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Clinique Travel Boxes: Fall 2015

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Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris!

Yes, please. :) I can be ready to go by tomorrow, whee!

Each of these four Clinique travel sets, which are available now at select airports worldwide (prices vary and depend on location, but they’re usually around $45-60 in the U.S.), has a different color theme with coordinating makeup for eyes, cheeks and lips.

All of the individual products are full sized, so you get a lot in each box. They’re also re-promotes from the current line, so the main advantage of these boxes and other travel exclusive sets is that you should get a bit of a price break. They should be slightly cheaper than regular price. And also, if you don’t have a knack for putting colors together, you get everything you need to do each themed look all encapsulated in each box.

I like the New York one the best because, well, there’s a lot of neutrals in it…

Obviously, that’s the one I’d like.

It has a blush called Ginger Pop, which is one of my favorite Clinique blushes of all time. It’s from the Cheek Pop Blush family, and I think they’re among the best things Clinique makes. Just very natural and easy to use. In Ginger Pop’s case, the color lays down easily and doesn’t catch onto any dry/flaky bits.

Its edges are also easy to sheer out, so it doesn’t look like you have two little circles of dolly bright blush on your cheeks.

Oh! — my purple eyes in this video are from the graphic cat eye I did last week with the Buxom Eyeshadow Bar.

clinique travel boxes new york

Clinique Travel Box New York

clinique travel boxes london

Clinique Travel Box London

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5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

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1. Lime-flavored ANYTHING

Forget about lemons. Limes are where it’s at, man.

So sour… So good! I was into key lime pie a few weeks ago (haha, I know, I shift gears often), but now I’m all about lime candies and — OOH! — limeade!

It’s like lemonade but made with limes (obvs). There’s a place in town called Rustic Bakery that makes a GREAT limeade that’s nice and tart with a good bite to it, and sometimes I’ll get one there with lunch.

In fact, I’m drinking one right now. :)

Well…I was drinking one, but I just finished it! *slurp*

2. Clinique Cheek Pop in Ginger Pop


Current favorite blush right hurr. This pop is a real gem. It’s a $22 peachy brown nude in Clinique’s permanent line, and it buffs out beautifully on cheeks.

Lasts all day, too.

I guess I forgot about it for a while, but I recently re-discovered it while “shopping” in a drawer.

3. Hourglass Femme Rouge Lipstick in Vintage

Hourglass Femme Rouge Lipstick in Vintage

Hourglass Femme Rouge Lipstick in Vintage, $30

Another beauty I hadn’t worn in a hot minute, but I’m making up for that now!

Doesn’t this pinkish brown have kind of a ’90s vibe to it? (I wore it in yesterday’s winged liner tutorial). I love how this neutral/nude works with darker skin tones, especially (if you’re a lighter lass, check out Hourglass Grace).
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Clinique’s New Wear Everywhere Neutrals All About Shadow 8-Pan Palettes, and the Perpetual Pursuit of Purple

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Clinique Wear Everywhere Pinks and Greys

The new $36 Clinique Wear Everywhere Neutrals All About Shadow 8-Pan Palettes in Pinks (on the left) and Greys (on the right)

Since discovering that Clinique’s purple eyeshadow pigments, unlike so many other purple shadows I’ve tried, don’t make my eyes freak out (thank you, Act II palette, for that), I have yet another reason to lurk around the Clinique counter like the creepy makeup stalker that I am. :)


Have you seen the purples in these two palettes from the Wear Everywhere Neutrals line?

Clinique Wear Everywhere Neutral Greys

Wear Everywhere Neutral Greys

Clinique Wear Everywhere Neutral Pinks

Wear Everywhere Neutral Pinks

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Clinique’s $36 The Nutcracker Suite Act II Palette Is Perfectly Purple

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Clinique Nutcracker Suite Act II

Wearing the $36 Nutcracker Suite Act II Palette on my eyes and cheeks, along with the Chubby Stick Baby Tint in Flowering Freesia and Blended Face Powder in Snowflake Dreams, all from Act II of Clinique’s The Nutcracker Suite holiday collection

Part deux of Clinique’s holiday collection, The Nutcracker Suite, puts the spotlight on soft, romantic colors… And purple!

The overall collection is split into two parts, with the first part, Act I, being pumped up about pink, and the second part, Act II, being passionate about purple.

In Act II, purple eyes and a sheer purple lip pair with pretty pink cheeks, and for the eyes, there’s The Nutcracker Suite Act II Eye and Cheek Palette ($36).

Clinique Nutcracker Suite Act II

Clinique’s The Nutcracker Suite Act II sub-collection, clockwise from the purple pencil on the left: Chubby Stick Baby Tint in Flowering Freesia, Blended Face Powder in Snowflake Dreams and The Nutcracker Suite Act II Palette

The Nutcracker Suite Act II Eye and Cheek Palette ($36)

Clinique The Nutcracker Suite Act II Palette

The Nutcracker Suite Act II Palette ($36)

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The Clinique Nutcracker Suite Act I Three-Piece Holiday Collection Is Totally En Pointe

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Clinique The Nutcracker Suite Holiday collection

Even though the pink and glitter in The Nutcracker Suite, Clinique’s new ballet-inspired holiday collection, are totally en pointe, they will not help you pirouette your way to ballet greatness.

Clinique Nutcracker Act 1

Wearing the Eye and Cheek Compact, Chubby Stick Baby Tint and Blended Face Powder from the Clinique Nutcracker Act I, part of The Nutcracker Suite holiday collection

But I can see why you might think they should…

After all, it does make a certain kind of sense to think that since your makeup looks like a ballerina’s from The Nutcracker, you should probably be able to dance like one, too, and then you bust out some pliés on your creaky knees and scowl at your ballet teacher when she says something snarky about your butt sticking out too far!

Er, well…maybe that’s just me and my childhood dance trauma.

Clinique Nutcracker Act 1

The Clinique Nutcracker Act 1, part one of two sub-collections in the Clinique holiday collection

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