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Because It Always Looks Better in Black: New Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit

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lipstick queen black lace rabbit

Wearing Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit ($24) on my lips

By the old makeup gods and the new, I swear that I will never star in a reality TV show…voluntarily, but if were to accidentally stumble into a situation where a show needed a sassy, fast-talking, makeup-loving crazy cat lady, I’ve decided that my catch phrase will be “It looks better in black!” because if you ask for my opinion on something, that’s pretty much my stock answer, whether it’s bags, clothes, shoes or now, in the case of new Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit, makeup.


lipstick queen black lace rabbit

Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit

Sheer black lipsticks aren’t anything new, because old-school shades like Clinique Black Honey have been around since the ’90s, but this one has a spark-tacular twist…

Golden Glitter

lipstick queen black lace rabbit swatch

Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit

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The Bite Beauty Multisticks: Monochromatic Marvelousness for Your Lids, Lips and Cheeks

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bite beauty multistick

The new Bite Beauty Multisticks ($24 each)

Hand on my heart, my hoops and my high hair — today is the day I’m getting serious, y’all. I’m going to set down the Nutella jar and commit to get back into shape.

I will also do my level best to ignore the fact that every time I see one of these $24 Bite Beauty Multisticks…I wanna chomp into it like it’s a Twinkie.

bite beauty multistick

On paper, you totally could eat these multipurpose makeup sticks for eyes, cheeks and lips because, like all Bite Beauty products, they’re made with food-grade ingredients, but I haven’t tried it yet… But ya never know. I probably will. I have licked a lipstick before in the pursuit of makeup curiosity, haha!

bite beauty multistick

So, yeah, you could eat these if ya wanted to (which is nice to know, I suppose), but I don’t know if I’ve ever wanted to wear a creamy reddish brown like Almond on my eyes, my lips and my cheeks at the same time… It seems like it would be a little much, right? Like a dude wearing one too many gold chains?

bite beauty multistick 1

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The Urban Decay Vice Vintage Capsule Collection, and Happy #Caturday!

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urban decay vice lipstick vintage capsule collection 1

Party like it’s 1996!

SHEEEEYT, girl, back in 1996, you wouldn’t have been able to tear me away from my metallic lipsticks. My “going out” color was a purply shade similar to Asphyxia, one of the nine reissued shades in the upcoming Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Vintage Capsule Collection. I wore it with a dark purple lip liner which, of course, I left purposefully unblended. 🙂

I think I got the idea from a Missy Elliot video… Or maybe it was Mary J. Blidge?

Wherever it came from, I thought it rocked, LOL!

urban decay vice lipstick vintage capsule collection

The new Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Vintage Capsule Collection (colors: $17 each)

Lace up your Doc Martens AND your Timberland boots because UD is celebrating their 20-year anniversary by reissuing nine lipsticks from their original 1996 lineup, and they’re releasing them in their new Vice formula.

They have a totally legit mid-’90s metallic feel to ’em.

urban decay vice bruise

Urban Decay Bruise

Some of them are more wearable than others… Take Bruise, a deep burgundy with a red and green shift that, at least on me, is very subtle, and Oil Slick, a sheer black with silver micro glitter that looks more like a deep plum on the lips (think Clinique Black Honey).

urban decay vice oil slick

Urban Decay Oil Slick

While others, like Frostbite, a deep blue with multicolored micro-glitter, are straight up cray! Wearing Frostbite I feel like I’m channeling Lil’ Kim at the height of her Crush on You fabulousness.

urban decay vice frostbite

Urban Decay Frostbite

The collection is limited edition, so once these robot lips colors are gone, you won’t find them anymore on shelves. Better grab your favorite one before they peace out.

urban decay vice vintage

Swatches from the left: Urban Decay Oil Slick, Frostbite, Smog, UV-B, Pallor, Plague, Bruise, Roach and Asphyxia

Take a stroll down memory lane these holidays with the Urban Decay Vice Vintage Capsule Collection ($17 each), coming soon.

Happy #Caturday!

happy caturday

Rise and shine, morning glory. I hope you slept well. I slept…interestingly, LOL! Connor Claire had her 6-month checkup yesterday, so she was a little out of sorts last night from all the attention and woke up early. But we’re chugging along… Tabs is a little fed up with the crying, truth be told, but he’s trying to be patient because she’s still a new hire. 🙂

Are you doing anything fun over there?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



The Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Trio: A Pyrite Oasis at Twilight

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Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Trio

Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Trio (coming soon for holiday 2016)

Emerging like a bedazzled butterfly from a mirrored chrysalis, a highlight SO sparkly and SO shiny that it borders on metallic has been one of the hottest makeup trends over the past couple of years. If you’re a fiend for mirror-like shines, you might want to get the new Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Trio on your cheekbones, ASAP.

urban decay naked illuminatied trio closeup

Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Trio

With three new shades of UD’s hella shiny highlighting powder, this limited edition $36 holiday set, coming soon for holiday 2016, is all about the bling.

First, there’s Pyrite, a golden champagne…

Next, Oasis, a cool-toned taupe with silver glitter.

Finally, Twilight, a shimmery, iridescent pink.

All three shades have a HIGHLY reflective finish, and they’re also pretty easy to blend on top of either bare skin or makeup.

urban decay naked illuminatied trio swatches

The Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Trio: swatches

I’ve worn Urban Decay’s Naked Illuminating powders before, and I like how striking they can look, particularly when you’re standing next to a bright light source (like a camera flash), and I can find ways to make them work for me, even with my current big pore situation…but it takes some finagling, and I’m at a point where I don’t really have the patience hop through too many hoops.

How did I get here? Lack of sleep mainly, LOL!

Honestly, at least for now…I want easy highlights, and I want subtle highlights, so please me a pan of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Radiant Light before you go. 🙂 Thank you!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow

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urban decay liquid moondust eyeshadow

Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow

It occurred to me last night when El Hub and I were driving home from running errands and I was wearing the new Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow in Zap…

I totally should start a support group for makeup lovers who walk around all day long wearing crazy makeup but have husbands/boyfriends/significant others who either don’t notice or, for whatever reason, don’t say a damned thing about it.

Something tells me there are lots of us out there…

When I caught a glimpse of my lids glittering in the car’s side view mirror, I realized that — WHOA! — I was wearing so. Much. Glitter.

I looked like I’d just spent the last 24 hours partying in Las Vegas instead of driving home to Novato from Babies ‘R’ Us. 🙂

And I can’t believe El Hub acted like he didn’t even notice! When I finally asked him about it in the car, he casually said, “Well, I noticed they [my eyes] were sparkly, but I’m so used to it now. I thought it was just normal.”


urban decay liquid moondust eyeshadow

Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow

Coming soon in eight glitter-rific $22 shades

If it’s glitter you want, it’s glitter you’ll get with the Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Eyeshadows, coming soon exclusively to Sephora for the holidays.

Zap, the shade I’m wearing below, is a gold with gold sparkle; Magnetic is a purple with iridescent sparkle; Vega is a bright blue with iridescent sparkle; and Zodiac is a smokey black with a bluish green shift and 3-D sparkle.

There’s also a deep coppery iridescent bronze called Spacetime, an iridescent oyster beige called Chem Trail, a peach with pink shift called Recharged and a pinkish red with green 3-D sparkle called Solstice, which, by the way, I have to pronounce “Soul-Steese” ever since I binge-watched Broad City.

urban decay liquid moondust eyeshadow

Wearing Urban Decay Zap on my lids and lower lash lines, and the lisptick is Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in EZ.

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