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Nike Women’s Half Marathon Post Run Shenanigans at the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts

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13.1 miles done!

Fun fact about the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts: it’s where the “Come, let us dance like children of the night!” scene from So I Married an Axe Murderer (one of my favorite SF movies of all time) takes place.

The city was packed for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon yesterday, so El Hub, who was my one-man cheering section/ride home, ended up parking at the palace about five blocks away from the finish line at the Marina Green, which is this big park right next to the water where people often picnic and play on sunny days.

On the way back to the car, I really wanted to prance, jump and twirl through the palace’s central foyer like Mike Myers does in the movie, but my body had other plans. After running 13.1 miles, my legs were like, “Oh, hell no, hookah!” The best I could manage was an enthusiastic hobble. :)

I did take a few snapshots of the palace though. It was too beautiful to resist.

It’s one of my favorite places in all of San Francisco. I love the columns and the prehistoric-looking plants and the little trail around the pond. It’s a great place for pics, if you ever make it out this way. Sometimes I’ll see bridal parties there with professional videographers and photographers snapping pics.

Before I forget, the race was a blast! One of the most enjoyable runs I’ve ever done, despite my now aching legs and back.

Just crossed the finish line… Now lemme take a selfie!

The hills on the route were hard for me, not gonna lie, especially the ones near the beginning before I’d really warmed up, but the course was scenic and pretty, and I got to run through some of my favorite San Francisco neighborhoods.

Unlike the only other half marathon I’ve run, which was about a decade ago, I felt stronger and more focused this time. I didn’t feel like crying at any point, and nothing was chafed when I crossed the finish line with my NARS lipstick and Cle de Peau mascara still intact, huzzah!

Seriously, despite my aches and pains today (I’ll be doing an epsom salt bath tonight), this 39-year-old cat lady felt like she crushed it, which made opening the little blue Tiffany box they gave each of the competitors at the finish line that much sweeter. :)

Thank you, Team Neutrogena, for talking me into doing the race!

It’s Going to Be a Merry Lips-Mas With the NARS Laced With Edge Holiday Collection Lipsticks in Deadly Catch, Femme Fleur and Adriatic

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NARS Laced With Edge Holiday Collection Hardwired Lipsticks from the left: Deadly Catch, Femme Fleur and Adriatic

The new $26 NARS Hardwired Lipsticks, from the Laced With Edge holiday collection

The Hardwired-ness continues. To keep the new Hardwired Eyeshadows company, NARS is also releasing a new Hardwired lipstick formulation, with three new lipsticks ($26 each) in glistening cream Adriatic, crimson Deadly Catch, shimmery brick red Femme Fleur (also has gold pearl).

First impressions…

The feather-weight formula feels great, and I can barely feel these on my lips, but they don’t seem to last as long as the Audacious formula. These may be a good fit if you don’t like to feel like you’re wearing a ton of product on your pout.

Vertical lip lines can also breathe a sigh of relief, in general, as the two shimmery shades, shimmery Adriatic and Femme Fleur, don’t settle into my fine lines. The finish looks really smooth and expensive (reminds me of Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss lipsticks).

Now about that wear time…it’s not my favorite thing about these. Adriatic only lasts 2-3 hours for me, while Deadly Catch and Femme Fleur manage 3-5.

These unflavored, unscented lipsticks will be available along with the rest of the 13-piece Laced With Edge Holiday collection at NARS boutiques and online October 15, and at department and specialty stores beginning November 1.

NARS Laced With Edge Holiday Collection Hardwired Lipsticks from the left: Deadly Catch, Femme Fleur and Adriatic

Hardwired Lipsticks from the left: Deadly Catch, Femme Fleur and Adriatic

Swatches from the left: Deadly Catch, Femme Fleur and Adriatic

Swatches from the left: Deadly Catch, Femme Fleur and Adriatic

P.S. I am so overjoyed right now. :) Got some takeout Pasta Pomodoro for dinner (capolini tre colore with shrimp) and Gilmore Girls playing on the TV. Oh, yeah… Good times. I hope you’re having a good night.

The New NARS Algorithm Laguna Bronzing Powder Palette: A Seemingly Giant (But Actually Smaller Than Normal) Laguna Is the Variable in This Algorithm

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For the love of tubby tabbies, why can’t I spell the word “algorithm”!?

I keep wanting to spell it algo-rhythm, which sounds like some kind of weird exercise class where you crunch numbers and abs.

“Welcome to Algo-Rhythm! Where Zumba and calculus collide!”

I also can’t figure out why this NARS Algorithm Laguna Bronzing Palette is seems so huge (it’s 0.24 ounces, which I only realized after I published this post is actually smaller than the regular NARS Laguna Bronzer’s 0.28 ounces, but for some reason it just seemed bigger to me). Or expensive. It’s $89!

I mean, I love NARS Laguna, but it’s already in almost every single NARS blush palette. It’s not like I’m gonna be running out of it anytime soon. This pan alone could conceivably last the rest of the decade.

*Shrugs shoulders* I guess some people really like Laguna.

The palette also comes with a mini-sized NARS Ita Brush, which I think is just OK… I need to spend more time with it, though, because so far, I keep having to finish my blending with a fluffy brush after using it.

If you want to decipher this Algorhythm Algorithm, it arrives at department and specialty stores, online, and at NARS boutiques November 1.

The New NARS Algorithm Laguna Bronzing Powder Palette (3)

The New NARS Algorithm Laguna Bronzing Powder Palette (4)

Unexpected Treats Make Life Extra Sweet

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Any day you unexpectedly get cupcakes is a great day. :)

My neighbor brought me this lovely box o’ sugary treats this morning from a local bakery called Susiecakes, and I came this close to eating them all in one sitting at lunch, not gonna lie!

If you give me a choice between salty and sweet, I’ll always choose sweet.


Have you ever known anyone who doesn’t like sweets? I’m always amazed when I bump into someone who doesn’t like candy or dessert. My BFF Cindy is like that. She’s ambivalent about sweets, which is not a problem when we hang out because it means more cake for me. :)

Carbon Makes a Cameo in the MAC Keepsakes Holiday Collection Smoky Face Palette

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MAC Keepsakes Face Palette in Smoky Face Palette

The MAC Keepsakes holiday collection Face Palette in Smoky, $49.50 US/$59.50 CAD

The new MAC Face Palette in Smoky ($49.50 US/$59.50 CAD), one of two new Face Palettes in the MAC Keepsakes holiday collection, gives good smoke. Each of the palettes contains a mix of seven eye, face and lip products for a different themed look.

Rrraow! Some good-looking colors and finishes here, and I love that LE pearl packaging with the cameo design.

I see a lot of smokey (or smoky) eyes in my immediate future. :)

Both Smoky and Natural, the second Face Palette in the Keepsakes collection, will be available on the MAC website starting October 19, at North American MAC stores and counters October 23 through December 18, and at all international MAC locations some time this November.

The Smoky Face Palette includes…

  • LUSTRE EYE SHADOW IN FILAMENT, a platinum silver
  • FROST EYE SHADOW IN ARISTOCRATIC AURA, a dirty blue gray with silver pearl
  • MATTE EYE SHADOW IN CARBON, an intense black
  • IRIDESCENT PRESSED POWDER IN BORN TO DAZZLE, a white gold champagne with pearl
  • CREAM COLOUR BASE IN PEARL, a pale gold with icy shimmer
  • AMPLIFIED LIPSTICK IN PETULANCE, a mauvey mid-tone nude

MAC Keepsakes Face Palette in Smoky Face Palette

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