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Vintage Paul & Joe Cures Cat Crankiness Caused by the New Shupette Collection

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Paul & Joe Cat Collection (2)

I think Tabs and I have our cycles synched.

OK…that sounded crazier than I thought it would in print.

It could be true, though, except for the fact that he’s a neutered male kitty.

I mean, except for that.

Still, based on my current PMS-fueled moodiness and his fussy tabby rage, one could logically conclude…

No, not really. :)

I’m cranky because of hormones, but Tabs is cranky because of Choupette Lagerfeld’s new collaboration with Shu Uemura on the cleverly named Shupette Collection, an upcoming holiday makeup release.

They’ve been rivals for a few years (Tabs and Choupette). Sure, they’re polite in public, but in private, well, let’s just say that they’re not exactly cuddling in the cat tower.

I’ve been trying to soothe Tabs by showing him pieces of kitty-themed makeup, like these vintage Paul & Joe pieces from spring 2012.

It’s kind of working so far…

Paul & Joe Cat Collection (3)

Paul & Joe Cat Collection (4)

Paul & Joe Cat Collection (5)

Remember this launch? Pure purr-fection. Definitely a great moment in cat-related makeup history.

Sunday Funday: The Presidio of San Francisco and a Visit to The Walt Disney Family Museum’s Mary Blair Exhibit

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Have you ever been to the Presidio in San Francisco? It’s a park and former military base on the northern tip of the peninsula that makes up the whole city.

It’s recognizable by the red ceramic tiled roofs of the buildings, which are mostly former military offices and barracks. Now many of them are home to museums, schools and businesses, like Lucasfilm (yup, Star Wars), which has a large presence there.

Yesterday El Hub and I drove down to hit up The Walt Disney Family Museum, which we’d never visited before, and we’re both huge Disney fans.

We arrived to a pleasant surprise.


Off The Grid is this big jamboree of fancy food trucks and food stands. Lots of interesting, eclectic eats. They hold them in a few different parts of the Bay Area, usually one day a week. We didn’t know this ahead of time, but it was being held yesterday right across from the museum.

I ended up having a wild sea bass salmon roll for lunch and a salted caramel creme brulee for dessert. El Hub had a mixed plate of Vietnamese-style barbecue chicken and rice.

After that, with full tummies, we headed to the museum.

I’d wanted to go to the museum because yesterday was the final day of their Mary Blair exhibit.

Mary Blair was an influential member of the Disney animation team during the ’40s and ’50s era. Classically trained as a fine artist, she was known for bringing a very colorful, playful artistic style. Among her many contributions to the Disney movies from that time, she also designed the theme and artwork for Disneyland’s It’s a Small World.

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The Majestic Savannah Tabby

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I am not kidding here. Half the pics on my computer are of my left arm (my swatch arm), and the other half are pics of Tabs.

I never get tired of looking at that face! :) I think he looks extra leonine today.

You’re Just Purrfect!

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Crazy Cat Lady Card

I know it probably isn’t your birthday today, but maybe it is. Everyone has a birthday, after all. And sooner or later you’ll have one too, and when you do, this card is for you (it’s also available online at for $3.95). :)

That site is actually a goldmine of CCL-themed items.

How about this mug for the resident cat lady in your life? It’s never too early to start planning for the holidays…

Crazy Cat Lady Card

Crazy Cat Lady Card

Crazy Cat Lady Card

The Illamasqua Fatale Palette Is a Fall Fatale of Purply, Brownish Taupe Terrific-Ness

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Illamasqua Fatale Palette

I’ve been hesitant to embrace Illamasqua’s Fatale Palette while it was in the upper 80s and 90s here, but now that Labor Day is behind us, and it’s been a bit cooler outside, the shimmery bronze, berry, violet and purplish, brownish taupe (OMG, LOVE), are starting to feel right.

With Sephora no longer carrying the line, Illamasqua hasn’t been that easy to find here in the US these days, but the $55 Fatale palette is still available online at, and at select Bloomingdales, Hudson’s Bay and Kryolan stores.

I’m tellin’ ya — that purply brown taupe will haunt your dreams! :)

Illamasqua Fatale Palette

Illamasqua Fatale Palette swatches

Illamasqua Fatale Palette

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