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Pencil in Time With Dolce & Gabbana’s Graphite Intense Khol Eye Crayon

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Dolce & Gabbana Graphite Swatch

The new Dolce & Gabbana Graphite Intense Khol Eye Crayon, $30

“A storm’s brewin’…”

I always wanted to say that. :) Storms are brewing within Dolce & Gabbana’s new $30 Graphite pencil — a rain cloud of a blackened gray liner for lash and water lines, and my new gunmetal gray liner love.

Dolce & Gabbana Graphite

There’s something almost meteorological about this deep, dark gunmetal… Micro flecks of shimmer dance along its surface like little lightning sparks.

It’s quite the Gothic scene, too, like a sweet lace dress with black leather cuffs and spikes — the perfect marriage of delicate and dangerous. Classic with an edge. Kittens with claws.

Dolce & Gabbana Graphite

Graphite on my water lines

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Four Beauty Pick-Me-Ups From René Furterer, Repêchage, Dolce & Gabbana and Estée Lauder

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Four Monday Beauty Pick-Me-Ups From René Furterer, Repêchage, Dolce & Gabbana and Estée Lauder

Kicking off the week with a beautiful start! Well, trying to at least. :)

Last weekend, ugh! — totally floored me. That two-day migraine felt like a symphony of jackhammers in my head, and it was rough. It’s gone now, thank goodness, and I’m feeling more like myself again.

So, earlier today, just as I was about to jump back into the pet assisting grind, I thought, “Ya know what? What I need right now is to do something that makes me feel really, REALLY great, even if it’s just for a half an hour.”

I needed a beauty pick-me-up, so I made a cup of chamomile tea, grabbed a few new fave beauty products from René Furterer, Repêchage, Dolce & Gabbana and Estée Lauder, and told Tabs that I’d back to work in a few.

René Furterer Karité Intense Nourishing Mask

René Furterer Karité Intense Nourishing Mask

René Furterer Karité Intense Nourishing Mask ($46), available now at salons, beauty stores and online

First order of business: a hot shower and René Furterer’s Karité Intense Nourishing Mask ($46 for a 6.93-ounce jar), a five-minute deep conditioning treatment for dry hair that smoothes and hydrates with a mix of fair-trade shea butter and plant oils.

I just started using it last week, and I think it’s the reason why I had a series of near-epic hair days — like, the best I’ve had in months. Karité adds body, shine and leaves my hair smelling like lilies. I love it!

Repêchage Hydra Dew Illuminating Cream Mask

Repêchage Hydra Dew Illuminating Cream Mask

Repêchage Hydra Dew Illuminating Cream Mask ($38), available now at spas and online

Have I mentioned that I’ve been on a face mask kick? I don’t know, but there’s something about a good face mask that gives me…hope, LOL! I’m also a big fan of sitting on my butt and doing absolutely nothing while I wait for a mask to work its magic.

My skin’s been a little dry lately (you know, ’cause winter) so after I jumped out of the shower, I applied a layer of Illuminating Cream Mask for Normal to Dry Skin ($38 for a 2-ounce tube) by Repêchage, an under-the-radar brand actually carried in spas all over the world. Their whole line contains products with “nutrient-rich seaweed” harvested off the Brittany Coast of France.

After 10 minutes, I tissued off the mask and could almost hear my skin sighing with relief. Ahh…

Dolce & Gabbana Desire

Dolce & Gabbana Desire

Dolce & Gabbana Desire Eau de Parfum ($93), available now at Dolce & Gabbana counters and online

If I could, I’d hug every single one of the perfumers over at Dolce & Gabbana. I feel like they get me, ya know (says the girl who wore Light Blue on her wedding day)?

Desire’s, a de-lovely fruity floral, is their newest scent ($93 for a 1.6-ounce bottle). It lasts all day long for me and brings to mind overseas adventures, exploring foreign cities at night with a new love.

The official fragrance notes include…

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These Glam Liners Are Baroque! The Dolce & Gabbana Animalier Collection Glam Liners Are Loose on Lids and Tempting Black Liner Lovers

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dolce gabbana glam liner in baroque silver

Wearing the new Dolce & Gabbana Glam Liner in Baroque Silver ($34) on my upper lash lines

It happens to every black cat liner lover eventually…

The rut. You fall into one. One day, there you are, just going about your business and finishing up those TPS reports at your desk, when you peer into your makeup bag and ask yourself, “Hmm…what liner should I wear?”

And then you snap. “Oh, yeah. Black Liner! Again! For like the umpteenth time in a row!”

