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The MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadows Are Becoming Permanent Fixtures in Spacetime

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mac extra dimension eye shadow

The new MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows ($22 each), coming May 7 to MAC stores, counters and online

Apologies for just powering my way through this quick look at the new MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows, babe. I’ve got a hot date with two clear drawers from The Container Store (yup, operation Get My Sh*t Together is currently underway).

First, I’m so happy to see these being added to the MAC permanent line! I’ve loved ‘em for years and have long hoped this would happen.

See…? Sometimes makeup dreams really do come true. :)

These long-wearing eyeshadows (I get 8-10 hours) have a super soft, almost creamy formula and come in various levels of shimmer, all with negligible (barely any) fallout. I think they’re abso-friggin-lutely heaven, and I’m sure I’ve gushed about them before…

If some of the shades below look familiar, you may be recalling them from past collections like last year’s Alluring Aquatic.

Here are pics and swatches of 16 of the 18 shades (not shown: Smoky Mauve and Silver Sun)…

mac extra dimension eye shadow

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows from the left: A Natural Flirt, Ready to Party, Stylishly merry and Rich Core

mac extra dimension eye shadow

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows from the left: Grand Galaxy, Amorous Alloy, Havana and Sweet Heat

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The MAC Huggable Lipcolours: For When Pigment Needs to Hug It Out

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mac huggable lipcolour

9 of the 10 new MAC Huggable Lipcolour Lipsticks ($20 each, coming soon)

OK, so…what the heck is it about wearing lipstick that instantly makes me feel so much better? That little splash of color is like a nap, doughnuts, ice cream and chocolate rolled into one.

I almost want to hug it out with these pretty lippes, the appropriately named MAC Huggable Lipcolours ($20 each, coming to the MAC website May 7, and a week later to MAC counters and stores).

Do you remember this line of medium-coverage lipsticks? (Cue flashback to waaay back in 2013.) Of the 10 slick, moisturizing shades coming out next month, all of them, with the exception of Fashion Force, look new to me (as far as I’m remembering now).

They last from 2-3 hours for me and have that classic MAC vanilla flavor and scent.

mac huggable lipcolour
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What Are 5 of Your Favorite Errrthing Products Right Now (Not Necessarily Makeup)?

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5 Errrthing Products Right Now

What are your 5 favorite “errrthing” products right now?


  1. all things; all the things of a group or class.
    “he taught me errrthing I know”
    synonyms: each item, each thing, errr single thing, the lot, the whole lot
    antonyms: nuh’in
  2. the current situation; life in general.
    “how’s errrthing?”

At any given moment, chances are something’s rocking my boat, like a giant life-sized Ryan Gosling body pillow, Charlie the rainbow pegasus, vegan thumbprint oatmeal cookies, etc., etc.

You know how it goes. :)

Here are five of my current favorite errrthing products right now.

1. Kerastase Spray À Porter ($36 for a 150ml bottle)

Kerastase Spray a Porter

Kerastase Spray À Porter

This week, in a shock to everyone (including myself), I’ve actually had the motivation to, ya know, do something with my hair other than throw it into a bun and fugghetaboutit. So, out came the Kerastase Spray À Porter.

I hadn’t used it in a while and didn’t realize how low I was until I was halfway through styling my mop yesterday and heard the nozzle go pffffft.


Good thing Karen from the past was forward-thinking enough to realize that current timeline Karen would get into this situation, and therefore stored a backup bottle in the hair products drawer.

Yeah, this stuff is the ISH. I know I’ve probably been gushing about it for a year, but it’s basically a styling spray that does a little bit of everything, and it does it all so well that you might not even need/want anything else.

It texturizes, volumizes, gives light hold (not too crunchy), enhances waves and lifts roots. You can even use it as a dry shampoo to absorb oil in a pinch.

I don’t even know why I keep trying other hair products with Kerastase Spray À Porter around.

Oh, wait! — I do know. It’s called short-term beauty memory, haha!

2. Cuisinart Smart Stick 2-Speed Hand Blender ($59.95)

GURL, you know my cooking usually falls somewhere in the spectrum between “questionably edible” and “downright gross,” but I’ve been trying to be better lately and cut down on processed foods, and eat more of the bountiful fruit of the loins of the earth…

My mom got me this Cuisinart Hand Blender for Christmas last year, and I kid you not, I use it almost every freaking day.

