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NARS Enters the False Eyelash Fray With the New NARS Eyelashes False Eyelash Collection

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nars eyelashes

The new NARS Eyelashes, $20 each

We should totally make False Lash Fridays a thing.

You know, like how people do Flashback Fridays on social media? Like that, but we’ll all wear false lashes, and then go about our regular business.

We could posslby even start with these new NARS Eyelashes ($20 each, and being added to the permanent collection).

Wait — say whaaaat!?

Yup, NARS is jumping into the false eyelash fray with a new line of reusable, natural-looking, natural-fiber lashes coming out next month (available in eight styles). How very Shu Uemura of them, right?

They’re all supposed to look reasonably natural, or natural-ish, so there are no insane glitter styles with rainbow gems at the tips.

They also don’t come with lash glue, just as a heads-up, so you’ll need to already have/procure some. A lot of the department store brands (MAC and Shu come to mind) don’t include lash glue with their falsies, so it’s not uncommon…but sometimes it’s still a little inconvenient.

The new NARS Eyelashes ($20 each)

nars eyelashes numero 7

nars eyelashes numero 7

nars eyelashes numero 7
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Guerlain Summer 2015: Bronzed Skin, With Accents of Blue, Hot Pink and Yellowy Gold

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guerlain summer 2015

Guerlain Summer 2015

Hand on my heart, toes in the sand and face to the summer sun, Guerlain’s Summer 2015 Collection threw me for a loop.

Mind you…it was a colorful, lovely loop, but still — a loop, nevertheless.

I’m more accustomed to seeing them summon golden goddesses for summertime, with baked bronzes, toasty tans and luscious corals, all of which, you know, I absolutely LOVE, but they took a different path to the sun this time down a boulevard of bronzed skin (of course), with accents of blue, hot pink and yellowy gold.

It’s more color than I’m used to seeing from them this time of year, but I’m cool with that. I love wearing color, especially when it’s handled elegantly like this.

The collection includes two bronzers, two lipsticks, two waterproof cream eye shadows (a first for the brand!) and a nail polish. All of them are limited edition and coming to Guerlain counters and online this May.

guerlain summer 2015

Guerlain Summer 2015

This being Guerlain, and with us talking about summer, it only seems right to start with a Terracotta bronzer. This year, the two My Terracotta Bronzing Powders in the release ($55 each) are wearing special outfits! The pans come with a — I’m not sure how to describe it — scuba suit?

A very fancy scuba suit…

Basically, the cover slips on and off the compacts like a rubbery, silicone sleeve. The sleeve for 02 Natural Blondes is turquoise, while the sleeve for 03 Natural Brunettes is coral.

The first thing I did when I opened 02 Natural Blondes was sniff the pan. LOL! You have to do it, man. Like Guerlain’s other bronzers, these have their trademark tiare flower scent (which I love!).

Tiny flecks of shimmer wink at me when I see the pan sitting in the sun, but the shimmer doesn’t really register on my skin. I’m fine with that, though, since my pores and I usually prefer matte bronzers to shimmers.

Even though the bronzer shown here in this post is 02 Natural Blondes, you don’t have to be fair-haired to wear it. This deep, warm and toasty orange-bronze should suit a wide range of skin tones, depending on how it’s worked. It’s easy to blend and very pigmented, so the bronzed effect is noticeable immediately. You don’t have to use much at all, and if you do, things will go orangey.

As for eyes, the new Summer Waterproof Cream Eye Shadows ($32 each, available in two shades — a shimmery beige called White Sand and a shimmery turquoise called Blue Ocean) are a first for the brand. Cream shadows with a fluffy mousse-like texture, you apply them directly to bare lids with the included doe-foot applicator. Wear them alone or as bases for powder shadows.

Guerlain Summer 2015 Collection: Pictures

guerlain blue ocean nail

Guerlain Le Vernis Nail Lacquer in 700 Blue Ocean, $26

guerlain blue ocean eye

Guerlain Summer Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow in Blue Ocean, $32

guerlain summer 2015

Guerlain My Terracotta Bronzing Powder With Sleeve in 02 Natural Blondes, $55

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Hourglass Cosmetics Summer 2015: Introducing the New Ambient Lighting Bronzers and a Full-Sized Incandescent Electra Ambient Blush

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Hourglass Summer 2015

The Hourglass Summer 2015 Collection, available now at Hourglass counters and online

Fellow Hourglass fanatic and probable feline porcelain figurine lover, go grab your biggest, fluffiest, pouffiest (wait — I don’t think that’s even a word) powder brush, and hurry back.

