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Turn Up Your Temperature With the 11-Piece Bobbi Brown Hot Collection

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Bobbi Brown Hot Collection

The Bobbi Brown Hot Collection

Bobbi’s new collection is hot! Hot in name, because it’s called the “Hot Collection,” and hot in person.

hot!I mean really, when I opened that eyeshadow palette and saw that hot pink bezel bumping up against those gorgeous nudes (um, why did that sound so naughty?), I was like, “smokin’!” Throw in a few high-voltage lip colors (BAM!) and some chic cheek palettes (POW!), and I start getting hot like that time I thought I accidentally locked myself alone in the sauna at a spa and started to panic.

“Sszzzt!” Or is it “zzhht”?

Why is it so hard to make a sizzling sound in print?

I don’t know…but I do know that if we rolled up to a Bobbi Brown counter and saw these beauties posting up on a display, I’d lick my finger, point at the collection and make that “sszzzt!” sizzling sound like a skillet with hot fajitas. Then I’d say something cheese-ball like “Muy caliente, mami!” in the worst Spanish accent ever (“Accent could use some improvement” is what my Español teacher usually wrote in the notes after oral exams).

So, the collection comes out next month, which still qualifies it for official spring collection status, but I’m getting summer vibes. The hot pink packaging for the nude eyeshadow palette and the bold orange, berry and pink lips seem beachside chic to me, which kinda makes sense since it’s a collaboration with model Kate Upon and was inspired by her Florida hometown.

If you like lined nude eyes, bright lips and softly defined cheeks, that’s what the 11-piece Hot Collection’s all about.

Bobbi Brown Hot Collection

The Bobbi Brown Hot Collection

Kate and Bobbi dreamed up the effortless summery pieces to help women (and men!) strut more confidently. Shoulders back, head up, smile on, WERK!

Now, for the Hot Nudes Eye Palette…seriously, if every makeup company could just pop their nude shadows into hot pink palettes for the rest of my life, I would be totally OK with that.

Bobbi Brown Hot Nudes Eye Palette

The Hot Nudes Eye Palette

This all-purpose eye palette does anything and everything — smokey, subtle, sultry, you name it. It features four re-promoted shades from the permanent line (Eye Shadow in Ivory, Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Smoke, Eye Sparkle Eye Shadow in Cement and Metallic Eye Shadow in Nude Glow), as well as four new colors (Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Peach Sugar, Eye Shadow in Petal, Metallic Eye Shadow in Bronzed Beige and Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Blackest Brown), and all eight of them wearable.

Bobbi Brown Hot Nudes Eye Palette Swatches

The Hot Nudes Eye Palette

If you’ve been following Bobbi for a while, you may be experiencing déjà vu, but what I like about this particular palette is how the mid-toned shades are close to each other on the color spectrum (not too contrasty), which makes blending them about 1,000 times easier.

I keep grabbing this palette for everyday looks, especially with black winged liner, because 1) I don’t have to think too hard (always a plus) and 2) because there are quite a few different finishes represented, including glitter, shimmer, metallic and matte.

By the way, there’s also a re-promoted black liquid liner in the collection called Ink Liner in Blackest Black ($28).

Bobbi Brown Art Sticks from the left: Hot Pink, Hot Berry and Hot Orange

The Art Sticks from the left in Hot Pink, Hot Berry and Hot Orange

As for the lips…THE LIPS! Agh! I don’t even know where to start.

OK, you know what they say — when in doubt, go with hot pink, and for me, I’m all about the Art Stick in Hot Pink ($26).

I wore it the other day, and two (yup, two) makeup artists that I ran into said (in so many words), “Homegirl, I need to know what’s on your lips!”

It’s not just about the amount of pigment, either, or the vibrant hot pink color. It’s something else… The finish. It’s matte, but not a flat matte. All of the Art Sticks have that finish.

Oh, did a mention that the Art Sticks are huge? Because they are. Good thing each one comes with a pencil sharpener that fits.

They’re also pretty darned moisturizing as far as matte lipsticks go, and they last five to six hours on my lips.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Swatches in Hot Pink, Hot Berry and Hot Orange

The Art Sticks in Hot Pink, Hot Berry and Hot Orange

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Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm: Like 10 Hours of Sleep Followed by a Trip to a Day Spa (You Know, Sort Of)

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Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm

Your new favorite secret weapon: Bobbi Brown’s Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm ($63)

Well, this new product by Bobbi Brown is aptly named, ’cause what you see is what you get: an illuminating (yup!), moisturizing (check!) balm.

Technically, this should not be exciting…

But it may be if your skin is dry like mine.

Yeah, I know. Another moisturizer sounds about as interesting as clearing out the leftover pieces of popcorn from your bra after getting home from the movies, but before you step away from the computer to go hug your plus-size tabby cat, you should know that this moisturizer is significantly more interesting than it appears.

Picture this: 10 hours of sleep followed by a trip to a day spa. :)

Yeah, that’s right. Rested, radiant skin. Like MAC Strobe Cream, Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm ($63) has a rich formula with opalescent particles to make skin look more alive, perkier and basically less dull.

It’s a new addition to Bobbi Brown’s Extra line for extremely thirsty skin, and it’s available right meow.

