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Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas: A Fall Fairy Using the MAC Rick Baker and Divine Night Collections

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MAC Rick Baker Autumn Leaves Look

My inspiration for this Halloween look was a fall fairy prancing home through a damp, leaf-covered forest floor early in the morning after an all-night dance party with her fairy friends.

To really sell the fairy angle better, I even got some elfin ears, but, uh, getting those suckers to peek through when your hair is teased out “to here” and there are leaves and berries all over the place is really hard!

Hey, man. I tried.

My goals for this look were to…

  • Make my skin look both muddy and shimmery, like I’d been prancing around in wet leaves. I figured that fairies partying all night long in the forest would tend to get a little dirty, but being magical creatures, they’d still retain their elfin glow.
  • Wear fall leaves in some big-@ss hair
  • Wear autumnal colors on my eyes
  • Freak out my neighbors — because that’s how I roll :)

It’s weird, but I think that even with the dirty skin, the look still ended up kind of bridal/Victoria’s Secret.

MAC Rick Baker Autumn Leaves Look

Too bad about the elf ears, because I think they would have taken the look to the next level.

If you’re on the market for Halloween makeup-based ideas, this one was actually pretty easy to achieve, as far as the makeup goes.

The (muddy) skin

MAC Rick Baker Autumn Leaves Look

Even though I wanted my skin to look dirty, I still started with my regular foundation, MAC Face and Body, to smooth everything out.

Next, for the muddy/glowy effect, I mixed MAC Monster FX Tinted Mixing Medium in Dirt from the Rick Baker collection ($22) with shimmery MAC Old Gold Pigment ($21), and then stippled that randomly around my face, neck, shoulders and arms with a MAC 159 Duo Fibre Brush (although any skunk brush should do).

When it was dry, to create sort of an earthy feel, I contoured my face with MAC Give Me Sun Bronzer.

Then, because I really wanted a noticeable glow, I highlighted my cheeks, nose and cupid’s bow with a bronze highlighter, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Perfectly Poised ($33), from the new Divine Night holiday collection.

The big-@ss hair

MAC Rick Baker Autumn Leaves Look

Today marked three days since my last shampoo/conditioner session, which I did because I wanted my mop to actually look a little dirty and “lived in.” I think that made it easier to go bigger with the hair.

I also used hot rollers yesterday, so I had some leftover curls.

To lift my roots and boost volume, I applied a dry shampoo to the roots and teased the top layers, then sprayed hairspray all over everything to keep it big.

Next, the leaves and berries, which I snipped from a couple of plastic garland strands I got from Joann (on sale for $4!), and tied them into pieces of my hair with some brown paper jewelry cord ($3), also from Joann.

The autumnal eyes and lips

MAC Rick Baker Autumn Leaves Look

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A Green, Brown and Gold Eye of the Day With the Be Merry Palette by Too Faced Cosmetics

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Too Faced Be Merry Be Bright

I literally (OK, figuratively) have one foot out the door (haircut time!), but I wanted to show you pics I took of the makeup I’m wearing today. It’s the Be Merry palette from the $45 Be Merry Be Bright Holiday set by Too Faced.

Those are Be Merry products on my eyes and cheeks and Too Faced La Crème Lipstick in Spice Spice Baby on my pout.

Too Faced Be Merry Be Bright

The Be Bright Palette

Too Faced Be Merry Be Bright

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A Face of the Day With a Dramatic Plummy Black Lip, and an Old Lip Trick From My College Days

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MAC Strong Willed

Yeah, I’d walk my cat lookin’ like this…

True story: It was 1994. I was in my second year of college at Davis, and I’d become full-on obsessed with the idea of wearing a dark, almost black, matte red lipstick, but I couldn’t find the color at any of the drugstores in town.

It didn’t help that Davis was a small town out in the middle of nowhere. No, seriously, it’s pretty built up now (they have a Gap!), but back then it was just farms and cows as far as the eye could see.

Cutting-edge makeup (for the time) was not easy to track down.

Eventually, I realized that I probably wasn’t going to find what I wanted on a shelf. I was about to give up when, one day, inspiration struck!

With a black eyeliner, I lined and filled in my lips, and then layered my darkest red lipstick on top.


I ended up rockin’ that look so hard to chem class, you don’t even know.

Today that same trick with eyeliner on my lips came in handy again while I was getting ready.

MAC Strong Willed Pro Longwear Eyeliner

So, I’ve been wanting to try something like that Goth-ish look from Lorde’s Tennis Court video. In the video she wears a striking look with eyeshadow in a cat eye shape, with white liner on her lower water line and a dark, dramatically delicious purplish black lip.

Since there isn’t a lot of color on her eyes and cheeks, it puts the focus firmly on her lips.

Gah! I love it.

MAC Bamboo, Soba and Cork

The eyes? Super easy. I used a few MAC neutral eyeshadow staples (Bamboo, Soba and Cork) to create the lifted, cat eye shape.