You’re going to need that brush when you work with these new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzers.

YAAAAAAS GIRL! :) Hourglass totally went there. First, they gave us the glorious Ambient Lighting Powders, then the awesome Ambient Blushes, and now these! — the new Ambient Lighting Bronzers (available in two shades, $50 each).

hourglass cosmetics summer 2015

From the left: the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzers in Luminous Bronze Light and Radiant Bronze Light, and Incandescent Electra Blush

Both bronzers, as well as a new full-sized version of Ambient Lighting Blush in Incandescent Electra (Remember Electra from the the Ambient Blush palette? I’m a fan.), are new for summer 2015. They’re also being added to the permanent line (available now at Hourglass counters and online).

Notice how the bronzer pans are comprised of two shades, one lighter than the other? Those lighter areas are veins of Radiant Light and Luminous Light Ambient Lighting Powder running through the Bronzer.

Hourglass recommends the Luminous Bronze Light one for fair-skinned/lighter lovelies, and Radiant Bronze Light for medium/deeper-toned divas.

hourglass cosmetics summer 2015

Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light

Now, the darker areas within each of the pans is the actual bronzer. Hourgless figured out a way to combine warm, golden orange bronzers with cooler, ashier-toned taupes.

Interestingly, though, the warm orangey bronzer is what shows up in swatches, and also when I apply these on my face, which I do with a big fluffy powder blush, which creates that whole sun-kissed, golden bronzed effect I like.

hourglass cosmetics summer 2015

Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Radiant Bronze Light

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Urban Decay Summer 2015: New Eyeshadow Shades

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urban decay summer 2015

Urban Decay Summer 2015: New Eyeshadow shades ($18 each)

Well, now I know what to wear in the unlikely event that Charli XCX invites me to be a backup dancer in one of her videos. This: the new Urban Decay Summer 2015 Eyeshadow shades (arriving April 15 at Urban Decay counters and online for $18 each).

The “shifts,” as they’re called, have a cool 20-something party girl vibe. It’s very “big hair don’t care/let’s get drunk on the mini-bar.”

But I’m getting ahead of myself! — so lemme back up a little.


The eight new shades join UD’s existing Eyeshadow permanent line. Six of them are “shifts” — duo-chromes that appear to change color in the light, like that holographic thing. The other two are matte browns, about which I have to say, “YAY!” Transition colors. :) LOL! Leave it to me to get all cheerleader-y about the matte browns…

Whatever, I can always use another matte brown. Hand on my heart and hair to the sky, it’s the truth!

urban decay summer 2015

The new Urban Decay Summer 2015 Eyeshadows ($18 each)

urban decay summer 2015

Urban Decay Summer 2015 Eyeshadows ($18 each)

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Urban Decay Summer 2015 Collection: Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush Has Boomchickawawa Written All Over It

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urban decay summer 2015

Urban Decay Summer 2015: The new Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush


Like boomchickawawa!

In a pan.

But without the sweat and potentially awkward conversation.

And/or nakedness. :)

Yes! — Urban Decay’s new line of powder blush singles joins the permanent line on April 15 with the rest of the Urban Decay Summer 2015 Collection. The brand does already have a line of blush trios (which are called Naked Flushed), but these represent their first foray into The Land of Blush Singles in a while.

They’re $26 each and available in 12 shades, with the idea being that you put one of them on, and boom! — you look like you’ve been boomchickawawa-ing all day long, which would certainly burn a lot of calories, but I digress…

There are some neutrals here, as well as some crazy colors, but I think they’ll all be fairly wearable by beginners and full-on makeup divas with a capital “D.” And even the brighter colors, like bright purple Bittersweet and reddish orange Bang, are easy to blend out on my cheeks.

Unfortunately, there is a catch… They kick up a lot of powder, because the formula is super soft and airy, and very light. When I run a brush across one of the pan, the brush picks up and scoots around a lot of powder — more than when I use denser blushes by MAC or NARS.

So, on the one hand, you might make a little mess with these while you’re applying ’em, but on the other hand, they’re easy to blend. There are some things you can do to minimize the messiness factor, too, like, after swirling my brush in the pan, I’ll tap, tap, tap it firmly against the edge of the compact to unload every ounce of excess, and if that still isn’t enough, I’ll lightly blow on the brush head before bringing it to my cheeks.

urban decay afterglow blush

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush ($26 each)

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