MAC Cult of Cherry Face of the Day Using the Shadowy Lady Quad

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Haaaay, shady lady! Okay, I know you’re not shady… It’s just that for some reason every time I think of the MAC Shadowy Lady quad from last week’s Cult of Cherry collection I am compelled to shout “shady lady!”

A few days ago, reader Lexi asked to see a face of the day with the Shadowy (Shady!) Lady quad. That sounded like fun, so here’s the look I wore to work yesterday — a light purple eye with a bright blue liner.



How to Get the Lip Look

  1. First, I lined my lips with Pink Treat Cremestick.
  2. Next, I applied one layer of Lightly Ripe Lipstick directly from the tube onto my lips, blotted my lips with a tissue and then added a second layer for good luck.
  3. To finish the lips, I topped them off with a layer of Rich & Ripe Lipglass.



Get the Cheek Look

  1. Using a 129 powder/blush brush, I swept Blooming atop the apples of my cheeks and then up into the hairline.
  2. Next, I applied Stila Sun Bronzer with a 116 blush brush, starting near the outer corner of my right eye and swiping down the curve of the cheek bone (under the apple of my cheek). Then, I swiped back up the same way. From there, I swiped the brush over the right temple onto my upper forehead just below the hairline (reverse and repeat the process on your left).



The Eyes: Step by Step

  1. First, with a 266 angled brush, I shaded in my brows with Concrete.
  2. Then, I patted Painterly Paint Pot over the entire eye with a 239 eye shading brush.
  3. Next, I dusted Light Fall over the Painterly Paint Pot on the eye with a 252 eye shader brush.
  4. Using a 217 blending brush, I applied Smudged Violet onto my lids, blending out the edges with the same brush.
  5. To make the outer corner look a bit smokier, I added Shadowy Lady with a 224 tapered blending brush and applied the color with a small, circular motion.
  6. To line my eyes, I wanted something a bit different than my regular old black liner, so I wet a 212 flat brush with a spritz of MAC Fix+ and swept the wet brush head across a pan of Deep Truth eye shadow. I applied the wet shadow to my upper lash line, thickening the line as it got closer to the outer corner my eye.
  7. To finish the eye look, I curled my lashes and added two coats of Prep + Prime Lash followed by two coats of Zoomblack mascara (on the upper lashes only).

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MAC Cult of Cherry Face of the Day with Spiced Chocolate Quad

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Am I the only girl out there who thinks watching The Golden Girls and playing with makeup constitutes a good time? I hope not, LOL!

Earlier this afternoon, with MAC’s Cherry Blossom face chart laid out on the floor in front of me, I did some experimenting with MAC Cult of Cherry’s Spiced Chocolate Quad, Plum du Bois blush, Creme Cerise lipstick and Cherry Blossom Lipglass.

Face charts for Cult of Cherry and MAC’s other makeup collections are available on the MAC website. The charts indicate which products and brushes to use for different looks, and, in some cases, indicate the proper placement of color.

The Cheeks and Lips

In the Cherry Blossom chart, the eyes are bold, but the cheeks and lips are soft and subtle. I reached for Plum du Bois and, following the chart, swirled some on my cheeks with a MAC 187 brush (aka the skunk brush).

Then, I lined my lips with Sublime Culture Cremestick Liner, filling them in with Creme Cherise Lipstick. I topped them off with a layer of Cherry Blossom Lipglass.

The Eyes

Eye Products I Used

I prefer to do one eye at a time, working each one to completion before I move on to the next eye. Some women prefer to work on both eyes at the same time, completing a step on one eye and then repeating it on the other, since they already have the correct brush in hand. I think it boils down to personal preference. For me, it’s faster if I finish one eye before moving on to the other.

