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Tantalizing Trios Await! With the Transformative bareMinerals Ready Convertible Eyeshadow Palette, You Can Take It With You

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bareMinerals Ready Convertible Eyeshadow Palette

The new $39 bareMinerals Ready Convertible Eyeshadow Palette

This new $39 Ready Convertible Eyeshadow Palette by bareminerals is a lot like the last Transformers movie…except without the fast-twitch camera cuts, ear-splitting explosions and, ya know, robots.

bareMinerals Ready Convertible Eyeshadow Palette

OK, so now that I’ve thought about it more…it’s actually nothing at all like the last Transformers movie.

But it is like the slogan. :) “More than meets the eye.”

With 12 full-size shimmery eyeshadows that you can pop in and out, this holiday set is something of a quick-change artist. The idea is to place three colors into the smaller mini-palette in the middle of the bigger palette, which you can then slide out and take along with you — you know, for touchups, booty calls, impromptu acts of makeup artistry in airport bathrooms, etc.

bareMinerals Ready Convertible Eyeshadow Palette
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Instead of Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat, The Magic Act Eye and Cheek Palette by bareMinerals Creates Compliments Out of Thin Air

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bareMinerals The Magic Act (2)

Huzzah! Good news, friend! As it turns out, you will not have to promise your first born child, sell your soul or slice your arm open and drip blood into a boiling cauldron in order to experience The Magic Act ($39), the new holiday neutral eye and cheek palette by bareMinerals.

Seriously, thank goodness, because the last thing I want to do on a Monday afternoon is barter with a warlock. Generally, I’m much better equipped for things related to the dark arts later in the week…like around Wednesday or Thursday, after I’ve warmed up. :)

bareMinerals The Magic Act (1)

The Magic Act comes with six powder eyeshadows (three mattes and three shimmers), three blushes (two satins and a shimmer) and a highlighter, all in neutral shades, and with pigment levels that range from sheer to medium.

It’s weird, but whenever I wear this palette, I usually wear it with a bright lip and sometimes a bold liner, and when I do, someone will invariably ask about my lids or cheeks…even though those are the parts of my look that aren’t bold or flashy.

The palette’s neutral browns, beiges, taupes, pinks and peaches are mysteriously attention-getting…

bareMinerals The Magic Act (3)
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Step Right Up to the bareMinerals Kissing Booth 6-Piece Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss Collection: A Carnival of Glassy, Sheer Color

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bareMinerals Kissing Booth marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Jezebel

bareMinerals Kissing Booth Collection Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Jezebel

Thanks, bareMinerals, for inspiring my latest list with your new $26 Kissing Booth Lipgloss Collection.

I’m calling it “Carnival Attractions That I Absolutely Never Want to Operate.”

bareMinerals Kissing Booth

bareMinerals Kissing Booth, $26

At the top of the list, the kissing booth, which, yeah, probably isn’t a good fit for the girl who freaked-the-eff-out when she found out that her (now ex) boyfriend was using her toothbrush (EWWWWWWW!).

Can you imagine the germs exchanged during one afternoon at a kissing booth? Um…no thank you.

Carnival Attractions That I Absolutely Never Want to Operate

  • The kissing booth — Yuck! I don’t know where those lips have been!
  • The Ferris wheel — People freaking out in buckets a hundred feet off the ground? I can’t… I just can’t.
  • The milk bottle baseball game — Oh, hell to the no. How much do you want to bet someone would hit me with a ball?
  • The carousel/merry-go-round — Make it stop! The music is driving me nuts…

Now, if I could insist that there were only two customers at my kissing booth, El Hub and Tabs (who would get nose kisses, of course), then cool. :) And I’d also want these Kissing Booth Collection glosses around, because their sheer pigments wouldn’t leave bright smooch marks behind.

bareMinerals Kissing Booth
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The $26 bareMinerals Lipspectacular Set Brings All the Boys to the Yard

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bareMinerals Lip Spectacular

Big kiss!

You know that moment after a looong day when you finally take off your false lashes and your Spanx? Yeah, the six glosses in the $26 bareMinerals Lipspectacular set feel even better than that.

bareMinerals Lip Spectacular

The $26 bareMinerals Lipspectacular set, available now exclusively at Ulta

They’re just so smooth and creamy and oh, my friggin’ goodness! — comfortable. And not sticky at all.

bareMinerals Lip Spectacular
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A Shot of Rosy Pink From READY Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush by bareMinerals Keeps Cheeks Blushing All Day Long

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bareMinerals the Adrenaline Rush Color Boost

That’s READY Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush by bareMinerals on my cheeks

I’ve never thought of having a “power neutral” blush before, but I suppose if one can have a power song that pumps them up (what’s yours?), a blush that you can count on to pump you up seems just as logical. :)

Or maybe that’s makeup logic, also known as the same sort of reasoning I use to justify getting another coral lipstick/nude gloss/blue nail polish…

READY Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush by bareMinerals ($29) promises to give a rush of rosy color to your cheeks. It’s new and part of their Power Neutrals collection, a flexible family o’ neutral products designed to accompany you from the boardroom to the bedroom, ooh la la!

bareMinerals The Adrenaline Rush Ready Color Boost, $29

The Adrenaline Rush Ready Color Boost, $29

A pan of face/cheek powder with a luminous beige, a matte rosy pink and a matte mauve, the shades can be worn individually or mixed together.

I like to mix ‘em all together for a light rosy blush with a quiet sheen that leans slightly cool on my cheeks. On my NC42 skin tone, it’s a pretty subtle effect, but I think it still lifts my look a little.

bareMinerals READY® Color Boost is an innovative concept in solid mineral technology. Created through a unique cold-pressed method, this formula combines a proprietary SeaNutritive MineralTM Complex composed of positively-charged, antioxidant-rich sea minerals with cold-pressed camellia oil. Color Boost delivers skin-nourishing benefits for softer, smoother skin while enhancing the complexion with a subtle hint of fresh, radiant color.

Unlike a real adrenaline rush, this one is less fleeting. Actually, it lasts a really, really long time. I wore it last Saturday to Pier 39, and it lasted something like 12 hours, looking fresh the entire time.

Back when my skin was super oily in my teens and 20s, I would’ve loved something like this. Blushes were always pulling disappearing acts on my cheeks back then.

bareMinerals The Adrenaline Rush Ready Color Boost swatches unblended (three from the left) and blended (far right)

Adrenaline Rush Ready Color Boost swatches unblended (three from the left) and blended (far right)

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