I use it to make smoothies, beat eggs, purée soup, do my hair…

NO! Not that last one. :)

I also have a regular blender, but I don’t like lugging it out, and then having to clean it up and put it away again.

I know, First World Kitchen Problems.

This hand blender, though, is so easy to store and clean, and it just works. I used it to make this Pink Power Detox Smoothie this morning, by the way, and it was BOMB.

I would’ve taken a picture of it but, as usual, I inhaled it too quickly, haha! (the smoothie, not the blender)
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What’s New in Makeup Bags? New Spring Makeup Bags From MAC, Paul & Joe and Sonia Kashuk

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mac mia moretti makeup bag

New spring makeup bags from MAC, Sonia Kashuk and Paul & Joe

I’m pretending right now that these new makeup bags by MAC, Paul & Joe and Sonia Kashuk are filled with food, PMS tea and tiny little blue-eyed teacup kittens.

Because I’m hungry, and I don’t want to have to cook.

And I’m PMS-ing.

Yes, I know that’s TMI. But it’s true.

Paul & Joe Cosmetic Pouch IV ($40)

paul & joe cosmetic pouch

Paul & Joe Cosmetic Pouch IV ($40, coming April to Paul & Joe counters and

paul & joe cosmetic pouch

Fits a surprising amount of stuff…

The MAC Mia Moretti bags are actually part of a set. For $46 there are three — one Large, one Medium and one Small.

My favorite is the Paul & Joe bag because, hello! — ponies happily prancing in their special outfits.

When I finally get MY pony (which will be on my farm on The Big Island of Hawaii, where I intend to make handcrafted organic goat cheese), I’m gonna make it a special outfit. :)

MAC Mia Moretti Makeup Bags: Set of 3 in Large, Medium and Small ($46)

mac mia moretti makeup bag

Set of three MAC Mia Moretti Makeup Bags in Large, Medium and Small ($46, Large bag shown here)

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The MAC Is Beauty Collection: Salon-Style Indulgence and Super Glamorous Makeup to Bring Out Your Inner Glamazon

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mac is beauty review

Lustre Lipstick in Highlights

If you’ve ever spent half the day at the salon — which, incidentally, I totally have — chances are good you’ll either like or love the MAC Is Beauty collection (available starting Monday, March 30, 2015).

Where many MAC collections embrace an edgier, almost anti-establishment/counter-culture vibe, this collection hangs out in the salon on the completely opposite end of that spectrum. It says, “Yeah, it’s cool to get your glam on.” For me it’s all about putting your hair up in curlers (yay!), indulging in a little pampering and hanging out with your girlfriends.

And, for the record, I’m on board with that. :)

A big chunk of the release is devoted to liners, with some Kohls, a Penultimate Liquid Eye Liner and 16 Pro Longwear Fluidlines.

Many of them are re-promotes, it’s true, but whether they’re encores or new, there are some beautiful shades here, like Siahi, Blue Peep and Brassy…which is downright effing gorgeous.

There’s also Shade, which I actually had a conversation about at the salon the other day. I was getting my bangs trimmed by my friend Alis, who’s both a hairdresser and a MAC-loving makeup artist, and we were talking about Fluidlines when she mentioned a shade that she loved. It was Shade! — and it’s actually in this release!

It’s a deep, beautiful dark green — like a mysterious green that almost looks black. Alis, who’s a redhead, said it’s a ride-or-die shade for redheads, but my brown eyes and I lurve it too.

Regarding the Eye Shadows in the collection…I really wanted to freak out (in a good way) about them, but I haven’t. Not as much as I hoped/thought.

I’ve tried three of the four so far, and they just seem sort of OK to me. One of them, chalky pale pink matte Yogurt, is a little sheerer and harder than I’d like, and another, Veluxe Pearl Bouffant, takes a little too much elbow grease to show up well on my NC 42 skin.

But I digress… Enough talk. More pics. :)

MAC Is Beauty: The Eye Shadows

mac bouffant

MAC Veluxe Pearl Eye Shadow in Bouffant, $16

mac yogurt

Matte Eye Shadow in Yogurt, $16

mac wow factor

MAC Satin Eye Shadow in Wow Factor, $16

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