Wouldn’t you know it, though? The ONE TIME I needed the white eyeliner that I hardly ever use, I couldn’t find it, so I used a pale beige eyeliner on my water lines instead (Rimmel Scandaleyes in Nude).

I didn’t do much with my cheeks. Just some light contouring (using MAC Give Me Sun Bronzer) and highlighting (Becca Opal).

Last, but not least — the lips!

I really wanted them to look dark, almost black, so I ended up using — yup, you guessed it — an eyeliner, MAC’s Pro Longwear Eyeliner in Strong Willed ($19.50), a matte plummy black.

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An Easy Everyday Neutral Look With MAC Permanent Products (and Pics of My New ‘Do)

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MAC Soft Brown, Sable Brownscript, Texture, Sketch

You can’t go wrong with MAC neutrals…

The new hair!

And the neutral look I wore all weekend. :)

First off, the hair. Remember how I couldn’t decide whether to keep the lighter brown and caramel highlights or go darker for fall?

Well, I was still waffling when I sat down in the chair on Saturday morning, but then I showed this pic of Megan Fox to Kelli, one of the fabulous colorists at A-Line salon in Corte Madera (they get five stars on Yelp), and we started brainstorming ideas.

I came this close to not changing the color at all, but then I asked Kelli, “What would you do if you had free reign?”

She thought about it a minute, looked again at the pic of Megan Fox, and said, why don’t we make your roots closer to your natural color, change the current light brown to a dark chocolate, and darken your highlights? She thought that going dark would frame my face and be a fun look for fall.


MAC Deep Brunette Veluxe Brow Pencil (eyebrows); and Clarins Be Long Mascara (upper and lower lashes)

Brows and lashes: MAC Deep Brunette Veluxe Brow Pencil (on my brows, of course) with Anastasia Brow Gel, and Clarins Be Long Mascara (on my upper and lower lashes)

I feel like a completely different person with dark hair!

And I kindasorta love it…

It’s fun to switch things up, ya know? It’s a really easy way to change your outlook.

Deep thoughts on hair…

If you’re ever feeling hair adventurous, but you can’t figure out what kind of cut/color you want, ask your stylist, “What would you do with my hair if you could do whatever you want?”

You don’t have to go with their suggestion, but it’s a good conversation starter and gets the creative juices flowing. Of course, it always helps when you know and trust your stylist and feel comfortable with them. I don’t know if I’d try this with someone new, but it depends… Sometimes you just know, you know? When there’s a good vibe?

Speaking of changes, I took a break last weekend from the vampire makeup I’ve been rocking lately (smokey eyes, dark lips and catwalk brows) and wore this soft neutral look mostly using MAC permanent collection products.

Dolce & Gabbana Blush in Peach (cheeks), Make Up For Ever Mat Bronze Bronzing Powder in 40 (under my cheekbones to contour) and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal (my upper cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and my cupid's bow)

Face makeup: Dolce & Gabbana Blush in Peach (cheeks), Make Up For Ever Mat Bronze Bronzing Powder in 40 (again beneath my cheekbones to contour) and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal (my upper cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and my cupid’s bow)

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A Bronze, Purple and Blue Face of the Day With the MAC Indulge Fall Collection

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MAC Indulge Collection

Indulging in the MAC Indulge Collection on my eyes and lips…

Wish I could say I wore this look to someplace fabulous this week, like an exclusive after-hours vampire club (assuming I didn’t get eaten, of course), but alas, no.

No vampire clubs, but I did wear it someplace fun — namely DSW, to look at boots. :)

Boots by Roxy, available now at DSW

SIDE NOTE: You know you’re a cat lady when you see a pair of boots with a tiny pocket on them, and the first things you think of putting in the pocket are cat treats.

I posted this smokey eye earlier today but neglected to list a breakdown, so hurr goes.

It features bronze smokey eyes with black cat eye liner, purple eyeshadow along the lower lash lines and a flash of blue on the lids. And the eyes are paired with a glossy plum/berry lip for extra drama-for-your-mama.

MAC Indulge Collection

Since the eyes and lips pack some punch, I kept the cheeks mellow with a bit of contouring, a matte peachy pink blush and a sprinkling of peachy bronze highlighter.

Most of the products I used are from MAC’s fall Indulge collection, which has been available for a hot second. Some of them are sold out on MAC’s site, but you may be able to track them down at, or

Or maybe at your nearby MAC counter or MAC Pro store.

MAC Indulge

Do you MAC Indulge?

As for the breakdown…


I love this eye look because it has a surprise. When you see it from straight on, it looks pretty basic, right? Like a basic bronze smokey eye with purple along the lower lash line. But then I close my eyes and SURPRISE! — a flash of blue and cat eye liner.

I love stuff like that. :)

MAC Indulge Collection

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

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