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MAC Fluidity: Introducing the New MAC Fluidline Pens!

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There should be a video right here, but if not, you can also watch it on YouTube.

mac fluidline pen

The new MAC Fluidline Pens ($22 each)

First, there were the original MAC Fluidline Gel Liners, then the MAC Fluidline Eye Pencils, and now the pen is even mightier than the sword, pencil and the gel, thanks to the new $22 MAC Fluidline Pens.

Wait — say what?!

Yup, that’s right, fellow Fluidline fans. Now you can get your Fluidline fix from a pen.

I know! I’m blowing your mind right now!

These four pens are essentially liquid versions of MAC Fluidline gel liner, so they’re smudge-resistant and dry quickly to a bold matte finish.

They arrive with the new 10-piece MAC Fluidity collection, which is mostly made up of re-promotes from the MAC permanent line.

mac fluidline pen

The new MAC Fluidline Pens ($22 each) from the left in Retro Black, Vintage Brown, Indelibly Blue and Privet

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Have You Seen the Make Up For Ever Lash Show?

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make up for ever lash show

It’s a Lash Show at Make Up For Ever

Quick! — I need an excuse to wear a pair of these new false lashes by Make Up For Ever…

How about a drag queen-themed baby shower?

Is that even a thing?? If it isn’t, I think we need to make it one, because if I can do drag queen karaoke for my thirtieth birthday party, then a drag queen-themed baby shower is the next logical jump, obviously. :)

make up for ever lash show c 802

Make Up For Ever C-802 Lashes ($18)

MUFE just launched these last month in a staggering 50 styles! They’re $18 each, made of synthetic fibers and come with a small bottle of latex-free lash glue.

The styles are divided into four categories — Natural Volume (for everyday enhancement), Dramatic Volume (slightly fuller lash styles for amped up day or night looks), Winged (for cat eye-style meow!) and Artistic (for show-stopping lashes).

make up for ever n 403

Make Up For Ever N 403 Lashes ($18)

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Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer: I Love This Stuff!

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sephora future gel serum

A bright future.

I hope so. I hope we all have a bright future, and despite my infatuation with post-apocalyptic zombie TV shows (and one in particular), I REALLY do think the future looks bright.

So…why am I talking about this?

Because of these Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealers ($14 each and available in MANY shades). I stumbled on them back in September and have been using them regularly since.

When you haven’t touched what had been your holy grail concealer (NARS Pure Radiant Creamy Concealer) in two months, it’s time to give what you have been using in its place a shout-out and a thumbs-up.

So this is me giving an official shout-out to these full-coverage gel concealers: Haaaaay! :)

sephora future gel serum
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MAC Unsung Heroes: Layin’ Low Paint Pot

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mac layin low

MAC Layin’ Low Paint Pot, $22

The long-running Unsung Heroes series here on Makeup and Beauty Blog features some of my all-time favorite permanent collection products.

When was the last time you heard somebody flip their lid and rave about MAC Layin’ Low?

Ever…? Have you ever heard it? Because I can’t remember ever hearing somebody rave about MAC Layin’ Low. It really does lay low and keep a low profile. Among the MAC Paint Pots, it just doesn’t get the same kind of love that Soft Ochre and Painterly get and, yes, while they’re also cream eyeshadows, I think Layin’ Low deserves some love of its own, because it’s one of THE BEST base colors for warm browns.

There, I said it! WARM BROWNS. I know I go on and on about how much I like to wear cool browns on my lids (the gray tones create fabulous faux shadows that give the illusion of a deeper crease, which is something I’m always striving for since my crease is pretty shallow), but there’s something about warm orangey browns and reddish browns in the fall and winter. They just feel right, and they go oh, so well with plum, wine, brown and red lips.

Warm and creamy matte beige Layin’ Low is like Soft Brown’s creamy shadow cousin, and if you like warm browns like MAC Saddle, Texture, Swiss Chocolate (and others), it’s an absolute must.

If you’re warm toned like I am with a skin tone around NC20 or up, it’s like friggin’ David Copperfield (i.e. magic). If you’re lighter than NC20, just in case, give it a swatch first before committing, because it can look a little more orange than warm beige on some gals.


A quick daytime look with Layin’ Low on my lids and MAC Costa Riche Eye Kohl on my lash lines; the lipstick is bareMinerals Lead the Way

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PUR Eye Polish Cream Shadow: A Fast Formula for Lustrous Lids

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pur eye polish

Wearing PUR Eye Polish in Velvet on my lids and Suede on my lower lash lines

Despite the probably Horror movie-influenced fact that the “Eye Polish” in PUR Eye Polish cream shadow makes me think of somebody spit-shining my eyeballs, these $26 cream shadows aren’t sinister at all.

They’re actually pretty darned rad!

pur eye polish

The PUR Eye Polishes ($26 each)

I mentioned one of of the shades, shimmery, smoky golden olive Caviar in my gold and olive Fall-Tastic Face of the Day last week. Caviar is one of the six shades, all of which work great as bases, as primers for powder shadows or all by their lonesome as traditional cream shadows.

They vary in terms of shimmer, with some being more pearlescent and less metallic than others. Caviar clocks in at “glittery to the extreme.”

Among the other shades are bronzed opalescent Suede; shimmery, plummy fuchsia Velvet; shimmery champagne apricot Silk; pearlescent pale pink Satin and pearlescent champagne Cashmere.

pur eye polish

The PUR Eye Polishes in their pots

Now, just because these come in little pots doesn’t mean they’re as dense as MAC Paint Pots or as spongy as the Chanel Illusion D’Ombres. They have an usual formula the likes of which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. It’s thinner than usual…almost like a liquid shadow, but not quite.

Picture a very thin, runny mousse.

And, yes, I suggest keeping yo’ digits on hand (HAHAHA, LAME PUN ALERT!), because the silicone applicator they come with? — almost useless. The few times I used it, the product went on patchy and uneven.

pur eye polish

PUR Eye Polishes

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