I’m definitely guilty of falling into that rut. On the one hand, “Cat eyes are classic and never go out of style!” But on the other, sometimes you just gotta paint yourself out of that corner, which is where these new metallic Dolce & Gabbana’s Glam Liners ($34 each) come in.

Like makeup made for angels, these long-lasting liquid liners shimmer and shine. Glittery gunmetal gray Baroque Silver, glittery burnished copper Baroque Bronze and gilded gold Baroque (not shown here) burst on the scene with the new Animalier holiday collection, bound and determined to break up the beautiful monotony of black liner.

And, hello, lazy brigade! — they couldn’t be a whole lot easier to use. Dolce & Gabbana included a soft, skinny brush with just enough give to it to give me (and hopefully you) lots of control over your line weights.

They also developed a quick-drying liquid formula that doesn’t creep…into fine lines.

The result? How ’bout crisp, sharp edges like a samurai’s katana — and perfect cat eye flicks requiring next to no effort.

Oh, and then there’s the tiny flecks of multicolored glitter, which I find pretty hard to resist… :)

dolce & gabbana holiday 2012

The Glam Liners on the lower left

dolce gabbana glam liner swatches

Baroque Bronze on the left and Baroque Silver on the right… See those teeny, tiny flecks of glitter? Cute!

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Is the New Dolce & Gabbana Animalier Bronzer The Cat’s Meow?

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dolce gabbana animalier bronzer review

Wearing the new Dolce & Gabbana Animalier Bronzer ($57)

Alright, people, before we load up the Land Rover and head out on this safari, let’s run through a quick cosmetics checklist.

Lipstick? ✓

Eyeliner? ✓

Powder? ✓

Shimmery golden bronzer decorated like a spotted big cat?

I repeat, shimmery golden bronzer decorated like a spotted big cat?

No?! Well, that’s not right. Don’t worry though. We’ll fix that.

Locals refer to these wildcats as Dolce & Gabbana’s Animalier Bronzers. They’re $57, part of the new Animalier holiday collection, and recognizable by their distinctive spotted patterns.

dolce gabbana the animalier bronzer

A similar cat was sighted prowling makeup counters back in the summer of 2011. That one was also called Animalier.

This specimen’s spots, just like last year’s, are an overspray.

When we find one for you, I want you to mix the colors together. That should give you a cool-toned bronzy brown perfect for chiseled ’80s music video cheekbones.

Now, I have some experience with this cat, so I should warn you — it can be dangerous, especially while it’s still an overspray. I wore it around the house this week and felt very Flashdance, without the high-cut leotard and leg warmers, of course.

dolce gabbana animalier bronzer

Wearing the overspray to contour my cheeks

The overspray doesn’t deliver the most natural look, so I wouldn’t wear it every day, but luckily, I don’t have to. The overspray wears off, revealing a velvety soft, finely-milled powder beneath it.

How soft is it? Well, to put it in perspective, it’s softer than a tabby’s low-hanging tum. :)

Once you get through that overspray, this cat will lavish your skin with warm, golden orangey brown kisses.

I think this year’s kitten is more pigmented than the Animalier Bronzer we saw last year, which was pretty sheer. I think it’s also a little more golden than orange.

dolce gabbana animalier bronzer swatches

Swatches of the overspray on the left, and the bronzer beneath it on the right

dolce gabbana the animalier bronzer
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The New Dolce & Gabbana Animalier Collection Classic Cream Lipsticks in Iconic, Desert and Caramel Are Like Makeup ThunderCats

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dolce gabbana iconic lipstick

Wearing the new Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick in Iconic

When boredom threatens your makeup bag, whom do you call?

Batman? Nope, he can’t help.

Spidey? Sorry, not this time.

Jeremy Renner?

Yes…you call Jeremy Renner. :)

But seriously, you call Dolce & Gabbana! With their fierce leopard-print caps, the three new $34 limited edition Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipsticks from the Animalier collection are so wild they’re practically feral.

Cat lady says what?


Iconic (a warm-toned tomato red), Desert (a shimmery bronze) and Caramel (a sheer beige) will go purrfectly with some of my favorite accessories, like my leopard-print dress, the husky tabby often draped across my arms, and the golden neutral shades in D&G’s new Desert eyeshadow quad.

All three have Dolce & Gabbana’s faint rosy lipstick flavor and scent and a creamy, luxuriously smooth formula that lasts on my lips from 3-4 hours.

dolce & gabbana holiday 2012

Classic Cream Lipsticks from the left: Desert, Caramel and Iconic

dolce & gabbana holiday 2012
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