How to Look Your BEST in Pictures

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How to look your best in pictures

  • Don’t do *full frontal!* No, not the nudity kind, LOL! 🙂 Try a 3/4 pose. If you’re standing, turn slightly and rest your weight on one foot. If you’re sitting, angle slightly to one side or the other. Doing so angles the body, tips the shoulders a little and angles the head just a bit. It adds dimension to your pics and looks more interesting and natural than a straight-ahead pose.
  • Lean slightly toward the camera. It adds interest, dimension and looks natural, too. Think of having a long neck like a giraffe. Tilt your chin down slightly to hide any double chin/s and to block the camera’s view up your nostrils.
  • Learn, like Tyra says, to smile with your eyes. Think coy and demure, like a cougar luring her prey to come closer by acting harmless and innocent. Huge ear-to-ear smiles focus attention on your gums and can make you look like you’re squinting.
  • Think BAM! Practice a picture pose trigger. Models are taught to change their state of mind in an instant by developing a trigger. When they’re about to have their picture taken, even if they feel like crap, they fire their trigger and BAM! — great photo. One trigger you hear a lot about is called the rear cheek squeeze.

    Don’t laugh, but it’s just like it sounds — you squeeze the cheeks of your rear end together and hold them that way for the shot. 🙂 Try it in your next picture.
  • Keep looking up! That is, don’t look directly at the lens; look slightly above it. It brightens the eyes in pictures and makes you look more vibrant and alive.

For even more tips on how to look your best in pictures…

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  1. Briana says:

    OOh awesome tips! I’ve tried to take pics of my makeup look a couple times and I can never get good ones. I’ll have to try these out and see if I can come up with some decent pics! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Sarahc says:

    Damn that first makeup video link is great. Thanks for finding that!

    I swear that everytime I use a flash for a closeup picture it looks terrible.. The best self pictures I take are without flash in good lighting like on my patio.

  3. pik says:

    although, don’t look up in pictures so much that people start to call you ‘ceiling eyes’ *cough* audrina patridge *cough*

  4. Marisol says:

    You rock! Thanks for these tips.

    Marisol´s last blog post..Untitled

  5. Christina says:

    Perfect timing! Going to a wedding in a few hours, and I was hoping for a good shot or two (since I *always* look bad in pictures).


    Christina´s last blog post..Commenter Of The Week

  6. Mishel says:

    lol cheek squeeze! good tips, i usually take decent photos but there are times when my eyes are half closed or i am not prepared for the pic and end up with a silly expression

    will try these tips!

  7. Sylvie says:

    Is it possible to squeeze your butt cheeks together without frowning at all? Cuz I can’t do that.

  8. Pia says:

    Great tips Karen! Just a question on butt squeeze. What difference does doing one make in a picture Vs butt normal ? (i’m trying to find the opposite of squeeze) lol.

  9. MLC512 says:

    AWESOME! Thanks!

  10. sammie says:

    wow, thanks! =)

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