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Outfit of the Day: A Cozy Sweater Dress by LOFT, a J. Crew Excursion Quilted Vest, and a Cray-Cray Morning

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It feels good to be wearing, like, real clothes, because before I put on this outfit, I was wearing pajamas…and running down the street, barefoot, chasing a DHL delivery truck and yelling “STOP!” at the top of my lungs.

I was also waving a very strange six-foot long tube-like package in the air while I was doing this. At almost six months pregnant. Of course.

Basically, DHL mistakenly delivered it this morning, and by the time I realized that it wasn’t for me (I signed for it and everything), the DHL van was almost a block away!

I freaked out! I ran out the door barefoot in my PJs and chased them down…as awkwardly as a rather pregnant barefoot woman could run. Luckily, they must have either seen my awkward hobbling or heard my shouts, because they stopped, and yes, they were laughing.

I took the incident as a sign to change my clothes when I got home…

(Oh, and I have no idea what the long tube-like package was.)

And here’s my outfit! Nothing is designated maternity. It’s all just normal clothes.

That’s the Cozystitch Sweater Dress by Loft in Teal Night Melange, which I grabbed on sale for 40% off a few weeks ago, so I suggest waiting until the next sale instead of buying it full price (I am sooo my mother’s daughter). I like it because it’s soft, cozy and has some stretch, so there’s lots of room to rock a tum.

It also comes in two more shades — Toasty Camel and Dark Ruby. I saw both of them in the store, too, and they’re also very cute.

I paired the dress with these suede over-the-knee boots from Sam Edelman that I got last season (for 50% off!) because I like how the shorter hem of the dress looks with the high boots. But if you don’t like over-the-knee boots, I bet black tights and black booties would work great, too.

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The Bare Traps Saydie Wedge Bootie: Like a Spa for Your Feet!

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baretraps saydie

UM…OK! Twist my arm, why don’t ya, and force me against my shoe-loving will to try on this pair of $69.95 Bare Traps Saydie Wedge Booties!

I give up. I’ll do it. :)

baretraps saydie 1

Did I mention that I finally found a mommy’s group to meet with here in Novato? Yup, thank you, interwebz! I found them online last week, just in time to attend their latest monthly get-together. It was at my local “safe place” (LOL!) DSW, directly inside the store. There were moms, noms, drinks, chit-chat and — WOOT-WOOT! — the store even gave the members of the group a 20% discount on everything.

baretraps saydie 2
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Current Obsession: The Nordstrom Caslon Shirred V-Neck Tee

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caslon shirred tee

Shout-out to my gal pal Stephanie (she comments here on MBB sometimes as SnoopySteph) for introducing me to these awesome Shirred V-Neck Tees by Caslon, a brand that does lots of everyday basics like tees, tops, blazers, pants, cardigans, sweaters — that kinda of thing. They’re carried at Nordstrom.

Steph mentioned that she wore these Shirred V-Neck Tees throughout her last pregnancy and loved them. Technically, they aren’t maternity clothing, but the ruching on the sides stretches out to accommodate growing tummies (which I’m finding very convenient right now).

I really like the idea of being able to still wear them after Baby Girl comes along, so I got a couple of them last week. I got the poppy one I’m wearing here, which is called “Red Bloom” (sounds a little like a menacing sci-fi character, doesn’t it?!), and a light gray shade called Cloudburst. They were both on sale for $9.90 each, and I see that some of the colors are still marked down. They’re regularly $29, so what a steal for $9.90!

caslon shirred tee
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H&M Cat Lady Clothes, Clothes for Cat Ladies in Training and Maternity Stuff, Too

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hm cat clothes top

We are cat ladies; hear us ROAR!

Or at least meow… Meeeeeow!

hm cat clothes top

I was really feelin’ the cat lady love at the San Francisco Union Square H&M store yesterday, where I was perusing the maternity section, but it was hard to concentrate because I kept getting distracted by things like this adorable outfit with a navy blue top and tiny short-shorts.

It has cats all OVER it!

Look at it styled on this mannequin with a taupe purse and black booties (the picture at the top). If I wasn’t so round at the moment, I’d be all over it.

hm cat clothes top

They also had a white short-sleeve tee with a little pocket in the same print, but the fabric felt a little scratchy.

Super cute though.

Eventually, I focussed long enough in the maternity section to find this…

hm striped maternity top
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Would You Rock a Fringed Purse?

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urban originals project fringe bag

Urban Originals Project Crazyheart Fringe Purse ($88, available now at Nordstrom)

A fringed purse, as in a purse with fringe, as opposed to a purse living on the outskirts of society…

Get it? Fringe?

OK, that was pretty dumb, but you know you laughed! :)

urban originals project fringe bag

Urban Originals Project Fringe Purse ($88 at Nordstrom)

So, I’m totally down with bags that have a little extra something-something, like an embellishment here or an accoutrement there, especially if they’re a more-is-more type of bag.

What I like about these bags I saw at Nordstrom the other day is how they move…where the fringe sways like a pony’s mane when you strut down the street. I kinda love that.

sole society fringe bag

Sole Society Faux Leather Fringe Hobo ($64.95, also at Nordstrom)

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