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The MAC Nutcracker Sweet Holiday 2016 Collection

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mac saucy little darling

From the MAC Nutcracker Sweet holiday 2016 collection, the Eye Kohls in Powersurge (as a base all over my lids), Feline (upper lash and water lines) and Prunella (lower lash and water lines), Magic Dust Eye Shadows in Dark Lullaby (lids), Mustache (upper lash line), Rabblerouser and Pretty Dainty (crease), Forward March (just underneath my inner brow bones) and Dance Flowers Dance (tear duct)! The lipstick is Saucy Little Darling.

M∙A∙C Nutcracker Sweet
Available online October 20, 2016
Available in stores on October 27, 2016 through December 8, 2016

This is gonna sound pretty band-geeky of me (well, I was a band geek), but some of the best flute parts EVER are in the MAC…

Wait — the MAC?

I almost said “in the MAC Nutcracker Sweet,” what!

I meant to say, “in the [actual] Nutcracker Suite,” as in the piece of music from the ballet, and I know this because I played it in high school.

Nutcracker Sweet! In MAC’s case, it’s spelled S-W-E-E-T, and if that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what planet you’re from. 🙂 Because I love sweet things, and this collection is definitely sweet.

MAC always goes big for the holidays. This post is just about the color collection. There are also a bunch of kits and sets which I’ll be wearing and testing over the next week.

So what do you think of the limited edition packaging?

mac nutcracker sweet

MAC Nutcracker Sweet for Holiday 2016

mac nutcracker sweet

Eye Kohls in Powersurge (as a base all over lids), Feline (upper lash and water lines) and Prunella (lower lash and water lines); Magic Dust Eye Shadows in Dark Lullaby (lids), Mustache (upper lash line), Rabblerouser and Pretty Dainty (crease), Forward March (just underneath inner brow bones) and Dance Flowers Dance (tear duct)

I think it’s SO pretty — the bright pink, plum and those touches of gold. Right away, my eyes went BIG, and not just because I spotted three of my favorite liners of all time — Prunella, Powersurge (don’t even get me started about Powersurge) and Feline. Yes, they’re re-promotes, I know, but there are also some new things in this collection, like the Magic Dust Eye Shadows, which are indeed magically dusty, but not in a bad way. More like magic makeup fairy dust.

Seriously, why aren’t all MAC eyeshadows like these? They’re smooth, sensationally soft, and when I was swatching them, I kid you not, I just kept going ooh, ah, give it to me…

OK, that sounded kind of nasty…

Let’s just start with the lip products, shall we?


Cremesheen Lipstick in Kingdom of Sweet ($18)

mac kingdom of sweets

Cremesheen Lipstick in Kingdom of Sweets

WHAT IS IT? I usually shy away from creamy, pale pastel pinks like Kingdom of Sweets because they’re infinitely difficult to wear, especially if you have dry lips. They settle into my fine lip lines, but Kingdom of Sweets doesn’t.

SHOULD YOU GET IT? Yes. Hell, yes. I hardly ever wear colors like this, but I want to wear this one right now. It’s smooth, comfortable and easy to use, which are all the things I want from a pale pastel pink lipstick.

Matte Lipstick in Flamboyish ($18)

mac flamboyish

Matte Lipstick in Flamboyish

WHAT IS IT? I wanna be Flamboyish! This hot pink is BRIGHT, and it reminds me a lot of Candy Yum Yum, which, I believe, is slightly lighter.

SHOULD YOU GET IT? I’m on the hot pink train, toot-toot! Destination Hot Pink Matte Lipstick-ville. So yes, I would hop on the Flamboyish train. It’s smooth for a matte, which, as you know, can be difficult to wear. It’s also opaque.

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The MAC Selena Matte Eyeshadows and Lipsticks Take Center Stage

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mac selena collection

The MAC Selena collection (coming October 1 to the MAC website, and to stores October 6 through November 17, 2016)

¡Finalmente! The MAC Selena collection!

Fans of beloved Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez, whose life was tragically cut short in 1995 at 23 years old, made this collection happen, and MAC heeded the call.

While I was testing and reviewing, I learned a lot of things I didn’t know about Selena, like how her favorite colors were purple and black and her favorite flower was a white rose.

I’m sorry to say that I didn’t know much about her before this release, but I did know that she rocked bold red lips and sang a couple of songs that were very popular when I was in college.

