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Possibly Inspired by Cherub Cheeks: Guerlain Baby Glow Light-Revealing Sheer Foundation

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The new Guerlain Baby Glow Light-Revealing Sheer Foundation

The new Guerlain Baby Glow Light-Revealing Sheer Foundations, $54 each

Guerlain Baby Glow, Guerlain Baby Glow, Guerlain Baby Glow… Now try to say that three times really fast without thinking of tiny glow-in-the-dark infants.

It’s almost impossible, isn’t it?? THOSE DAMNED GLOWING BABIES.

I’ve always wanted to look like an incandescent infant.

OK, not really. :) But I like the idea behind Baby Glow. It’s a sheer foundation that’s supposed to make you look less stressed and flat-out exhausted by appearing to plump your skin (only aesthetically; it doesn’t actually plump it) and make it look more luminous.

The new product line recently launched with the spring collection in just three shades ($54 each) — 02 Clair, 03 Medium and 04 Dore.

Guerlain Baby Glow Swatches from the left: 02 Clair, 03 Medium and 04 Dore

Swatches from the left: 02 Clair, 03 Medium and 04 Dore

I’m closest to 04 Dore, the deepest shade (incidentally, I’m an NC42 in MAC-speak), a medium-toned peachy golden tan, although I think it’s still a tad too light for me to wear on its own, so I warm it up with some bronzer or mix it with a darker foundation.

Before applying Guerlain Baby Glow in 04 Dore

Before applying Guerlain Baby Glow in 04 Dore

Guerlain Baby Glow in 04 Dore

And after! I’m wearing Guerlain Baby Glow in 04 Dore all by itself

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Help Yourself to a Glass of Homemade Vitamin Water, AKA a Strawberry and Orange Infusion

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Strawberry and Orange Infused Water 1

I have a serious Vitamin Water Zero addiction, and by “addiction,” I mean that I could easily chug three or four bottles every day.

They’re just so darned tasty!

But I’ve also been trying to cut back a little on processed and packaged foods and drinks lately because I recently realized (again, because I re-realize this all the time) that I feel really good when I eat more of what my husband calls “rabbit food” — lots of veggies, fruit and not a lot of processed carbs and pre-made schtuff.

We’ll see how long the phase lasts this time, ’cause it’s all fun and games until someone opens a jar of Nutella…

Anywho, in my latest attempt to curb my Vitamin Water Zero addiction/habit, I’ve been making improv fruit infused water at home.

Why? Because it’s easy and delicious. :)

This time I used some gigantic strawberries I found at Trader Joe’s and some little oranges from my orange tree.

Strawberry and Orange Infused Water step 1

Chop, chop, chop into thin slices…

Strawberry and Orange Infused Water step 2

Then plop the slices into a pitcher and fill with water.

Strawberry and Orange Infused Water step 3

Let that chill in the fridge for a few hours, and voila! — water infused with the flavors of yo’ fruit!

Strawberry and Orange Infused Water step 4

Give it a try sometime. I highly recommend strawberry and orange, and cucumber and lemon/lime.

Ooh! And Grapefruit and pomegranate’s also delish.

No, It’s Not Jason Voorhees. It’s a $6 Face Mask by the Sephora Collection

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Sephora Face Masks

Hmm… How does one take pics of herself wearing a fabric face mask and still look cute? I’m lookin’ for ideas. If you have any, by all means, please share with the class.

‘Cause I dunno.

Walking around the house looking like Jason Voorhees does have its perks, though, like, it makes doing work at your desk seem less like work, because it’s hard to get stressed while one of these cloth face masks is doing its plumping and hydrating thing.

I’m also that much better prepared to scare away the neighborhood kids when they come a-knockin’ to sell chocolate bars, because THIS LADY DON’T NEED ANOTHER CHOCOLATE BAR, SON.

Sephora Face Masks

I checked out these Sephora Collection masks today! The rainbow display was hard to miss.

So, I really like the face masks by SK-II, but clutch my pears! — those things are obscenely expensive ($135). They’re maybe a once-every-two-years thing.

These Sephora masks, on the other hand, are only $6 each, and there are eight.

From the Sephora website

  • Lingzhi Mask: Creates the appearance of smoother, plumper, and younger-looking skin.
  • Lotus Mask: Refreshes tired skin and reduces signs of strain and fatigue.
  • Honey Mask: Nourishes and balances to soothe and refresh dry or sensitive skin.
  • Pearl Mask: Perfects and brightens with natural-origin pearl to create high luminosity.
  • Ginseng Mask: Tones and energizes while providing a tightening effect for a plumped and supple complexion.
  • Green Tea Mask: Mattifies and purifies to soothe skin, absorb sebum, and reduce the appearance of outbreaks.
  • Rose Mask: Provides deep moisture and brightening properties through natural rose extract.
  • Pomegranate Mask: Awakens, energizes, and protects the skin with antioxidant-rich natural pomegranate extract.

