A Blue, Pink and Silver Eye with Clarins So Sublime Quartet

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Have you seen the fall makeup look e-book on the Clarins website? I downloaded it earlier today (14 pages long, 22.6MB Adobe PDF) and couldn’t believe my eyes!

The book showcases five dazzling looks featuring makeup from the company’s new Jazzy Colours fall collection. Each look is accompanied by how-to instructions, and every other page features art by Margot Mace. I’d never heard of her before, but I think her work really fits the tone of the different looks.

The art of Margot Mace

I drooled over the pages for a while and then busted out the So Sublime Quartet ($40) to try the Trendy Makeup look (page 12).

The book’s reference pictures help with proper placement of the shadows and made this blue, silver and pink eye look really easy to do. I hope Clarins continues to release these books with their future collections.

I didn’t think I’d be able to use the colors in the So Sublime quad when I first saw them a few weeks ago because they seemed too bright, but playing with them today changed my mind. I like the results. I think I’ll include this eye in my regular rotation of work friendly (yet colorful) looks. Yes, Virginia, you too can wear hot pink eye shadow!

Other stuff up in this mix…

That’s Chanel Jouse Contraste Powder Blush in Rose Dust on my cheeks and Creme Gloss Lumiere in Petit Four on my lips.

What do you think of this look? Too bright or just right for work?

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already 10:30. After going for a run when I got home from work tonight I browsed the web for a little while. It’s been an uneventful night. I think I’ll do a little chilling and reading before bed.

We’re almost to Friday, woot!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Don’t rush off before seeing the Benefit Cosmetics Holiday 2008 Sneak Peek! 🙂

BARGAIN ALERT: Clarins Nature Temptations Palette Is Unnaturally Tempting

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Clarins must have designed their spring 2009 Nature Temptations Eye Colour Palette ($40) to tempt makeup lovers ruthlessly and without mercy. Floral embossed eyeshadow pans, a sexy silver compact and six hard-to-resist spring colors (get a load of that teal, AYE!) — it’s like tempting a dog with bacon!

Resistance appears futile, homies.

But check it: this palette is one of the best deals you’ll find this spring. Clarins set the price at $40, which at first glance seems expensive, but once you crunch the numbers the Nature Temptations Palette turns out to be a total bargain.

Swatches with flash

The palette contains six large pans of shimmery eyeshadow. Clarins mixed in three neutrals (tan, pink and peach) with three brights (plum, violet and plum), providing a balance of practical and fun shades. And like all the other Clarins eyeshadows I’ve tried, all six layer and blend to perfection, never appearing heavy or cakey on the skin.

A little quick makeup math reveals that the eyeshadows in the Nature Temptations Palette cost less per pan than any other eyeshadow Clarins currently sells. 🙂

Swatches without flash

Clarins sells eyeshadows in single pans for $20 each and in quads for $40 (versus $80 if four pans are purchased separately).

Nature Temptations stretches your dollars even more. Since you get six colors, each one breaks down to $6.60! Plus, I think the pans in the Nature Temptations Palette are a little larger than the pans in the regular quads.

Further Clarins Eyeshadow Research…

  1. A Blue, Pink and Silver Eye with Clarins So Sublime Quartet
  2. Clarins Jazzy Colours Fall Collection: Cooler than Jazz Hands

With six colors, there are endless possibilities for eye looks. I played with two this morning…

1. I started with violet on the lid and a slice of teal eyeshadow on bottom lash line.

2. Then, I switched it up with some plum. If the pastel look above says “I’m fun,” then this plum look says to the world, “I am a responsible citizen who pays my bills on time, yo.”
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Clarins Blog Treasure Hunt: Find the Post [WIN A PRIZE]

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UPDATE: We have a winner! Connie, you were the first person to submit the correct answer, which was Random Acts of Beauty: Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco. Congratulations!

Clarins Blog Treasure Hunt

Happy Saturday, ladies! Or, I should say, “Shiver me timbers, arrr!” I have pirates on my mind — don’t ask me why — and wanted to try something new.

Tabs hid pirate beauty booty somewhere in the archives and dares you to find it. Enter the blog archives treasure hunt by finding the picture of pirate Tabs hidden within a post. Keep reading for a clue…

The Prize

The winner receives two of my favorite Clarins products: the Clarins So Sublime Quartet and Clarins Wonder Mint Waterproof Mascara; a $63 value.

How to Enter

Look through the blog archives to find the hidden picture of pirate Tabs (just like the one above). When you find it, send me an email (karen_at_makeupandbeautyblog.com) with the name of the post. The first person to email the correct answer wins.

Use every tool at your disposal, intrepid treasure hunter! — the blog search box, Google, the monthly archives links in the right sidebar or the navigation links above and below each post. Good luck!

Here’s your clue…

When yer tummy’s achin’,
and yer fur’s a’ flakin’,
quit yer fakin’, Pirate Tabs.

Head on down,
where deals abound,
and grab a tasty treat.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict, 🙂


P.S. Comments are turned off for this post.


Clarins Wonder Plum, Where’s the Plum?

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Clarins Wonder Plum stars as the shy Ms. Little Plum in this highly anticipated sequel to the smash hit, The Attack of the Plum Mascaras! On counters now, it’s the latest long, natural lash product release from the people who brought us the rest of the Wonder Length Mascara family.

Okay, enough with the movie hype…
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Clarins Jazzy Colours Fall Collection: Cooler than Jazz Hands

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So Chic Colour Quartet, $40

Take a break from all the berry and chocolate dominating this fall’s makeup collections, and take a look at Clarins. Their Jazzy Colours collection evokes the carefree elegance of the Roaring Twenties, and its grey, blue and rose shades make me want to dance the Charleston in a fringe dress, ha! All I need now is a bob haircut.

I think it’s time to embrace my inner flapper. 🙂

The full Jazzy Colours collection actually goes on sale later this summer, but I pulled recon this afternoon at Nordstrom, and a friendly Clarins counter makeup artist was kind enough to let me swatch the collection’s two Colour Quartets ($40), which are already available online.

So Sublime offers a bit more color punch with royal blue, shimmery peach, shimmery hot pink and shimmery silver shades.

So Chic black with silver glitter, plum matte, shimmery khaki and shimmery white shades are perfect for a purple smokey eye.

So Sublime Colour Quartet, $40

So Chic
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