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It’s Champagne and Roses All Around With the New 413 BLKR Blush and 413 BLKR Illuminator

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Wearing the new NARS 413 BLKR Blush and Illuminator

Wearing the new NARS 413 BLKR Blush ($30) and Illuminator ($30), available now exclusively at NARS Boutiques and

413 — that’s, like, a pager code, right?

LOL! Oh, puh-leaz! Don’t even pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. :) I know you got all smiley and giggly when your crush sent you love emergency pages in the (911 143) middle of the night, circa 1995.

Oh, wait. That was me.

Actually, in this instance, 413 is not in reference to the language of pager love, but rather shorthand for a collection of NARS makeup products called 413 BLKR.

It includes 413 Multiples, Nail Polishes, Eyeshadows, Lipsticks — all manner of cute things.

The numerical nomenclature is a shout-out to the address of the very first NARS boutique, located at 413 Bleecker Street in New York, and the 413 BLKR products were created in the spirit of New York City’s unique energy.

NARS 413 BLKR Blush and Illuminator

The two newest additions to the NARS 413 BLKR line

Recently, NARS added two new pieces to the 413 BLKR fam — 413 BLKR Blush ($30) and 413 BLKR Illuminator ($30).

Rosy matte 413 BLKR Blush, an intense rosy pink powder blush, is super smooth and incredibly pigmented. A little goes a long way with this one, so you might want to use a light touch.

NARS 413 BLKR Blush

413 BLKR Blush

NARS 413 BLKR Blush

413 BLKR Blush

NARS 413 BLKR Blush

413 BLKR Blush

Shimmery champagne liquid highlighter 413 BLKR Illuminator looks like it could be frosty, based on how it looks in its tube, but that’s just because it’s fired up about the prospects of getting on skin, where I think it’s actually very subtle and beautiful.

NARS 413 BLKR Illuminator

413 BLKR Illuminator, a shimmering champagne

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Lips Lap Up the Shine While Eyes Dive Into Shimmer: The NARS Adult Swim Collection Is Calling

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NARS Adult Swim Collection

Here I’m wearing NARS Malacca Single Eyeshadow, Lost Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow (the lilac side), Baalbek Eye Paint, Hot Sand Illuminator, Turkish Delight Lip Gloss and Libertango Nail Polish — all from the new NARS Adult Swim Summer Collection

Pick up!


Gah! Where the heck are you, girl?! You better be in the bathroom doing some hella fierce cat eye liner or something; otherwise, I’m going to be terribly offended!

“…please leave a message after the beep, and I’ll return your call as soon as –”

Oh, come on! You are missing one of the most important phone calls of your entire life!

OK, that may have been an exaggeration…

Brace yourself for a loooooong rambling message, but what else is new?


Hey, babe, it’s me Karen! Wish you were there. Question for ya — are you free on April 15th? You’re not gonna believe this, but I got an invite to a party and need you to be my plus one.

Before you answer, the host is François Nars…

CRAZYPANTS, RIGHT!? It’s pool party with François-freaking-Nars!

It’s for their new summer collection and, uh, I’m already stressing about what to wear. You know me!

NARS Adult Swim Collection, Summer 2014

The 12-piece NARS Adult Swim Collection, new for Summer 2014

So, Adult Swim — that’s the theme, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have anything to do with that cartoon channel…

Oh, but can you imagine if it did? We roll up and Stewie from the Family Guy is there having a sexy party.

EWWW! Yeah, I could not handle that.

I think it’s more along the sultry pool party lines, and no, you cannot show up in your swim cap and goggles, you dork! I am not about to let you jump in the pool and do laps in front of François.

Because I know you want to. :)

NARS Priscilla Lip Gloss

Priscilla Lip Gloss on my lips

The invite doesn’t say anything about attire, but I’m guessing bikinis, stilettos — basically, I think if we dress for a rooftop pool party at a really expensive New York hotel, we’ll be alright.

NARS Adult Swim Collection Product Pics

Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow, $34

NARS Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow

Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow, $34

And the for makeup, for you I’m thinking we should do a tropical princess theme. Lime green on your lids with an icy lavender along your lower lash line, ooh-la-la.

We’ll use the new NARS Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow ($34).

Those metallic finishes are just so dramatic, and I know you love drawing attention to your eyes. We can even wet the shadows first to make them look more shimmery.

Oh, boy, this is a long message, isn’t it…?

Anywho! If you’re not feelin’ the super high shine, or if you’re stressing about the frosty finishes highlighting your fine lines (yes, dear, you do have fine lines), then we’ll just buff one of the shades on your lids with a domed fluffy brush, and do a light wash of shimmery color.

Don’t worry about the fallout, either. With this, it ain’t no thing.

Malaaca Single Eyeshadow, $24

NARS Malacca Single Eyeshadow

Malacca Single Eyeshadow, $24

For me, I’m going smokey — big surprise! There’s a couple of things in the collection that are totally my smokey style, like the Malaaca Single Eyeshadow ($24).