Sephora Face Masks

I chatted with a friendly Sephora makeup artist in the store, and she mentioned that the Rose Mask was their bestseller, so I grabbed one of those. She also recommended the Honey Mask for straight-up hydration, and since the masks are only $6 each…

Twist my arm, why don’t ya! :)

Sephora Face Masks

Sephora Face Masks

She also said that her personal favorite was the new Lotus Mask for refreshing tired skin, so maybe I’ll try that one next time.

Sephora Lotus Mask

All of them are easy to use. Just open the package, apply to clean, dry skin, and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then remove and gently massage any remaining product into your skin. No need to rinse.

When I got home from Sephora this afternoon, I washed my face and used the Rose Mask.

I was surprised by the amount of product in the fabric, considering that it’s only a $6 mask.

I think the SK-II masks I’ve tried in the past were juicer? — for lack of a better word, but this one is still moderately juicy, LOL!

When I removed the mask today and did a little facial massage, as per the directions, my skin felt a little less dry. I think I also looked less tired and more radiant.

That said, the areas around my mouth and cheeks that were dry before I used the mask were still a tad tight…although a bit better, so maybe this particular mask isn’t as ideally moisturizing as I’d like.

But it’s $6…which is $129 less than the SK-II masks (!).

I’m really looking forward to trying the Honey Mask next. Hopefully that one’s even more moisturizing.

If you’re interested, Sephora has an online-only deal going on now where if you buy four masks, you get a fifth mask free.


A Night at the Symphony

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Valentines Day date night at Davies Symphony in Hall

In a parallel universe, maybe I could have been a symphony flute player…

In this universe, music was a huge part of my identity and life from the age of four until I left for college, when it stopped being the main focus (you know how it is). I spent years and years in band and taking piano lessons and doing scales and practicing and performing on stages and football fields. I played flute, French horn (so much spit!), piano, piccolo and a wee bit of trumpet.

Now I kind of wish I’d stayed involved in music over the years because — oh! — the symphony.

El Hub and I went for our Valentine’s Day special date night. :)

It was the San Francisco Symphony at the Davies Symphony Hall. They did a special Valentine’s tribute to Mozart.

Valentine's Day at Davies Symphony in Hall

Valentine's Day at Davies Symphony in Hall

Valentine's Day at Davies Symphony in Hall

Valentine's Day at Davies Symphony in Hall

Valentine's Day at Davies Symphony in Hall

Valentine's Day at Davies Symphony in Hall

So, there was music…and I got to dress up and wear bright lipstick. Score! :)

The first part of the performance was Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 19 in F major, K. 459…

After so many years playing piano as a kid, I can still kind of tell where the music is supposed to go (although I never played anything that difficult).

The second part of the performance was by a composer I wasn’t familiar with, someone named Sibelius. Symphony No. 2 in D major, Opus 43.

I can totally see this one in a modern day movie soundtrack. It’s a good one to listen to with your eyes closed.

Also, since a gal’s gotta eat, before the performance we had dinner at Chez Maman, a little French Bistro right around the corner from the symphony hall…

Chillin' outside of Chez Maman

I would like to eat all of the cheese, please

Chez Maman Baked Camembert

Baked camembert with roasted garlic and toast points

Chez Maman Salmon

Grille salmon with roasted potatoes, foine (!) herbs & crème fraîche

Very casual place and good food. They don’t take reservations, and prices are reasonable (for that part of the city). It was a warm night, so we had our dinner outside just as the sun was setting…

Hello, romance. :) Our table was tucked away in a corner on the sidewalk, not easily accessible, so our waiter would pass our food to us through the window next to me.

Chez Maman Creme Brulee

Crème brûlée

Everything was delish, but the crème brûlée? Best part. I live for cracking that crust on crème brûlée, homie.

A Walk Around the Neighborhood

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Boo! Happy Friday the 13th from Novato, California.

Actually, this black cat’s name is Boo Radley. That’s what I named him. :) I saw Mr. Radley today on my walk around the neighborhood. He’s your black cat of the day. For the record, you’re crossing his path. He’s not crossing yours.









This is the hill that Tabs patrols on his walks with me. It’s his favorite place in the world. :)

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