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What’s the Buzz on The Body Shop’s New Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes?

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body shop honey bronze highlighting dome

The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes ($16 each, available in three shades)

What up, queen bee? Haaay! What’s the buzz on The Body Shop’s new Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes? Are they sweet?

Honey, I’ll tell ya.

LOL! OK, that’s enough with the bee puns. :) I’ll stop.

Uh…what they heck are these things?

  • These three $16 shimmery cream highlighters are new from The Body Shop as part of the Honey Bronze summer collection. I’m not sure if they’re limited or permanent edition, but I’ve got my honey bee feelers out… My beauty antennae. I should know soon.
  • Of the three shades, 01 is a shimmering champagne (good one for pale princesses), 02 is a shimmery peachy pink with golden glitter (good for all skin tones), and 03 is a warm, shimmery golden bronze (probably the best one for darker divas).
  • They all have a very light honey fragrance, which I can’t really even smell unless I get my nose up in there…and yes, if you do this, you may end up accidentally highlighting the tip of your nose, LOL!
  • Silky… They feel like a thinner, slightly wetter NARS Multiple to me.
  • They’re available now online and at The Body Shop.

body shop honey bronze highlighting dome

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes, clockwise from the lower left in 03, 01 and 02

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The Pacifica Power of Love Palette Is a Curious Thing That Could Make One Woman Weep and Another Woman Sing

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pacifica power love palette

The Pacifica Power of Love Eyeshadow Palette ($19.99)

Unless, as a child, your ears were fed a steady diet of cheesy ’80s pop music, you probably won’t think of Huey Lewis and the News when you open the new Pacifica Power of Love Eyeshadow Palette ($19.99).

But since I was THAT KID, that song creeps into my mind when I think about this palette.

“Try to think of other things, Karen,” I tell myself, “like how these mineral eyeshadows are cruelty-free, or how they’re infused with coconut water.”

But nooooo, all I can do is think about Back the Future

pacifica power love palette

The Pacifica Power of Love Eyeshadow Palette ($19.99)

So, Pacifica. Remember when they were just about bath products? Over the past few years they’ve moved further into the makeup space with color products for eyes, faces, lips and cheeks. Their focus is natural makeup — products made with vegan ingredients that are also cruelty free.

New for summer, the Power of Love Eyeshadow Palette is available exclusively at Target stores for $19.99. Inside the cardboard packaging, which is recyclable and printed with soy ink, in case you were wondering, are 10 powder eyeshadows, eight of them shimmers of varying levels of shine, and a couple of mattes. The shades are mostly neutrals, but there are a handful of accent colors as well. Most of the shadows are moderately pigmented, but a few are quite sheer.

pacifica power love palette

Wearing the Pacifica Power of Love Eyeshadow Palette on my eyes

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Tarte Summer 2015 Poppy Picnic Collection LipSurgence Lip Crèmes: Chubby Pencils With Powerful Pen Names

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tarte summer 2015

The Tarte Summer 2015 Poppy Picnic Collection LipSurgence Lip Crèmes ($24 each, available now in four shades)

With the new Tarte LipSurgence Lip Crèmes on my lips today, I’m feeling Empowered…

tarte summer 2015

Tarte Summer 2015 Poppy Picnic Collection LipSurgence Lip Crème in Empowered

tarte summer 2015

Tarte Summer 2015 Poppy Picnic Collection LipSurgence Lip Crème in Empowered

And Serene…
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The Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Vol. 1 Nudes You Need: Especially if You’re a Beauty Beginner, These ARE Nudes You Need

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make up for ever artist palette

Wearing the new Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Vol. 1 Nudes You Need ($42) on my eyes

Eyeshadow… It’s what’s for dinner.

LOL! Not really, but my stomach just rumbled, and that’s what popped into my head because I’m looking at this new eyeshadow palette. :)

It’s the $42 Artist Palette Vol. 1 Nudes You Need by Make Up For Ever.

But enough about rumbly tummies! — if you frequently forget the difference between a tapered blending brush and a domed eyeshadow brush, read on…

Heck, even if you do know the difference, keep reading, because this palette could end up saving you precious moments, as in time, when you put on le war paint.

