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Take Your Cat Lady-Ness to the Next Level With Foreign Language Feline Magazines

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Do you aspire to be the craziest cat lady of them all? Take your cat lady-ness to the next level by reading foreign language cat magazines.

Ideally, your magazine of choice should be plump with pictures of cats and contain speech bubbles (which you may or may not understand).

Profiles pages dedicated to individual kitties in their respective workplaces are great, too.

Obviously, cute kitten pics are a must. :) Extra bonus points for sad tabby kittens, as they are (arguably) the best.

Your magazine may also include step-by-step instructions on how to construct clothing for your cat.

Consider crafting this custom couture outfit for your precious kitty, since those “One Size Fits All” cat costumes at Petco are a total joke.

Last, but not least, if there are any cartoons of cats dressed as ninjas, be sure to point them out to your husband while you “read” your magazine at night. :)

P.S. Anyone out there understand Japanese?? I would sure love to know what the title of this magazine is, LOL!

The Estée Lauder Travel Exclusive Eye Color Luxuries Set Is Now Boarding

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Estée Lauder Eye Color Luxuries Set Travel Exclusive

From the left: Summer Linen, Nude Fresco, Sizzling Copper, Tempting Mocha and Lavish Mink

Hey, hey, road warriors. Next time you find yourself checking out the travel makeup displays at the airport while waiting for your flight, I’ll be with you in spirit. Keep an eye out for this cute eyeshadow set from Estée Lauder.

New for spring 2014, the Eye Color Luxuries Set includes six shades of Pure Color Eyeshadow in 79 Summer Linen, 47 Nude Fresco, 52 Sizzling Copper, 33 Ivy Envy, 63 Tempting Mocha and 45 Lavish Mink. Price depends on your departure city and country, but palettes like these typically go for between $40-60 at locales here in the U.S.

The set is available now exclusively at Estée Lauder travel retail locations worldwide.

Happy travels!

Estée Lauder Eye Color Luxuries Set Travel Exclusive

Estée Lauder Eye Color Luxuries Set Travel Exclusive

Estée Lauder Eye Color Luxuries Set Travel Exclusive

Estée Lauder Eye Color Luxuries Set Travel Exclusive

Swatches from the left: Summer Linen, Nude Fresco, Sizzling Copper, Tempting Mocha and Lavish Mink

California Poppin’

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In my neighborhood.

This here is the California poppy, also known as Eschscholzia californica, the official state flower of California.

Right now they’re blooming all over the place!

Aren’t they beautiful?

Kinda Stoked About…

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I’m, uh, kinda stoked about these pistachio macarons from Laduree. I tried to restrain myself (I really did!) but had to sneak a couple bites before busting out the camera (the lid is covering the ones I nom’d).

Macarons are easily among my top 10 cookies of all time. I could have ‘em for breakfast, lunch and dinner, OM NOM NOM!

I’m also pretty stoked about showering tonight with one of these new body washes by Dove…

New from Dove…

New launches from Dove!

They’re available now at grocery stores, drugstores and online, if you’re interested. :)

Your nephew says hi, by the way. He’s very pleased with himself right meow because I tried to do a cute little photo shoot with the Dove bottles and a white bath robe, but that quickly went south when he left his black, gray and orange tabby hair ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Oh, hai!

And then because Tabs is Tabs, he took off with part of the robe.


“This belongs to me.”

Everything Must Go

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No, I did not find this sign at a garage sale, although if I had, I would have told the seller that I thought Helvetica Bold was a great choice. :)

It’s clean, efficient and totally means business. You don’t mess around with Helvetica Bold.

I actually have this up on all four walls in my office right now, LOL! It’s in reference to an ongoing cleanup project.

I’ve been trying to straighten up my office for, oh, the past six months or so without much success. I just never seem to get anywhere. I feel like I’m only moving things around. I take junk from one corner and put it in another.

Doesn’t work.

Last weekend I finally made some real progress, though, after reading an article on called The End-All Guide to Getting Out From Under Your Office Crap.

Talk about helpful! It basically outlines steps you can take to really organize the heck out of your workspace. One of the ideas is to approach the task with the mindset of “Everything must go,” hence all the signs on my walls. My hope is that seeing the reminder over and over, day in, day out, will help me get this space under control.

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