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According to My Calendar, It’s Time for a Beauty Treat: The New Benefit Countdown to Love Advent Calendar Beautifully Counts

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Benefit Countdown to Love Advent Calendar

Counting down to love with the new Benefit Countdown to Love Advent Calendar

Five, four, three, two…

LOVE! love

The countdown to love is on, and Benefit is managing the clock. You might feel the love, too, if you find Benefit’s new Countdown to Love Advent Calendar ($68) under the tree this year.

Benefit Countdown to Love Advent Calendar

Hmm… I wonder what’s inside.

Remember advent calendars when you were a kid? With the tiny toys or pieces of candy hidden behind little pop-out compartments? They’d usually start on the first day of December, or thereabouts, and you’d get to open another one of the compartment every day all the way to Christmas.

The ones I usually got had hard candies and chocolates, and those were always fun, but Benefit took the idea to a higher plane of awesomeness with their new Countdown to Love kit, which was obviously designed to drive Benefit babes wild.

Benefit Countdown to Love Advent Calendar

Merry mini madness, and a happy new kit

Countdown to Love comes with 24 surprises, which works out to just under $3 each, including 21 travel-sized mini Benefit products and three accessories (two charms and a barrette).

Benefit Countdown to Love Advent Calendar

Who’s that Bad Gal?

Yes, it’s really, really cute, albeit extra large, but it’s more than that. It contains some of the best stuff in the Benefit line — practical, everyday products you could work into your rotation immediately, like Hoola, CORALista, Benetint and Highbeam.

Benefit Countdown to Love Advent Calendar

More charming minis

Benefit Countdown to Love Advent Calendar sugarbomb

Hoola, Sugarbomb and Sunbeam

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Try $22 Benefit Gimme Brow Brow-Volumizing Fiber Gel for Fuller-Looking Brows

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Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium

Wearing Benefit’s Gimme Brow in Light/Medium in my brows

Gimme brows.

Gimme brows, I said!

That’s like a beauty lover’s battle cry… “Gimme brows, dagnabbit!” :)

Mine have grown out quite a bit since last spring, which is when I decided to leave them to their natural tendencies.

Well, mostly natural. I still tweeze a stray hair every now and then, just to keep myself from looking like a tiny Sasquatch, but for the most part, I let them go wild.

I want my brows so lush, full and bold that passersby do double-takes and say to themselves, “Damn! That girl’s got BROWS!”

Benefit’s new Gimme Brow Brow-Volumizing Fiber Gel ($22) got my attention because of that word, “Volumizing”

I actually don’t know if volumizing is a real word outside of haircare and mascara circles, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?


Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium

Cute little tube too, yeah? And that mini brush? It’s designed to be very precise.

The brush-on waterproof gel formula adheres to both hair and skin and comes in two build-able, natural-looking shades — Light/Medium and Medium/Deep — and you can apply them in multiple layers to strengthen the look.

Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium

With brow fillers, I typically go a few shades lighter than my natural brow color because I think that looks less stark and obvious. That’s why I thought Light/Medium would be better for my fuzzy little caterpillars…

Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium

Unfortunately, I think it turned out to be a tad too light for me, but I still found a lot to like.

Benefit Gimme Brow swatch in Light/Medium

Swatch of Light/Medium…

The gel formula is highly pigmented and really adheres to hair and skin with firm hold. In fact, I think if I wanted to, I could build a bold brow with just this alone, and it would last all day.

None of that funky crunchiness, either, that accompanies some brow gels. This formula holds firm but doesn’t get crunchy.

Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium

Naked brows, babe!

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Touch Up After You Touch Down: Benefit Introduces New Automatic Kiosks at 25 Airports This Fall

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“This way to baggage claim…and this way to Benefit!”

Ever your find yourself in Austin wishing you had Dallas?

If Benefit is your jam — as it is mine, says the girl who went BAT SH*T CRAZY when she saw this pink Benefit vending machine at the airport! — now you can get glam on the go with Benefit’s glorious new Glam Up & Away automatic kiosks.

I’m serious, seeing one of these right when you step off the plane is like being greeted by an old friend. “Ahh…” :)

These luxe new kiosks are landing at 25 airports this fall, including Austin, Houston, Savannah, Cleveland, Raleigh and yes, Vegas, baby!

As you can see, against a backdrop of uninspiring airport design, the cute kiosks are hard to miss.

Like little cosmetics candy stores, each one is stocked with 30 Benefit bestsellers, and you can even get tips and suggestions on the user-friendly touchscreen while you peruse.

There’s even a mirror



They’re Real Mascara…

Fake Up and liquid blushes…

The Porefessional, with some other Benefit goodies

Boxed blushes and more (yay, my favorite Hoola bronzer is there!)


