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Try This Hair Hack to Boost Color and Deep Condition at the Same Time

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Mix a color-boosting conditioner and a hydrating hair mask to ramplify (ramp up + amplify) your hair color and deep condition yo’ mane at the same time.

I mean, why couldn’t I have discovered this genius tip years ago!? MIND BLOWN! I wish I could take credit for it, but I can’t. Shout-out to Chelsea from the comments for showing me the light!

Needs more moisture! PLEASE!!

I’ve tried quite a few hair color-boosting conditioners over the years, and even though I love how rich and refreshed my hair color looks after using them, they haven’t been moisturizing enough on their own. Consequently, I like the results, but I don’t use them consistently because I’d just rather skip right to a hydrating conditioner. My hair needs the extra moisture.

But by mixing a color conditioner and a mask, I get the best of both worlds — moisture AND rich color.

I’ve been doing this for the past couple weeks every Sunday night, which is when I take a longer shower to do the “special sauce” things I like to do to get ready for the week.

Get into the mix

After I’m done washing my hair (which, seriously, is such a job #longhairstruggles), I grab Aveda Clove Color Conditioner, and mix it with Pai-Shau Supreme Revitalizing Mask in the palm of my hand (about a 50/50 blend). Then I rake it through my hair from roots to ends.

Next, I comb through my hair using a wide-toothed comb (I love this pink one I got from Sephora years ago), just to make sure I’ve coated everything. At that point, if I still feel like my ends need more moisture, I’ll work in another dollop of the hair mask.

Buns and claw clips FTW

(Note: The following step is totally key if you have long hair!)

Then I put my hair up in a bun, and clip the bun into place with two hair claw clips.

Here I’ll do other things for a few minutes while I wait for the conditioner to do its thing, like maybe exfoliate, daydream, shave, or go to town on my heels with this foot cheese grater thingamabob I have.

Then I take the bun out, rinse away the conditioner, and run a comb through once more to further de-tangle. And when I’m done, my dark chocolate locks look extra chocolatey, shiny and conditioned. 🙂

Color conditioner recs?

I do like Aveda’s Color Conditioner (the shade I use is Clove), and Chelsea told me that she likes DPHue Color Boosting Gloss + Deep Conditioning Treatment, which I think I’m going to try after I finish my tube of Aveda. But do you have any color conditioner recommendations? Please let me know, because I’m on the market for a new one to love.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Would You Ever Consider Flying (or Driving Hours) to See Your Favorite Hair Stylist?

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I’m asking because of a very sad turn of events… 🙁 My hair soulmate Alis, who’s been doing my hair for years, just moved to Las Vegas (SAD 🐼 PANDA!), and it crossed my mind (I even looked up airfares) to schedule a trip out there just so that she can cut and color my hair.

The rational part of my brain realizes how crazy pants this sounds, because 1) the money, and 2) I live 30 minutes from San Francisco, so I should be able to find someone within driving distance who can trim and color my mop and do it well, but it’s SO SCARY to go to someone new, especially when you have wavy hair that’s been hacked and butchered by strangers before.

A trip to Las Vegas almost seems rational… Almost?

No, I don’t think I’ll do it. I should just suck it up and find someone new, but if my California Lottery dreams ever come true, I’m heading to Vegas that afternoon!

Has this ever occurred to you? — either flying or driving a loooong distance to get your hair done?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Yet Another Reason to Love the Aquis HairTowel: It Dries Makeup Brushes!

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Yup, the magical microfiber Aquis hair towel that I love so much because it cuts my hair drying time in half…also works on makeup brushes!

You just squeeze the wet bristles with the towel, except that this towel is magical, and bam! — (almost) completely dry brush heads.

I say “almost” because they still need about another hour or so of air drying, but that’s still good.

I mean, I guess I should have known this towel would be good at drying more than just hair, but it didn’t occur to me until I washed a few brushes to bring to Tahoe today. I saw my Aquis towel out of the corner of my eye and had an ah-ha moment! 😀 Try it sometime.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



My Hair Wants to Run Wild and Free! — and I’m Cool With That

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bumble and bumble surf infusion

Gonna let this hair run wild and free!

Sleek and structured is fun sometimes, especially when you get a new set of bangs, but I’ve realized that my hair wants to figuratively go where the wild things are, so if it wants to naturally go wavy and run free, I’m totally down.

For the wavy, “wild thing” look in these pics, I used two beachy wave products from Bumble and Bumble.

I started by washing my hair and drying it with my trusty Aquis Hair Towel.

Then I sprayed Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion ($29) on it from mid-shaft to the ends before letting my hair air dry.

Surf Infusion has been around a while. It’s similar to the O.G. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray for beachy waves, but instead of giving your hair a matte finish with waves that have a slightly crunchy texture, it leaves a sheen and coaxes your hair into waves that are soft to the touch.

To use it, spray it on damp hair, and let it air dry to do its thang.

bumble and bumble surf infusion

For this look, after my hair completely “air dried,” I created the loose waves on the top layers with a ghd Classic Curl Iron. Then I sprayed Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry on top for texture and used my fingers to softly scrunch the product through the top layers.

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This Hair Towel Will Change Your Life: The Awesome Aquis Hair Towel Is Now at Sephora

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aquis hair turban

I had to do the math — not once, but TWICE. Has it really been seven years since I discovered the amazing-ness that is the Aquis Hair Towel?

Holy yikes!

The one I got back in 2009 as a gift from my friend Jen is still going strong (I just used it last night, as a matter of fact), and to this day, I use it all the time.

I’m so devoted that it comes with me on trips, and if I forget to bring it, I freak-the-eff-out. It’s not just a hair towel… It’s a way of life!

Anyway, I’m excited because now my favorite hair towel is available at Sephora.

It used to be that I could only find them at Bed Bath & Beyond, but now when you roll up to replenish your favorite blush or grab a new liner, you can also drop one of these Aquis towels into your little basket and thus change your life. Ploop!

aquis hair turban 1

Once I started using it, I couldn’t go back. It’s a supernaturally absorbent hair towel made with a special microfiber fabric that sucks the living crap out of every water molecule in wet hair.

I have long hair, and at its longest, it takes — I’m not kidding — about three hours to dry if I let it air dry after using a regular cotton bath towel. But when I use the Aquis, it takes half as time. Plus, my hair looks less frizzy and even breaks less! The fabric is much smoother than a regular bath towel and doesn’t tug on or rough up my hair cuticles as much.

aquis hair turban 2

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