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Friday Face of the Day With Warm, Orangey Bronze Eyes and the MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection

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mac caitlyn jenner orange lip k

MAC Understanding Lipstick, MAC Caitlyn Jenner collection

So, I’m writing some lists this week, and one of my lists is titled, “Colors for eye looks” and with the #MBBInstaChallenge, which you guys are kicking so much @ss on, this month is all about busting out of my comfort zone!

Right at the top of my list of eye colors that, for various reasons, I don’t reach for that often are orange and warm red, which were huge eyeshadow trends last fall.

With that in mind, I decided to do an orange/warm reddish bronze eye look today with Malibu Bronze Eye Shadow from the new MAC Caitlyn Jenner collection, because I think it goes SO well with one of my favorite eyeliners of all time, the otherworldly MAC Teddy, a bewilderingly beautiful shimmery brownish bronze, and if you don’t have Teddy in your life, YOU NEED TO GET IT ASAP.

mac caitlyn jenner eyeshadows k

Malibu Bronze and Worthy Eye Shadows on my eyes with Buddy Mineralize Skinfinish (in the crease) and Teddy Liner; and Buddy MSF and Compassion Blush on my cheeks

Today I’m all about Teddy and Malibu Bronze. I used Malibu Bronze on my lids right up to the crease (it’s very pigmented, and it buffs out easily). Then, to transition the color, I actually used a face powder from the collection called Buddy. It’s a warm brown with lots of intense golden pearl (it reminds me a lot of NARS Laguna, but it’s waaaay warmer). I stuck that in my crease to blend out the edges, and I’m also wearing it on my cheeks and across my nose as a bronzer to tie my cheeks in with my eyes.

I experimented with a few different lip looks for this…first with a warm deep red lipstick called Authentic Red, and then added a little golden gloss on top (Kindness Cremesheen).

I thought that was OK…but it seemed like a little too much for what I’ve got going on today (which is nada). Better for date night.

mac caitlyn jenner red lip k

MAC Authentic Red Lipstick with Kindness Cremesheen on top

Next I tried a nude lip using Whirl Lip Pencil, Rockit Lipstick and Beautifully Bare Cremesheen (which looks like MAC Deelight Cremesheen’s twin sis), but I feel like it looked a little unbalanced…

mac caitlyn jenner nude lip

That’s Whirl Lip Pencil, Rockit Lipstick and Beautifully Bare Cremesheen

Finally, I tried warm, creamy red MAC Understanding Lipstick (it’s an online exclusive), and voila! Balance. That’s what I finally went with.

mac caitlyn jenner understanding

MAC Understanding Lipstick

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Magazine Makeup Look: A Minimalist Glittery Purple Cut Crease With Big, Bushy Brows

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urban decan metalhead

Doopdadoo, business as usual around here…

I’m glad I gave this look a try, even though I don’t think I look nearly as cool as the girl I based it on from Nylon magazine…

purple glitter cut crease

The original inspiration

Seriously, I look like I just grew a second pair of eyebrows, LOL! — purple glittery sparkly eyebrows, though. Which are beautiful in their own way, right? Maybe?

urban decay metalhead

Hello, glitter

So this is what I came up with for my first look based on the bookmarks and Post-It notes I did in those magazines the other day. I’m giving myself 30 days to recreate different looks that are out of my comfort zone, and this was one from Nylon with a sparkly minimalist purple cut crease.

Before I started, I spent a few solid minutes just looking closely at the model, and here are the things that jumped out at me (other than her purple cut crease)…

  1. Her big, BOLD fluffy brows, which look pushed up and out toward the inside, where the hairs are super separated and defined.
  2. Her skin, which looks a little dewy. There’s some highlight action reflecting off the center of her forehead, her nose and under her eyes, but it’s not an intense highlight.
  3. The wash of nude color on her lids. It looks like there’s also a super skinny brown liner line along her upper lash line.
  4. Her lips. I wonder if that’s her natural lip color. If it is, lucky duck! It’s beautiful. It looks like she might be wearing a just-right balm because it doesn’t look too creamy or shiny or heavy or matte. I’m guessing it’s a lip liner-lip balm combo.

With these things in mind, I rifled through my makeup collection and came up with this sparkly, glittery cut crease.

First, I started by kind of sketching out the shape of the cut crease (a.k.a. my glittery second set of eyebrows) on my lids with Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Metalhead, which is a liquid purple glitter liner and, once I had a good amount of that on, I dipped my favorite NARS #47 angled brush into a purple glitter shadow from the Urban Decay Moondust Palette, wet it with Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix to amplify the glitter, and then pressed it right on top of the glitter liner.

I did that a few times until I got the cut crease this shiny, glittery and intense.

For my big, fluffy brows, I filled them in with the current love o’ my brow life, MAC Brow Sculpt Brow Pencil in Brun, and then used a boat load of Benefit clear brow gel to push and fluff them up, especially at the front.

I mean, I did as much as I could… The model’s brows are incredible! Mine don’t look that full, but I tried.

Next, for my skin, to get that dewiness, I used MAC Matchmaster Shade Intelligence Compact (my shade is 4.0), which is MAC’s cushion cream compact. It’s medium coverage and has a satiny finish.

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Simple Glam: A Smoky Taupe and Pink Daytime Look With the Laura Geller Holiday Train Case Collection

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laura geller holiday train case

The Laura Geller Holiday Train Case Collection ($99, available now from QVC) has colors that I gravitate toward naturally — browns, taupes, pinks and golds.

