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Kauai, Day 3: Bumble and Bumble and a Boat Called Sea Breeze

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The boat day.

Kauai’s majestic Nā Pali Coast beckoned El Hub and I, so we embarked upon a 4-hour tour!

Since I knew the trip called for high winds, I didn’t bring along my new hat (by the way, I found it at Target for $12!), but I still wanted something to protect my new highlights.

Enter the new Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Line. All three pieces here are TSA friendly (2 ounces apiece). You get a shampoo, conditioner and a UV Protective Styling Balm for $28. The products have a light floral scent that I like, and the shampoo and conditioner keep my knotty hair under control.

But most importantly, they’re keeping my highlights from getting brassy.

I’ve been bringing the UV Protective Styling Balm with me everywhere, including on the boat yesterday, and reapplying after each dip in the water.

Also picked up a bottle of Ocean Potion Aloe Gel to help soothe El Hub’s sunburned skin (NOTE: He’s not crazy about the Neutrogena spray sunscreen I mentioned the other day).

Ocean Potion is one of the few topical drugstore aloe gels I’ve found that doesn’t list alcohol, which can be quite drying, high up on the list of ingredients. Aloe is the third ingredient on the list; the first two are water and glycerin.

I discovered it a few trips back and just love the stuff.

Onward to the Nā Pali Coast!

Our trusty ocean steed: the Sea Breeze.

Just look at those cliffs… Some are more than a thousand feet high, straight down to the ocean.

During the winter months, huge swells buffet the Hawaiian islands, and waves as high as 70 feet crash against those cliffs.
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