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The Best in Beauty From the Boot: The GIVEAWAY Edition! ($148 Value)

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*** Thank you for entering, everyone!***
The giveaway is now closed. Congratulations, Becky! (@beekeyperuk). You’re the lucky makeup lover. 🙂 Enjoy your prize.
Italian Makeup Giveaway

Who’s ready to win some Italian makeup?

Good luck!If you thought that Italians were only good at making cars that cost more than houses, drool-inducing food, shoes, colosseums, towers, and thousand-year-old churches…

Well, I hope my Best in Beauty From the Boot series here on Makeup and Beauty Blog during Karen’s maternity leave showed you that we may also know a thing or two about makeup.

It’s forming neat and tidy queues (there are literally no queues in Italy; just messy groups of people ruled by “survival of the fittest,” LOL), yielding the right-of-way to vehicles or pedestrians, and parking within the lines that we struggle with, and I guess you can blame that on our national artistic soul. I mean, artists do have a reputation for not conforming to rules, right? No one’s perfect. 🙂

But let’s focus on the good things that my country has to offer (always focus on the good!).

You know, I was taught to share the best things in life with friends and family, and I wish I could share some of the things that Italy is known for with you, like homemade lasagna, Valentino pumps, shiny Lamborghinis, or magnificent colosseums…but for shipping and budgetary reasons, it looks like I’m not going to be able to do that.


How about a whole lot of UH-MAZING Italian makeup instead?!


I’ve partnered with Karen to give away this handpicked prize package of some of my favorite Italian makeup (a $148/€134 value) to one lucky reader. I really think you’ll love these products.


Italian Makeup Giveaway

Ready to be shipped out to one lucky reader!

I’ve talked about most of these items in my Best in Beauty From the Boot series over the past few months since Connor Claire was born.

Here’s everything you’ll get in the prize:

  1. NABLA Eyeshadow Pan in Caramel
  2. NABLA Eyeshadow Pan in Rust
  3. NABLA Eyeshadow Pan in Desire
  4. NABLA Eyeshadow Pan in Sandy
  5. NABLA Eyeshadow Pan in Glitz
  6. NABLA Eyeshadow Pan in Water Dream
  7. NABLA Liberty Magnetic Palette
  8. NABLA Diva Crime Lipstick in Alter Ego
  9. NEVE Cosmetics Blush Garden in Tuesday Rose
  10. Collistar TWIST Ultra-Shiny Eyeshadow in 106 Bronze
  11. MADINA Exact Color Lipstick
  12. MADINA Prisma Blush in 03
  13. MADINA Prisma Allover Highlighter in 01
  14. Deborah 24ORE Color Mat Eyeliner in 10 Bamboo
  15. PUPA I’M Lipstick in 301 Poppy
  16. WYCON Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick in 20 Sweet Strawberry

Italian Makeup Giveaway

If you’d like to sample some of the best makeup that Italy has to offer, enter this Instagram giveaway now!


  1. Follow me, @carol_in_a_page, on Instagram
  2. Post a picture of one of your favorite pieces of makeup in the whole, wide universe, and include #winbeautyfromtheboot
  3. When you’re done, come back here and leave a comment on this blog post to let me know. The deadline to enter is midnight (PST) on Sunday, July 31st.

The giveaway is open to readers worldwide, but the prize will ship from me here in Italy, so if you win and you live outside the EU, you’ll be responsible for paying taxes and duties when the prize arrives.

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How Important Is Makeup Packaging to You?

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Expensive vs Cheap Makeup Packaging

Despite these Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks By Kate Moss being pretty good quality, I feel like when I use them, I don’t get the same makeup experience as when I use, say, a YSL lipstick.

Well, to me, makeup packaging is very important.

Because makeup isn’t just about the way I look after I’ve made up my face. For me, more importantly, it’s about the overall experience and how much I enjoy putting it on.

I mean, it’s like when I go to a restaurant where the food is presented in a creatively appealing way. To begin with, the food they serve has to be good, but the way it’s presented definitely adds to the culinary experience.

(Speaking of which, if you ever come to Bologna, make sure you go to Casa Monica and La Taverna del Farneto, my favorite restaurants in the area. Amazing food, outstanding service and a relaxed atmosphere — a perfect combination, if you ask me!)

Same goes for makeup. The products have to be good, but if they also come in beautiful packaging, it makes the experience more enjoyable.

Beautiful Makeup Packaging

I have a soft spot for pretty packaging… Can you tell?

That being said, some pretty packaging costs a lot, so I think it’s great that there are also good quality products that come in plain, inexpensive packaging and retail for less than the cost of a kale smoothie. It’s good to have options, right?

Now that I think about it, when I said that makeup packaging is very important to me, I should’ve actually said that it’s very important for certain product categories.

Like, if they’re in my budget, I’ll usually buy beautifully packaged lipsticks, eyeshadows, bronzers, blushes and palettes, while, most of the time, I’m happy with drugstore mascaras and eyeliners (provided the quality is good, obviously).

With the latter, even when they’re high end, I don’t really get that luxe feeling that I get from those other products (especially lipsticks). Do you know what I mean?

