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Letters to Coco and Reflections on a Chanel Summer, Part 1: Orange You Glad We’re BFFs With Mirabella Le Vernis Nail Colour and Sunny Glossimer?

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Chanel Collection Reflets D'Ete De Chanel Summer 2014

Wearing the new Chanel Collection Reflets D’Ete De Chanel Summer 2014

Letters to Coco

Introducing part one of a three-part series of posts titled “Letters to Coco,” a series of letters written in the summer of 2014 from me to my best friend (in my head), Coco Chanel. In this first letter, which features summer collection standouts Mirabella Nail Polish and Sunny Glossimer, we’re planning our upcoming summer trip.

My dearest Coco,

Orange you glad we’re BFFs!? Because, seriously, how else would you get the inside scoop on happenings in the crazy cat lady community? You’d be lost without me, LOL!

I miss you so much! It’s been forever since we hung out. How has your summer been so far? Mine’s been nothing short of epic. EPIC!

I’ve been traveling a lot for work because of Tabs. He’s had a ton of modeling gigs lately and, lucky for me, most of them have been in tropical parts of the world.

I’m actually writing this to you from the Four Seasons in Bora Bora right meow.


I was thinking about you because all of the fancy fashionistas here keep asking about Mirabella, that luscious orange nail polish from your summer collection.

Chanel Mirabella

Chanel Mirabella

Chanel Mirabella swatch

Two coats of creamy orange Mirabella

It hasn’t left my tips or toes once this trip, and everyplace I’ve been, at least one person has stopped to ask me about it. “OMG! What are you wearing on your nails!?” I raise my chin proudly and proclaim, “It’s from my BFF, Coco. It’s part of her summer Reflets D’Ete de Chanel summer 2014 collection.”

Then, while their brains are still frozen, I add, “It’s so pigmented that you only need one coat.” :)

Chanel Collection Reflets D'Ete de Chanel Summer 2014 All

Eight pieces from the 16-piece Reflets D’Ete de Chanel Summer 2014 collection

I’ve been wearing it with Sunny, the sheer jelly orange Glossimer also from your summer collection.

SUCH a good idea to mix and match the nail polishes and glosses in this collection, Coco! I love that if I want I can match my lips to my nails.

Chanel Mirabella Le Vernis Nail Colour and Sunny Glossimer

Mirabella Le Vernis Nail Colour ($27, limited edition) and Sunny Glossimer ($29.50, permanent)

Chanel Mirabella Le Vernis Nail Colour on my nails and Sunny Glossimer on my lipa

Mirabella Le Vernis Nail Colour on my nails and Sunny Glossimer on my lips

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Unsung Makeup Heroes: Chanel Vert Khaki Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow

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Chanel Vert Khaki

My “I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s sunny today!” smile while wearing Chanel’s Vert Khaki on my lids…

I am LOVIN’ this shimmery khaki green eyeshadow, desperately, though I should note that whenever I wear it on my lids, the urge to crank open a fire hydrant so that everyone in the neighborhood can frolic through the spray, perhaps to a choreographed dance routine, befalls me.

(SIDE NOTE: seriously, I have always wanted to do that…)

Chanel Vert Khaki

Chanel Vert Khaki Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow

Now, I’ll wear khaki greens any time of year, but the warmer months — especially June through August — after I’ve normally darkened a shade or two and it’s like a coral partaaaaay 24/7 on my cheeks and lips, Vert Khaki becomes my BFF. I just love how well it works with juicy, summery corals…

And hot pinks…

And golds and bronzes, too.

Chanel Vert Khaki

Vert Khaki working its magic…

I gotta hand it to Chanel. Their eyeshadow singles cost an arm and a leg, but at least they don’t hold anything back. This one, in particular, looks crazy good!

Even though green eyeshadow can be a huge leap for some, I think Vert Khaki is possibly the closest you can get to a natural-looking khaki green.

Yeah, with this on your lids, it definitely looks like you’re wearing colorful eyeshadow, but it’s not totally in your face.

It’s on your face… :)

LOL! Vert Khaki has some gold in it, along with a touch of warm grayish taupe (which really comes through when you buff it down), and I think those extra touches keep it from looking too out-there-cray, you know what I’m sayin’?

With this on your lids, you won’t feel like people are staring at your green eyeshadow. No, they’ll be admiring your sultry eyes, ooh-la-lah.

