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This Year’s Christmas Mani: The Dance Music Duet by Deborah Lippmann

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It’s been a minute since the last time I wore a Deborah Lippmann polish, and I forgot how sturdy these guys are!

On this most merriest of days, I’m showcasing a deep reddish brown with a cool-toned multi-colored accent nail via Deborah Lippmann’s two-piece Dance Music Duet set ($19, but it’s on sale right now at Sephora for $12).

I first applied both the glitter and the creamy darker shade in this duo about a week ago, and they lasted five days before two tiny chips appeared on my right paw/claw…but I liked the whole ensemble so much that I resurrected it with an extra coat of each last night.

Meowy Christmas! :)

How’s about you? Are you wearing a Christmas mani today?

Single Ladies (left), and Glitter and Be Gay (right)

I’m Over the Moon About the Roomy Europa Shoulder Bag by Kipling

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The Kipling Europa Shoulder Bag ($89)

Like my husky tabby, my beloved Kipling Europa Shoulder Bag is large and in charge.

With multiple pockets and a roomy interior, it comes in very handy if you, like me, often find yourself compelled to carry around everything and the kitchen sink.

Sometimes that includes five nude lipsticks and glosses that are all more or less the same shade…

Right now the bag holds two wallets, a large makeup bag, an umbrella, a knit yarn hat, my phone, keys and a pouch of cat treats. And it still has room to spare!

I could probably free up even more space in it if I emptied some of the pockets, but it has so many that sometimes I forget what’s in where.

Like, I opened one of the pockets this afternoon and found a secret stash of vitamins and hair pins…

(read more…)

27 New Technakohl Liners Join the MAC Fam

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MAC Technakohl Liners

The new MAC Technakohl Liners ($16 US/$19 CDN)

I’ve always liked the MAC Technakohls, with their twist-up tops and super skinny tips — perfect for drawing thin lines, and for getting right in there between those lashes.

As a bonus, my eyes have always liked the formula, even when I wear it on my water lines, and they stay put for a respectable 6-8 hours.

The brand recently reworked the Technakohl collection, updating the packaging, retiring the old shades, and replacing them with 27 new ones ($16 US/$19 CDN each), and they’re available now online in the MAC permanent collection, and at MAC stores and counters.

Soft black Superfly and brownish purple Raisinette have been in heavy rotation here at Casa de MBB lately.

Here are swatches of all 27 new Technakohls for your visual feasting (for reference, I’m an NC42). :)

MAC Technakohl Liner swatches from the left: Snowed In, Sterling Silver, Risque, Bare Asset, Twinked, Brass Band and $$$

Swatches from the left: Snowed In, Sterling Silver, Risque, Twinked, Brass Band and $$$

MAC Technakohl Liner swatches from the left: Alpha-Grey, Counterfeit, Funfare, Sourpuss, Skyscape and Vent

Alpha-Grey, Counterfeit, Funfare, Sourpuss, Skyscape and Vent

MAC Technakohl Liner swatches from the left: Whirlpool, take the Plunge, Cast Iron, Bishop Blue, Image Conscious and Cool Jazz

Whirlpool, take the Plunge, Cast Iron, Bishop Blue, Image Conscious and Cool Jazz

MAC Technakohl Liner swatches from the left: Plank, Broque, Army Style, Clay, Raisinette, Steelpoint, Metalhead and Superply

Plank, Broque, Army Style, Clay, Raisinette, Steelpoint, Metalhead and Superfly

Bare Asset

The 27 new MAC Technakohl Liners include…

  • Snowed In, a light peach off-white
  • Sterling Silver, a silver
  • Risque, a pale beige
  • Bare Asset, a medium beige
  • Twinked, a yellow gold with sparkles
  • Brass Band, a copper bronze metal
  • $$$, a mid-tone golden bronze
  • Alpha-Grey, a metal gray
  • Counterfeit, a silver gray
  • Funfare, a bright true pink
  • Sourpuss, an acid green
  • Skyscape, a metallic deep sky blue
  • Vent, a metallic lime
  • Whirlpool, a dark deep blue
  • Take the Plunge, a deep ocean blue
  • Cast Iron, an elephant gray
  • Bishop Blue, a bluish purple
  • Image Conscious, a purple
  • Cool Jazz, a navy blue
  • Plank, a deep bronzy brown
  • Broque, a deep brown
  • Army Style, a military deep breen
  • Clay, a deep gray
  • Raisinette, a brownish purple
  • Steelpoint, a deep smoky metallic gray
  • Metalhead, a grayish metal blue
  • Superfly, a soft black

