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Bruschetta and Bubbles

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Three cheers to eight years!

I’ve been craving pizza lately, and El Hub is always craving pizza, so for our wedding anniversary dinner last night, we drove up to Ca’ Momi, the yummy Italian restaurant we discovered last month in Napa.

We ordered some things we knew we’d like (bubbles and bruschetta), tried some new things we weren’t sure about (baccalà), and then walked around downtown Napa to let our tummies settle.

Not a bad way to celebrate eight years. :)

Bruschetta. Yeah…hard to go wrong with cherry tomatoes, garlic and basil.

The Baccalà mantecato alla veneziana appetizer. Creamy whipped cod dip served with crispy polenta crostini (I didn’t much care for this one. Kind of tasted like a slightly bland tuna salad.).

The Margherita Pizza from Ca’ Momi Restaurant in Napa. San Marzano DOP tomato sauce (here’s what the DOP signifies), mozzarella di bufala Campania DOP and fresh basil.

El Hub’s dish, the Calabrese pizza with organic raw onions, zucchini, buffalo mozzarella and Alle Pia spicy salame Calabrese. Yes, he inhaled it, whereas I could only finish half of mine.

The Oxbow Public Market, where Ca’ Momi is located.

Downtown Napa at dusk. It was actually a pretty hopping place, even on a Monday night.

It’s Not Bucking Broncos That Make the Waves at Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands

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Rodeo Beach (2)

Don’t you just love the smell of the beach?

The sand, the saltwater, the sunscreen…

I’d bottle it if I could.

(NOTE TO SELF: Try adding a few drops of sunscreen to a bottle of seawater one of these days.)

Yesterday El Hub and I drove out to Rodeo Beach at Fort Cronkhite, a picturesque spot on the Pacific side of the Bay just north of the Golden Gate in the Marin Headlands (if you’re ever out this way, it’s right next to the awesome Marine Mammal Center).

It gets a little chilly and windy there sometimes, even when everywhere else around here is hot, so bring a sweatshirt or jacket if you’re visiting from out of the area.

Yup, a jacket even in the summertime. Welcome to the Bay Area. :)

I watched the waves for a bit, breathed deeply, snapped some pics, and found a few lovely pieces of driftwood (don’t you love it when you find a piece that’s really smooth?).

Rodeo Beach (3)

Rodeo Beach (4)

Rodeo Beach (5)

Rodeo Beach (6)

Any day you make it out to the beach is a good day.

Rodeo Beach (7)

Rodeo Beach (8)

Rodeo Beach (9)

This pic right above is a saltwater lagoon right next to the beach. There’s a little footbridge there that’s a great picture spot.

Brown pelicans rest there before heading out to sea to go fishing.

P.S. I’m not sure why the place is called Rodeo Beach, but to the best of my knowledge, rodeos are not held there.

Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 303

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A Tabs the Cat Comic, Surely You Jest, Part 2

This post is sponsored by Purina Pro Plan #proplancatpartner. For information about my posting policy, please see my Disclaimer.

Sponsored by Purina Pro Plan Cat

Whew! Tabs is exhausted.

He’s out like a light on the living room floor because he had a really busy weekend. First, there was the Fourth of July, and of course he partied all night. Then, on Saturday, he had to make a couple of promotional stops at local comic book stores for his new graphic novel. Then he ran a 5K today.

You know, just because he could.

Our favorite kitty overachiever hopes you enjoy this latest installment of the worldwide #1 blockbuster graphic novel, Surely You Jest.

P.S. He’s in talks right now with Marvel Studios about turning it into a movie (he’d play the leading role, of course). :)

Surely You Jest, Parts 1 & 2: A Tabs the Cat Graphic Novel

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Let’s Chat About Makeup, Cats, Blogging, Photography and Wicked Mood Swings in Today’s Open Thread

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I’m back from the parade and feeling much better. It helped to walk around outside, get some sun and see happy people and kids, and oh! — animals.

Yeah, seeing animals always does wonders for my soul. Any day you see a pet pig wearing Mardi Gras beads in a stroller can’t be too bad, you know?

(It made me feel like less of a crazy cat lady for wanting to get Tabs a stroller so we can cruise the mall.)

Team Canine was definitely in the house! There were lots of dogs, and many of them were dressed up for the occasion.

This girl was my favorite.

See the crossed paws action? :)

FLAWLESS. She has “International Doggy Supermodel” written all over her.

Quite a few horses out and about, too. They were dressed for the occasion in glitter, bows, body paint and stars.

Yup, it’s official. If I ever have a horse, I’m dressing her up in sparkles and bows on the regular.

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Iced Tea, Texture and Fried Treats at Sol Food Restaurant in San Rafael

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Sol Food Restaurant in San Rafael (3)

I think I’m so used to El Hub and my family not even blinking an eye anymore when I whip out my camera to take pictures of food that I forget it’s kind of weird.

Last Sunday I was craving Puerto Rican food, so we drove down to Sol Food in San Rafael, one of my favorite restaurants when I want something upbeat, tasty and lively.

When we go, we usually eat outside on their back patio, but it was packed that day, so we grabbed a couple spots on their small counter pressed up against a wall.

Sol Food Restaurant in San Rafael

The walls are painted bright colors and have lots of neat textures, like old doors, fastened to them.

I’d never noticed the doors hanging on the walls before because I’m usually entranced by the old pictures, but this time I took a ton of pics with my camera of the walls and, of course, my food.

I was clicking away, oblivious of time, when I noticed a woman sitting next to us at the counter looking at me funny. El Hub said, “She does this all the time,” referring to me and my picture taking. “ALL THE TIME.”


The lady, Dottie, was very nice. “That’s a little weird,” she said.

“Yeah, it is!” I agreed. “I always take pictures of my food. It’s kind of my thing.”

Dottie was a blast. Hey, Dottie! :) Even though I’m pretty sure she isn’t reading this, whatev.

She said she was 65 years old, but she didn’t look anywhere near that. Of course I had to ask her for her secret. She said, “healthy living, and an ‘I don’t give a sh*t attitude.’”

Who knew?!

I ordered large quantities of fried food because my PMS was/is in overdrive. I had a niño pobre — breaded fried prawns on toasted french bread with lettuce, tomato and cilantro lime mayo — and mariquitas, which are sliced, fried green plantains. And an orange mango iced tea.

Sol Food Restaurant in San Rafael (4)

Yeah, my tummy just rumbled. :)

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