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With Tour Dates This Spring, China Glaze Electropop Puts on a Colorful Show

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china glaze electropop (13)

I’ve been keeping a secret from you.

No, I’m not a billionaire or a costumed vigilante…although I bet Tabs would look so cute in his little sidekick outfit!

Here it is: I’m a rock star.

Or rather, I would like to be.

Cat’s out of the bag! Yep, one of my resolutions this year was to channel my inner rock star, and no, I don’t mean by fronting a band. 🙂 I mean someone who’s confident and bold enough to tear it up in front of thousands of people on stage. Someone with wicked style, too, like my own lead singer in a one-woman band. The Gwen Stefani of Novato, California.

But wait — it gets cheesier! To remind myself to “embrace my inner rock star,” I leave a lot of Post-Its around the house…

china glaze electropop (9)

china glaze electropop (10)

china glaze electropop (11)
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