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LORAC Tantalizes With a Six-Piece Golden Bronze Summer Set That’s Good to Glow: The LORAC TANtalizer Glow to Go Collection

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LORAC TANtalizer Glow to Go Collection

It’s time to glow! The new LORAC TANtalizer Glow to Go Collection

My propensity to wait until the last minute has again left me without any fabulous Memorial Day plans…

Unless Jay-Z and Bey call or I win that Mega Millions jackpot, in which case you’ll find me in the Maldives in one of those luxury huts on the water, I’m pretty much stuck at home, puttering away.

Putt, putt, putt…

Of course, Tabs loves the fact that I’m not going anywhere because it means he’ll have his assistant to kick around and assault with his 20 pounds of brute force whenever he wants.

I suppose I should be happy that he doesn’t weigh 25…

Even though I’m staying local, I’m not letting that stop me from at least looking like I went away.

I want a relaxed glow, dagnabbit!

LORAC’s new TANtalizer Glow to Go Collection couldn’t have come at a better time.

LORAC TANtalizer Glow to Go Collection

The TANtalizer Glow to Go Collection, $36 (a $120 value)

This $36 six-piece limited edition summer set covers the bases for a classic golden bronze summer glow for your eyes, cheeks and lips.

LORAC TANtalizer Glow to Go Collection Tahitian Sand Eye Shadow

Tahitian Sand Eye Shadow, a shimmery light gold

Warm-toned gals from light to dark of differing makeup ability can all WERK Glow to Go.

LORAC TANtalizer Glow to Go Collection Barbados Bronze Eye Shadow

Barbados Bronze Eye Shadow, a shimmery bronze

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The LORAC Mint Edition Palette Plays It Cool

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LORAC Mint Edition Palette

Minty! That’s LORAC’s Mint Edition Palette refreshing my eyes, cheeks and lips

Not that I need another clutch…but if someone were to build one based on LORAC’s Mint Edition Eye/Cheek Palette, I would not be averse to the idea.

I’m just sayin’.

LORAC's Mint Edition Palette

How cute is this!?

With the silver and black accents?

I used to rock a pair of mint green Bongo Jeans in the exact same color about a zillion years back (it had zippers and bows around the ankles), and now I suddenly have the urge to put my hair up in a side ponytail with a scrunchie and peg my pants…

Mint — it’s EVERYWHERE!

What year is this again? Did we just go back in time?

Wait — I don’t think so, but LORAC looks like they did for the retro design. This eye, cheek and lip set launched earlier this spring, but it looks like it could have been released a few decades before that.

Regardless of the palette’s release date, mint is having a moment — I’m seeing it on purses, shoes, nails, makeup — and Mint Edition is riding the wave…

LORAC's Mint Edition Palette

A complete look

LORAC included all of the basics for a minty fresh look in this $42 set (a $160 value) — eight eye shadows (four mattes and four shimmers), a powder highlighter, a powder blush and a full-sized liquid lipstick.

LORAC Mint Edition Palette Swatches

Liquid Lipstick in Retro

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GLO Get Me a Doctor! The New $20 LORAC GLOgetter Eyeshadow Palette Is Giving Me a LORAC Attack This Summer

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The LORAC GLOgetter Palette

Wearing the $20 LORAC GLOgetter Palette on my eyes

With its classic summer colors, LORAC’s GLOgetter eye shadow palette was probably meant for fun-filled beach boardwalks, fair food and cruising down the coast with the windows rolled down…but I feel like a beauty bandit when I think of the price — only $20! — like I should be wearing black from head to toe and a mask like a cat burglar.

I can’t believe this 10-pan limited edition palette is only $20 at Ulta. At that price, it’s almost like stealing!

LORAC GLOgetter Eyeshadow Palette

These easy-to-blend powder shadows are consumate summer colors — the kind that look great with a tan — and when I wear them with primer, they last from 8-10 hours on my dry lids before I notice much creasing. No fallout, either.

LORAC GLOgetter Eyeshadow Palette

I bet you could totally Beyoncé it out with these and bang out some intense looks with loads of blending and layering, but I really like GLOgetter for simple looks with one or two shades.

LORAC GLOgetter Eyeshadow Palette swatches
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Because One Is the Loneliest Number, the LORAC Ready, Set, Splash Waterproof Eyeliner Set Comes With Four

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LORAC Ready Set Splash

Ready, set, splash! The new $28 LORAC Ready, Set, Splash liner set.

To El Hub when he insists that there’s an upper limit on the number of liners I could possibly need on a trip, I say, “Pish-tosh!”

“We’re only gonna be two days!” he says. “Why would you need 10 liners?”

My response: to pack 20 eyeliners! And then to painstakingly describe every single one in great detail, and how my happiness — no, my very survival! — depends on having all of them with me. 🙂

Hey, you just never know when you’ll get the urge to do a two-color double-winged flick? YOU NEVER KNOW!

LORAC Ready Set Splash box

This is why I find LORAC’s new $28 Ready, Set, Splash kit appealing…

That, and the quick-drying, waterproof formula.

The set’s four twist-up pencils come in colors that work well with most of my favorite summer eye looks.

LORAC Ready Set Splash box

Ultra Black, Navy, Charcoal and Jade will take you from poolside to dinner party in the blink of a cat eye, and when I want a smudgy vibe, I can just flip one over, and use the sponge tip on the back side.

LORAC Ready Set Splash swatches

From the left: Ultra Black, Charcoal, Jade and Navy

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