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Last-Minute Bargain Alert! For a Few More Hours Tonight, Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do With the New Three-Piece Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous Gifts From the Amazon Collection

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tarte treat yourself to gorgeous

I love the smell of a good bargain in the morning…

It smells like…victory!

LOL! I’m pretty sure that’s not how that actual line goes, seeing as how Apocalypse Now is one of my top five favorite films of all time, but it is how I feel about Tarte’s new Treat Yourself to Gorgeous Gifts From the Amazon Collection kit.

Talk about great stocking stuffer material. I love breaking apart holiday kits to use as stocking stuffers, and this $49.98 one (a $496 value) looks perfect for that.

But it’s a exclusive, and the sale only lasts a few more hours (sale ends tonight, November 28, 2012)!

It’s conveniently divided into three separate, easily giftable sets, the first with four Cashmere Waterproof Gliding Liners, the second with four Maracuja Divine Shine Lipglosses and the third with 20 Amazonian Clay Eye Shadows.

As gifts, the sets work out to about $16 each, and would ya look at that? — they already look gift-wrapped! 🙂

The Amazonian Clay Eyeshadows

tarte treat yourself to gorgeous

Another look at the Eye Shadow set

tarte treat yourself to gorgeous

The Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Glosses

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Outfit of the Day: BCBG Makes Stylin’ Stretchy Pants

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bcbg outfit of the day cancetta pants

Slowly… No sudden movements. Just step away from the computer…

That’s it… Eeeasy does it.

Okay? Now take a deep breath, and repeat after me: “I will not buy Pajama Jeans.”

I will not buy Pajama Jeans.


I will not buy Pajama Jeans!

In a way, that little intro up there is based on a true (ish) story. You see, I came within a tabby’s hair of placing an order for a pair of Pajama Jeans the other day. That commercial came on, and I was just about to click the order button online when in walked Tabs.

I guess he read the look in my eye because a sour expression crossed his face…

Granted, he makes that face a lot, but it was enough to give me pause (paws?).

I didn’t order a pair of Pajama Jeans that day, but I have been on the market for a respectable pair of stretchy pants — something with a little edge to ‘em that won’t be mistaken for yoga pants.

Enter the BCBG Cancetta leggings, stretchy matte fabric pants with faux leather panels and a mid-rise waist. If it weren’t for these pants, there’s a good chance I’d be wearing a pair of Pajama Jeans right now.

Comfy? You know it! Fashionable? I think so. Best of all, you can throw ’em in the washing machine. 🙂

Here I’m wearing them dressed down with ankle boots, a slouchy sweater (also by BCBG) and the Zella Gathered Tote, but they’re also easy to dress up, like with a crisp, white tuxedo shirt, black blazer and black patent-leather high heels.

bcbg outfit of the day cancetta pants and zella gathered tote

Oh, hai!

I can’t seem to find them online this morning, but here’s a similar style, the Caragh Pleather Combo Legging.

One thing I’ve noticed about these is that they run a little long on me, and they’re not that form fitting around my knees and ankles, so you might want to try a size smaller than you normally would if you want them to really hug your curves.

bcbg outfit of the day cancetta pants and zella gathered tote
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