This Year’s Benefit Crescent Row Limited Edition Fragrance Set Is Like Having Four Fragrant Friends Over for the Holidays

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Benefit Crescent Row Limited Edition Set Holiday 2012

The new Benefit Crescent Row Limited Edition Set for Holiday 2012

Over the holidays this year, love, and your favorite Benefit Eau de Toilettes, will be in the air.

Each of the four tiny 0.34-ounce bottles in the new $36 Benefit Crescent Row fragrance set is small enough to bring in a carry-on bag on your next flight (TSA rules limit liquids to 3.4 ounces or less).

Choose from Laugh With Me Lee Lee (a woody floral), My Place or Yours Gina (a woody oriental), Ring My Bella (a fruity floral) and See & Be Seen Sasha (a captivating floral).

I like my cats big and my perfumes tiny, so every year when Benefit rolls out their little fragrance kits I get really excited! — and then I pop open one of their caps…

benefit crescent row limited edition set

benefit crescent row limited edition set
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Happy Noses Make for Happy Holidays with the Benefit Crescent Row Limited Edition Set

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benefit crescent row set holiday 2011

Benefit’s at it again this year, adding fragrant fuel to the fire that is my current obsession with petite perfume bottles, by taking us down another holiday trip down Crescent Row. Their new $36 Crescent Row Limited Edition Set bundles together four of the line’s 0.43-oz. (they’re small but cute) eau de toilettes.

The official fragrance notes

  • Laugh with Me Lee Lee — A light blend of citrus, jasmine and lily blossoms
  • My Place or Yours Gina — An alluring affair of pink pepper (a spice made from dried berries), wild raspberry and patchouli
  • Garden of Good & Eva — A crisp floral spiked with pear, jasmine and freesia
  • Ring My Bella — A seductive floral with lily, jasmine and vanilla

benefit crescent row set (1)

benefit crescent row set (3)

More on the Benefit Crescent Row fragrance family…

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You Might Need a Row of Diplomas to Open the Benefit Crescent Row Coffret Set

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Benefit Crescent Row Coffret Set with box

Don’t let these sharp dressers fool you. The adorable tiny bottles in the Benefit Crescent Row Coffret Holiday Kit ($36) look like they’re begging to be spritzed, but you might need a degree in rocket science to get ’em open.

The limited edition set comes with four almost impregnable bottles of 0.34-oz. eau de toilette — the light and fresh Laugh With Me LeeLee and Garden of Good and Eva, and warm and cozy Lookin’ To Rock Rita and So Hooked on Carmella.

The official fragrance notes…

  • Garden Of Good And Eva: pear, watermelon, ozone accords, muguet, rosebud, jasmine petals, green violet leaves, freesia, sandalwood, musk and cedarwood
  • Lookin’ To Rock Rita: lemon, coconut, freesia, fig, hyacinth, violet, sandalwood, Brazilian rosewood and vanilla
  • So Hooked On Carmella: lemon, grapefruit, rhubarb, cyclamen, peony, tiare flower, vanilla, sandalwood, amber
  • Laugh With Me LeeLee: cassis, melon, citrus, black violet, lily, jasmine, blonde wood, amber and santal

I’ve been fiddling with them for days and still can’t tell if the tops are designed to snap or screw shut. I like all four of the long-lasting fragrances, but truth be told, the packaging’s been a bit of a distraction. Maybe they need a special chant or a sacred dance to close, haha!
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Benefit Crescent Row Second Story: Three New Fragrances Coming Soon

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benefit crescent row the second story

Have you heard? Next month we’re getting three new neighbors on Benefit’s Crescent Row. Yup, you remember their cousins, right? — those spunky gals from last year?

Girls of the original Benefit Crescent Row…

Like those first three fragrances, the new ones were also named after different imaginary girls, complete with colorful backstory poems replete with style and charm.

There’s Garden of Good and Eva, Lookin’ to Rock Rita and Hooked on Carmella, each of them eau de toilettes ($36 apiece).

They flutter onto Benefit counters, stores and Sephora next month. Here are some details from Benefit…

benefit crescent row the second story garden of good and eva

Garden of Good and Eva

Eva’s a crisp and citrusy floral with a full-time free spirit, and she’s the kind of friend you can never refuse, even when she’s asking you to ditch work for a day at the beach!

Official fragrance notes: Eva opens with notes of pear, watermelon, ozone accords (an accord is when three or four notes blend together to create a new scent) and muguet (Lily of the Valley), sauntering from there into a heart of rosebud, jasmine petals, green violet leaves and freesia. Finally, she mellows into a mix of sandalwood, musk and cedarwood.

Come away with Eva
Breeze down a lush lane
She’s the fresh rush of splendor
You can’t quite explain
So vividly vibrant
With a carefree deameanor
She whirls off to a place
Where grasses are greener

Sounds like Eva might make a perfect companion for a summer road trip down the coast.

benefit crescent row the second lookin to rock rita

Lookin’ to Rock Rita

Exhilarating Rita, all green and fruity, hums along in high heels and high fashion. You can bet she’ll be ready for adventure at the drop of a hat!

Official fragrance notes: Opening with a blend of lemon, coconut and freesia, Rita boogies into a heart of juicy fig, hyacinth and violet before clearing the dance floor for bottom notes of sandalwood, Brazilian rosewood and vanilla, YUM!

Rita’s ready to rock
And dressed to thrill
With a flavor for risks
Brilliant dreams to fulfill
Juiced up on extras
And dazzling fashions
A modern-day paradise
Of shake-it-up passions

Doesn’t Rita sound like the one to go clubbing with? I just hope she doesn’t ditch me for a cute boy!

benefit crescent row the second story so hooked on carmella

So Hooked on Carmella

She’s the girl at dinner who captures every single heart!

Official fragrance notes: Carmella starts her seduction with yummy lemon, grapefruit and rhubarb before melting into cyclamen (a flower), peony and tiare flower. She ends the evening (with company, of course) by drying down into a warm finish of vanilla, sandalwood and amber.

When it comes to Carmella
Don’t ask and don’t tell
A light touch has admirers
Under her spell
Her sweet sensuality
No one would guess
So exquisite, enticing…
An intimate caress

Carmella could make date nights more special than the rest!

So tell me — which of the new Crescent Row Second Story girls do you resemble most? I think I might be an Eva. 🙂

CCL salad bar

WARNING: Crazy cat lady moment. I’ve started doing some gardening out front, and what do you suppose I planted? Rows of beautiful flowers? Vegetables galore?
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