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For an Untamed Fringe, Try These Eyelure Texture No. 117 False Lashes

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Eyelure Texure 117

The Eyelure Texture No. 117 false eyelashes

The mac dad will make ya jump, jump!
The daddy mac will make ya jump, jump!
Kris Kross will make ya jump, jump!

Now you’ve got that song stuck in your head, haha!

My work here is done. :)

OK, not really… First we have to talk about lashes. False lashes, to be specific.

I like the messy criss-cross action of Eyelure’s Texture No. 117s ($3.99 a pair). The lashes are bundled up into little…bundles (?) that sort of overlap each other to create a wild, untamed criss-cross pattern, for an informal lash look with lots of bulk and a gentle lift at the outer corners.

They come with their own pre-made (heavy, uncomfortable) glue strips, but I skip them and use plain ol’ lash glue instead.

Regularly $4.99 a pair, they’re on sale now at Ulta for $3.99, which I think is a dang good deal for lashes this good.

Eyelures also tend to hold up pretty well. I can usually reuse them at least a few times, as long as I’m careful when I peel them off.

Eyelure Texure 117

Eyelure Texure 117

Eyelure Texure 117

Can I haz this tee??

El Hub makes fun of me all the time for that saying, “I can’t.” I use it when I hit my limit and need a break from something, like when I’m marathoning a show on TV. I’ll say, “I can’t. I just can’t. I can’t. I can’t.” It’s one of my catchphrases. :)

So I may have to break my “no more shopping in the juniors section” rule for this shirt by Ten Sixty Sherman ($24) at Nordstrom.

Gah! And I might also need that plaid scarf (the BP Heritage Plaid Square, $24).

I’m a sucker for a cute plaid print.

Matte Madness: MAC Matte Lipstick in Fashion Revival

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MAC Fashion Revival Matte Lipstick (2)

Items on my Recently Revived Pieces of ’90s Fashion list that make me kind of cranky…

  • Clunky Timberland boots (to their credit, I remember them being quite warm and good at keeping my feet dry on rainy days)
  • Plastic choker necklaces (no explanation needed)
  • Floral slip dresses (when worn with white baby tees)
  • Overalls (when worn with one strap up and one strap down)

As you’ll notice, matte lips are not on the list. :)

That’s because I’m so feelin’ ‘em, dawg!

But the flakes on my lips aren’t…which is why I’ve been rolling with Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil lately (note to self: this hella hydrating lip balm totally deserves to be an unsung hero).

So, MAC Fashion Revival Lipstick — is there anything it doesn’t go with? I honestly don’t know.

I love pairing this deep, rich matte raspberry (it’s $16) with warm golds and coppers on my eyes, but it really seems to work with just about everything.

It’s only available for a couple more days until December 4 here in North America, so if you’re interested, better jump!

Available through December 4 at MAC counters, stores and also online.

MAC Fashion Revival Swatch Final

MAC Matte Lipstick in Fashion Revival

Wearing Fashion Revival on my lips

On a wholly unrelated topic…

Monogrammed Christmas Stockings from Target, $13 each

These monogrammed Christmas stockings from Target ($13 each)

Tabs insisted on helping with the Christmas decorating this year, but in exchange for his listless, halfhearted help, he demanded that I get him a monogrammed stocking.

It’s Pottery Barn’s fault… He paws through their catalogue at night and dog-ears the pages with holiday looks and room arrangements he wants to recreate in “his” living space (also known as the house).

Anywho, I’ve been looking for ways to get similar holiday looks for less and found these cute monogrammed stockings at Target. They’re $13 each, and I think they’re available in every letter of the alphabet, including “T” for Tabs.

Conveniently, the green for “T” also matches his eyes. :)

Um…yeah, that was a very crazy cat lady thing to say, but since I went there already, does your pet have a stocking? Inquiring minds want to know.

The Matte Madness series features some of my favorite matte products as of late

Matte Madness: MAC Nouvelle Vogue Matte Lipstick

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MAC Nouvelle Vogue

Wearing MAC Nouvelle Vogue Matte Lipstick ($16)

There’s something so playful and happy about MAC’s bluish pink Nouvelle Vogue Matte Lipstick. :)

It’s one of those pinks that doesn’t take itself too seriously, ya know? Not like those other pinks that are all, “We are sooo fancy. Look at how fancy we are.”

If you’re a MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow fan, get Nouvelle Vogue in yo’ life ASAP! The two of them make lovely music together.

Don’t expect Nouvelle Vogue to stick around much longer. It’s set to bid adieu December 4. Until then, it’s available at MAC counters, stores and online.

The Matte Madness series features some of my favorite matte products as of late

I Found You, Ms. New Bootie…

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Matisse Homestead Bootie (2)

If La Maison de Chanel ever starts a biker gang, a la Sons of Anarchy, I feel like these quilted booties by Matisse would be a non-negotiable part of the uniform.

They’re my latest loves from DSW.

Originally $209, but I got ‘em on sale last week for $69.

On the DSW website, they’re listed at $99.94, so just FYI. You may want to check your local store.

Oh! And the website also states that the upper part of the shoe is made from synthetic leather, but I’m not so sure about that. The box for my pair says the leather’s real.

I dunno…

They’re super comfy, and I love the quilted pattern. I think it adds a little sweetness to an otherwise @ss-kickin’ shoe.

The heel is also low enough that I could probably run away from zombies in these if I had to (which is always important), and the shaft is well insulated for warmth. :)

Matisse Homestead Bootie (3)

Matisse Homestead Bootie (4)

Matisse Homestead Bootie (5)

Thanksgiving Spread

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Your nephew did a wonderful job assisting me with Thanksgiving today. He kept close watch as I prepped the food in the kitchen, and then supervised the actual eating at the table.

Such a dedicated kitty. :)

The crab was a success by the way. In case you were wondering, yes — crab tastes pretty darned good dipped in gravy (who knew?).

Now I’m off to swan dive into my third (!) slice of pecan pie.

Can I get you a slice? Would you like it with, or without whipped cream (or one of each)?

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