Quick Beauty Tip – Save a Few Bucks at the Nail Salon by Getting a Polish Change

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A foot massage, sitting on your ass for an hour, a hot and bubbly foot spa, not having to fuss over messing up your entire manicure when your top coat goes awry … no wonder so many of us love going to the nail salon. Granted, there is the small chance of contracting fungus, plantar warts, bacterial infections or herpes. But hey! What’s life without risk?

All kidding aside – you can save a few bucks when you hit your favorite (and hopefully sanitary) nail salon if you ask for a polish change instead of a manicure.


Polish changes are cheaper because they’re an abbreviated version of a regular manicure. They’ll cost you about 30-40% less than a regular mani (for example $6 for a polish change vs. $10 for a manicure, $8 for a polish change vs. $12 for a manicure).

What’s the difference between a polish change and a manicure? It depends on the salon, but usually during a polish change the nail technician won’t file your nails down, won’t cut your cuticles (you’re never supposed to cut your cuticles at the salon, anyway), and they may skip the soaking part. I don’t mind skipping this stuff because I’d rather clip and file my nails myself at home to reduce the chances of infection.


I only go to nail salons less than ten times a year (mostly ’cause I’m cheap). But when I go I always do a lot of extensive research before I go to a new nail salon. By “extensive research” I ask friends and family or I check out online review sites like yelp.com. If you do go to nail salons often, I’ve read online that a few ways to reduce your risk are to bring your own tools when you visit a nail salon, and inquire about sterilization techniques before you go – specifically, ask how the salon sanitizes their footbaths. And try a polish change once in a while! You can use all that extra money for some Chanel perfume or perhaps even throw it into your retirement fund.

It’s the last day of the weekend so I’m kinda bummed, but I’m also excited because I’m going to afternoon tea today with my friends, Christine and Mary Anne. We’re going to the Secret Garden Tea House to gorge ourselves on scones, tea sandwiches and pastries. I plan on getting a massive caffeine buzz before it’s all over. You know I like to aim high.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay dry if you’re in NorCal!

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