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The New Benefit Hoola Spring 2016 Collection

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Benefit Hoola Spring 2016

It’s official! You can now literally smother Benefit Hoola all over your bod without going through an entire pan of bronzer.

You haven’t done that? Oh, just me?

They’ve expanded on the crazy popular Hoola bronzer by adding a liquid bronzer called “Dew The Hoola”. Aw, super cute! They’ve also come out with an all-over body bronzer called “Zero Tan Lines”. Last, but most definitely not least, the cutest bronzing brush with blue hairs on a handle made of golden bamboo. The collection officially releases on February 26th.

This release was an answer to my prayers because this has to be my palest winter yet. I have to (get to) look at my Hawaiian husband and son’s golden tans year round, and I start to feel pretty bad for myself come February, so I slathered myself in all things Hoola in a desperate attempt to pretend that I just came back from Hawaii.

Let me tell you what I thought.

Dew The Hoola is meant to be a liquid version of the famous Hoola powder bronzer, which is a beautiful cool brown shade that looks like an actual tan on your face. I think that’s why it’s been so popular, because it looks so natural compared to so many of its orange competitors.

I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed the first time I pumped out the bright orange liquid, because it wasn’t at all what I expected. But still, I pressed onward and applied it to the hollows of my cheeks, around the perimeter of my face, and on my nose and chin. Then I blended it in with a damp Beauty Blender. I also tried it with a fluffy face brush, but it didn’t blend out nearly as well. 

As soon as it was all blended in, it ended up looking…not too bad. I really like the consistency and workability of the liquid, but I think the color is off for me.

Benefit Hoola Spring 2016

Benefit Hoola Spring 2016
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Day in Beauty, Vol. 12: The MAC Zac Posen Collection, ChocStars, and a Belated Blog Birthday

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mac zac posen

Lids, lips and cheeks by MAC Zac Posen

Hey, baby, you’re a ChocStar!

Yes, you read that correctly — a ChocStar, which is somewhat different than a rock star.


How funny are these chocolate bars, though? (Please note the tabbies.) I found them at a fun candy store called SweetE Organic in my old stomping grounds in Mill Valley. It’s just a little shop, but they have every square inch filled with interesting speciality candies — like organic chocolates, gluten-free gummies, vegan candy, sugar-free candies, dairy-free candies, SO MANY CANDIES!

Add it to your list of dessert-related things to do in Southern Marin before or after hiking Mt. Tam, sightseeing in Sausalito or shopping in Corte Madera or Mill Valley. You could have lunch at Pizza Antica (OOH! Try one of their chopped salads with a piadini.), and then swing by SweetE Organic for dessert.

It’s right next to a wonderful store called The Spanish Table, where I could literally spend hours looking at olives, wine, recipe books, maps and bars of Spanish chocolate.

I walked in yesterday while El Hub and I were out and about. With Baby Girl coming very, very soon, we’ve been trying to stay close to home and be ready to hop on the freeway to the hospital in San Francisco, buuut I was starting to go a little stir crazy, so I had to get out of the house.

Can’t help it. I’m antsy!

MAC Zac Posen

mac zac posen packaging

Packaging for the MAC Zac Posen collection

And the shopping yesterday was exactly what I needed. It was also a perfect excuse to wear makeup. 🙂 I busted out the new MAC Zac Posen collection (available now online and coming to stores and counters Feb. 25 through March 24) and did a look similar to what I’m wearing today — matte black winged liner; soft purple, plum and taupe lids; warm bronzed cheeks; and hot pink matte lips.

mac zac posen

Wearing pieces from the MAC Zac Posen collection

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A Shimmery Green Chanel Spring 2016 Makeup Tutorial

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There should be a video right up here in this post, but if it isn’t appearing for any reason, you can click here to watch it on YouTube.


Like the coat of moss the oak tree outside my window is wearing, and the color of the tiny buds springing to life on the tips of its beautiful branches.

Green means spring is coming! 🙂

Aaand green also happens to be the color of baby poo…which is neither here nor there, but you can’t really blame me for mentioning it because, SERIOUSLY, I am so ready for this baby to check out of Hotel Karen already.

Ugh. Still. So. Pregnant.

Yup, greens: they aren’t just for smoothies anymore. Green is good, and I thoroughly support wearing green eyeshadow, especially in the spring.

Green gets top billing in this shimmery, springy makeup look I’m wearing with a bunch of products from the Chanel spring 2016 collection, which is brimming with bright shades of green, teal, purple and pink, but they’re handled in that elegant Chanel way.

I think that if my granny saw me wearing this look, she’d still recognize me, ya know what I mean? I feel like I still look like me, because sometimes, when I’m experimenting with colorful makeup, I look into the mirror and think, “WHOA! Who is that girl?”