Friday is always a good day for glam, even if it’s just low-key glam, because why not, right? You made it through the rest of the week, and you never know what can happen on a Friday night.

If I were actually going to go somewhere and do something exciting tonight, I’d hope it would be someplace fun with a casual dress code that allows dried baby food stains, LOL!

You guys, I don’t know how this became the new normal for me, but I swear, I find at least one spot of baby food on my clothes every single day, and sometimes I have NO IDEA how it got there. Sometimes it’s food that I don’t even remember Connor eating! — but I’m at the point now where I don’t even care anymore. It’s just what I do now. I wear clothing with dried baby food on it.

laura geller holiday train case

Yes, I have some veggie mash on my blouse

*sigh* I’m sure I’ll miss these days when Connor is a teenager and mumbles two words to me under her breath when she comes home from school, then goes up to her room and slams the door…

Anyway, I used the $99 Laura Geller Holiday Train Case Collection from for this smoky taupe look. It’s a pretty cool set, especially if you’re all about that glow.

laura geller holiday train case collection 3

The Laura Geller Holiday Train Case Collection

It comes with a brown and taupe shimmery eyeshadow duo, a golden peach highlighter, a pink blush, a pale face powder (the shade, Porcelain, is way too light for me, so I didn’t use it for this look), a champagne pearl liquid face primer, a creamy pink lipstick, a black thickening mascara and two double-sided brushes for $99 at QVC.

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Smoky, Cool and Shimmery Plum With the Tarte Pretty Paintbox Set, Bite Beauty Cashew and MAC Dancing Flowers

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tarte pretty paintbox fotd

Feeling plummy today with Tarte’s Pretty Paintbox from the holiday 2016 collection

Look. At. This. Makeup.

Where was a going that I needed to put on makeup like this? I don’t know… I don’t think I was going anywhere. I wish I could say that I was going out to dinner or something, but I think the most exciting thing I did while I was wearing this look was take out the trash…

I did run into my neighbor, though, and we talked about her dog a little, so at least somebody got to see the fruit of my labor IRL.

I’m wearing the Bite Beauty Multistick in Cashew here, and I tell you — it’s the best color! It’s underneath a bunch of things on my lids. I sort of used it as an eyeshadow lid primer.

I think it’s SO beautiful, especially with colors like the ones I’m wearing.

Eyes: Bite Beauty Cashew Multi-Stick, Tarte Pretty Paintbox eyeshadows (Van Gogh With It in the crease, and First Impressionism, Hot MOMA and Get Surreal mixed on the lids), Tarte Tarteist Black Eyeliner (from the Wingworkers holiday set), Tarte Tartiest Mascara (from Pretty Paintbox)

Cheeks: Moment blush, Authentic highlighter and Unique bronzer from Tarte Pretty Paintbox

Lips: Dancing Flowers from the MAC Nutcracker Sweet Retro Matte Plum Kit

I’m wearing kind of a rosy taupe-ish brown in my crease, and there’s some shimmery cool-toned purplish gray action happening on my lids that I made by mixing a bunch of colors in this Tarte palette (I marked them with hearts down below).

I grabbed a bunch of shades with the same brush, buffed them on the back of my hand, and then popped them on my lid.

It’s just a phase I’m going through. I like making my own colors. It makes me feel like I’m a mad scientist in a beauty lab or something…

OK, so, my lid color is very cool toned, but I think it balances with the warmth of the browns in my crease. I like that juxtaposition, but of course you could totally stick to one or the other using just cool-toned shadows or warm-toned shadows, and still do a look like this.

tarte pretty paintbox fotd

MAC Dancing Flowers Lipstick

tarte pretty paintbox fotd

The shades I used from the Pretty Paintbox…

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Red Lips and Reverse Liner With the Too Faced Funfetti Set and Sydney Amaryllis Matte Lip Liquid From The Body Shop

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too faced funfetti

A lil’ bit of reverse liner today with the Too Faced Funfetti set

Reverse liner.

Sounds kinda funny, right? Like, if there’s a reverse liner…shouldn’t there also be a forward or a sideways liner too?

No? OK, maybe not. 🙂

But there is such a thing as reverse liner. It’s actually legit. It’s when your lids are darker than your liner, which is the opposite of the normal style of wearing a darker color along your lash lines than your lids.

I did it today to do something different and exercise my makeup skills.

Oh, gosh. I’m still so out of practice after having Connor Claire. Honestly, makeup is a perishable skill. If you don’t use it, you freaking lose it.

So this look is a little different for me because of the reverse liner, but I still did smoky lids…because what else am I gonna wear? You know how much I like smoky lids.

I used the new Too Faced Funfetti set, which goes on sale tomorrow (Nov. 11) on HSN.

too faced funfetti

A lighter liner on darker lid

I also tried something different with my lids. I mixed a few of the Funfetti eyeshadows together, and by “mixed” I mean that I took a dark matte purple, a shimmery bronze and a shimmery olive from the palette, swooshed them all together with a brush on the back of my hand, and used that to make my own custom color. Then I patted that on my lids.

I just felt like creating my own color today. I don’t know… I’ve been into that lately.

too faced funfetti palette fotd shades

The shades marked with the heart are the ones I used

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