How Wearable Is New Chanel Glossimer in Mystery? There’s Only One Way to Find Out

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chanel mystery glossimer

Chanel Glossimer in Mystery

Life is a mystery, and no matter what we learn about the world around us, it seems as if every answer leads to more questions.

Questions like…

Why is it physically impossible to eat just one spoonful of Häagen-Dazs ice cream?

Is Dillon Panther tailback Tim Riggins really a misunderstood genius?

What is Tabs thinking in his little kitty brain when he rushes into the loo to watch me, um, handle my business (swear to you, I don’t think I’ve had one minute of potty privacy since this cat came into my life)?

What’s goin’ on over there, woman?

And then there are also makeup mysteries, like the new Chanel Glossimer in — yup, you guessed it! — Mystery ($29.50).

Yes, my fellow Chanel lovers, once again, Coco and Co. are doing nude, glossy lips in their latest limited edition launch, Eclats du Soir de Chanel.

Mystery, a medium pigmented creamy pinkish brown, guest stars as one of three Glossimers in the holiday release, and I can’t deny the chemistry it shares with the smokier, darker eyeshadows in the collection’s Nuit-Claire duo and Harmonie quad.

Nude lips and smokey eyes are like the peanut butter and jelly combo of my makeup world. I’ve been loving them for years because they’re just so blasted wearable (um…the look, not the sandwich), and Mystery has “wearable nude gloss” written all over it.

I guess the $64,000 question comes down to this: is Mystery a must-have?

chanel mystery 357 glossimer

Glossimer in Mystery

chanel mystery glossimer

That’s one layer of Mystery…pretty good coverage on my pigmented lips!

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The Summertime de Chanel Glossimers May Be Sheer, But They’re Also Chanel

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chanel calypso glossimer

Sirocco! Calypso! Ah, yes. Gotta love Chanel Glossimers that 1) rhyme and 2) sound like the names of late-’80s pop duos, which reminds me…

…freshman year in high school, I sat next to a girl in algebra class who went to a Milli Vanilli concert one night and then gushed the next day at school about how “They were so amazing live!”

LOL! Live-ish. 🙂

It’s too bad the Glossimers aren’t less expensive. Both of these limited edition shades from the Summertime de Chanel collection are also pretty sheer, and at $29.50 a pop, they aren’t exactly a bargain in terms of pigment per ounce.

Even so, their sheerness is oddly what I like about them.

I can just imagine the summertime adventures I could have with these two. Touring wine country one Sunday with my friends, Jen and Cindy, peachy beige Sirocco on my lips.

The color is a little like MAC C-Thru, only less pigmented and more shimmery. Perfect for an easy nude lip. I’d whip it out for touch-ups between sips of Merlot and the grand revelations that come with being a boozy lightweight/cheap date (“Dude, Madonna’s Bedtime Stories CD was way ahead of its time!”).

Fun facts about “Sirocco”

The second shade, Calypso, is a reddish coral with golden glitter. More pigmented than Sirocco but less opaque than similar shades like MAC Lychee Luxe, it’s the one I’d wear with friends to Bliss Spa, followed by lunch at the Samovar Tea Lounge (because tea with friends makes everything better).

Sheer and shiny coral lips + spa treatments * tea + good conversation = happiness. Add a bright floral dress, and I’m smiling from ear to ear. 🙂

chanel glossimer sirocco calypso tube
Calypso (bottom) and Sirocco (top)

chanel sirocco calypso swatches
Sirocco (left) and Calpyso (right)
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I’m Juiced about These Chanel Les Fleures D’Été de Chanel Glossimers

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Chanel Pink Peony Pensee

Mango overload! Mango overload! Help! I have no idea what to do with the four ripe mangoes that have been sitting in my kitchen since Easter, all delicious-looking and filled with juice. Salsa? Marinade? A smoothie, perhaps?

Around this time every year, I get a craving for two things: 1) mangoes and 2) shimmery, sheer glosses like Pensée (a shimmery coral) and Pink Peony (a shimmer pink). And what do they all have in common? One word: juice.
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Les Naturels De Chanel Glossimers: A New Formula?

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This afternoon, around the time I started feeling like I’d kicked my cold, I paid a visit to my dentist for my next round of deep cleaning, KAPOW!

That’s where I spent most of this afternoon, daydreaming about the new Les Naturels De Chanel Glossimers ($27 each).

I needed something to kill the pain…

From what I’ve seen so far, the three Glossimers are my favorite items from the 10-piece collection of neutral eye, lip and cheek shades.

Testing the colors tonight, I temporarily forgot that the left side of my face felt like Naomi Campbell’s punching bag, and I even eked out half a smile. 🙂

les naturels de chanel bel air glossimer
Bel Air

les naturels de chanel unity glossimer


Like other Chanel Glossimers, the three Les Naturels De Chanel shades are taste- and fragrance-free, but I wonder if Chanel changed the Glossimer formula.

All three shades feel less sticky than the Glossimers I’ve tried in the past, despite having the same medium-weight consistency, and they feel more hydrating on my lips.

Either the differences are all in my imagination, or Chanel chose to mix things up. No complaints from me, though. I like the end result.

  • Bel Air: Bel Air didn’t catch my eye in the tube, but once I tried it on my half-numb lips I had a “Come to mama!” moment. It’s a creamy, surprisingly pigmented peachy pink, and it’s the most opaque of the three shades. It delivers a warmth that avoids the dreaded undead look I tend to get with most other creamy pink lipglosses, and the color looks natural. I bet it would look great with brown, black or bronze smokey eyes. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A
  • Unity: Unity’s a shimmery, soft brownish pink with a hint of bronzed pearl. Like Bel Air, it applies with rich pigmentation but still looks natural on my lips. I can see myself wearing it with neutral, gold or pink eyeshadow. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A
  • Waterlily: I loved this shade in the tube but not so much on my lips. It’s a shimmery pink with golden pearl, and it’s the sheerest of the three colors; I felt like I had to really pack it on to get it to show. MAC makes a similar shade called Nymphette, which packs a little more pigmentation and costs half the price. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B-

Many Chanel junkies weren’t wowed by this collection’s neutral colors, but I think the Glossimers deserve some love, especially if you wear a lot of bolder smokey eyes, or if you just want something elegant and neutral to wear to work.

Hope your Monday went well. I’m just chillin’ at home now, petting Tabs and watching The Closer on TNT.

Tabs says hi!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


A Perfect Coral Color: Chanel Glossimer in Gazelle

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It’s lipgloss crack! That’s how I felt when I first peeped Chanel’s limited edition Glossimer in Gazelle ($26), a bronzy orange lipgloss with shimmery golden sparkles. I was instantly hooked.

Chanel Glosslimer Gazelle Swatch Makeup and Beauty Blog

Chanel describes Gazelle as a praline pink (huh?), but on my lips the color looks like coral with touches of bronze and gold. The shade is unlike the other coral colors in my lipgloss stash, like MAC’s Lychee Luxe and Sock Hop, which are mostly brighter orange tones. Gazelle feels more subdued and sophisticated, like the older, more worldly coral cousin (the one with the haughty accent) who went to finishing school.

Chanel Glosslimer Gazelle Makeup and Beauty Blog 2
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