You’ll probably want to sniff it first before slathering it all over your face, because it’s also scented. I think it smells kind of, I dunno, herbal? — like I spent the morning squeezing lemons and chopping basil with Giada or something. But I like it. It’s refreshing, but it’s probably worth noting because the fragrance is rather strong, although it does seem to fade quickly.

Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm

Twist the cap and BOOM! — there’s a pump right there

Massage it on bare skin for a little extra lift and glow, or wear it under foundation or BB cream for upgraded opalescence, and if you want a slightly more intense effect, pat it on top of your foundation with your fingers or a flat foundation brush.

You could probably also mix it with your foundation, too, if you were feeling creative, although I haven’t tried that yet.

It doesn’t make a big Broadway-caliber dramatic difference, really. You may not even be able to tell at first, because it’s very chill, but you’ll see it up close — more luminous, energized skin.
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Warm Up Your Skin and Add Color to Your Cheeks With the New Bobbi Brown Brightening Bricks

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Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick

The new $46 Bobbi Brown Brightening Bricks, available now online and at Bobbi Brown counters

I wish my house was made out of Bobbi Brown Brightening Bricks.

Never mind that they aren’t adequate building materials (Lego would probably be sturdier), but at least when the homies rolled up I’d have a great conversation starter.

“Um…what kind of walls you got there?”


“Those don’t look like bricks…”

“They are bricks. They’re Bobbi Brown Brightening Bricks.”

“OK. So, basically, your house is made out of makeup?”


“Alright then.”

The housing situation would be precarious at best. Cold nights would force me to snuggle closer to Ryan Gosling (darn), but I’d always have access to a good-looking blush.

Sweet! :)

Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick in Coral

Brightening Brick in Coral

Recently released with Bobbi’s spring collection, the Brightening Bricks are like toned down Shimmer Bricks, but instead of containing strips of highlighting powder, they’re part blush, part warm bronzer. And they’re $46 each (which seems a little steep for Bobbi Brown, or is that just me?).

Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick in Cranberry

Brightening Brick in Cranberry

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For the Undercover Makeup Lovers: The New $38 Bobbi Brown Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Trio

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Bobbi Brown Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Trio

For the record, I do not recommend living a secret sneaky makeup double life.

Bolting out the door to school without so much as a stitch of lipgloss on your lips, only to covertly cosmeticize yourself from start to finish before the first bell rings, is initially a thrill, but it gets old fast…

Trust me on this. Half the time I’d be in algebra class with one sloppy purple-rimmed eye and little else. I did this for three years until, at age 14, I was given the official “OK” by my mom to wear makeup to school.

I did learn a few things, though, during those secret squirrel makeup days, like how to appreciate makeup that’s easy to sneak in and out of the house. It’s one of the reasons I was interested in the eyeshadow sticks from Bobbi Brown’s new $38 Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Trio.

Bobbi Brown Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Trio from the left: Smookey Topaz, Pink Sparkle and Espresso Bean

From the left: Smokey Topaz, Pink Sparkle and Espresso Bean

Each of the little minis fits nicely in the palm of my paw.

Perfect for covert makeup application. :)

There’s a shimmery pastel rose called Pink Sparkle, a shimmery heather mauve called Smokey Topaz and a shimmery blackened charcoal that goes by the name, Espresso Bean.

Bobbi Brown Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Trio

Wearing Smokey Topaz on my lids

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Bobbi Brown’s New $45 High Light Powders in Pink Glow and Bronze Glow Work Like a Portable Fireplace in Powder Form

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Bobbi Brown High Light Powder in Pink Glow

Wearing Bobbi Brown’s High Light Powder in Pink Glow ($45) on my upper cheeks

What’s that? A new highlighter? Yeah…sometimes when it comes to highlighters, I feel like I’ve seen and worn ‘em all, from your subtle sheens to your full-blown glitter-fests, so when a new one comes along (you must whip it!) that successfully combines some of my favorite things about highlighters, I sit up, tie my hair into a high pony and get down to business.

Bobbi Brown High Light Powder in Pink Glow and Bronze Glow

Ms. Bobbi Brown, friend to women who like to wear makeup while still looking like themselves, recently revealed two of the snazziest highlighters I’ve seen in a while, her High Light Powders in Pink Glow and Bronze Glow ($45 each), which combine some of my favorite things about MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finishes and Chanel’s Highlighting Powders.

Bobbi Brown High Light Powder in Pink Glow and Bronze Glow

Bobbi Brown High Light Powder in Pink Glow (left) and Bronze Glow (right)

Almost creamy, like a MAC Mineralize Skin Finish powder (which makes them a breeze to blend), Bobbi’s High Light Powders do not, however, have the same glazed high-shine finish. Instead, they exude an ethereal, dreamy luster with a finespun finish that totally reminds me of Chanel.

Bobbi wanted to recreate the look of skin illuminated by a cozy fire (ahh…), with the same warm, buttery colors, and that’s what I see when I wear these highlighters.

Bobbi Brown High Light Powder in Pink Glow (left) and Bronze Glow (right)

Pink Glow (left) and Bronze Glow (right)

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