Matte Madness: MAC Matte Lipstick in Styled in Sepia

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MAC Styled in Sepia

MAC Styled in Sepia ($16)

Took me a while to get on board with MAC Styled in Sepia, mostly because I wore something just like it in the ’90s…and I’m 99% certain I wore it with overalls, a baby tee, a pair of knock-off Timberland boots and a button-up plaid shirt tied around my waist.


MAC Styled in Sepia

In addition to triggering bouts of ’90s nostalgia, Styled in Sepia is also unusually smooth for a matte, so if you’ve got a flaky lip situation going on, you can still wear it without looking dodgy.

MAC Styled in Sepia Swatch

The color has an interesting grayish mauve undertone that I didn’t expect to find terribly flattering, but it grew on me when I got it on my lips.

MAC Styled in Sepia

Styled in Sepia is one of the limited edition MAC matte colors and, unfortunately, it appears to be sold out on the MAC website, but you can still find it online if you do a little digging…

I’ve seen it at, and, so it’s still floating around on the Inter-Webs if you need to have it in yo’ life right meow.

A tube will set you back $16.

The Insomnia Files: Chapter 1,597

Insomnia. Bah!

You ever have trubs turning off your brain at bedtime?

Sometimes I lay down intending to go to sleep, and my body feels tired, but my mind is spinning like it’s on one of those little hamster wheels going round and round…

But last night I went to bed early, and I completely unplugged (TV, phone, Kindle — the whole kit and caboodle) an hour and a half before.

Then I spent about 30 minutes in bed reading the new issue of Better Homes & Garden (because I knew it wouldn’t be scary or action packed), and it really helped me relax. I ended up sleeping like a tabby.

A pic of me sleeping with Tabs when he was near the end of his kitten-hood…about one year old

A friend also recently suggested putting a few drops of lavender oil on a paper towel next to my pillow, so I tried that last night, too, with H. Gillerman’s Sleep Remedy.

Dang stuff sure smells good, and I think it did help me relax.

If you ever have trouble sleeping, I feel your pain, dawg. Would LOVE to know what helps you relax and get a restful night of sleep.

The Matte Madness series features some of my favorite matte products as of late

For an Untamed Fringe, Try These Eyelure Texture No. 117 False Lashes

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Eyelure Texure 117

The Eyelure Texture No. 117 false eyelashes

The mac dad will make ya jump, jump!
The daddy mac will make ya jump, jump!
Kris Kross will make ya jump, jump!

Now you’ve got that song stuck in your head, haha!

My work here is done. :)

OK, not really… First we have to talk about lashes. False lashes, to be specific.

I like the messy criss-cross action of Eyelure’s Texture No. 117s ($3.99 a pair). The lashes are bundled up into little…bundles (?) that sort of overlap each other to create a wild, untamed criss-cross pattern, for an informal lash look with lots of bulk and a gentle lift at the outer corners.

They come with their own pre-made (heavy, uncomfortable) glue strips, but I skip them and use plain ol’ lash glue instead.

Regularly $4.99 a pair, they’re on sale now at Ulta for $3.99, which I think is a dang good deal for lashes this good.

Eyelures also tend to hold up pretty well. I can usually reuse them at least a few times, as long as I’m careful when I peel them off.

Eyelure Texure 117

Eyelure Texure 117

Eyelure Texure 117

Can I haz this tee??

El Hub makes fun of me all the time for that saying, “I can’t.” I use it when I hit my limit and need a break from something, like when I’m marathoning a show on TV. I’ll say, “I can’t. I just can’t. I can’t. I can’t.” It’s one of my catchphrases. :)

So I may have to break my “no more shopping in the juniors section” rule for this shirt by Ten Sixty Sherman ($24) at Nordstrom.

Gah! And I might also need that plaid scarf (the BP Heritage Plaid Square, $24).

I’m a sucker for a cute plaid print.

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