It’s Just The Barest Blush by The Estée Edit

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estee edit barest blush coy coral

Wearing The Estée Edit Barest Blush in Coy Coral ($28, one of four shades)

I really hope I don’t drop one of these blushes by The Estée Edit because…

  1. I have a penchant for dropping things. I don’t know why, but when I’m applying makeup, gravity always gets involved, and something usually lands on my foot (P.S., it usually hurts).
  2. And I also have a feeling that if I were to drop one of these compacts, the precious pan inside it would break, triggering a loud WAHHH!

These silver sweethearts are called The Barest Blushes by The Estée Edit. They’re $28 each and available in four shades.

The packaging may look sturdy, but really, it’s not. It’s lightweight plastic and, truth be told, feels fairly flimsy. I fear these won’t be able to handle the rigors of my butterfinger life.

(Seriously, every single piece of makeup I own? — on the floor at least 20 times a day. Totally not kidding.)

Even so, what lives within these delicate darlings is pure gold, and that’s why I keep wearing ’em.

These aptly named blushes came out with the rest of The Estée Edit line earlier this year. The two shades I’ve been wearing the most — Coy Coral and Ember Glow — look completely natural. I’m talking about that heat-rushing-to-your cheeks kind of flush, and they’re totally spot-on if you like a natural cheek look.

estee edit barest blush coy coral

The Estée Edit Barest Blush in Coy Coral

Yes, if I were ever in a position where all of my goodies were hanging out and all eyes were on me (also known as “my nightmare”), my cheeks would probably turn a shade similar to Coy Coral. 😊

These have a fine shimmery golden overspray on them that disappears after you’ve used them a few times and, not gonna lie, I don’t mind that they disappear, because I’ve been into matte, and low-level shine, cheeks lately.

estee edit barest blush ember glow

The Estée Edit Barest Blush in Ember Glow

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Have You Ever Done Makeup for Cosplay?

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Live long and prosper!

Live long and prosper!

Nope, I haven’t, but it looks like fun. One of these days, if I can ever make it down to San Diego Comic-Con, I’d go as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones…but only if I had a legit wig (she has the best hair) *and* a dragon.

This Star Trek costume with hair and makeup is probably the closest I’ve come, and I’m not even sure if that counts, LOL!

How about you? Have you ever done makeup for yourself or someone else for cosplay before?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


10 Cat Eye Tips to Easily Add Impact To Your Look (Featuring the MAC Star Trek Collection)

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mac star trek

Wearing products from the new MAC Star Trek collection: MAC Pressed Pigment in To Boldly Go on my Lids, MAC Lipstick in LLAP on my lips, Trip the Light Fantastic Powder in Highly Illogical on my cheeks and Nocturnal Liquid Liner to accent my cat eye flicks

Cat eyes.

Seems like they should be easy, right?

Like, how hard can it be to draw a line along your upper lash line with a little flick at the end?

Um…yeah. I wish I was that girl — the one who can effortlessly draw flawless cat eye flicks in a single swoop, but that’s sooo not me.

mac star trek packaging

The MAC Star Trek collection is Starfleet approved

Still, I have figured out a few secret space squirrel tricks over the light years that really do help with your cat eye flicks, and here are 10 of them. I’m using a bunch of products, by the way, from the new 25-piece MAC Star Trek collection, because, as you know, I’m a sci-fi nerd. 🙂 The collection arrives this September.

“Star Trek is an iconic pop culture phenomena whose storylines pushed gender and racial boundaries. For its 50th anniversary, we celebrate each of Star Trek’s powerful women in a transcending, transformational makeup collection.”

— MAC Senior Vice President/Group Creative Director James Gager

1. For big, bright eyes, line just a portion of your upper lash line

Nowadays when doing cat eyes, rather than lining my entire lash line, which I think makes my eyes look smaller, I like to start lining from about a centimer in from the side closest to my nose. So I’m lining about three fourths of the entire length of the lash line, and then drawing the cat eye flick out at the end.

There’s just something about lining the entire lash line that makes the eye look a little smaller, so this way keeps the inner quarter of the lash line unlined.