The Eyes: Step by Step

  1. First, using a MAC 266 brush, I shaded in my brows with Concrete.
  2. Then, I highlighted the brow bone by dusting Nanogold onto it with a 252 eye shader brush.
  3. I applied Pink Couture Shadestick onto my lids, blending out the edges with my finger.
  4. Then, I swept Sweet Chestnut Eye Shadow directly on top of the Pink Couture Shadestick with a 217 blending brush.
  5. To add more depth to the eye, I added Spiced Chocolate Eye Shadow into the crease with a 219 pencil brush.
  6. With the same brush, I ran Sweet Chestnut Eye Shadow along the lower lash line.
  7. To finish the eye look, I curled my lashes, and then added two coats of Zoomblack mascara onto both the upper and lower lashes.

All done, my little cherry blossom! 🙂
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MAC Cult of Cherry On Sale Now: Product Shots, Swatches

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MAC counters nationwide are under constant attack today by crazed MAC fans (like me) dying to get their grubby, makeup stained hands on the new Cult of Cherry and Overrich collections. It’s total mayhem! 🙂

More on MAC Cult of Cherry and Overrich

I’m late for work and have to zip out the door, but here are swatches for now. I’ll post updates later today with more detailed reviews. Enjoy! 🙂

Eye Shadow Palettes ($36)

Shadowy Lady

Spiced Chocolate


Lipsticks ($14)

Mattene Lipsticks ($14.50)

Tinted Lipglass ($14)

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MAC Cult of Cherry and Overrich Collections Now Available Online

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Just a quick note for the MAC fans — MAC Cult of Cherry is now available online. Yup, the wait is over, and all MAC online purchases made by August 23 will also ship free.

Must. Exercise. Spending. Restraint.

Here’s a screen shot taken from an artsy-fartsy video MAC has posted on the Cult of Cherry page. It features a woman with a weird plaster cat. Interesting…

But Cult of Cherry isn’t the only MAC news of the day. The new Overrich pigment collection ($19.50 each) also launched online.

Featuring limited edition pigments in green, gold, mauve and copper shades, Overrich looks wearable and pretty. I’ve got a fetish for greens and golds and can’t wait to see both Vintage Gold and Antique Green in person.

You know it’s going to be a good day when you get your MAC fix before noon. 😉

Ladies, I’m on my umpteenth cup of coffee already and feeling kinda loopy! How goes your morning so far?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


MAC Cult of Cherry: A Look at Some Lipsticks

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G’morning, girls! 🙂 I had makeup dreams last night. I dreamt I was sitting on my bed, gloriously happy and surrounded by makeup. I was playing with MAC’s upcoming Cult of Cherry collection, probably because I thought about it so much yesterday.

The entire MAC Cult of Cherry collection will include these and 10 other lipsticks and glosses when it arrives on MAC counters later this month.

So Scarlet Amplified Lipstick ($14)

MAC’s product marketing describes the shade as a “clean grape burgundy.” On me it’s a cool 40’s-style red with a touch of purple. I think it’s one of the most stunning shades I’ve seen in a while. It makes me want to don fishnets and dance to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy!

Jampacked Lipglass ($14)

Depending on the light, Jampacked ranges from a deep, rich purple to the softer violet in the picture above. It’s a gorgeous purple gloss with a hint of shimmer. The shimmer must be what makes it dance in the light.

Creme Cerise Lustre Lipstick ($14)

A pretty nude that looks tan on me.

Kirsch Mattene Lipstick ($14.50)

Deep, dark and moody, two coats of this burgundy matte left me with lips that my high school chola friends would have envied, but because the shade is so dark it’s also incredibly hard to apply. There’s no way in *hellz* I could wear it dark without a lip brush, lip liner and 20 extra minutes, but if I dot it directly onto my lips and blend it with my fingers, it leaves a light stain. If you want/need a vampire dark look (’cause you never know), then this is your shade.

America’s Best Dance Crew — Spoiler Alert!

Do NOT read past the break here unless you’re prepared to find out what happened on last night’s show. No joke.
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