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How to Tightline Your Eyes

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Tightlining, or “tight-lining,” despite its action-packed name, is not a new extreme sport. It doesn’t have anything to do with bungee cords, ratchet straps or zip-lining, but along with filling in my brows and curling my lashes, it’s an essential part of my everyday makeup routine.

In tightlining, you line the base of your upper lash line from below, getting down in there between the roots, and I do it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Even when I’m under a severe time crunch and have to start making “tough” decisions on which and what parts of my routine I have to skip, I’ll skip bronzer, highlighter, and if I have to, I’ll even skip blush…as long as I still have time to tightline.

So how does tightlining differ from the typical ways of applying eyeliner? Well, I usually apply eyeliner from above, where I get the tip of the liner down between the roots of my lashes and along the lash line, and in tightlining, it’s the same basic process, but I come at the base of the line from beneath it, where I can really get the liner down in there between each and every lash, and it makes the lash line look nice and thick, and that makes the eyes look bigger.

Before tightlining (left) and after (right)

Before tightlining my upper water line (left) and after (right)

For tightlining, of all the different eyeliner formulas — gels, powders, kohls, liquid liners, etc. — I like black waterproof twist-up pencil liners the best, and I choose the twist-ups because the tips are usually super thin, which makes it easier to get down in between each of the lashes at the roots. I also like waterproof formulas because they last (and I LOVE Chanel’s Waterproof Eye Liner in 88 Noir Intense for this reason).

Of course, if you feel like black liners are too stark for you, you can always use another shade. Deep blackish gray, brownish black, medium-toned gray, navy or brown all work, too. Whatever darkens your lash lines and floats your boat.

Step 1: Sharpen your pencil

To start, the first thing I do is sharpen my pencil.

I know that sounds kind of “Duh, Karen!” but using a sharp tip really helps. It makes it much easier to get between those lashes at the roots.

Step 2: Placing the pencil at the base

Next, I place the tip of the pencil just beneath my lash line, pointing at an upward angle, and close the eye I’m working on so that the tip of the liner presses up against the base of the lashes.

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Fri-Yay Makeup Fun: How to Do a Graphic Cat Eye

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Today was the first day in the past two (or three) weeks I felt makeup motivated enough to do something more ambitious than color in the crease, color on the lids and a little in the outer corner, and I’m hoping it’ll break me outta my current eyeshadow rut (*crosses fingers*).

I call this a “graphic cat eye,” and you may or may not remember it from this Buxom Eyeshadow Bar post a while back.


It’s an exaggerated version of cat eye liner (aka “winged liner”) done with colorful purple eyeshadow (instead of liner), and it’s one of those makeup looks that might seem hella complicated, but it’s really not at all. The hardest parts are probably getting the wing angle and the shape of the eye symmetrical on both sides, but if you go slowly and work in layers, I’m sure you’ll be perfectly fine.

Here we go! :)

First, I started by curling my lashes and tightlining my upper lash line with black liner…but you can skip that if your lashes are naturally curly (lucky you!), and/or you’re just not that into tightlining (oh, and I do both eyes together at the same time to keep them symmetrical).

Next, I lined my upper lash lines and drew a wing using an angled brush and a dark plummy purple eyeshadow, but I started by sort of marking in a couple layers first with the shadow and the brush head dry to get the general shape. Then I wet the brush head, dipped it back into the eyeshadow again and went back over the line and wing to deepen the color and create a slight gradient.

The shape, angle and length of your wing, which is probably a tad messy at this point, kinda serves as a roadmap for the rest of the eye look.

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A Lazy Girl’s Eye Makeup: Color in the Crease, Color on the Lid and a Little in the Outer Corner

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lazy girl's eye makeup

Holy eye makeup ruts, Batman! I’ve been in one for about a month. I just haven’t wanted to push myself, makeup-speaking, or venture out of my comfort zone.

Does this ever happen to you?

I really haven’t been experimenting with any new eye makeup techniques lately or funky eyeshadow placement, and I’m not going the extra mile, you know? — like by applying false lashes or going buck wild with my eye looks. I’ve been eye makeup lazy, also known as perfectly comfortable doing the same-o, same-o, which for me is color in the crease, color on the lid and a little in the outer corner.

“…color in the crease, color on the lid and a little in the outer corner.”

-Anonymous lazy woman

I’ll use different eyeshadows, of course, but I’ll place them on my eyes in more or less the same way.

This is the Old Faithful of eyeshadow placement positioning for me, LOL! Putting color in the crease, color on the lid and a little in the outer corner gets the job done. It appears to deepen the crease, which matters to me because mine isn’t naturally very deep (my eye shape is somewhat “hooded”), and I like my eyes to look like they’re set a little deeper.

1. A mid-toned eyeshadow in the crease

When I do this eye look, this is how I’ll start, and it’s usually with a matte or a satin brown to fake the falling of shadows and sort of make my eyes look like they’re set deeper than they actually are.
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Easy Eye Makeup: Choose Similar Eyeshadow Colors for Easier Blending

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Like, no joke, I think I must be the slowest person on this earth when it comes to blending eyeshadow, because you know those really super blended eye makeup looks? — they take forever. Forever! — and by “forever” I mean between one and three hours from start to finish, especially if I do them intending to take pictures.

In other words, it takes freakin’ work, homegirl!

Sometimes I’m OK with that and all the blending and gradients, and I think it’s worth all the effort, but sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I just wanna throw a little makeup on my eyes and get on with my life already.

When that happens, especially when I also want to take pics and still want to look polished and not like I’m deliberately avoiding blending, I grab two or more similar eyeshadows in the same, or almost the same, color family, like two browns (one slightly darker than the other) or two close shades of almost the same intensity, like the warm brown I’m wearing in my crease in the top pic with a soft gold on my lids.

It’s kind of obvious, but sometimes I still forget that it’s just A LOT easier to seamlessly blend similar colors (like two similar browns) than it is to blend highly contrasting colors (like black and white) on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, so I can still create a buffed-out, blended eye look in a lot less time.
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MAKE UP FOR EVER Jamie Chung and Andreja Pejić Artist Shadow Palettes

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Yeah, man! I’d immediately drop the sweater I’m knitting for my cat (I’m not actually doing this, but it is on my to-do list) for the two new Make Up For Ever Jamie Chung and Andreja Pejić Artist Shadow Palettes because they’re such a great-freakin’ deal.

Would you believe that the pans in these “Be Bold. Be Unexpected. Be You.” eyeshadow palettes are actually bigger than the regular full-size singles in MUFE’s permanent line? Like really — who does that…? These days, I feel like it’s usually the opposite. So many brands are giving less product and charging more for it, so it’s rare when a line doesn’t.

Here’s a review of MUFE’s Andreja Pejić and Jamie Chung “Be Bold. Be Unexpected. Be You.” palettes, both of which are $48 and available now exclusively at

Press play! :) C’mon, I know you wanna.

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make up for ever be bold be unexpected be you

make up for ever be bold be unexpected be you

make up for ever be bold be unexpected be you

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