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Like the Universe, Benefit’s Box O’ Powder Line Is Expanding…With Rosy Gold Rockateur Powder Blush

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Benefit Rockateur

Soft rocking with rose gold Benefit Rockateur ($28) on my cheeks

With Rockateur, Benefit’s Box O’ Powder line is expanding! (like my husky tabby’s waistline/kitty empire) — while simultaneously shrinking over time…

Stardate: 2008. Bene-babes were bringing home their Boxes O’ Powder, like the lovely Coralista, for $28 each, but they were getting 0.42 ounces of product.

Fast forward five years to today…

We’re all driving hover cars, our greatest scientists are cats, and most of the brand’s powders still cost $28! — except that now they contain just 0.28 ounces of product (with the exception of Thrrrob, which still comes with the same 0.42 ounces for some reason).

Benefit Rockateur Pan Closeup

A closeup of the Rockateur pan… The rosy golden shimmer at the edges is an overspray.

Stranger still, the new Rockateur is even smaller, containing just 0.17 ounces of powder.


Could this mean that all of Benefit’s Boxes O’ Powder will shrink over time without a drop in price? I don’t know (but I hope not).

Thankfully, Rockateur’s small stature doesn’t take anything away from the blush itself, a lovely neutral rosy gold with shimmer. More of a light peachy coral pink on my tan skin, it should look even brighter and more intense on lighter and medium skin tones.

It reminds me a lot of Benefit Sugarbomb, but with less coral and much more pink. I’m wearing two layers to really convey the color in these pics, but one layer works just fine for heading out and lasts through an eight-hour day.

Benefit Rockateur Box

The front o’ the box…

Benefit Rockateur Box

Chain print on the side

Benefit Rockateur Ingredients


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5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately, Including a Benefit Body Oil Mist, a Veggie-Themed Hand Wash, a Clé de Peau Beauté Lipstick and Bamboo

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Benefit Bathina Soft to Touch Hard to Get

5 things I’ve been loving lately, including this new body oil from Benefit

1. Benefit Bathina Soft to Touch…Hard to Get ($34 for a 2.5 US fl. oz. bottle)

Benefit Bathina Soft to Touch Hard to Get 2

Ha! This body oil mist sounds like it was inspired by Tabs. :)

The name could be his official slogan, ba-dum dum!

Thank you, thank you! I’ll be performing again at 11.

Soft to Touch…Hard to Get is one of those lovely, girly bottles that looks right at home on a vanity. With sweet almond, olive and avocado oils, the lightweight formula lightly moisturizes while leaving skin with a slight sheen and a jasmine flower scent.

The bottle has some heft to it (feels like it’s made out of glass…or really heavy plastic), so when you spray it on damp skin after your shower or on your significant other/booty call as a massage oil, you’ll feel super fancy… Just don’t drop it on your foot.

Yes, I speak from experience.

2. Method Gel Hand Wash Orla Kiely Spring limited Edition in Tomato Vine ($4.49 for a 12 US fl. oz. bottle)

Method Gel Hand Wash Orla Kiely Spring limited Edition in Tomato Vine

I’m so glad I picked up this bottle of Method Gel Hand Wash in Tomato Vine at Target a few weeks ago. The cute green bottle was just sitting there with a sale sticker next to it at the end of the toothpaste aisle.

I needed some hand wash, soooooo of course I unscrewed the cap and gave it a big sniff right there in the store. (Don’t front! I can’t be the only one who’s done that before.)

DUDE! It really does smell like tomato vines. I’ve got some on my deck right now.

The scent is a little weird at first…but I’m addicted to it now. It reminds me of when Demeter was doing cool, unusual scents like Thunderstorm (before they went completely off their rocker and started doing perfumes like Play-Doh and Crayon).

Anyway, I have to run back to Target today, and I’m hoping they’ll still have a few more of these limited edition scents by Orla Kiely (an Irish fashion designer) left, not only because I think this one smells great, but because it also gets my hands squeaky clean without sucking out every ounce of moisture.

If you don’t live near a Target, you can also find it online at

3. Clé de Peau Beauté Extra Rich Lipstick Silk ($40)

Clé de Peau Beauté Extra Rich Lipstick Silk in 201

Clé de Peau Beauté Extra Rich Lipstick Silk in 201

Speaking of fancy, if a mysterious benefactor were to offer to fund a leisurely life of lunches and makeup, for the record, I would not say no.

If that were to happen, you’d find me at the Neiman Marcus Rotunda in San Francisco from Mondays through Fridays for tea around lunch, and then at the Clé de Peau Beauté counter downstairs playing with the smooth, silky and indulgent Extra Rich Lipstick Silks ($40) and Extra Rich Lipstick Holders ($25).

Clé de Peau Beauté Extra Rich Lipstick Silk in 201

Clé de Peau Beauté Extra Rich Lipstick Silk in 201 and the Extra Rich Lipstick Holder

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