To subdue some of the bright green intensity on my eyes, I incorporated a satiny pink, and then also a black liner on my lower water lines to sort of neutralize some of the intensity of the purple and bright blue. Then, to balance, instead of compete, with my eyes, I’m wearing soft peach, pink and tan on my cheeks, and pink lips.

chanel spring 2016 makeup look

chanel griffith green

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Griffith Green

chanel might moonlight pink

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Mighty (left) and Illusion D’Ombre in Moonlight Pink (right)

chanel sunkiss ribbon blush

Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon Blush

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Life’s a Beach of Champagne Peach With the NARS Hot Sand Collection

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nars hot sand collection

Ouch! Hot Sand! It’s the new NARS Hot Sand collection…

Billed, first and foremost, as a celebration of a NARS cult classic, the brand’s Illuminator in Hot Sand, the new NARS Hot Sand collection is that and more, like, it’s also an opportunity to say, “Oh, hello! It’s you again?” to two popular NARS re-promoted regulars, Orgasm and Laguna, except that this time they aren’t in the same duo…which does make them kindasorta different (I guess?).

The collection also gives us a glossy, creamy highlighting stick in a peachy champagne shade and a good excuse to take the new Hanamachi Kabuki Brush and rub it all over yo’ face like a cat all up in your grill…

Nothing in the collection, however, feels like walking on actual hot sand, which is a good thing, because that, my friend, would be absolute misery.

Because have you ever trekked barefoot across a sweltering beach?? It’s not fun at all… It’s right up there with cleaning a dirty toilet (bluh) or trying on skinny jeans in terrible lighting when you’re feeling extra bloated.

No, this release is all about peachy, highlighted eyes, cheeks, skin and lips. And good old reliable (or, played out, depending on your point of view) Orgasm and Laguna.

So, yeah, I wouldn’t recommend walking across hot sand under any circumstances, but I can recommend giving a few things from this five-piece collection a try.

The NARS Hot Sand Illuminating Multiple ($39)

nars hot sand illuminating multiple

NARS Hot Sand Illuminating Multiple ($39)

If someone turned one of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders into a creamy stick, it would be a lot like the NARS Hot Sand Illuminating Multiple. It has that same gorgeous, subtle ability to highlight skin without leaving it looking greasy or frosty, and I think you’ll like it if your pores and fine lines are often an issue (because it doesn’t highlight either of them for me), or, if you just like highlighters that don’t put it all out there, if you know what I mean.

Like, if this highlighter were your secret admirer, it would write you a sweet poem in iambic pentameter and slip it under your door, instead of texting you an unsolicited dirty picture of its naughty bits.

Anywho…for a very subtle highlight, I like layering it beneath my foundation. I’ll swipe the stick directly on my cheekbones, then blend it out with the Hamanachi Kabuki Brush, also from this collection.

The Hot Sand Duos ($42 each)

nars hot sand duo

NARS Hot Sand/Laguna Blush/Bronzer Duo ($42) on the left and NARS Hot Sand/Orgasm Blush Duo ($42) on the right

With the Hot Sand/Orgasm Blush Duo, one side has a peachy champagne powder version of Hot Sand, and the other has an Orgasm blush… I like this one mostly because of Hot Sand, which shines more intensely than the Hot Sand Illuminator, but by no means would I call it frosty. It’s still subtle and on par with something like the new Hourglass Ambient Strobing Powders.

I think it’s very pretty and very beachy, boho glam, and it lasts all day long.

As for Orgasm blush…yep, it’s a classic, and I love how my face looks lively and fresh when I wear it, but how many pans of Orgasm blush does one person really need? I kinda wish NARS had released Hot Sand all by itself, instead of pairing it with Orgasm…

And in the Hot Sand/Laguna Bronzer Duo, you also get the same Hot Sand powder, except with NARS Laguna, instead of Orgasm. Aaand again, I’m still wishing that Hot Sand were sold individually, even though Laguna is a bronzing favorite of mine. It isn’t too cool toned or warm, so I can use it to bronze and/or contour.

The Hanamachi Kabuki Brush ($42)

nars hot sand lip gloss hanamachi kabuki brush

NARS Hot Sand Lip Gloss on the left ($26) and the NARS Hanamachi Kabuki Brush ($42) on the right

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The Guerlain Spring Glow 2016 Collection: For Ladies (and Lords) Who Love Luminous Looks

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You know what? Eff it! Let’s play hooky this afternoon. Whatdya say?

COME ON! Let’s do it. 🙂 The sun’s out; we could drive into the city, go to the Japanese Tea Gardens, walk around, check out the cherry blossoms, have a cup of tea and watch the pink petals glide in the wind… Doesn’t that sound nice?

I would love that, actually, and by the way, I’ll be wearing the Guerlain Spring Glow 2016 collection, because this collection is all about that laid-back spring lifestyle.

No, not like you’re hiking up a mountain or, like, parasailing or doing X games. More like just enjoying a sunny day outside at the park, or kicking it in the city with your girlfriends.

guerlain spring glow 2016 packaging

Highlights from the Guerlain Spring Glow 2016 collection…

guerlain spring glow 2016

A few pieces from the Guerlain Spring Glow 2016 collection

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