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Riding (not so Dirty) in the Bare Traps Susanna Riding Boots

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bare traps susanna riding boots

Gonna catch me ridin’ dirty!

Gonna catch me ridin’ dirty!

OK, I have to sing that song every time I put on these Susanna Riding Boots by Bare Traps, even though I’ve never ridden dirty in my life, because I just like sayin’ it.

These are the boots I was wearing in the 28-week bump watch, and, long story short, they’re awesome! And they’re awesome for so many reasons, one of which is the fact that they don’t have to be broken in.

Do you have the patience to break in shoes? Because I don’t, not anymore. I used to, but now if a pair of shoes are uncomfortable the first time I put them on my feet, I’m like, “Yeah, peace-the-eff out. Not having anything to do with ya.”

These felt great from the first time I tried them on, and the very same day I got them I went to the mall, then to the movies, and I was basically out and about the whole day.

Granted, this was also while very pregnant, and with swollen feet, and these boots were STILL really comfortable.

And there’s more…

The leather upper — wait, I think it’s leather. Is it? Let me check… Oh! So, they aren’t real leather. They’re faux. FYI. So, there’s that, which could be either good or bad, depending on how you feel about leather.

bare traps susanna riding boots 4

The height of the heel is one of the things that I think makes them so comfortable. The heel isn’t high — it’s just 1-1/8 inches tall — which I can manage. They add a bit of elevation but stop short of potentially wobbly territory.

bare traps susanna riding boots

bare traps susanna riding boots 1 2
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A Little Obsessed With These Kate Spade Glitter Studs (and Glitter in General) at the Moment…

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When El Hub and I braved the mall last weekend to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, of course I had to pop into the Kate Spade store.

It’s one of my mall rituals… You know how there are certain stores you always have to visit when you go to the mall? Well, Kate Spade is one of mine.

So, of course I had go in and look around, and while I was there I saw these glittery studs…

kate spade glitter studs

How cute are these…? I didn’t get them for myself because I’m trying to save some moolah for Baby Girl, but they’re so cute!

What is it about glitter, dude? Even when I’m in the throes of a very minimal makeup moment, I still have mad love for glitter, and not just glittery makeup, but also glitter in its many other sparkly forms.

These studs are smaller than the oversized Kate Spade studs I wear in a lot of my pics and videos, but they come in a bunch of different glittery colors (all of the ones I saw had gold prongs) and a shape that looks a little like a cushion cut.

I saw them in teal, magenta, gold (I also saw them in silver glitter on the Nordstrom site, but I didn’t see them in silver at the store), but my favorite by far has to be the multicolored one.

It looks a little like Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday nail polish, doesn’t it?

It’s SO CUTE with those multicolored sparkles and, like, the blue, magenta, gold, silver — aahhh!
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I Want These Boots…

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My justification for these Packable Tour Boots in Military Red (they’re $150, OMG!) by Hunter is that El Niño is coming/almost here, and I’m not about to mess with El Niño, man.

If The Niño is going to unleash his wrath on my feet and the surrounding area, I need to be prepared. Plus, hello! — they’re red, so they’ll match MAC Velvetease Lip Pencil in Anything Goes, my new favorite red lipstick.


Having red rain boots to match your red lipstick is of the utmost importance! I know you feel me on this!

Also, they’d match the little red lipstick kisses on this sweater I got from A Pea in the Pod last month (on sale, haaay). 🙂


I can’t seem to find it on their website anymore, but if you’re moved by it, it might be on the rack in their stores (here’s a link to their store locator). It’s warm, comfy, isn’t scratchy (because NOBODY has time for scratchy sweaters), and I’d still want to wear it if I wasn’t pregnant.
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Bump Watch: 28 Weeks

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bump watch 28 weeks

So. Very. Pregnant.

That’s how I feel all day long now, all the time. So awkward and pregnant.

Baby Girl is 28 weeks along now! Yup, my li’l sidekick and I have been together for seven months, which to me is kind of unreal because, 1), where did all that time go? — and, 2), this is almost the home stretch (she’s due in early March)!

So, at the doctor’s office this week for my checkup, my doc did this old-school trick with a paper measuring tape to measure how many weeks along I am, but it was more for fun than seriousness because she’d already taken measurements with the sonogram.

With the paper measuring tape, though, she placed one end at the bottom of le bump, right at my pelvis, then took the tape up over my belly button (which is less of a belly button these days and more of a smooth belly spot, but I’ll get to that in a sec) and over my tum to the top of le bump, just below my breasts. Amazingly enough, the tape measured 28 inches, corresponding to 28 weeks along, so sometimes those old-school techniques still work!

Cool, huh?

So…fascinating thing about belly buttons and pregnancy, and I don’t know why this never occurred to me before, but when your tum expands to otherworldly proportions, it can push your belly button from an “innie” to an “outie.”

Yeah, hello, Captain Obvious! But I had no idea. And it seems to have happened, seriously, overnight. WHOA!

Mine’s still borderline innie…but that innie isn’t going to be an innie much longer.

Aaand, you wanna know something gross? Of course you do. 🙂 Over the course of all of this belly button outing, I’ve found stuff in there…like lint and a tiny ball of what might have been cat hair. Not sure.

I KNOW! So gross, but on the positive side, this is now the cleanest my belly button has ever been.

bump watch 28 weeks 2
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Outfit of the Day: A Cozy Sweater Dress by LOFT, a J. Crew Excursion Quilted Vest, and a Cray-Cray Morning

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It feels good to be wearing, like, real clothes, because before I put on this outfit, I was wearing pajamas…and running down the street, barefoot, chasing a DHL delivery truck and yelling “STOP!” at the top of my lungs.

I was also waving a very strange six-foot long tube-like package in the air while I was doing this. At almost six months pregnant. Of course.

Basically, DHL mistakenly delivered it this morning, and by the time I realized that it wasn’t for me (I signed for it and everything), the DHL van was almost a block away!

I freaked out! I ran out the door barefoot in my PJs and chased them down…as awkwardly as a rather pregnant barefoot woman could run. Luckily, they must have either seen my awkward hobbling or heard my shouts, because they stopped, and yes, they were laughing.

I took the incident as a sign to change my clothes when I got home…

(Oh, and I have no idea what the long tube-like package was.)

And here’s my outfit! Nothing is designated maternity. It’s all just normal clothes.

That’s the Cozystitch Sweater Dress by Loft in Teal Night Melange, which I grabbed on sale for 40% off a few weeks ago, so I suggest waiting until the next sale instead of buying it full price (I am sooo my mother’s daughter). I like it because it’s soft, cozy and has some stretch, so there’s lots of room to rock a tum.

It also comes in two more shades — Toasty Camel and Dark Ruby. I saw both of them in the store, too, and they’re also very cute.

I paired the dress with these suede over-the-knee boots from Sam Edelman that I got last season (for 50% off!) because I like how the shorter hem of the dress looks with the high boots. But if you don’t like over-the-knee boots, I bet black tights and black booties would work great, too.

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