So, what are we looking at here? An eye palette with nine neutral MUFE Artist Shadows in what are billed as universally flattering shades, the Artist Palette Vol. 1 is one of two $42 collectible Artist Palettes released this month by Make Up For Ever (the other one has bold shades). They’re available now online and at Make Up For Ever counters and Sephora.

OK, but what can this palette do for you/me? Well, if you consider yourself utterly and completely hopeless when it comes to blending, this eyeshadow palette will help you look like you know what you’re doing. You’ll have to practice, of course, but it’s easy to get the hang of blending with the help of these eyeshadows.

MUFE’s Artist Shadows have a super soft, almost gel-like powder formula packed with ultra-fine pigment particles. Creating gradients and doing layering with them takes very little effort because the powders feather out with just a few flicks of a brush.

In these pics here, I’m wearing a taupe-ish brown daytime eye look incorporating diffused cat liner, and it didn’t take much time to do, thanks to these Urban Decay-caliber blend-able shadows. I didn’t have to spend forever and a day swiping back and forth with my blending brush, and I noticed very little fallout, too.

My kind of look, yo! :)

Does anything set this palette apart from the pack of neutral eye palettes on the market? “Another day, another neutral palette…”

What is this, the one hundredth one!? There are a ton of them out there, but this one’s ridonkulously easy to use because of the colors (they’re true neutrals in terms of color temps) and the formula. Basically, it has no learning curve at all, so I think it’s one of the better ones for beginners.

If this is going to be your first neutral palette, I suggest also grabbing a pair of matte single eyeshadows in brown, one lighter than your skin tone, and one slightly darker, since most of the shades in this MUFE palette have some level of shimmer or sheen. You’ll be able to use the other mattes as transition shades, to blend out the edges of your shimmers, and to deepen your crease. It’s those finishing touches that take your eye looks to the next level.

make up for ever artist palette

Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Vol. 1 Nudes You Need ($42)

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The MAC Wash and Dry Collection Brushes, Makeup Bag, Bronzers and Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Sets

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mac wash and dry collection

Clockwise from the top, the MAC Wash & Dry Makeup Bag ($35), 126SE Split Fibre Large Face Brush ($46) and 125 Split Fibre Dense Face Brush ($38.50)

Hmm… Just five quarters left!

That should be enough for this last load of MAC Wash and Dry collection products. We have two brushes, a makeup bag, four bronzers and some bits for brows.

Beginning with the brushes and bag…

MAC Wash and Dry Collection: Brushes and Bag


  • How many are there in the release? There are two brushes in the collection — the 125 Split Fibre Dense Face Brush ($38.50) and 126 Split Fibre Large Face Brush ($46)
  • Uh…what’s a Split Fibre Brush? Good question. The brush heads are like two sides of a coin and have natural fibers on one side, and synthetic fibers on the other, so it’s designed to work with both cream (the synthetic fibers) and powder products (the natural fibers).

    They’re surprisingly handy. Mostly, I’ve been using these for applying products and blending them out, and I’ll apply whatever I’m working with — bronzer or blush, for instance — with one side of one of the brushes, and then I’ll flip the brush over and blend out the edges with the other side. It’s akin to having two different brushes in one.

    Both sides feel soft, with the synthetic bristles being slightly stiffer, which makes them ideal for picking up lots of product (like with the Studio Sculpt Bronzing Powders).

  • How well do they work overall? I think the 126 Split Fibre Large Face Brush ($46) is probably the better value. I like the size of the brush head. It’s big, so it covers a lot of surface area and is good for quickly erasing and diffusing edges. I’ve used it with bronzer, powder and blush, and it works well for them all. It’s a true multitasking tool — yes, on the expensive side, as it’s almost $50 (!), but it’s well-made and versatile.

    As for the 125 Split Fibre Dense Face Brush ($38.50), it’s an adequate contouring brush, and it looks cool…but unless you plan to contour every day, you may not get as much use out of it as the Face Brush.
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