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Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer

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connor claire 3 months

Our little peanut turned three months old yesterday, and she’s just as feisty (she kicks like she has a black belt in karate!) and chatty as ever.

Her cute baby sounds have gotten more complex, too, and now, in addition to the staccato cooing and gurgling noises, she strings together longer baby “sentences” that sound like “wah-wah-wah-wah” and “maw-maw-maw-maw.”

connor claire 3 months pointed toes

connor claire 3 months side 2

connor claire 3 months side

Right now Connor Claire likes…

  • Working out at the “baby gym,” also known as the Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym. She can easily spend hours in it staring up at the flashing lights, reaching for the hanging toys (her favorite is the orange monkey) and listening to the rainforest setting’s chirping birds and croaking frogs.
  • Gnawing on her hands — particularly her left fist! She hasn’t quite figured out how to suck on her thumb yet, though… But she’s committed to working on it.
  • Going for afternoon walks. I’ll either pop her into her baby carrier or just hold her and walk around our neighborhood circle a few times. She loves looking up at the trees and the sky and listening to the wind and the rustling leaves.

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2 Months Old

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connor claire 2 months

My li’l lovebug, also known as “The Coywolf,” also known as your niece, is now two months old (officially nine weeks). She’s also juuust shy of 10 pounds and no longer fits the smallest of her newborn onesies, a fact I find bittersweet. 🙁

connor claire 2 months 2

Right now Connor Claire likes…

  • Cooing, gurgling and laughing. She’ll talk your ear off with her chorus of cute baby sounds!
  • Smiling and spreading her sunshine around. 🙂 Connor smiles all the time and seems to be a very happy girl.
  • Taylor Dayne. HAHA! We found this out while driving in the car a couple weeks ago. Connor was having a “high needs” afternoon, so El Hub and I took her for a spin while we ran some errands. She was crying in her carseat when I left the car to pick up a pizza we’d ordered for dinner (half pepperoni and olive, half veggie), and when I got back to the car, Taylor Dayne’s I’ll Always Love You was playing on the radio.

    Connor was super chill in the backseat… Ah, the soothing power of the easy listening station! ‘Tis magical.

  • Watching Gilmore Girls with mom. I’ve been re-watching the series while I feed her. Connor was shocked — SHOCKED! — when she found out that Dean was going to marry Lindsey.
  • “FaceTiming” with her lola and lolo (Tagalog for grandma and grandpa). My mom and dad are super obsessed with Connor (she’s their first grandchild), and since they can’t visit her every day, we FaceTime. They spend the entire call chatting with her, and it is so, so cute.

connor claire 2 months 1

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Clearly, This Is My Child

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When you put a hot pink sequined feather showgirl-style headdress on your baby and she smiles with delight? — that’s when you realize that, OH YEAH! This is definitely my kid. For. Sure.

(I had exactly the exact same reaction the first time I put this headband on, by the way. The apple did not fall far from the tree.)

Seriously, I’ve been waiting all my life to take that picture at the top. Like, my sole purpose on this earth was to take a snapshot of this baby wearing a hot pink headdress.


Oh, and here’s another shot of the outfit, sans the bold accessory. The onesie and pants are by Circo, both from Tar-ghay.


Mint green and gray = a classic pairing. Plus, you can’t go wrong with leggings with a zig-zag pattern!

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Tabs and His Protégé

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tabs and connor claire

Everyone in our family takes turns watching Connor Claire, even her big brother Tabs! 🙂

Although, to be honest, sometimes he’s not too thrilled when I ask him to babysit…

tabs and connor claire 2

I guess he’s got places to go and people to see? Whatevs.

tabs and connor claire 3

Because he’s all about multitasking, Tabs takes his responsibility as an opportunity to teach his protégé everything he knows about kitty super modeling. Currently, they’re working on a patented Tabs pose called “the distant disinterested stare.”

She’s getting pretty good at it!

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