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Rouge Bunny Rouge Summer 2015 Collection Swatches and Pictures

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rouge bunny rouge summer 2015

Pieces from the Rouge Bunny Rouge Summer 2015 collection, available now online and at RBR counters

The fancy floral designs on these pans of Evanescence Imperceptible Powder are making my heart beat faster than a bunny’s. Those and the new Rouge Bunny Rouge Silk Aether Long-Lasting Duo Cream Eyeshadow in 085 Glossamer Wing, which I haven’t seen from the brand before, definitely have my interest. They’re new items in the Rouge Bunny Rouge Summer 2015 collection.

I don’t know how you do it, RBR, but you sure know how to hippity-hippity-hop into my makeup loving heart. 💖

Hare (get it?) are some swatches and pics…

rouge bunny rouge sweet excesses

Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Excesses Glass Gloss in 078 Rhubarb Custard, 056 Fleur Parfait, 080 Raspberry Meringue, 079 Rahat Lokum and 082 Mousse Fandango ($29 each)

rouge bunny rouge swell bliss xxx lip plump

Rouge Bunny Rouge Swell Bliss XXX Lip Plum in 085 Heather Royal Jelly, 084 Acacia Royal Jelly and 083 Clover Royal Jelly ($33 each)

rouge bunny rouge evanescence powder

Rouge Bunny Rouge Evanescence Imperceptible Powders in 058 Aura, 059 Halo, 060 Mirage and 061 Eidola ($48 each)

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Get Cuteness and Incredible Curl Hold With Paul & Joe Smudgeproof Mascara

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paul joe smudgeproof mascara

Paul & Joe Smudgeproof Mascara ($26, available in four shades — Noir, Brun, Blue Hibiscus and Pink Samba)

Generally speaking, I have a high bar when it comes to the cuteness of mascara wands. Like, I’ll gladly gush over cute compacts and cute lipsticks, but cute mascara tubes?

Not usually enough to get me to go batsh*t cray.

What I REALLY want are mascaras that work well, but if the packaging is also cute, like I think it is with the Paul & Joe Smudgeproof Mascara in Noir I’ve been wearing lately, then that’s an extra bonus. :)

Barring disasters and other uncontrollable events, I curl my stick-straight lashes daily, and championship-caliber curl hold is one of the things I really like about this mascara.

That…and the super cute tube.

Smudgeproof sets, lengthens, lifts and locks lashes like it’s making it freakin’ rain at the club, and lashes stay elongated and lifted well beyond 12 hours — even through numerous naps (which I saw firsthand last weekend in Napa).

For me the sweet spot is two coats, which also adds some volume, but not a ton. Volume-wise, I’d say the effect is about two snaps shy of drag queen runway show.

So, it’s a good amount. I’m into it.

paul joe smudgeproof mascara 1
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Napping and Noms in Napa

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What do you do in Napa on a long, lazy weekend?

You take a nap.

Or two.

Or three. You know, #priorities.

My friends Jen and Cindy and I all agreed that the main thing we wanted to do on our girls’ weekend in Napa last weekend had to involve maximum relaxation, and yes, napping was on the agenda. :) At the end of the weekend we tallied up our naps, and here are a few of the places where we collectively napped…

  • The pool (not inside but near it)
  • The covered lounge area adjacent to the pool (next to a huge bowl of French fries!)
  • In the “Serenity Room” at the Meritage Hotel Spa Terra
  • In the steam room inside the spa area
  • In the whirlpool lounge inside the spa area
  • In our hotel room
  • On the hotel patio

Haha! Who knew that three girls on vacation could sleep so much and in so many places?

Besides napping in Napa, we also had some yummy meals (my favorite was Sunday brunch at a cute bistro called Grace’s Table in downtown Napa), and we did some sightseeing along the waterfront…



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Paul & Joe Perfect Makeup Primer Is Also a Purr-fectly Moisturizing Serum

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paul joe perfect makeup primer 2

Excuse me, um…why doesn’t this tube have a cat on it?

Dear Friendly Person at Paul & Joe,

A kitty cat somewhere on the packaging of your Perfect Makeup Primer would have turned it into the most Purrrrfect Makeup Primer, in my humble cray-cray cat lady opinion. Please take this under advisement for future product modifications. Thank you. :)

paul joe perfect makeup primer 3

Feline wordplay aside, $42 Paul & Joe Perfect Makeup Primer is one of two new makeup primers coming from Paul & Joe this fall, and it does a little bit of everything. It’s a tinted gel makeup primer to prep skin for foundation by filling in pores and fine lines, and it also moisturizes and improves wear time while adding a sheer veil of tinted color.

This is the option you want if you’re seeking heavy-duty spackling.

paul joe perfect makeup primer

Swatch of Paul & Joe Perfect Makeup Primer in 02

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Challenge Yourself While Chilling Out on the Russian River

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Do not be alarmed when the guy at Burke’s Canoe Trips on the Russian River in Forestville, California emphatically insists that people flip their canoes about half the time, then stresses the question, “Are you a REALLY good swimmer?”

Dude, I was freaked! — but it wasn’t that bad.

I expected raging rapids and Indiana Jones-style waterfalls when El Hub and I rented our canoe there last Saturday, but except for one or two dicey spots, and a near-capsizing we almost caused ourselves trying to avoid some obnoxious chillins’ who sprayed us with giant water guns, the river was steady and calm.



We canoed the river last year, too, but that was from Monte Rio Beach in the town of Guerneville. This time we started about 10 miles upriver, and I liked it better. The river was more wild and the shore was greener, and we saw a lot more birds, like an osprey, a blue heron and about 500 ducks — all of them female, which was a bit weird…

Anywho! This time was more exciting than last year because there was more to see and do. There weren’t really any rapids (thankfully, ’cause I got scurred!), but we did have to pay closer attention to the river because there were one or two tight turns.

But that kept things interesting.

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