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MAC MACnificent Me! Collection | Video Review, Pics and Swatches

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mac macnificent me eye shadow x 9

MAC MACnificent Me: Eye Shadow X 9 ($40)

So, what would be MACnificent right now? How about a vanilla milkshake and some fries!? But that just might be me doin’ my #pregnantladythings. The upside of the new MAC MACnificent Me! collection is that everything is calorie-free!

What makes you MACnificent? Is it your impeccable style, your sense of humor or your ability to wear crazy colors on your lids and lips and make them look completely legit?

Whatever it is, I think you’ll be able to find something of interest in the new MAC MACnificent Me! fall 2015 collection. :)

mac macnificent me eye shadow X 9 2

MAC MACnificent Me: Eye Shadow X 9 ($40)

mac macnificent me eye shadow

MAC MACnificent Me Eye Shadow in Cheer Me On, Well Behaved and Everyone’s Darling ($16 each)

Eye Eyeshadow in Cork ($16)

Eye Eyeshadow in Cork ($16)

This collection has a neat twist. The six models for the campaign, whose identities haven’t been announced yet (as of Sept. 18, 2015), were chosen from among the zillions of MAC fans who submitted their picture and bios and answered the question, “What makes you MACnificent?”

The collection drops on the MAC website September 21, and then arrives a little later on MAC counters and stores October 1 through November 12.

And it’s a huge one! — 42 pieces, with a number of traditionally fall-ish items like dark berry and plum lip colors.

Here’s a glimpse…

mac macnificent me paint pots

MAC MACnificent Me Paint Pots from the left: Stroke My Ego, Imaginary and Nice Composure ($22 each)

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MAC Guo Pei Collection: Fall 2015

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mac guo pei collection

Years from now, in the distant future, when historical beauty buffs/artistic archeologists look back on MAC’s 2015 limited edition releases, the award for Best Dressed Collection could easily go to MAC Guo Pei.

This one is a beauty! — and the packaging is also unusual for MAC. The compacts, lipsticks, brushes and glosses are all wearing fabric accents with floral flourishes (there’s even a cute little lady bug on the print) and have details like real stitching on the fabric sides.

mac guo pei night sky

MAC Guo Pei Eye Shadow X 4 in Night Sky

mac guo pei morning light

MAC Guo Pei Eye Shadow X 4 in Morning Light

mac guo pei zenith ethreal orchid brave red

MAC Guo Pei Lipsticks in Zenith, Ethereal Orchid and Brave Red

Unfortunately, the designer treatment also results in one of the more expensive MAC collections around. The two eyeshadow quads are — brace yourself for it — $70 each (!).

Yes, that’s crazypants.

Thankfully, the shadows are up to par for MAC. Unlike the shadows in some of MAC’s other limited edition quads and palettes, which for me are sometimes hit or miss (some feel harder than usual and aren’t as pigmented as their permanent collection counterparts), these are of comparable quality to the shadows in the permanent line.

Thank goodness for that.

All of the shadows in the two quads swatch beautifully, and I haven’t had any problems with blending, skipping, fallout or patchy/uneven application.
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Tarte Fall 2015 Energy Noir

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tarte energy noir palette

Tarte Energy Noir Clay Palette ($38)

“Energy Noir” = “Energy Night” or “Night Energy.” That’s the name of Tarte’s fall 2015 collection, which has been out for a while now. Thank you, high school French. Or, rather, merci beaucoup, high school French.

Geez…I could have sworn that “noir” meant “night.” Well, someone clearly wasn’t paying attention during vocab in high school French class… Guess who that someone was. :)

Energy Noir! You may have strolled by Tarte’s fall 2015 Energy Noir collection recently at Sephora. If it aroused your curiosity, but you’re wondering if it’s worth your time, here’s a closer look at three of the 12 pieces, including the $38 Energy Noir Clay Palette (thumbs up!). I’d even go so far as to call this eyeshadow and cheek palette one of my fall faves.

tarte fall 2015 park ave princess

Tarte Park Ave Princes Contour Palette Vol II ($38)

tarte fall 2015 lash primer

Tarte Opening Act Lash Primer ($22)

It’s kind of funny that I’m wearing something in this video review called Energy Noir, because when I filmed it — this was a couple weeks ago at the height of Baby Girl’s first trimester antics — I had absolutely NO energy at all, and as for energy at night? Forget about it. My mom called me one night at 7:15, and I was like, “I gotta go to bed now!”

Haha! It’s so true though.

tarte fall 2015
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Urban Decay Holiday 2015 First Impressions

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I was so confused today because I thought this was Urban Decay’s fall collection, and not the holiday collection, which is what it is.

I know that sounds really dumb…but in my defense, it’s 80 degrees outside! I’m wearing shorts and a tank top. I guess my mind just couldn’t make the leap to snowmen, Christmas trees and wearing mittens.

Heck, I don’t even have shoes on!

Be that as it may, it is holiday time in Urban Decay Land (ho-ho-ho!), so let’s don our mittens, our earmuffs and our J. Lo “Jenny from the Block” coat, and take a look. :)

urban decay vice4

Urban Decay Vice4 ($60)

urban decay vice4

Urban Decay Vice4 ($60)

urban decay vice4

Urban Decay Vice4 ($60)

There are a couple of palettes in the release, some new liners (which I’m not crazy about, but I’ll get into that in the video) and a highlighter.

I have no idea how any of it fits with the holidays because, you know, there’s a lot of black in it and references to oil slicks, and nothing that seems particularly holiday-esque, but we’re just gonna go with it. :)
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The MAC Vamplify Collection!

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mac vamplify collection

15 of the 17 new MAC Vamplify Lipglosses ($20 each)

What’s Going On!?

And I mean that both literally, and also in reference to one of these new $20 Vamplify Lipglosses. What’s Going On is the hot, intense fuchsia shade.

I haven’t felt this amped about a MAC lip product launch in a while. First time I tried one on, I was about ready to drop my stretchy pants, no joke! :) These lipglosses are what your brain cooks up when you’re having a really fantastic makeup dream that you never, ever want to wake up from. There’s just So. Much. Pigment. I needed someone to pinch me at first because I wasn’t sure if I was straight trippin’.

And there’s so much to love about them beyond the pigments and colors. If these fly off the shelves, I won’t be surprised.

Here are swatches and pics, but I go into a lot more detail in the video.

As always, thank you for watching! I hope you like these as much as I do.

mac vamplify pro longwear lip pencils

11 of the 12 MAC Vamplify Pro Longwear Lip Pencils ($20 each)

mac vamplify collection reds

MAC Vamplify Lipglosses from the left: Suggestive (an intense blue-red), Tease Don’t Touch (an intense true-red), Flash Drive (an intense coral-red), Push Some Buttons (an intense orange-red) and Everybody’s Talking (an intense coral)

mac vamplify collection reds

MAC Vamplify Lipglosses from the left: Suggestive (an intense blue-red), Tease Don’t Touch (an intense true-red), Flash Drive (an intense coral-red), Push Some Buttons (an intense orange-red) and Everybody’s Talking (an intense coral)

mac vamplify collection pinks

MAC Vamplify Lipglosses from the left: What’s Going On (a hot intense fuchsia), A for Attitude (a hot pink) and Speed Up (a bubblegum pink)

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