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Nails Inc. New Globe Walk SNOW GLOBE Nail Polish

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nails inc snow globe

Shake it like a Polaroid picture! Inside a snow globe! Because that’s what this is like.

How cute is this?! It’s a little snow globe inside a nail polish bottle, except the snowflakes are golden.

This is new $15 Nails Inc. Globe Walk SNOW GLOBE Nail Polish, and it’s available now on the Nails Inc. website.


nails inc snow globe closeup

The weather calls for a blizzard of hexagonal glitter flecks in a clear polish base. The flecks rest on the bottom of the bottle until you shake it up. Just shake, then paint, either on top of bare nails or another polish. Here I’m wearing Snow Globe on top of two Nails Inc. NailKale polishes, deep cherry Victoria and nude Montpelier Walk ($14 each, available now on the Nails Inc. website and Sephora).

nails inc snow globe swatch
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Coming Soon: The New Mustela Maternite Skincare Line for New Moms and Moms-to-Be

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mustela maternite

My skin feels tight!

No…I don’t mean “tight” as in that hella cool/rad/rocking way. I mean tight, as in a balloon that’s about to pop. 🙂

This is mostly because of what I’ve dubbed “The BG Zone,” aka “The Baby Girl Zone,” aka “My Tum and Boobs,” and even though the rational right half of my brain realizes that this is normal and just a prelude to bigger (haha) things to come, and that the real-deal fun is right around the corner, I’m still trying to brace myself, which includes incorporating some new skin and body care products into my routine, like these new products by Mustela.

They’re a French brand known for their skin care products for moms and babies, and they have a brand new line of lotions, balms and creams to help with stretch marks, body firming and itching…which happens sometimes when your skin feels stretched to its limits and you’re about two breaths away from bursting. The new Mustela Maternity Skincare line debuts online this month and at Target, Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby stores.

“For over 60 years, Mustela has been an expert in skincare innovation for babies and mothers-to-be. Thanks to a strong foundation in dermatological research, Mustela products are safe, gentle, and formulated specifically for your baby’s delicate skin. Paraben-, phthalate-, and phenoxyethanol-free, Mustela is, most importantly, proven safe for you and your baby.”

mustela maternite boxes
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Makeup Shopping Update: Amore Pacific, MAC, Estee Lauder and Formula X for Sephora

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amore pacific cusion compact

Because friends always share their beauty finds (to help each other figure out what’s hot and what’s not), here are a few things I picked up last weekend…

Amore Pacific Control Cushion Compact in 208 ($60)
I’ve been dying to try a cushion compact foundation ever since I saw makeup artist and Butter London Global Colour Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes use one to blend concealer. This one even comes with a refill compact, so it’s like getting two foundations for the price of one. I wore it for the first time yesterday, and the coverage was sheer and lightweight and looked natural and absolutely lovely! I picked up shade 208, which is the darkest one available. Sadly, the shade range is very limited (boo), and 208 is a little peachier than I’d like. So I love the coverage, but I’m still on the fence about this particular shade for me… I’m gonna keep wearing it around the house for a couple more days to see how I eventually feel about it.

Estee Lauder Little Black Primer ($24)
A restock. I just can’t live without this lash primer.
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The Rouge Bunny Rouge Discovery Coffret Fragrance Sample Set

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rouge bunny rouge discovery coffret

As there are seven fragrances in the new $50 Rouge Bunny Rouge Discovery Coffret set, that means that you can wear a different Rouge Bunny Rouge scent every day of the week, which, according to my calculations and an independent double-blind study performed by Tabby Technologies, a Tabs the Cat Industries LLC subsidiary, you now have seven more reason to obsess over Rouge Bunny Rouge. 🙂

There are seven little fragrance samples in this set, and I think they’re all pretty great. Rouge Bunny Rouge likes to do things a little differently, and they stay in character with these scents. They’re unlike most standard-issue fruity florals that crowd the shelves at Sephora.

These combine fragrance notes in ways my nose has never met before, and because RBR is a boutique-sized brand and isn’t huge, the odds of you passing by someone on the sidewalk wearing the exact same scent are slim to none.

Soooo, if you or someone you love is a fragrance hound who loves interesting, uncommon scents that are hard to come by, this collection of samples could be a good deal.
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These Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blushes Are My Latest Drugstore Beauty Infatuation

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neutrogena healthy skin blush

The Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blushes

Close your eyes, and imagine your favorite, coziest, most comfortable sweatshirt. How warm and soft it feels…

Now, you step out of the shower. Ooh! — the tiles are cold, and you reach over and grab your glorious sweatshirt, then pull it on over your head. Then you put your arms through the sleeves.

Ah… So soft and snuggly.

OK, basically, these powder blushes feel like that! 🙂

neutrogena healthy skin blush 10 rosy

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blush in 10 Rosy

My goodness, they’re soft.

(How soft are they?)

Well, if you, like me, have clumsy Shrek hands early in the morning and you attempt to open one of these, try not to accidentally jab it with a nail, because you’ll probably take out a huge divot. That’s how incredibly creamy and soft they are.

According to Neutrogena, they have a gel base, which is supposed to make the application smoother.

neutrogena healthy skin blush 20 vibrant

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blush in 20 Vibrant

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