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MAC The Matte Lip Collection: A Quick Reminder…

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mac matte royal lipstick

MAC Matte Lipstick in Matte Royal ($16)

Heads up, buttercup. If you’ve been counting down the weeks/days/seconds until the MAC The Matte Lip collection drops, the wait is almost over.

Some of the shades in the release are re-promotes from the permanent line, but most of them are brand-spankin’ new.

And they’ll be available bright and early starting tomorrow on the MAC website (and then a little later at MAC stores and counters June 11). Whoop-whoop!

More details, swatches and pictures here, but here’s the quick and dirty…

  • 22 shades, most of them new (but a few are current permanent collection re-promotes)
  • Some of them have MAC’s Matte formula, and others have MAC’s Retro Matte formula
  • All of the shades are being added to the MAC permanent line, so none of that limited edition funny business…
  • They’re all $16 each
  • Available on the MAC website starting May 28, 2015 and at MAC stores and counters June 11

The colors I’m wearing here are some of the brighter — I guess you could call ’em “edgier shades” (and by edgier, I mean that the first thing El Hub said when he saw me wearing the dark blue in the top pic was, “Your lipstick looks scary…”), but there are also a lot of wearable colors coming, like Whirl, Men Love Mystery and Runway Hit (which you can see in the top picture in this post).

mac pink pigeon

MAC Matte Lipstick in Pink Pigeon ($16)

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MAC Unsung Heroes: Costa Riche Eye Kohl

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mac costa riche

Wearing $16 MAC Costa Riche Eye Kohl on my lower lash lines

I’ll be paying a visit to the MAC Pro Store this week as part of a super-secret spy girl mission tomorrow (stay tuned!), which means that poor El Hub will be left to play outside on his phone while I clear out the store’s inventory of MAC Costa Riche.

How many times have I talked about this Eye Kohl…? Five? Six? Two dozen?

It is well past time for me to give it the Unsung Heroes treatment. :)

A warm golden brown Eye Kohl in the MAC permanent line, Costa Riche has been my brown eyeliner bae since late 2013.

Seeing as how I fall in love with new products every other week (sorry, it’s true), you might think that my obsession with it would have waned, but nooo. I still reach for Costa Riche at least three or four times a week because 1) it goes well with so many different eyeshadows, and 2) it feels good on my lash and water lines (when my eyes are irritated and/or watering due to allergies or something else, Costa Riche is one of the few things I can still wear that won’t make things worse).

And it does so much for different eye colors. Brown eyes look more chocolatey, and blue, green, hazel and gray eyes rock it, too. I think it brings out more beauty in all of them and makes your natural eye color stand out.

I’ve never met a person who hates how they look in Costa Riche. It’s the people’s liner!
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MAC Men Love Mystery Matte Lipstick: Men May Love Mystery, But This Woman Loves Violet

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mac men love mystery

Wearing the new MAC Men Love Mystery Lipstick ($16)

Here’s my mysterious look!

I tried to look mysterious for this picture because I was wearing the new $16 MAC Matte Lipstick in Men Love Mystery, and I was shooting for sultry and elusive…but these are what I got instead.

mac men love mystery

Wearing the new MAC Men Love Mystery Lipstick ($16)

Haha! I have no idea what’s going on in this picture…

I think I may have been halfway through a “Haaay” move when the camera shutter button clicked.

Yeah… Hard to tell now. :)

Men Love Mystery is one of the 22 matte MAC Lipsticks in the new The Matte Lip collection, which is en route for the permanent line and coming to the MAC website May 28, and then to MAC counters and stores a little later on June 11. They’re all $16 each.

This color though! It has shown me the way… Now I have come to realize that I’m all about violet matte lips.

I’ve worn similar colors before that were creamy or glossy but never a matte quite like this. I think that the finish, because it’s matte, sort of tones down the natural brightness and intensity that this violet would otherwise have, to make the whole effect more serious and, dare I say it, mysterious…

Of course I love the color because it’s ah-maze-ballz. And I also love almost everything about the formula — how smoothly it applies, the classic MAC vanilla flavor and scent, and the six-hour wear time (when I apply, then blot, then apply again, although it’s pigmented enough to get away with a single layer if you don’t mind sacrificing some wear time) — but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, or at least a stuck CD, the MAC Matte Lipstick formula is fairly drying. Maybe I notice it more because of my lips, which are naturally dry, but it still might be something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about this color or one of MAC’s other mattes.

mac men love mystery

MAC Men Love Mystery Lipstick swatched on NC42 skin

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MAC Matte Lipstick in Whirl: Take ’90s Lips for a Whirl With This MAC Matte

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mac whirl lipstick

Wearing MAC’s new Matte Lipstick in Whirl ($16)

5 Things you can do TODAY to transport yourself to the ’90s

  1. Listen to your favorite Salt-N-Pepa CD (or, alternately, cassette tape) on repeat, and sing/rap the lyrics to Whatta Man aloud, because you know them back and forth, and inside out, and upside down. My man is smooth like Barry, and his voice got bass! A body like Arnold and a Denzel face!

