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The New NARS Algorithm Laguna Bronzing Powder Palette: A Seemingly Giant (But Actually Smaller Than Normal) Laguna Is the Variable in This Algorithm

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For the love of tubby tabbies, why can’t I spell the word “algorithm”!?

I keep wanting to spell it algo-rhythm, which sounds like some kind of weird exercise class where you crunch numbers and abs.

“Welcome to Algo-Rhythm! Where Zumba and calculus collide!”

I also can’t figure out why this NARS Algorithm Laguna Bronzing Palette is seems so huge (it’s 0.24 ounces, which I only realized after I published this post is actually smaller than the regular NARS Laguna Bronzer’s 0.28 ounces, but for some reason it just seemed bigger to me). Or expensive. It’s $89!

I mean, I love NARS Laguna, but it’s already in almost every single NARS blush palette. It’s not like I’m gonna be running out of it anytime soon. This pan alone could conceivably last the rest of the decade.

*Shrugs shoulders* I guess some people really like Laguna.

The palette also comes with a mini-sized NARS Ita Brush, which I think is just OK… I need to spend more time with it, though, because so far, I keep having to finish my blending with a fluffy brush after using it.

If you want to decipher this Algorhythm Algorithm, it arrives at department and specialty stores, online, and at NARS boutiques November 1.

The New NARS Algorithm Laguna Bronzing Powder Palette (3)

The New NARS Algorithm Laguna Bronzing Powder Palette (4)

Unexpected Treats Make Life Extra Sweet

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Any day you unexpectedly get cupcakes is a great day. :)

My neighbor brought me this lovely box o’ sugary treats this morning from a local bakery called Susiecakes, and I came this close to eating them all in one sitting at lunch, not gonna lie!

If you give me a choice between salty and sweet, I’ll always choose sweet.


Have you ever known anyone who doesn’t like sweets? I’m always amazed when I bump into someone who doesn’t like candy or dessert. My BFF Cindy is like that. She’s ambivalent about sweets, which is not a problem when we hang out because it means more cake for me. :)

Carbon Makes a Cameo in the MAC Keepsakes Holiday Collection Smoky Face Palette

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MAC Keepsakes Face Palette in Smoky Face Palette

The MAC Keepsakes holiday collection Face Palette in Smoky, $49.50 US/$59.50 CAD

The new MAC Face Palette in Smoky ($49.50 US/$59.50 CAD), one of two new Face Palettes in the MAC Keepsakes holiday collection, gives good smoke. Each of the palettes contains a mix of seven eye, face and lip products for a different themed look.

Rrraow! Some good-looking colors and finishes here, and I love that LE pearl packaging with the cameo design.

I see a lot of smokey (or smoky) eyes in my immediate future. :)

Both Smoky and Natural, the second Face Palette in the Keepsakes collection, will be available on the MAC website starting October 19, at North American MAC stores and counters October 23 through December 18, and at all international MAC locations some time this November.

The Smoky Face Palette includes…

  • LUSTRE EYE SHADOW IN FILAMENT, a platinum silver
  • FROST EYE SHADOW IN ARISTOCRATIC AURA, a dirty blue gray with silver pearl
  • MATTE EYE SHADOW IN CARBON, an intense black
  • IRIDESCENT PRESSED POWDER IN BORN TO DAZZLE, a white gold champagne with pearl
  • CREAM COLOUR BASE IN PEARL, a pale gold with icy shimmer
  • AMPLIFIED LIPSTICK IN PETULANCE, a mauvey mid-tone nude

MAC Keepsakes Face Palette in Smoky Face Palette

It’s the Great Pumpkin! Quick, Someone Tell Charlie Brown!

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Every fall there’s this outdoor shopping center called the Marin Country Mart in the nearby town of Larkspur that has these HUGE pumpkins on display.

They aren’t for touching, or for sale, but smaller ones are.

Actually, they aren’t for sale either, so to speak. They’re on the honor payment system. You just take the pumpkin you want, and then leave your payment in a little box. The prices are based on pumpkin size and listed on a board.

That same place also hosts Off the Grid, which are these fancy traveling food trucks that are a thing here in the Bay Area (I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before).

I went last weekend for lunch with El Hub and my little brother. This time we all had Vietnamese fusion from the Little Green Cyclo truck.

Mine was fresh rice vermicelli with an egg on top, sweet potato tater tots and a coconut water to drink…

Kinda craving that again right now, can’t lie. :)

Quick hungry girl survey: how do you feel about shrimp? I’m always looking for a good recipe…

A Moody Model

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Your nephew wasn’t feeling it today, even after I showed him these Halloween cards I saw at Barnes & Noble last weekend.

He was a moody model all day long, and the only thing he said to me was, “sigh…”

I don’t think he was impressed by the cards either, due to the obvious lack of tabbies.

Sorry, Tabs, but black cats are in high demand and get all the best modeling jobs this time of year. :)

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