HOLY WOW, EGYPTIAN MAU! So pretty… It’s like a peacock feather in a pan, and it’s absolutely, freakishly gorgeous. It’s definitely my favorite thing in the summer collection, hands down.

Basically, it’s like MAC Club, but with less intense dark brown tones and more teal.

Baalbek Eye Paint, $25

NARS Baalbek Eye Paint

Baalbek Eye Paint, $25

Malaaca looks AMAZE-BALLS layered with Baalbek Eye Paint ($25), by the way, the one lonely gel liner in Adult Swim.

Baalbek is an intense shimmery bronze — beautiful on it’s own, but layer it under Malacca because the two are like RyGos and Rachel from The Notebook together. Baalbek’s bronze intensifies Malaaca’s teal, and then there’s the shimmering bronze glitter peeking through…

Super cool. My new favorite smokey eye.

Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow, $34

NARS Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow

Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow, $34

Sorry! I know this is a long message, but I’m almost done. :)

There are also two more eye pieces in the collection — Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow ($34), which houses a golden pewter and a lilac; and a creamy, rosy quartz Soft Touch Shadow Pencil called Iraklion ($24).

I think Lost Coast would probably be better for daytime eye looks, since the shadows are muted, so maybe not ideal for the party, assuming it runs late. I mean, they’re pigmented, but definitely not as flashy as Tropical Princess or Malacca.

Iraklion Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, $24

NARS Iraklion Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

Iraklion Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, $24

If you’re wondering about Iraklion, I don’t know. It creases within minutes on me, so I think maybe we should put that one aside for now.

Hot Sand Liquid Illuminator, $30

NARS Hot Sand Illuminator

NARS Hot Sand Illuminator, $30

As for our cheeks, there are no blushes in the Adult Swim collection, but I’m cool just wearing the Hot Sand Liquid Illuminator ($30).

I’m going through a dewy skin phase anyway, and this peachy, champagne liquid highlighter should be perfect that that. I like to pat it on my cheekbones, right around the middle of the forehead and down the bridge of my nose with a flat foundation brush.

Totally subtle but still noticeable. Fresh but not overly shiny.

And don’t trip about having to reapply. It lasts all day on me.
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MAC By Request Is Rocking Retro Makeup Now

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The MAC By Request Collection

The new MAC By Request Collection, available now exclusively at

MAC By RequestGooooooooood evening, makeup fiends and fans!

It’s me, your friendly neighborhood beauty addict DJ K-Dawg, broadcasting live from KMAC radio (a division of Tabs the Cat Industries LLC) in Novato, where we play all the hits from the ’90s, 2000s and today.

Tonight we’re goin’ waaaaaay back and kickin’ it old-school.

That’s right! Tonight it’s all about retro jams. The request lines are open, so call —

Oh! That was quick. We already have our first caller.

DJ K-DAWG: “Hello, you’re live on the air at KMAC with DJ K-Dawg. What’s your name, sweetheart?”

DIESEL: “Diesel. I’m a cool grey frost eyeshadow.”

MAC Diesel Eye Shadow

Diesel Eye Shadow, a cool gray with a frosty finish from the Colour Abstractions/Additions collection (1997)

DJ K-DAWG: “What up, D? What can I do you for? Do you have a request?”

DIESEL: “Well, I’d like to give a shout-out to the alumni from the MAC Class of ’97 — especially my homegirl Fiction. She’s a muted green with shimmer. Hey, Fiction! I’M ON THE RADIO! We made our debut in the Colour Abstraction/Additions collection together.”

The beat goes BOOM!

DJ K-DAWG: “Aww. That’s sweet. What song would you like to dedicate, Diesel?”

DIESEL: “Can I dedicate Say You’ll Be There by the Spice Girls?”

DJ K-DAWG: “OOH! You sure can. That’s one of my favorites. Thanks for callin’, D!”

MAC Fiction Eye Shadow

MAC Fiction Eye Shadow, a shimmery muted green with a frost finish from the Colour Abstractions/Additions collection (1997)

DJ K-DAWG: “OK, let’s take another caller… Caller, you’re live on the air with DJ K-Dawg and KMAC! What’s your name?”

BUTTERSCOTCH: “Hey, K-Dawg?! This is Butterscotch Eye Shadow. Remember me?!”

MAC Butterscotch

Butterscotch, a matte warm beige from the Circa Pre collection (1990)

DJ K-DAWG:GURL, my brow bones never forget an awesome matte warm beige. Circa Pre collection back in 1990, right? Dayum, it’s been a minute! How are you?”

BUTTERSCOTCH: “Excellent! Can I give a shout-out to all my MAC fiends and plug a new collection I’m in called MAC By Request?”

MAC By RequestDJ K-DAWG: “Oh, that’s right! You’re one of the six retro MAC shades that were voted on by MAC fans to come out of retirement.”

BUTTERSCOTCH: “Yup, we’re back, b*tches, and we’re better than ever!”

