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The Tempting Taste of LORAC Tucked Into a Sweet Set of Six Shiny Glosses: The New $25 LORAC Sweet Temptations Lip Gloss Collection

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lorac sweet temptations lip gloss collection frosted gumdrop

Wearing Frosted Gumdrop from the new LORAC Sweet Temptations Lip Gloss Collection

I’ve been paying weekly visits to the milk chocolate buttercerams at See’s Candies lately, and yes, it’s only a matter of time before my transformation into Liz Lemon is complete!!

Soon, my delicious little friends will probably start wondering about the nature of our relationship…

“Where’s that hella short cat lady with the cray-cray hair who always visits on Sundays?” they might ask, if/when I miss a visit.

Heck, they might even shed a tiny, sugary tear…

And I would reply, “It’s nothing personal, guys. It’s just that my sweet tooth has become totally infatuated with the flavors and scents of the new $25 LORAC Sweet Temptations Lip Gloss Collection.”

lorac sweet temptations lip gloss collection

Each of the six sheer, shiny glosses in the set are named after sweet treats, like Butterscotch and Creme Brulee, and they smell and taste like them, too.

But that’s not even the best part… LORAC actually figured out a way to make the scents and flavors good!

Each gloss is tastefully done (LOL!), and not artificially sweet.

lorac sweet temptations lip gloss collection tubes

From the left: Candy Apple, Butterscotch, Creme Brulee, Cotton Candy, Frosted Gumdrop, Sugar Plum

lorac sweet temptations lip gloss collection swatches

Swatches from the left: Candy Apple, Butterscotch, Creme Brulee, Cotton Candy, Frosted Gumdrop, Sugar Plum

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Longer, Thicker Lashes With the New LORAC Pro Mascara, and a Conversation With My Inner Drag Queen

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lorac pro mascara review

Karen’s Inner Drag Queen: Time to do it to it, Miss Thang. Get up! I am not about to spend all day and night watching Animal Planet on the couch.

Karen: Okay, but —

Karen’s Inner Drag Queen: Wash your face! Brush your teeth! Remove that hideous scrunchie from your hair! And swipe some makeup on before I start going through glitter withdrawals!

Karen: Dude, seriously — chill! You really need to be nice to me right now because I feel like a drum exploded in my head!

Karen’s Inner Drag Queen: I’m sorry, baby girl, but you know what they say — sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind. :)

And since I’m founder and CEO of our fabulousness, I’m taking the reins. I am not about to let this migraine bring us down. You and I are way too sexy for this crap!

Karen: Okay, okay… I know better than to get in your way.

You’re the boss. What do you want me to do first? Please bear in mind that whatever we do I intend to continue wearing these sweats. That’s non-negotiable.

Karen’s Inner Drag Queen: Wha?!

Karen: Look into my eyes…

Karen’s Inner Drag Queen: Alright, fair enough.

Let’s start with the basics then. Fill in those caterpillar brows first, and then please do something about that whole thing goin’ on over there…

Karen: Where? Over here? Under my eyes?

Karen’s Inner Drag Queen: Mmm-hmm.

Karen: All done. Next?

Karen’s Inner Drag Queen: Good. Now give those lashes some love.

Here, use my new LORAC Pro Mascara ($23)…

Karen: Ooh! Cool tube. And it’s huge!

What a cute brush, too. It’s shaped like a tear, aww. And the tip is so pointy! I bet it really grabs lashes in the inner and outer corners.

Karen’s Inner Drag Queen: Oh, yeah. It’s good for black, glossy lashes, way long and thick, and you’re gonna love how easy it is to build up in layers. I’m talkin’ drama! It kinda reminds me of YSL’s Faux Cils like that.

The only thing, though, and you’ll notice this I’m sure, is that you have to dilute the wand first — like, you know, swipe it on something to get rid of the excess; otherwise, it gets hella clumpy!

Karen: Okay, but is it flaky (like you know who)? And what about smears?

Karen’s Inner Drag Queen: Naw, at least not for me. And the separation and curl hold are pretty fab.

Karen: Alright. Let’s do three layers…

lorac pro mascara swatch
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This Is the Story of a Miracle Makeup Tree and the LORAC Pro Palette’s Cool-Toned Neutral Shades

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LORAC Pro Palette

Doop-da-doo, there I was, happily skippin’ down the street, Tabs’ leash in one hand, ice cream truck money in the other (one Drumstick please…actually two, ’cause I’m PMS-ing!), when I stumbled upon a tree bearing the most unusual fruit.

The branches hung low, weighed down not with plump, juicy apples or ripe peaches, but with bushels of new LORAC Pro Palettes.

For real!

A magical makeup tree

I stood there with my mouth agape, staring up in awe, as more and more neighborhood beauty addicts gathered ’round, and women, men, young and old alike, all marveled at the miracle makeup tree.

Each of the $42 palettes (a $110 value), which hung beside a tiny tube of Behind the Scenes Eye Shadow, housed 16 powder eyeshadows in neutral shades, eight of them matte shades and eight of them shimmers.

I could have stood there all day if it hadn’t been for Tabs…

He ran toward the tree, claws poised and ready to climb the trunk!

“Stop!” I called out to him. I wasn’t about to watch my 20-pound tabby get stuck in a makeup tree, so I skittered over and scooped him up.

That’s when I heard someone near me ask if anyone had tried the palette.

“I have,” I said, slinging Tabs over my shoulder. Tabs grumbled, of course, in response. “I think it’s pretty good. I like that it comes with an even mix of mattes and shimmers and that most of the colors are cool toned.”

I plucked one of the palettes from a branch and handed it to a woman standing next to me with a red stroller.

“Makes it a little different from the other neutral eyeshadow palettes that are out there,” I said. “Here, swatch the eyeshadows. They’re super soft, easy to blend, too, and most are packed with pigment.”

I felt a little tickle on the back of my head. Hmm… It was Tabs, chomping on my hair — his way of letting me know that he was hungry and ready to go home.

Just then a perky teenager wearing glittery golden eyeliner asked me a question about fallout.

“There is some,” I replied, “so you may want to do your eye makeup first, and then follow with foundation and powder. Or, tap-tap-tap your brush against something to remove some of the excess powder before applying.”

LORAC Pro Palette

LORAC Pro Palette swatches

LORAC Pro Palette
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