Carolina Braina

Hey, ladies (and gents), it’s Carolina here, reporting live from Bologna, Italy, to bring you the latest and greatest in beauty from the good ol’ continent! For an extra dose of that timeless Italian glam with a touch of humor and self-irony (because, you know, laughter is the best makeup), come say hi at and Instagram.

An Ode to NARS

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NARS Best Makeup Products

Wearing NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Corder on top of NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base on my eyes, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl on my lips, and NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard, NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna, and NARS Blush in Amour on my complexion

Yesterday I played the lottery for the first time in my life.

And just like I think everyone does when playing the lottery, I started fantasizing about what I would buy if I won €100,000,000…

You know what the first thing that popped into my head was?

Nope, it wasn’t a big house in the hills or a round-the-world getaway (although those would be nice).

It was the entire NARS makeup collection!

Can you imagine that? Hundreds and hundreds of those sleek, rubberized cases and tubes (side note: you can easily clean them up with duo-phase makeup remover).


NARS Best Makeup Products

But anyways, I didn’t win…

And since they say that to be happy in life you should focus on the good things you have rather than the things you don’t have, today I decided to focus on the products in my NARS stash that bring me happiness on a daily basis!

NARS Best Makeup Products

My favorite NARS makeup products

Wanna see what they are?

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Isolde ($35)

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Isolde

I did a full review with swatches of the NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Isolde on my blog

In the event of a fire, you’re supposed to leave all of your belongings where they are and get to the nearest exit.

Well, I really hope we never, ever have a fire in our building, because I’d have a really, really hard time leaving the NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Isolde behind (should I grab it or not?).

I know I might sound like I need to re-evaluate my priorities, but if you’ve ever tried Isolde, I think you’ll understand.

I can’t imagine my life without it.

The shadows have the most gorgeous metallic finish (no chunky glitters in sight!), and they’re so pigmented, creamy, and smooth that I can’t think of many other shadows that compare (I’m thinking of the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense in 5 Gold Blitz and Pure Ganache from the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette).

And if that’s not enough, they practically blend themselves and last longer than probably anyone could need.

NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna ($39)

NARS Bronzing Powder Laguna

If you look at a pan of NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna or swatch it with your finger, you can see teeny, tiny sparkles running through it, but I’ve never really noticed them once applied…

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A Quick Modern Pin-Up Look With Glo Minerals

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glo minerals

Updated-pin up look using products from Glo Minerals

I gotta say that this Glo Minerals neutral eyeshadow palette and cream blush are sooo good! I mean, the blush is crazy pigmented, and the eyeshadows are smooth and silky.

After trying the Glo Minerals lip crayons a couple of months ago, I’d been dying to try more from the brand. So I did!

glo minerals

I love the quality of these Glo Minerals products

This neutral eyeshadow palette and vibrant lipstick made me think of a modern-day pin-up look, so for this makeup look I kept the eyes pretty neutral and added some punch with the coral blush (Go Minerals Guava) and red/orange lip (Glo Minerals Crush).

glo minerals

Really loving this lippie

The Glo Minerals Elemental Eye Collection palette ($44) is the second neutral eyeshadow palette I’ve used and recently reviewed (my thoughts on the other one, this palette by Buxom, are here), and I really like it!

The darker shades mean that you can totally do a super smokey eye with it, but the shimmery eyeshadows are easy to apply for quick washes of color, and there are four warm-toned shades and four cool-toned shades, so it’s very versatile.

All of the shades are mattes, except for two of them, which are shimmery, so I think there’s a little something for everyone.  

Here are swatches of the shadows:

glo minerals

Swatches of the Glo Minerals Elemental Eye Collection palette (L to R): Bubbly, Breathless, Adobe and Henna

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Three Wallet-Friendly Products From Umberto Beverly Hills That Protect, Tame and Add Glorious Shine!

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Umberto Beverly Hills Controller Conditioning Spray ($9.99), Shimmer Shine Spray ($9.99) and Regular Hairspray ($9.99)

NYC summer is in full swing, and it is HOT.

When it’s breazy, it’s bearable, but when it’s not…it’s awful, y’all. I have to wash my hair every day, which is not how I normally like to roll.

When it’s hot like this, my best buddy is dry shampoo, but I’ve also been on the lookout lately for something to add extra texture and shine.

So, as a self-proclaimed greaseball, whenever I’m contemplating a new hair (or skin) product that’s supposed to add shine, I tread very carefully (some shine is good, but some shine is not).

I had such a good experience with Umberto Beverly Hills Lifting Powder recently that I decided to give some of their other products a try, including their $10 Shimmer Shine Spray, Controller Conditioning Spray and Regular Hairspray.

Umberto Savone is a popular stylist and salon owner over in Beverly Hills, and his line of products is exclusive to his salons and Target.

I’ve been trying to find a leave-in conditioner/detangler that doesn’t weigh down my hair for YEARS, and the Controller Conditioning Spray is perfect. It’s my favorite one of these three, and it also does heat protection! Yay!

Surprisingly, I also really like the Shimmer Shine Spray. Because of my oily skin and hair, I’ve never used a spray specifically made for shine before. I was a little nervous to give it a try, but it actually works! It adds QUITE a bit of shine (but not shimmer), and the greasiness depends on how much I use. If I go overboard, it does grease up my roots a bit.

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