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The Essie Summer 2012 Bikini So Teeny Collection and Life Lesson No. 389

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essie summer 2012

Life lesson No. 389, or “When not to wear a teeny bikini”

Dear Self,

Please note that wearing a teeny bikini is perfectly fine when you’re posting up in a beach chair or chilling on a towel on the sand, and for such occasions, Tabs also offers the following advice: 1) suck in your tum when the paparazzi stop by, and 2) always apply sunscreen liberally to your bum.

essie bikini so teeny

Also, it should be noted that teeny bikinis aren’t great apparel choices if you plan to go surfing.

Should your tiny triangle top get knocked off as you try to catch that six-foot wave you/I foolishly thought you could handle (FYI: you are so NOT ready for that jelly), hilarity will almost definitely ensue. :)

It takes great skill to keep a long board from floating away while simultaneously searching for a missing bikini top in the surf, without flashing everyone on the beach.

You may consider yourself a fairly coordinated person, but few among us are coordinated enough for this.

Perhaps this summer, if/when you get the urge to go surfing in a teeny bikini, reach for Essie’s Bikini So Teeny Summer 2012 nail polishes instead ($8 each; available now at select salons and beauty supply stores).

essie bikini so teeny

That way, while you’re bobbing on your board in your sporty two-piece, waiting for the next set of waves to come in, you’ll be able to admire sky blue Bikini So Teeny, shimmery carnation pink Cascade Cool, molten bronze All Tied Up, creamy hot pink Off the Shoulder, creamy orange Fear or Desire, or creamy Mojito Madness on your fingers and toes, basking in the knowledge that no one will accidentally see your boobies today.

Two coats of these juicy, sumptuous colors should do ya just fine…

essie off the shoulder
Off the Shoulder
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Essie Summer 2012 Bikini So Teeny Collection

Published in: Daily Beauty, Essie

The Essie Summer 2012 Bikini So Teeny collection, $8 each. Available now at select salons and beauty stores.

Essie Resort 2012 Collection

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The Essie Resort 2012 collection, available now at beauty supply stores and salons.


BOOM! These Neon Nails Hit Me Like a Ton of Bricks, or a Bright Orange Bazooka: The Essie Poppy Razzi Nail Polish Collection for Summer 2012

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essie poppy razzi

Lights, Camera, Action…Bazooka?

LOL! Which one of these things is doin’ its own thing? Maybe someday I’ll figure out what Bazooka, one of four bright shades in Essie’s Poppy Razzi release for summer 2012, is doing in this collection, but until then I’ll just try to enjoy the neon-ness of it all.

Why a bazooka?

Lights (an electric pink), Camera (a brilliant coral), Action (a vibrant orange) and Bazooka (a bright orange) — again, Bazooka? What am I missing?? — are darn near picture-perfect summer shades. All four apply smoothly from my cuticles to nail tips, despite having a formula on the thicker side, which is pretty typical, from my experience, of Essie polishes.

All I need is one coat of Camera (my fave!) or two of Bazooka and Lights. Action, however, likes being babied. It goes on a little streaky, so I usually apply a third coat.

With a good base and top coat, I can get a solid seven days (at least) from these before any signs of chipping.

essie lights

essie camera

essie action
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This Spring Essie Travels Into Unexpected Territory With the Navigate Her Collection

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essie navigate her (8)

Pairings that unexpectedly work…

Chocolate and chili powderChocolate and chili powder
I had a chocolate and spicy chili gelato once and was surprised by how much I liked it — after the first few bites, which, yeah, were definitely weird.

Karen and TabsKaren and Tabs
El Hub and I were actually dog people up until Tabs came along… Talk about unexpected detours down Crazy Cat Lady Lane! :)

Celebrities and shoesCelebrities and shoes
Dude, I never thought I’d say this, but some of those celebrity shoes are really cute! I practically live in my Fergie boots. And if I had a nickel for every time a pair of Jessica Simpsons at Macy’s stopped me dead in my tracks…

The Essie Travels brights and pastelsThe brights and pastels from the new Essie Navigate Her Spring 2012 Collection
Seriously, creamy avocado and shimmery hot pink? I know! But don’t these polishes look good together?

I’ve been neglecting my poor paws all winter long, but the six new shades in the Essie Navigate Collection ($8 each) promise to change that. Available in February, the playful pastels and bold brights in both cream and shimmer finishes offer an almost endless supply of unusual color pairings for fingers and toes.

essie navigate her (7)
Bottles from the left: Ole Caliente, Orange It’s Obvious and Tour de Finance

essie navigate her (9)
From the left: A Crewed Interest, Navigate Her and To Buy or Not to Buy

I never would have thought to pair some of these colors together, but standing side by side, I think they look pretty darned cute.

essie navigate her (1)
Swatches clockwise from my thumb: A Crewed Interest, Tour de Finance, Navigate Her, Ole Caliente and Orange It’s Obvious
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