Her artistic legacy and spirit inspired the 13-piece MAC Selena collection, which Selena’s sister Suzette helped create. It includes three new shades of lipstick ($18 each), including a dupe for a red taken from the makeup case Selena took with her when she went on the road; five new eyeshadows ($17 each); a new blush duo ($29); a new gloss ($17); and three re-promoted items from the MAC permanent line ($18 Opulash Mascara, $21 Boot Black Liquid Eye Liner and the $35 129SH Powder/Blush Brush).

MAC Select Obsessed & Devoted Members (MAC’s version of Sephora VIB) get early access to the collection in an exclusive pre-sale September 28. For everyone else, it arrives October 1 on the MAC website and in stores October 6 through November 17, 2016.

mac selena eyeshadows

The MAC Selena collection Eye Shadows ($17 each)

mac selena collection techno cumbia

MAC Selena Techno Cumbia ($29)

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The Falling Tokyo Leaves, Cat Lady #lifegoals and the Essie Fall 2016 Collection

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essie kimono over

Creamy plum Essie Kimono Over ($9, one of six shades in the limited edition Essie fall 2016 collection)

This is going to sound terribly cat lady of me (really, what did you expect?), but how’s this for a plan? — you, me, the Essie fall 2016 collection and Toyko in the fall. We could traipse down Icho Namiki Avenue with our manis and pedis and see how many cute maneki-nekos we can find.

Of course, we’d also have to stuff our pockets with cat treats just in case any real city kitties cross our path…

OK, that may have been the most CCL thing I’ve ever written.

Well…probably not. 🙂

Anyway, Tokyo! In the fall! It was the inspiration for the Essie fall 2016 collection.

I’ve never been to Japan before, but I just googled “tokyo in the fall,” and it looks AMAZING.

Now one of my #lifegoals is to visit Tokyo in the fall to see the autumn leaves changing.

I don’t know much about Tokyo, but I always picture a bustling city (I blame this on watching Lost in Translation a few hundred times… It’s one of my favorite movies.), so I was surprised to find out that Essie was inspired by the colors of Tokyo’s fall foliage.

essie udon know me

Essie Udon Know Me

Essie fall 2016 is a six-piece limited edition collection, available right meow, and the polishes are $9 each.


This has to one of my favorite Essie collections of all time because there are usually one or two colors in their collections that I end up having to baby a little, like by having to use several layers because of how super sheer they are (I prefer full opacity) or by having to remove my polish and practice a few times with one of them that ends up being streakier than the others, but all six of these shades are a breeze to use…

essie maki me happy

Essie Maki Me Happy

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SO HAWT! Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy Juicy Color Plumping Lip Gloss

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Holy habaneros, girl! Somebody grab a fire extinguisher because my lips are on FIYAHHH! — and I’m not talking jalapeños. I’m talking next-level ghost pepper to the Nth degree flames rising up from the depths of the earth’s primordial molten core HOT! 🔥🔥 That’s how my lips feel when I wear these new Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy Juicy Color Plumping Lip Glosses.

These bees sting like battling rivals on the dance floor!

Thankfully, it does subside after a few minutes…

too faced lip injection glossy

So, yeah…on one hand, I feel like I’m making out with a ghost pepper when I wear these, but on the other hand, I like how they shine (like the twinkle in Nick Jonas’ eye when he sings about lost love).

I also like how long they last and how thick they feel, so they stick to my lips for 3-4 hours.

too faced lets flamingle

Let’s Flamingle, a watermelon pink

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MAC Liptensity Collection Lip Swatches and First Impressions

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mac liptensity

The new MAC Liptensity Collection

I wonder what it’s like to see things like Maureen Seaberg does, who used her genetic tetrachromatic ability to see 100 million color variations in her collaboration with MAC on the new MAC Liptensity Lipstick collection (coming Sept. 20 to the MAC website).

I bet it would be a lot cooler than what I usually see…which is barely anything half the time, LOL! Could somebody pass my glasses, please?

mac postmodern

MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Postmodern

I just powered through these swatches, so a few of them are a little dicey. My apologies, but homegirl was flyin’! Some of the darker shades definitely could have used more babying, particularly Stallion, the black shade, and dark Blue Beat.

Hey, ma, I did my best in the two minutes I alloted myself to do each of them, but they’re the kind of colors that could easily take 15 minutes to apply flawlessly.

mac lobster

MAC Liptensity in Lobster

mac habanero

MAC Liptensity in Habanero

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