Chanel Vert Khaki

Also wearing MAC Warm Soul blush on my cheeks and Hourglass Nectar Lip Gloss on my lips…

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See Subtle Signs of Lovely Light With $70 Chanel Jardin De Camelias Illuminating Powder

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Chanel Jardin De Camelias Illuminating Powder

Chanel Jardin De Camelias Illuminating Powder

If this were a PowerPoint slide about Chanel’s $70 Jardin De Camelias Illuminating Powder, the key bullet points would be…

  • Super pretty in the pan
  • Super subtle on the skin
  • Super expensive
Chanel Jardin De Camelias Illuminating Powder


Available now exclusively online as part of the new 11-piece Jardin de Camelias collection, Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder, it’s a sheer ivory highlighting powder with a dainty pinkish rose opalescence.

Chanel Jardin De Camelias

The Chanel Jardin De Camelias collection, available now exclusively at…

The super subtle shimmer and rosy pink tint are probably easier to see in real life, where they create a delicate halo of light that dances off the skin, illuminating it all day long.

Chanel Jardin De Camelias Illuminating Powder swatch

Chanel Jardin De Camelias Illuminating Powder Swatch

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It’s Zen and the Art of Camellia Blooming With Coco’s New Quad: The Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Jardin Zen

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Chanel Jardin Zen Quadra Eye Shadow

Wearing the new Chanel Jardin Zen Quadra Eye Shadow on my eyes

Oh, OK! I get it. Jardin Zen. The name of this Chanel quad means “zen garden” in French, and that’s kind of what the pattern on the pans looks like — one of those Japanese gardens with the little stones that someone rakes cool patterns and design into. Neat.

Chanel Jardin Zen Quadra Eye Shadow

Of course, Coco Chanel’s zen garden would have to have a design that looks a little like her favorite flower, the camellia. It’s only logical.

Chanel Jardin Zen Quadra Eye Shadow

Just like mine, if I were ever to make one, would have cats and cupcakes on it. :)

A new limited edition online exclusive available now on, the Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Jardin Zen is part of the 11-piece Jardin de Camelias collection.

Chanel Jardin Zen Quadra Eye Shadow

Also on my eyes in this look: MAC Cork Eyeshadow (crease), NARS Black Valley Liner (upper lash line) and MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash (lashes)

A beautiful Monday through Friday eyeshadow palette of basics for the girl/guy who wants something other than a bunch o’ browns. I’s like a Chanel Flap bag, with its chain and quilt detailing, but in a color like greige, as opposed to basic black. Something you could wear all the time, and it goes everything, but it’s a little different, ya know? I like that.

You get a gorgeous violet gray, a golden beige, a pastel pink and a soft black — all colors that are easy to work into an everyday makeup routine. Practical, but not too boring or basic.

Chanel Jardin Zen Quadra Eye Shadow

That’s Jouer Peony Blush on my cheeks and MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Good Taste on my lips…

Being from Chanel, it’s expensive, though, but it’s also Chanel quality. Sure, you’re paying a premium for the name, but I also think the shadows perform extremely well.

Long-lasting, easy to blend with other shadows and each other, and they contain a perfect amount of pigment. Plus, they don’t crease, as long as I wear them with primer.

Chanel Jardin Zen Swatches

Chanel Jardin Zen Swatches

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The Two New Chanel Nuit Magique Le Vernis Nail Colours Will Cast Their Cosmic Magic Online Soon

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Chanel Cosmic Le Vernis Nail Colour

Chanel’s Cosmic Le Vernis Nail Colour ($27), one of two new online exclusive shades in the Nuit Magique collection

My last magical night was the final night of my trip to Kauai with El Hub last August. After dinner, we walked down to the beach by our hotel on Kalapaki Bay and took a long, leisurely stroll on the sand under the moonlight.

The moon was so full and round that night. I felt like it was just above my head, like I could reach right out grab it. We walked and talked from one end of the beach to the other while listening to a band playing somewhere in the distance. The music mixed with the sound of the waves gently lapping at our feet.

We talked about all kinds of things as we walked and watched the moonlight reflect on the water — the fun things we did on our trip, the other places we still hoped to travel, and where we saw our little family in the next few years.

It was a magical night, and I wished it would never end. I remember looking down at my feet at one point and watching the water wash over my toes…

Chanel Magic Le Vernis Nail Colour

Incidentally, I was wearing Chanel Taboo! :)

I love Taboo… It’s one of my all-time Chanel faves (right up there with Jade), but if I’m ever lucky enough to have a another magical night like that one, I hope I’m wearing one of the two Chanel nail polishes in the Nuit Magique collection (magical night, en Français) — ya know, to go with the whole magical theme of the night.

Chanel Magic and Cosmic

The two-piece limited edition collection of dark and moody colors goes on sale December 2, exclusive to

Both of them seem like perfect colors for a big night out. Or a big day (if you’re into deeper shades like I am).

Chanel Magic Swatch

Two coats of Magic

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