystals that help eliminate frizz. The waver also has multiple heat settings and a handy tangle-free swivel cord.

It does not, however, have an auto off switch.

Basically, all you do is slip a 1-2 inch section of hair into the waver, clamp down, then let it heat up your hair for…however long you want to keep it in there. I usually do from 30 seconds to a minute.

When you release the iron, that section of hair will have a deep S-shaped wave. Then you move the iron down the shaft, lining up the outermost wave from the previous section as you work your way down.

My hair falls past my shoulders and already has a little loose, natural wave to it, so I use the Bed Head S-Waver on the upper layers and a few sections of inner layers, but I don’t use it on every section because I prefer it when the texture doesn’t look overly uniform.

I guess I like having a bit of chaos both in my hurrr and my life. :)

First, the pros. It heats up quickly — just a few minutes — works fast, and the waves it creates last for days. If I “wave” my hair on Monday (and refrain from washing it), the style lasts till Wednesday or Thursday.

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