2. Use different liner formulas together in layers

I’m a big fan of layering different liners together and sketching out the shape of my cat eye before committing to it.

I like to draw the basic shape of my cat eye with a pencil liner first, because they’re easiest to control, and if I make a mistake, pencil formulas are usually easy to correct.

First, I tightline my upper lash lines with the pencil. Then I draw a thin line along the upper lash line and build up the product a bit toward the outer end of the line out to where the flick will begin.


Next, using an angled brush (because the angle fits the curve of the lid, and I think they’re easier to use than a pencil brush for this) to create the basic shape of my flick and set the angle, I drag the product out that I built up with the pencil in the outer side of my upper lash line in the previous step.


Then I layer a liquid liner on top of the pencil liner to intensify it.


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Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 433

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You might be wondering, “So what in tarnation is this Monday Poll thing anyway!?”

Well, it isn’t exactly a poll. It’s more of a constantly evolving (devolving?), somewhat random list of questions I’ve been putting out to readers every Monday morning for the past NINE (!) years. (It’s like a kickstart for your brain.) I’ve always enjoyed reading your answers in the comments, and I hope you enjoy reading mine.

  1. Men who groom their brows — your thoughts?
    Dear homeboys of the world, I appreciate a well-done, manscaped brow, but please — not too Instagram, like with a super sharp tail and ombre from front to back. Just a slightly cleaned-up brow, but not too obviously clean, ya know?

    That’s my stance and I’m sticking to it.

  2. Have you ever mowed a lawn?
    Although I pride myself on my willingness to try new things, I can safely say that I’ve never mowed a lawn. The last time I lived somewhere that actually had a mow-able lawn was when I lived at home with my parents, but the front and back yards were considered sacred Dad space.

    I’d totally mow a lawn, though, if I had one of those riding mowers…as long as it had a canopy roof and a drink holder. And a stereo. And a space for Tabs to sit next to me. 🙂

  3. Do you wear many hats (figuratively or literally)?
    I wear one hat, literally, and it’s my Kate Spade fedora with a little bow on the side.

    Figuratively, I wear a ton of different hats. I’m a wife and mom, exhausted person, professional goofball, daughter, Khaleesi of the one-liners and a professional pet assistant.

  4. Your favorite lipstick at the moment?
    I’ve been rocking Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo No. 6 for four days since I grabbed it randomly last week.

    It’s been out for years, but when I wanted to do an ultra nude lip the other day, I remembered how much I liked No. 6.

    It’s a deeply opaque, moisturizing mauve nude, but it’s still lightweight and super smooth, and you can layer it underneath different lipglosses for different effects, like under MAC Myth for a pale nude lip or MAC Big Baby for a more casual pinky nude — that kind of thing.

  5. If you could dye your hair any color, or combination of colors, just for today, what colors would you use?
    Cotton candy pink from roots to tips!

    Oh! Or a flamingo pink. 🙂

    The theme here is pink.


Your turn. 🙂 Just copy and paste the following questions into a comment with your answers. I look forward to reading ’em!

1. Men who groom their brows — your thoughts?
2. Have you ever mowed a lawn?
3. Do you wear many hats (figuratively or literally)?
4. Your favorite lipstick at the moment?
5. Hair color just for today?

Blue skies and sunshine to you, friend. I hope that’s what you’re seeing outside.


Sorry, I’m a little sleepy this morning, but I have a busy day. One step at a time, though, right?

I had a blast at that ’90s concert the other night! It was like being at a high school dance…except none of us were in high school anymore. I can’t lie, it was kinda surreal watching Tone Lōc sing Wild Thing, and then after the song have him talk about how he just turned 50.

But now I can cross something else off my bucket list! — taking a selfie with Coolio.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 407

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Tabs has a wanderer’s heart. Whenever we’re on our walks together on the hill behind our house, he always wants us to go south. He gently tugs on his leash as if to say, “Let’s go that way,” and stares off in the distance toward the town of Mill Valley, which is where we used to live before we moved here.

I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but whenever I let him lead us, he always wants us to go the same way: south.





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