  2. Slip on a flannel shirt as a nod to the crispy Seattle weather (or to just stay warm in front of the refrigerator)…
  3. On that note, quote the movie Clueless with ABANDON.

  4. Dust off your little black backpack (it’s in the back of your closet next to your Doc Martens), and use it as your purse for the day.
  5. Wear new matte rosy brown MAC Matte Lipstick in Whirl ($16), one of 22 matte shades in the upcoming The Matte Lip collection, coming to the MAC website May 28 and MAC stores and counters June 11.

GIRL, funny story. My friend Jen’s been more or less wearing the same color of brown matte lipstick since the ’90s, and I’ve been bugging her to break out of her comfort zone for years.

Corals, pinks, reds, nudes — seriously, any shade other than that same ’90s matte brown, but now that the ’90s lip, also known as (airquotes) “the Kylie Jenner lip,” is back in style, I don’t feel like I need to bug her anymore, LOL!!

The lip Jen’s loved all these years has made a comeback, and you can bet she’s ready for it. :)

Me, on the other hand, to be honest, I require some handholding. Back in the day I loved wearing matte brown lips, and it was all I wore, pretty much 24/7, but I’m having a hard time now re-seeing myself in the color.

I’ve gotten attached to fun brights and nudes!

But, in the spirit of breaking out of comfort zones, I’m trying to take my own advice by giving these circa-1995 colors a whirl.

Enter MAC’s new Matte Lipstick in Whirl ($16).

mac whirl lipstick

A swatch of MAC Whirl on my NC42 skin

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Restocking Old MAC Faves: MAC Groundwork and Soft Ochre Paints Pots, and Select Cover-Up

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mac groundwork soft ochre

Clockwise from the left, that’s MAC Select Color-Up in NC42, and the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots in Soft Ochre and Groundwork

Oh! These cuties — oldies but goodies — came home with me last Sunday after a trip to the mall with El Hub.

It was part of Operation Get My Sh*t Together, otherwise known as The Great Office Purge of 2015. My mission: to stop by the MAC counter and make some long-overdue replacements.

The night before the mission, I found an old stash of MAC Paint Pots at home that desperately needed to be tossed and replaced. Two of my ride or dies, Soft Ochre and Groundwork, were effectively deceased, and since I can’t function without them, I had to restock. ASAP.

LOL! I made myself laugh. :)

Anyway, Soft Ochre and Groundwork are both cream shadows, but they have a matte finish. I like using them as eyeshadow bases, or sometimes just on their own.

mac groundwork soft ochre

Clockwise from the lower left, that’s MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre, Select Color-Up in NC42 and Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Groundwork

MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot ($21)

I think matte warm beige Soft Ochre looks really pretty under warm neutrals like Soft Brown, Saddle, Ricepaper and Swiss Chocolate. I use it sometimes to sort of blank out the natural color of my lids (similar to how you might use concealer on your lips to blank them out).

Like, if I have a palette with shades that are slightly lighter than my skin tone — like pale taupes, tans or beiges, which wouldn’t normally show up well on my NC42 skin — I’ll start by buffing a thin layer of Soft Ochre on my lids with a MAC 217, then apply the shadows on top. Soft Ochre acts kind of like a buffer between my skin color and the shadows, and makes the shadows more closely resemble the way they look in their pans. It also intensifies whatever I layer on top.

LOVE this color. It’s a must-have MAC staple of mine.

MAC Groundwork Paint Pot ($21)

Oh, MAC Groundwork… How I heart love thee.

Groundwork is a neutral mid-toned taupe-ish brown with a matte finish, and I love it for everyday looks. I use it as a base for neutral brown and taupe eyeshadows, and I also think it’s just really pretty on its own.

When I’m in a rush — you know, like every day of my life — I like to do a layer all over my lids, and then apply some quick cat eye liner.

mac groundwork soft ochre 3

MAC Select Cover-Up in NC42 ($19)

Select Cover-Up, the last thing I grabbed at the counter, is something I used a lot waaaaay back in the day when I first started wearing MAC face products.

Let’s see… When was that? 2001? 2002?

It might’ve been 2000.


Needless to say, it’s been around a while.
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