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Marsala Madness Strikes Sephora! Have You Seen the Sephora + Pantone Universe Makeup Collection?

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Sephora + Pantone Universe Marsala (2)

Flashback! Marsala sooooo reminds me of the deep, dark reddish browns of the ’90s, like MAC Paramount. Take me back, homie…

I do like the shimmery twists and sheens Sephora incorporated to modernize marsala in their Sephora + Pantone Universe makeup collection, because back in the day, the shade probably would have been reserved for flat mattes, which were nearly impossible to blend.

Sephora + Pantone Universe Marsala (3)

Sephora + Pantone Universe Marsala (4)

From the left: Shimmering Marsala Cheek Trio, Pure Marsala Matte Lip Creme, Bold Marsala Mascara & Brow Highlighter and Marsala Metalshine Liquid Liner

The Sephora + Pantone Universe Makeup Collection

  • A limited edition eight-piece release
  • Available now at Sephora stores and
  • I’m really liking the $28 Shimmering Marsala Cheek Trio. Very easy to blend.
  • The $18 Pure Marsala Matte Lip Creme is smooth and creamy and super pretty. Very ’90s, too.
  • The Marsala Metalshine Liquid Liner, also $18, is quite shimmery and pigmented.
  • While also pigmented, $20 Bold Marsala Mascara & Brow Highlighter is totally NOT wearable at all.
  • Overall, I can get behind the cheek trio, the lipstick and the liner…but the mascara and brow highlighter just make my brows and lashes look hella red. But not runway red in a fashion-forward way. More like red as in demon spawn. Think hard before going there… I’m just sayin’.

P.S. I’m on the way out the door to go to that restaurant/nightclub with the Prince cover band in San Rafael. If I don’t see you again tonight, please have a safe and happy New Year’s. See you in 2015! :)

On Shelves Now: Beauty Books That Caught My Eye

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book-top-610 042

I’m always on the market for new beauty books. I have a few of them at home now (’cause reading is fundamental!). These are currently on my radar screen as new contenders…

Eye Candy: 55 Easy Makeup Looks for Glam Lids and Luscious Lashes, by Linda Mason ($14.95)

book-eye-candy-1 056

Sometimes I get stuck in eye makeup ruts, and this book’s loaded with inspiration. There’s 55 eye looks. DUDE! That’s a lot.

book-eye-candy-2 057

Makeup Makeovers Beauty Bible: Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations, by Robert Jones ($19.99)

book-makeup-makeovers-1 053

This one is packed with lots of good, in-depth beauty information. Check out the section with makeup for different eye shapes.

book-makeup-makeovers-2 054

book-makeup-makeovers-3 055

Love, Lashes, and Lipstick: My Secrets for a Gorgeous, Happy Life, by Mally Roncal ($25)

book-mally-love-lashes-1 051

Mally’s bubbly personality really comes across in the writing in this book, and I dig the cute illustrations.

book-mally-love-lashes-2 052

Hello Kitty Nail Art, by Masako Kojima ($17.95)

book-hello-kitty-1 049

Granted, I probably don’t have the skill to pull off most of these nail looks, but I want to! Because it’s Hello Kitty!

book-hello-kitty-2 050

Beauty: The New Basics, by Rona Berg ($19.95)

book-beauty-new-basics-1 046

I really like that the models in this book look like normal women of all ages and ethnicities.

book-beauty-new-basics-2 047

book-beauty-new-basics-3 048

Everything Eyes: Professional Techniques, Essential Tools, Gorgeous Makeup Looks, by Bobbi Brown ($14.95)

book-bobbi-1 043

A whole chapter devoted to makeup for girls with glasses. Yes.

book-bobbi-2 044

book-bobbi-3 045

Do you have any beauty books at home? Which are your favorites (mine’s Makeup Makeovers in 5, 10, 15, and 20 Minutes: Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations, by Robert Jones)?

The Mia Beauty Jumbo Braidie: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Mia Beauty Jumbo Braidie

Mia Beauty Jumbo Braidie in Dark Brown, $9

I know you’re probably all snuggly in your Christmas PJs right meow, but peel yourself off the couch for a second, and grab yo’ phone so you can tell Siri to remind you to swing by the drugstore to grab one of these Jumbo Braidies by Mia Beauty.

Seriously, if there’s one thing I learned over the holidays this year, it’s that this synthetic hair headband is the gift that keeps on giving. It has saved me so much time! I haven’t really wanted to deal with my hair lately because it’s been rainy and stormy outside and, well, let’s face it, I’m a freakin’ procrastinator. :) I did all my Christmas-related schtuff at the last minute and hardly had any time to mess with the hair, man!

I love this doohickey because it helps me look 10,000% less frazzled and scruffy. I just throw my hair up into a high messy ponytail/bun hybrid, slip this elastic headband on, and then I’m d-to-the-o-to-the-n-to-the-e. DONE. And in less than a minute, BAM.

I feel like it’s also helping me toward my ultimate goal of channeling Holly Golightly’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s fashion sense. :)

And, big plus, when I’m on day three of third-day hair, putting my hair up and using a Bradie helps me skip one more day of hair washing.

I know, sounds gross, but my stylist/buddy Alis told me that one of the secrets to getting the most out of expensive salon color is to NOT wash your hair everyday, so I like to shampoo every few days instead of daily.

Anywho, the Mia Beauty Braidies are available in five shades — Dark Brown (which is the shade I’m wearing here), Medium Brown, Light Brown, Blonde and Black — which leads me to wonder… Where’s the red head love?!

Each Braidie is $9 and available now online and at drugstores.

Mia Beauty Jumbo Braidie

Shoe Haul: The Sam Edelman Johanna Over-the-Knee Suede Boot

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Sam Edelman Johanna Boot
These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do.

Seriously! These boots were REALLY made for walking. The heel is an entirely manageable 1 1/2″, which is perfectly acceptable should you need to run away from zombies (never know).

At least that’s what I told myself when I got them as a Christmas present. To Me, From Me. Merry Christmas! :)

They’re the Johanna Over-the-Knee Suede Boot by Sam Edelman, normally $299.95, but they’re on sale now for $149.98 (50% off) at Nordstrom stores and online.

Sam Edelman Johanna Boot

The Current Makeup Storage Situation…

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Makeup storage (2)

I’m hoping that these pics of my main office closet someday serve as the “before” photos in a “before and after” makeup storage situation with a happy ending.

The clear bins all stacked up here are from The Container Store and purchased piecemeal over the past few years.

At least the bins are all stacked up now because they used to be literally strewn about, which was not the best use of space.

I finally consolidated them in the closet a couple weekends ago, but they’re still not totally organized.

They used to be though, sort of, when they were strewn about, before I stacked them in the closet. The improv Post-It labels used to correspond to the products in the drawers, but I got progressively more sloppy and moved some stuff around, so now I have to redo everything.

Thankfully, Post-Its are removable! (I like these Post-it Super Sticky Removable Label Pads.)

Now I just have to reorganize what’s in the drawers, and I’ll be set. The current system is sorted by brand first, then type of product, but that may change.

I’m thinking about sorting by color or formula, but I don’t know if that’ll work better. I haven’t figured it out yet…

Makeup storage (3)

Makeup storage (4)

Makeup storage (5)

Makeup storage (6)

Makeup storage (7)

Makeup storage (8)

Makeup storage (9)

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