Quick Beauty Tip – Keep Baby Wipes Near Your Couch or Wherever Your Bum Parks to Watch TV

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After a long day, I like to relax sometimes by watching the telly. What can I say? Buffy reruns are quite soothing. And don’t pretend that you can resist the lure of the “America’s Next Top Model” marathons on VH1, either. I know you can’t. It’s physically impossible.


Anyway, after I get settled on the couch I either get too involved in the show or too lazy to walk to the bathroom and wash my face. To remedy this situation I keep baby wipes (or a pack of Olay Daily Facials Express if I can get a pack on sale) in a side table drawer. I just reach over, take one out and wipe my face off while I’m watching my show!

And before you start hating on me for being a lazy bum, I highly suggest you try this. It’s actually very handy and has saved me from falling asleep on the couch with a full face of makeup on many times!


Yesterday I had so much fun at afternoon tea with Mary Anne and Christine. We spent hours catching up, and I got a massive caffeine buzz – it was so intense that I could barely drive. Despite shaking like I just downed a lil’ too much of Grandpappy’s special cough syrup, I managed to make it home without crashing into a BMW (aka, the Honda Civic of Marin). It’s been a tough week, but this weekend made up for it.

I’m so glad that the new site is finally up. Many thanks to my hubby for helping me up the cuteness factor.

I’m hoping for a fab week and great things to come.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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