DJ K-DAWG: “So cheeky, Butterscotch! I always loved that about you. MAC fans, Butterscotch is referring to MAC By Request, the new limited edition collection of three powder Eye Shadows, three Lipsticks and three (new) Lipglasses are available exclusively at

The Lipsticks and Lipglasses are available now, and the Eye Shadows arrive April 3.
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Too Faced Summer 2014 Pics and Swatches: It’s Summer in Saint-Tropez

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Too Faced Summer 2014

Too Faced Summer 2014!

KAREN: Ryan, sweetheart, could you please do my back? Mama doesn’t want to burn…

RYAN: Sure, babe.

KAREN: Oh! Hi! How’s the vacation going? Hot enough for ya?

YOU: I’m burning up!

KAREN: You two make such a cute couple. I was just asking RyGos to sunscreen my back. What are you and J-Ren doing?

YOU: Just cruising the beach, ya know, catchin’ some rays.

KAREN: Fun! Wasn’t that beachside buffet this morning dee-vine? I just love breakfast in Saint-Tropez…

YOU: Me too!

Le sigh…

Well, I may not not be kickin’ it old-school with RyGos at a five-star beach resort, but at least I can look the part and pretend with the Too Faced Cosmetics summer collection. :)

Inspiration: the French Riviera. We’re talking first class beachside cabanas, Chanel sunglasses and Cristal. Oui-oui, mademoiselle!


The release just docked at Too Faced counters and online this week with four new palettes and a new line of liquid lipsticks, codename Melted.

Here are pics and swatches of the four palettes for now, and we’ll do the Melted lippies next week.

I’ll be testing these and getting more acquainted with them this weekend, so check back next week for reviews.

Too Faced Bonjour Soleil

Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzing Wardrobe, $44

Too Faced A La Mode Eyes

A La Mode Eyes Sexy St. Tropez Eye Shadow Collection, $36

Too Faced Brow Envy

Brow Envy Brow Shaping & Defining Kit, $39

Too Faced Natural Eyes

Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Collection, $36

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The Urban Decay Summer 2014 Collection Puts on the Glitz With Majorly Blinged-Out Loose Glitter

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Urban Decay Summer 2014

Summer, summer, summertime! — even though it’s only the first day of spring.

If I can’t come back in my next life as Wonder Woman, I’m sure as hell coming back as a Vegas showgirl. ‘Cause it ain’t happening in this lifetime, that’s for damned sure. I’ve got the flexibility of a concrete pretzel and a high kick that barely clears the height of a footstool.

But you know what? Even though I will (probably) never don a big feathered headdress and dance around in a sparkly outfit on a Vegas stage, at least I can say that in this life, in the summer of 2014, I will have glittered and sparkled, and for that, I gotta give big ups to Urban Decay.

The Heavy Metal Loose Glitters in their new summer collection are so bling, so BAM! — that you sparkle all day and night LIKE YOU FRICKIN’ MEAN IT, MAN, when you wear them on your eyes.

They’re coming soon to UD counters but glittering now online with the rest of the summer collection.

Lots of fun things to play with here. Along with the six loose glitters, there’s also a weightless liquid glitter glue (to keep your glitter in place), a crop of several new liners for smokey eye looks and two new polishes (there’s also a small polish kit not shown here).

Are you ready for a quick tour? Here, take my hand… :)

Heavy Metal Loose Glitters ($12 each)

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Loose Glitter

The new Urban Decay Heavy Metal Loose Glitters ($12 each)

These are my favorite things in the launch! Even if you don’t fancy yourself as a glitter gal/guy, you still may want to boogie down with these.

They’re just so fun and sparkly! — and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. :)

The flecks of glitter are bigger than the flecks in Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners, so I’m warning you — brace yourself for major glitz.

Here’s the idea: you’re supposed to apply a small amount of Urban Decay’s clear Bondage makeup adhesive ($14) to your lids (or wherever else you’d like to wear loose glitter) first, and then pack your choice of glitters on top.

Once the glue dries, that glitter isn’t going anywhere.

I appreciate the sifter caps, too, which make it easy to regulate how much glitter I’m using. Don’t forget to remove the tape that covers the holes the first time you open it, though, because I didn’t see it at first and kept wondering, “Hmm… Why isn’t the glitter coming out?” I was just about to bite the sifter when I noticed the tape, haha! #schoolforthegifted

Also, if you plan to line your eyes with one of the new liners in the launch, you may want to do your liner before applying your glitter.

Why? Oh, because I think it’s just a really, REALLY big pain to apply liner on top of glitter. I’m just sayin’… Save yourself the drama by lining first.

Urban Decay Catfight Heavy Metal Loose Glitter

Urban Decay’s pink Catfight Heavy Metal Loose Glitter ($12)

Urban Decay Goldmine Heavy Metal Glitter

Urban Decay Goldmine Heavy Metal Glitter, a yellow gold glitter ($12)

Urban Decay ACDC Heavy Metal Loose Glitter

Urban Decay ACDC Heavy Metal Loose Glitter, a bright purple ($12)

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